WHAT'S IN MY GYM BAG? Skincare, Shoes, Equipment

WHAT'S IN MY GYM BAG? Skincare, Shoes, Equipment

what is up guys and welcome back to my channel today I have a video that is actually super requested and has been requested for so long and I have no idea why I haven't filled it so surprise it's here now it's a what's in my gym bag video and it is essentially going through all my gym bag essentials and what I bring to the gym kind of depending on different like training days I'm doing and everything like what I thought it'd be quite useful and I decided not to concentrate as much on like the active website because I can do like a separate activewear collection video or like active my favorites video or whatever if you would like these are just kind of essentials of all different types that I bring to the gym that make my gym life a lot easier general kind of gym bag essentials to turn you from tomato to less gremlin like so where should I start I might start a trainers actually so now although this doesn't seem like a gym bag thing I just thought I'd talk about this quickly because I get a lot of questions regarding trainers essentially I wear different trainers for different type of training so I wear two different types of trainers or leg days I almost always unless I forget where converses and now this is because they are flat-soled so they are better for a lot of people for lifting and I find really helped me to target my glutes rather than my quads and generally just I'm more comfortable to lift in especially with things like squatting and lunging and everything so I do mainly work on buses I'm not showing a really bad youtuber um but yes I use these ones I think they're nice I'll link everything down below and that I feature in this video but yeah then other types of training so anything from kind of cardio to upper body often or plyometric training so a lot of jumping I wear usually these these are the Nike epic react and I have a few other kind of trainers that I wear they're basically just quite supportive they feel like you're walking on a cloud they're kind of the the other ones I use mainly are the ultra boosts by a DDoS and they're essentially these are essentially Nikes answer to ultra boosts and I just like having two because it adds excitement to my day I use these these are like the gold ones they came out really recently and I really like them they are synthetic so Nike has said that they I read up a lot online and Nike has said that when things are since that synthetic you can assume they're vegan on their site that obviously it's totally up to you to do the research if you don't believe that whatever I'm kind of just going into the world of kind of more big and clothing now and just really buying animal-based clothing secondhand and so on something like vesti our collective where I buy if I'm buying say like a designer bag or something like that I won't get it firsthand so I don't contribute to the like leather production or whatever and I guess it's being less wasteful by buying secondhand things but they're really good they feel like you're walking on a cloud they're supportive so I would turn out and recommend them if you're looking for some new trainers and they're RIT snazzy they've got like a gold tinge they're not completely wiped next a water bottle slash BCAAs so when I am training working out whatever I do have BCAAs a few reasons for this that is kind of there is a lot of evidence to suggest that it helps with protein synthesis and recovery and generally a few things to while you're kind of working out if you take BCAAs but again as always supplements or supplements so if you're eating kind of a clean a whole diet then you will probably be able to get what you need anyway apart from things like b12 which obviously if you are big and then you do need to be taking this little baby here I really like the shaker and it's got like a grid inside so it dissolves things so having basic BCA is either in the morning before the gym especially if I'm kind of not eating till later in the day or whatever can really really helps me to get my water down and generally feel satiated and they're just delicious so that is a recommended general water bottle another water bottle that I love as you guys know is the Eddy Camelback bottle and it's just got like a store inside it so you can you can yeah it's just the best thing ever but mine did get moldy and I did swallow a lump of bowls so I haven't been able to go back since mold gate but I may well revisit the Eddy later in the year once I get over my PTSD next surprise surprise can you guess what is coming perks of creating these is that I get them first things first I have a barbell pad now this is particularly essential on leg days and I'd say I only really use it on a leg day and I use these for hip thrusts and it helps to not bruise your hips so when you're doing hip thrusts which are in my opinion are the best glute building exercise and a lot of people's opinion then you just don't want to be bruising your hips because it's really really painful also with glute bridges so I don't just do hip thrusts which is against a bench thrusting I also do glute bridges which is on the floor both of those are really really good for building your glutes the bridge especially for upper glutes and this baby will make sure that you don't get bruises and it doesn't hurt which in turn means you can lift heavier now these are really good and they're just kind of like velcro II obviously I'm gonna say they're good but they are good they come in four different colors and I believe hopefully most of them are still in stock on the website now because we've ramped the up on our stocking and so head over and get them now before they sell out because everything is selling out very quickly even though we've really tried to stop everything up yeah really like this then we're just going through all the matching ones all resistance bands it's the pink one which is the medium strength and the other main one I use is the either the peach emoji or the peach or the camo peach emoji and camo are limited edition so may not left now but they come in these little pouches so you can just throw them in the bag like this which I do and it's like a reasonable doubt so if that's that you want to keep in but they are really good I talked about them a billion times before I'm not gonna bore you with the spiel they are fantastic for glute days fantastic for working out without kind of machines or anything and essentially will massively help to build your booty and warm up and everything I even use them on non glute days just to keep my glutes kind of debated and working or say if I'm before doing hit or before going on the Stairmaster than I might do a little band activation just to wake my glutes up and make them switch on and pay attention so that they can grow themselves along the same lines ankle straps these strap onto cable machines and a