Wim Hof Method on Auto-Immune Disease | Science Research Results

Wim Hof Method on Auto-Immune Disease | Science Research Results

Our immune systems are beautifully complicated. They’ve evolved through our entire evolutionary history to be as robust as possible in the war against bacteria, viruses, and other forms of pathogens. When our immune system comes into contact with a pathogen it triggers an inflammatory response. An alarm to excite and draw in more immune cells, to ramp production of useful proteins and to fight off the invader. For the most part this makes inflammation useful. It helps coordinate and rid our bodies of unwanted guests effectively. Now let’s say one day the immune system gets confused: “Jeez I don’t understand what this stuff is?” “Hey Clancy, get over here!” “Hey what’s up?” “Look at this? What do you think this is?” “Aww Mikey that looks like a pile of garbage to me.” “Get rid of it. ASAP, Pronto, Right now.” “Wait, you sure? It kinda looks like the stuff we use for bones and cartilage and stuff” “I mean, It would be a really bad idea, you know?” ”I don’t care Mikey, I’m just doing my job. You dump all that that right now!” “Hmm, ok I guess your right…” “Ok fellas, let’s get to it!” [Whisper] This is what causes Arthritis. This is known as an autoimmune disease. It’s when the immune system confuses something natural in the body as an invader. Then attacks and attempts to destroy it. In the case of Rheumatoid Arthritis the immune system attacks joints. This causes inflammation around those perfectly useful joints, mobilizing and activating more immune cells. Causing more harm. It is why in most cases of autoimmune disease, the medication and aim is to suppress this unwanted activation of the immune system. Diabetes, MS, Psoriasis are all forms of autoimmune disease, the list, it goes on! This is where the Wim Hof Method comes in. Someone suffering from chronic inflammation can use the method to manage this unwanted inflammation and suppress an overactive immune system. This was conclusively shown with the radboud study, But! Even more recently, with a new study attempting to integrate the Wim Hof Method as an add-on therapy for people already suffering from an autoimmune disease. Axial spondyloarthritis. Ok so we need more background on this: “Ok time to bring in the bones” “No, not those bones..” “Yeah. there we go, thank you.” This is your spine. It’s very useful for lots of things, Like standing. And not dying. This is your pelvis, it’s very useful for lots of things, like sitting. And also not dying (again). Axial Spondyloarthritis affects the spine and these joints here. The sacroiliac joints. When the immune system attacks these areas it produces inflammation. This study had Wim Hof teach his method as a management therapy to participants with this autoimmune disease. To help them manage their inflammation and pain and to measure its effectiveness. But how to measure the effectiveness of the Wim Hof Method? It would have to be an observable improvement in inflammation. But then… How do we measure inflammation? With blood. Harmless, easy to hold, medically standard samples of blood. Now imagine a rack of blood samples: To the naked eye it looks like: BLOOD Our eyes are useless! So throw them in the garbage. Instead we need special equipment to see what the blood is made from. With this we will be able to detect the many proteins and cells floating in the blood. Some of these proteins are clear signs of inflammation. Proteins such as C-reactive protein and Calprotectin. C-reactive protein is a beautiful pentagonal looking protein excreted by the liver when the immune system is inflamed. Which makes it a reliable biomarker when measuring inflammation. Especially in the case of axial spondyloarthritis. The more C-reactive protein, the more inflammation, typically. We also have Calprotectin. It doesn’t have a nice shape like a pentagon and looks more like someone dropped a bowl of spaghetti. But still, it is a useful bowl of spaghetti when measuring inflammation. Using a sample of blood and finding all these proteins can help us accurately estimate the inflammation a person could be experiencing. We take for instance C-reactive protein and observe how many milligrams is present per liter of blood. If that number rises we can clearly see that there is more inflammation. But the study is aimed to lower these proteins. To provide an alternative to people already suffering from axial spondyloarthritis to manage their inflammation and pain. The question is: Did it work? For 8 weeks a participant would perform the method mostly by themselves sometimes in groups. Undertaking a regiment of cold showers, the WHM breathing and meditation. A sample of blood was collected before the training and then compared to a sample taken after the training, on the 8th week. And the result was… well… It was powerful! C-reactive protein was significantly lower. And this was very important because it was the primary inflammatory indicator used by the study. Calprotectin was also lower. These inflammatory markers were successfully lowered! Along side this, a series of questionnaires and surveys were tracking the progress of the participants. 2 specifically for their axial spondyloarthritis and a few for general health and quality of life. The great news is, that they all showed improvement. So both the bio markers of inflammation like CRP and caprotectin reduced and the general reported health of the participants improved! This is wonderful news! This was all done in comparison to a control group that did not commit to the method. All of their scores remained basically the same. To wrap up… This study was unique in that it gave people already suffering from a mild form of axial spondyloarthritis the ability to manage it. Manage it using the method with real measurable results. There’s obviously something poetic here to be said about being in control and not letting the disease control you. Taking your life in your own hands to the best of your ability, despite its shortcomings. And turning it into something beautiful. For yourself, and for others. Happy, strong, and Healthy. Thanks for listening We’ll see you next time.

