‘Yoga With Adriene’ Shares How Yoga Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions | TODAY

‘Yoga With Adriene’ Shares How Yoga Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions | TODAY

64 thoughts on “‘Yoga With Adriene’ Shares How Yoga Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions | TODAY”

  1. She is awesome and truly helps us heal both internally and physically. She reminds us of the ideal world where we desire to be together in abundant love.

  2. Love to see mainstream media recognize new media like YouTube. I'm so proud to be a part of the Yoga with Adrienne fan club 👍🙂

  3. So weird how I just started Yoga with Adrienne on New Years just a few days ago and to see this pop up in my recommended. So so cool! It’s only been 3 days so far for me but I’m hoping that learning Yoga from her will really help my mentally and physically.

  4. My sister and I love Adriene! My sister has gotten so flexible thanks to her videos, I'm trying to catch up and be the best version on myself!

  5. Adrienne is a pure magic to me <3 I am so grateful to have access to her kind user friendly yoga classes here on Youtube. She teaches us to love our bodies, to accept ourselves the way we are and to make a mindful progress.
    Love from Prague to the entire Yoga with Adriene crowd xxx

  6. I remember the first ywa video I watched she congratulated me for simply starting the video and setting the time aside. I'd never experienced anything like that, it was so nice and gentle.

  7. 6 years ago, when I was curious about yoga, I looked at YouTube and stumbled upon Adrienne's channel. Out of all the videos I checked out, hers was what I can totally understand given that I have zero knowledge of yoga. Today, every time someone would ask me how to begin yoga, I would always forward to them the exact same videos that I used to watch before from Adrienne. I'm so happy for all her achievements. Thank you so much Adrienne! Xoxo – Ivy from Philippines 🇵🇭

  8. Adrienne has changed my life and taught me to access a more authentic and loving version of myself. I'm so grateful she is being recognized for her great work!

  9. Oh my gosh!!!! I have been following Adriene for years. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her style and of course Benji ❤️

  10. She is an incredible person. I never thought of doing yoga due to gazillion reasons, but of all yoga masters I've seen so far, she's legitimately makes me feel good about myself and most of all, LOVE MYSELF MORE. Thanks to Adrienne, you're such an angel to us.. keep making us feel great about ourselves for just being you and doing what you love. God bless you!

  11. This is so amazing!!! I’ve been following Adriene since 2015 when I was going through a very challenging time and her videos were my anchor. She (and Benji!) is truly magical and I’m so glad she’s being recognized and that with this segment, more people will get to know who she is!

  12. Yoga with Adriene changed my life, forever. I actually shed some happy tears watching this! Go, Adriene(and Benji)! ❤️

  13. I love placing down my yoga mat, pulling up yoga with adriene and pulling my pants down and spanking the salami to her

  14. I love Adriene, shes awesome, im on the 3rd day of her new 30 yoga challenge now! Ive done all the other ones too and i feel great afterwards every time.

  15. Yoga with Adriene has absolutely changed my life in every sense of the word! If you want to connect with your body and mind and change your perspective on life, or even if you're just curious, try out one of her videos. I am a person with a physical disability and she has helped me find a way to heal it emotionally and physically. I am forever grateful for her and her videos.

  16. I love, love, love practicing yoga with Adriene and have been practicing with her for many years. Adriene is awesome!!

  17. I love Yoga with Adriene! I love that there is a routine to target any trouble spot and any length of time I need!

    She's simply so awesome because she really allows You to be and embrace You while in practice. That is one of the greatest lessons she taught me, also that we are not alone 🙂

    Just started the Home journey today and I'm so excited!

  19. Its about time Adrienne gets recognition on a large scale. Although her YouTube channel has more followers than today! haha Happy to bring in more people into her community!

  20. I've been doing yoga with adriene for 3 years now. Adriene is the best yoga teacher OF ALL TIME♡

  21. Love to see Adriene receiving this recognition. She has changed so many lives (including my own) with her wonderful channel.

  22. This make my heart happy. Adriene is such a beautiful, wonderful person who has helped me so much. We Adrienes really should make a name for ourselves.

  23. Adriene made me fall in love with Yoga. Her channel, emails and extra content empower me to truly find what feels good. Thank you for everything <3

  24. Yoga with Adriene is one of the best youtube channels ever. I never would have started yoga if it wasn't for her channel.

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