Your Fruit Trees Will Produce 10 times More Fruits if You Do This

Your Fruit Trees Will Produce 10 times More Fruits if You Do This

if you've done everything you can and you still aren't getting the yields you want try some of these tips to boost your garden health and increase the amount of fruit your trees and bushes produce one go with Dwarfs if you don't want to wait several years to get fruit from your garden consider planting dwarf varieties of your favorite trees dwarves don't grow as tall or as wide as a full sized tree so they begin to bear fruit within the first two to three years these smaller trees also don't require as much space making them perfect for gardeners who want to grow their own fruit but don't have a lot of land to prune as needed fruit trees ideally need to be trained in their first few years of growth into the shape you want them to maintain throughout their productive lives pruning should be done at the end of winter before the tree comes out of dormancy three root suckers and water sprouts it is important to recognize that not all growth is good growth the production of flowers and fruit requires a huge investment of nutrients and energy from your plants so you want to be certain that these resources aren't being wasted where they are needed root suckers and water sprouts are two such wastes new shoots that grow from the root stock of a grafted fruit tree are known as root suckers these growths often look like a new plant that has taken root at the base of an existing parent on the other hand water sprouts are vertical shoots that grow straight up from the established limbs of trees while these growths aren't nearly as undesirable as root suckers they can still be a waste of nutrients if they aren't properly controlled for encourage pollination among your native plants make sure something is blooming each season beneficial animals like bees humming birds butterflies and bats are a few of the top pollinators for this reason it is important to keep your garden hospitable to wildlife avoid overuse of pesticides which can kill beneficial insects 5 know your soil plants are a lot like people in that different varieties and species have different tastes it is important to know what balance of nutrients and trace minerals is best for each plant soil pH can also play a part in maximizing fruit yields if you aren't sure what kind of soil you have it's always better to test samples from around your trees and shrubs once you know it's missing you can amend the soil to boost future fruit production 6 harvest everything this is perhaps the easiest advice to follow when it comes to growing successful fruit trees still it bears mentioning unharvested fruit left on the branch at the end of the season actually signals to the tree or Bush that it made too much that year during the next growing season the plants will actually produce less as a result so make sure to pick all of the fruit that your garden grows and let your plants know that you just can't get enough now if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and if this is your first time visiting my channel please subscribe for more videos

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  2. My young cherry tree is growing a lush green root sucker below the grafting joint. What should I do with this? TIA

  3. We don't have much fruit thanks to the micriwaves radiation and poison coming from the air the militairy/govns always spread right when our trees are botting or flowering..they end up being sterile too afterwards..we humans experience the same its in our tapwaters too.. What to do about this?

  4. This is a very good and informative video. The Ty Ty Nursery in Ty Ty, Georgia is an excellent place to buy grafted paw paw trees that can be shipped directly to your garden or your home. Their videos posted on are very interesting to watch also.

  5. I prune my apple trees like a large bonsai, and train branches to be more horizontal than vertical. Better fruit and less waste. Trees with an over abundance of apples make smaller and a lesser quality fruit. Works for less than full exposure all day sunlight trees if spacing is an issue.

  6. Do you know if cold-weather trees like apple and pear trees can grow in tropical climates? I live in the tropics and have never seen these trees here.

  7. I thought I was going to learn on how I could make my papaya tree fruit like the ones in the pictures , click bait

  8. There is lots of missing link. Plants and trees communicate for information read Jagdish Chandra Bose. The real required are earth worms to take care of pH values and enrichment of soil and pollinators, music and how you treat them. Plants can exist without humans but we can't. They are visible god for us

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  10. ElectroCulture: Experiments @ UC Davis in the '80s showed that stimulation of fruiting branches w/ very low amperage 60 V DV stimulates fruit production 400%. Study "electroculture" in its variation ( DC, AC, ES, magnetism, Hz, &c &c) — it also protects vs pests & frost…

  11. Let the plant know you just canโ€™t get enough? Do you have soil for brains?
    Plants doesnโ€™t make fruits based on demand it creates for distribution of seeds.

  12. also, pick all the apples from apple trees and clean up fallen ones. doing this prevents apple maggots and can allow you to avoid insecticide treatments

  13. Rex from South Australia
    loved the video,Ive many fruit trees and veg gdn,have just added long flowering native ground cover plant in fruit area to attract bees and in just second year , a great increase in bees noticed already and as yet only about 25% of ground is covered
    rexspinley @gmail .com

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