good morning guys hope you're having a wonderful that we are just eating some fruit I'm meaning it with yogurt because it's my obsession I've literally had a bowl like this every single morning because when I wake up I'm like yes I get to eat fruit and yogurt for breakfast this is like heaven on earth and also it's a really great pre-workout little meal fruit digest super fast it's not super heavy in my stomach and it gives me lots of energy if I were going to do more of like a more intense workout like maybe if I was going to work legs then I would want something a little bit more substantial in my stomach but today I'm just doing a little bit of upper-body fruit is so high water so it digests super fast so you can feel a little weaker quicker throughout your workout if you're going really hard but upper bud gotta work penny doesn't go to her body depends I'm not doing anything like super high intensity I'm just like lifting a little bit today but if you like yeah I never do that parkour stuff you definitely want to eat some oatmeal so yeah substantial that's gonna digest really slow also it's earlier in the morning we're trying to get to the gym a little bit earlier today if I were to oatmeal I need to let myself digest a little bit longer than just eating fruit cuz fruit digests super fast so don't feel like super heavy afterwards whereas oatmeal I need like half an hour to 45 minutes before I can go and workout I also don't really prefer to workout fasted I know some people can and they enjoy it and they prefer doing it that way but I tend to by the middle of my go attend to get that really empty feeling in my stomach so I like to have something like fruit just something light in my belly before I go and work out depends on what kind of workout I'm doing but 90% of the time I eat before I go and work out [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so as most of you know or maybe you don't know I am now just over seven months into consistently weight training and building some muscle and I'm absolutely loving it this is how I train most of the time the only kind of cardio that I'm really doing right now is hiking but I'm really really enjoying the weight training it's just sort of like my meditation for the day so today I worked my back biceps and triceps a little bit of arms but mostly back today I like to structure my workouts by doing a day like this and then a lighter upper body day doing chest and shoulders and then a leg day but I don't stick to it too strictly because I do do things here like hiking and also outdoor workouts using resistance bands so I like to just have fun with it but that's kind of like my main structure for my workout so that was a very wonderful workout also if you guys are wondering that outfit ground floor the outfit that I'm wearing is from avocado and I absolutely love it the leggings are a little bit too see-through though so I can only wear them under squats ladies st. swap route thanks quadruped it's super easy to stay fit anywhere you are in the world you can always do at home workouts also if you guys want the like details of the workout I did today I am going to be posting an Instagram video over on my mad Fit Instagram so make sure you check that out I also do lots of at home workouts on the mat that YouTube channel so you can check that out as well but I don't think I'm in focus but like I was saying it's super easy to stay fit anywhere that we are in the world we basically just try and find a gym because we love going to the gym but also here they also have lots of outdoor workout areas and we brought a bunch of our resistance bands so we like to workout outside as well and work out an at-home workout super easy but now we are waiting for our uber and we are going back home all right home from the gym and that would be the time that I would usually have a smoothie with added protein powder but I haven't had or haven't been able to get any vivo life into South Africa and I haven't had any of their supplements or a smoothie for that matter since I'm back at home because we don't have a blender here and we're having trouble getting vitalife into South Africa it's it's here but I just don't have it so I'm having Kyle's made some rice cakes with avocado and tomato cuz that is all that's the equivalent of a protein shake right totes mcgoats we don't and I also made these are just sort of like some cold oats because we are going to the beach so I have that all packed up ready to go and then I also cut up some strawberries and added some extra blueberries in there because I love my fruit good real good so I'm gonna have two more leaves and then we're going do when you can't reach the tomato tomato and you just good are you enjoying this beach there's snow at home I feel like you could really get used to if you just got the balls to go and water is absolutely freezing cold I wish I knew the temperature but you got a lot like another video our tip he's going in watch these guys jump in oh yeah I also put some peanut butter on here right before we left so I was like this needs some peanut butter let's give it a little taste test it could be a little sweeter but it's good just like apple pie apple pie also this is enough for me and Kyle there's two cups of oats in here so we're gonna split this and also eat the strawberries and blueberries that we brought I might end up using this all if you don't start eating this soon who would ever want to leave this place I don't know not me the dates are a nice touch yeah as a nice little sweetness they're good dates – yeah think I'm gonna know perfect beach food sweet home from the beach and I'm just having a little snack of some celery and cucumber with a little bit of peanut butter for my celery and I'm also making some tea on the stove here and I'm going to eat that before I get into making some dinner while I do some work on the computer all right so I'm the father I need to clean this once much better all right so I'm finally making this veggie soup / stew that I've said for the past two days that I was going to make but as you saw I chopped up some potatoes some carrots some celery and a whole bunch of onion garlic and ginger and then I'm just going to add some of this like vegetable stock and then a few spices and we'll see we'll see what this turns out to be okay so I've got my onion garlic and ginger in here and it's only