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  1. Did they take the “stretching” part out of the three main parts of the Wim Hof method because fat people were complaining?

  2. Amazing! I am following the WHM for a little more then 3 months and the improvements in my life and health are wonderfully noticeable 🥰

  3. Doctor Wim you rock!! Helping people all over the world get healthy and go beyond the limitations of their very own minds! THANK YOU from Vancouver BC CANADA

  4. does the success study on one auto-immune disease generalize to all others? I suffer from celiac disease and I don't think the method would make my guts less reactive to gluten : /

  5. Very well explained! The animations made it easier to understand too. Been doing the WHM for 2 months and it has literally changed my life. I suffered from various illnesses. But in that short period, this has helped me tremendously.

  6. I used to have sacrum pain until using essential oils w turpentine as a liniment on the area. Also the TDP mineral heat lamp. Inflammation = infection IMO

  7. So you need to do this everyday ?
    Every week?

    When will i start noticing the benefits?
    ; i dont have time everyday to do WHM.

  8. I'm a "Hoffer" about a year and a half and I assure this was the most powerful and wonderful thing that I learned in my life. I'm always be grateful to Wim Hof to share with us his method. <3

  9. This video has 1.6k views and it was uploaded only 3 minutes!!! That makes me really optimistic about where humanity's focus and awareness is going 👍
    Much LOVE+LIGHT brother Wim Hof and ALL🙏 Let's become our healthiest selves mind, body, and spirit!!!

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  11. It is my 11th month already and will never stop the WHM. Go Wim!

    Start WHM prior to contracting something serious cause the FB group is full with people trying to get rid of something terrible. Choose prevention over long-term possible cure.

  12. Tomorrow my first depth in sea, in cold Danmark 😍
    Running, breathing guided by WH and then into the water.
    Keep your fingers, thank you. You are beautiful 💜🙏

  13. Wow, this was an excellent presentation! Magnificent…!
    Could you provide numbers when referring to "significantly reduced…". Many thanks.😊🙏

  14. so i have a dust allergy. An allergy is basically a confused immunsystem that attacks dust particles, right. So if taking showers strengthens the immunsystem doesn't that mean that my allergy will get worse ?
    i got the allergy because i took cold showers in the first place. But i had a lot of stress as well. Maybe the combination of these 2 was the trigger.
    i need some clarity, please.

  15. I got something strange 3 weeks ago.

    First I've practiced the Wim Hof methode for almost over a year.

    Then I stopped and only left the daily cold showers.

    3 weeks ago I got 4 days of migraine in a row. Had no additional stress or a cause for the migraine.
    It was awful. I thought while laying there I shall try the breathing exercises. Perhaps the dopamine etc will balance something up there.
    The migraine stopped a few minutes after the exercise, but then 6 days of heavy cold. I kept breathing cause it helped my sinusus to stay open.

    Just wanted to share it, because it's wierd ain't it?

    Today I practice cold showers and 2 sets of breathing in the morning everyday. I forgot how great the mental clarity is after the breathing. Anyway I love the cold.

  16. A third class idiotic Moronic dangerous video. You need disclaimer before you will be in trouble. Pseudoscience and cheater. Shameless scientist!!

  17. I would invite you to study the life's work of Dr. Robert Morse N.D. and the Great Lymphatic System. Because he offers a more accurate description of human physiology:

    Dr. Robert Morse –

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    No matter what your age, health is one of your greatest assets while you're living your journey on this planet. For generations, man has been ignorant of his/her body's proper nutritional needs. It is not difficult to understand the proper foods man should be consuming, which is simply reflected in the physiological design of the human species. Once called omnivores by many, humans are actually frugivores. Man's diet should be predominantly fruits and vegetables, instead of dead animals, their milks, and dormant foods (grains & beans).

    Because of the type of foods and chemicals man has been (and is) consuming, humans have created a state of toxicity, genetic weakness, decay and degeneration of cells never before seen in any species.

    Understanding this and what one must do to reverse this is vital in the preservation of our species and one's experience of True Health. There is so much misinformation, mainly because of big business, that man is confused and frustrated.

    – Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H.

  18. I started doing the breathing exercise only (2 times a day), not the ice. Not clear if the breathing only is good enough. I have full joint pain finger and knees.

  19. I am preety sure that this wasn't made by Wim Hof ( the editing , ect. ) so I want to thank to whoever made this video .

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