Yoga As A Peace Practice | St. Louis

(gunshots) (crowd noise) (music begins) – I think, the world watched
the Ferguson uprising, the world watched St. Louis just have this mass chaos,
this need to breathe and so reaching out to the
Black Yoga Teachers Alliance gave me that opportunity. I mean, it was one
of those things where I didn’t know that it existed. So people like us, who
are really looking to heal our community
and make sure that people have the tools,
were just searching. And just by happenstance, this Yoga As A Peace
Practice popped up. And I think what struck
me was the first line in the sentence. This is a practice
for communities that are dealing with
chaos and trauma. And how do we
bring this practice to the community to heal. And it was like, St. Louis! Like, we have to get this
practice to St. Louis. – Yoga As A Peace
Practice works well with the mission that we have in St. Louis with
The Collective, which is an organization
that we started. It’s a group of
four black yogis, whose mission is
to bring self care, mindfulness, yoga
to black communities and make it accessible,
so everything that we do is donation based. I think that when we think about black communities, there’s
a lot that has happened, as Terry mentioned, and
Yoga As A Peace Practice is a perfect fit, because we need peace. And we need to practice peace and we can do that through yoga.

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