really good for either kind of adducting movements or kickbacks more booty growing things so those three I would say are pretty essential to almost all of my leg days so they stay in my gym bag in case I decide to a heavy leg day at the moment I'm quite impromptu with what I do in terms of in the gym or anything so I like to carry all the stuff with me just in case I decide to switch up a body part or do something more or do like a full-body session or whatever so another during my workout thing would be headphones now I've always used the sennheiser momentum over it headphones and it's so hot in the UK at the moment that I have melted because they're like ear muffs so I'm saving them for the winter and the other day I went and got these I literally just got them from I think a local like Vodafone store I just walked in and was like and I got these they're a Bluetooth urban Easter headphone and they're just really good they're kind of nothing special I don't think they were very expensive I think they were about 30 pounds I'll link them down below they just kind of go like this and stick in your ears and they seem pretty sweat proof and the Bluetooth really good I've had no problems with connection or anything or charging so these have been pretty essential to me at the moment also I find generally keeping like a spare pair of headphones in your gym bag is quite important because especially if you use Bluetooth ones because what if they run out like that is the worst thing that could ever happen my Spotify has always a link down below which has workout playlist and general playlists for absolutely everything showers breakups chill mornings it's all on there we've got your soundtrack to your life well my life but you can join next I guess post-workout first thing I do is wash my face now this is so important for keeping your skin at good and making sure that you're not kind of saying swept coated now I used to be really bad at this a generally used to just wash my face when I got home but now whether I'm changing or not whether I'm going straight home I will always wash my face straight after my workout because you just do not want that kind of sweat and bacteria and gross Ness to fester on your face I wash my face and then I will usually use micellar water with some cotton pads to wipe it off or to like wipe and kind of clean my face in general when removing makeup now I don't use this anymore I actually got a really good cloth which essentially I'll find it and link it down below common rule it's called but essentially removes makeup without any product so it's a lot better for the environment and for your skin and stuff because you're not using too much product on it and it's gonna be a lot easier to control either oil or dryness if you're not using more products so I find that towel thing really really helpful and I use that at home to take off my makeup but for the gym I do like to have some micellar water there along the same lines of these these are from Holland and Barrett they're just called sustainable beauty wipes that have found them and they are compostable which is better than by degradable and generally is these are vegan and great and a really good for either removing your makeup I always remove makeup before a workout if I'm working out with like if I've got to the gym with makeup on or generally just giving myself a wipe down after I've used either one of those two then another pretty essential thing is deodorant now I have this body shop blast black mask deodorant which I really like the smell of and I haven't found it as successful in kind of d sweating as Mitcham but Mitchum does contain aluminium and I'm trying to kind of stay away from the agents with aluminium just because of the research around them but he totally depends what you kind of believe in / have read about or whatever but I'm cutting this quite nice at moment black mask scourge and body shop body shops generally quite natural and cruelty free and everything so that's fab really like the smell of that one then another one dry shampoo this one is by collab it's called unicorn fragrance and it's got oil absorption without white residue which is really good this unicorn one isn't my favorite one out of all of those I just grabbed it from my bathroom but I do like it and I think it's really cute then next I this moisturizer which I I was sent in my peer box it just it was in there by CeraVe which is apparently I think it's like a cult like a cult beauty kind of brand in the US as in like loads of people use it loads of people love it and basically it's kind of a really really simple skincare type brand this isn't sponsored at all it was just in my peer box and I've really been like this has really really helped my skin it's for dry to very dry skin and it can be used for things like ACMA as well so for someone who has to pro dry skin just having something which is quite simple and just to the point is super helpful and after I've washed my face I will always boost your eyes just cuz I have such dry skin and otherwise it will get even drier and I do not want that otherwise when I put makeup on I look like a cake so that's that and then this is a mini version of Urban Decay's all nighter makeup setting spray now this may seem like a weird thing to have but either afterwards if I want to just cool down it's got like this temperature cooling technology and I generally find it very cooling as a face spray or kind of before or whatever if you want to reset your makeup if you do want to work out with makeup on this is literally the best settings Pro I've ever had so would really advise and I use this one going on like sweaty nights out or to festival a little like a pool party or something so I would recommend this one I'd also recommend the full-size one this just the travel one I have so I think that is it that's kind of all I would bring in my gym bag I'm not that complicated I don't see tailor it to whatever day I was doing so if I knew I wasn't doing a leg day that I wouldn't have kind of the converses or the extra kind of equipment that I make a pot from if it was cardio day and general I usually do just always bring one of these just in case a lot of the time I just go to the gym and come straight back home at the moment in the holidays whereas when I'm at uni then I almost always go on to something else because I have so little time that I try and tie everything together so I'll either have a class before or after whatever so being able to make myself presentable again after the gym is very important especially as I am one of those people that goes bright red and then will shower and we'll still be bright red but I hope you really enjoyed this video as I said I will link everything down below all the products mentioned please like and subscribe if you did enjoy the video and as always let me know any suggestions or requests that you would like me to film and I will see you guys next time