been in there for like a minute or so it's just nice and fragrant now and now I'm gonna add some spices I'm just eyeballing it adding some turmeric some cumin okay to hold the camera cuz it's much easier tips like to you what I'm doing when I'm not holding the camera oh now that that's all kind of cooked I'm adding in water that I have already pre needed in the kettle and now I'm adding no idea how much this is just the veggie stock powder stir that up and then I'm gonna bring that to a boil and then I'm going to plop in all my veggies let that steam up and pray that it becomes a delicious soup I'm sure it will it already smells delicious alright guys so this is how my soup turned out I added a whole bunch of kale in there just now because I had some kale to use up in the fridge but it smells really really good and I have tasted it and it tastes really good as well and it also made some brown rice that we're gonna have with it and then I've also got some black beans to have on the side with of course some avocado and then these are the crackers that Kyle picked up from the store yesterday who's craving crackers and these are like super clean but they're actually like a Jewish Passover food when they can't eat bread they eat this but they're just like really clean and they're actually huge let me show you [Applause] they're just like these massive spelt crackers so I thought that that would be really good to have with the soup I think it's gonna be a really delicious dinner and honestly that was super easy to whip up and it was really great because I got to use all the fresh veggies that we got from the market this past weekend so I think that this is going to be sort of like a weekly staple because we have stuff for dinner but we will also have some leftover and we can have that for lunch and stuff tomorrow so I'm kind of like meal prepping for the next day as well so always good oh wow that looks amazing did I do good or what that's going on the Instagram store so guys there you have it oh that's very dark you can't when I see what you just saw we got the soup the rice the avila beans the crackers and then I've got all the toppings salt hot sauce and more ah though if we need it but we got half on each so I think we will be good kind of drink that water drink your water soup is good just try your rice perfect let's try your beans I literally just dumped them out of the can and rinse them they're not mine tastes like canned beans let's try your avocado perfectly scooped out of the show hmm crackers well my soup was a hit I'm very pumped of course it needs salt but everything needs salt I did not salt all cooking it so you can add as much salt as your little heart desires okay oh my gosh I can't wait to devour this and possibly another bowl of soup because this is really good a lot of people have been asking me lately if my diet has changed or if I'm eating more now that I'm training more and honestly it's not something that I pay huge attention to because I don't count my calories or my macros on a daily basis but yes I have been eating more because I have been lifting and expending more energy but my diet always consists of primarily Whole Foods stuff like this and because I eat like that I don't really have to stress about how much I'm eating or my calories or macros so yeah I just stick to eating Whole Foods and I eat as much as I'm hungry for it okay yeah Whole Foods keep you lean and I have been actually lately incorporating more fats into my diet like eating a lot more avocados and peanut butter and coconut yogurt so yeah well the way that newbie gains work is because I barely had I didn't have a lot of muscle and now I'm building so much muscle when you build muscle you lose body fat and I didn't have a lot of body fat to begin with so now my goal is I think to put on a little bit more body fat because I just would like to have a little bit more body fat you know a little bit more because she could but it is really hard for me yeah especially as a vegan eating primarily Whole Foods but that's what makes me feel my best and I feel great right now and also like I feel the healthiest I have in a really really long time so I'm just gonna continue doing what I'm doing make little tweaks here and there but for now I feel great and for those of you wondering yes I have my period my periods regular and actually my period is less heavy and less painful than it was a few years ago so I must be doing something right so yeah yes people definitely feel like Maddy doesn't eat enough or whatever she's too skinny the man is just naturally very skinny if you just look at her brothers and her mother they're all naturally very skinny yeah my uncle is like almost like seven feet tall and he's like this like my whole mom's side of the family is like rail-thin so genetics does play a lot yeah and then when your especially it keeps you pretty lean on the long-term so I especially if you just stick the whole foods and not a lot of fatty junk food so mm-hmm it's all about feeling your best doesn't matter what you look like guys as long as you feel good yeah and just keep doing it that's literally the only thing that's important is if you feel good because every single body is beautiful and I talked a lot about this on Instagram and stuff like that especially on my mad fit channel lately but yeah everybody is beautiful just make sure you're doing what makes you feel your best cuz if you feel your best and you're taking care of your insides it's gonna show on the outside you eat foods like this yeah all right well I feel like that was enough ranting for the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys have any more questions for me or any more video ideas or things you would like me to touch on regarding Fitness let me know down below but also make sure you go and check out my mad Fit YouTube channel and mad fit Instagram where I post all of my workouts pretty much and the workout that I did today will also be on there and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you did enjoy because it supports my channel and I appreciate it very very much subscribe if you are new here yeah hit the post on of vacations because a lot of people are saying that they're not getting my videos in their subscription feeds which is very sad I'll see you guys in the next video you

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