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  1. HEY KIDDOS! So sorry this has taken me like 782 years to film. Hope you love it!
    Featured in this video:
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    – GRACE25 for 25% off BP
    Camelbak Eddy: https://rstyle.me/~ayZk3
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    Sennheiser Momentum Headphones: https://rstyle.me/~ayZns
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    Micellar Water: https://rstyle.me/~ayZkT
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    Sustainable Make Up Wipes: https://www.beautykitchen.co.uk/by-scent/seahorseplankton/seahorse-plankton-sustainable-beauty-wipes-30pk
    Aluminium Free Deodorant: https://rstyle.me/~ayZlz
    CeraVe Moisturiser: https://rstyle.me/~ayZlt
    All Nighter Cool Down Spray: https://rstyle.me/~ayZlu

  2. Hey girl, I know this video is a little old now but I am wondering if you reccomend any vegan pre- workout powders that actually work? Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  3. so because of my really shitty uni timetable this semester, I have to fit in my GFG arms + chest and back + shoulders days into workouts before my uni classes on tuesdays and thursdays. Do you / or anyone have any tips for what to pack in my gym bag or how to best go about going from the gym to uni in terms of looking presentable, protein/BCAA consumption etc. THANKUUUUU!!!!! <3333

  4. Cerave is THE BEST. I have psoriasis and it's what my doctor recommended, it helps so much and I love that it isn't scented. <3

  5. Phew thanks for mentioning your headphones, it made me remember that mine died the other day and needed charging! Thanks gurl πŸ™‚

  6. i really recommend you try the lush dry shampoo! very natural ingredients plus it doesn't come in an aerosol which is awful for the environment!

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