WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! Healthy Recipes For Breakfast, Dinner & More!

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! Healthy Recipes For Breakfast, Dinner & More!

good morning guys it is Monday I thought
I would film a what I eat in a day today so you shot the bulletproof coffee and
the lemon with apple cider vinegar now I thought I would make a waffle so I’m
just using this mix here the ingredients are really clean I’ll leave a recipe for
like a similar one you can make at home but I really like this mix in general
you just add water it’s super easy so I topped the waffle with a little bit of
banana about a quarter of it I slice it then a strawberry and then some almond
butter hey everyone so I’ve just been working this morning
doing some like video stuff some editing and some organizing a little bit I’m off
to SoulCycle so I’m gonna have lunch after that um I hope you enjoyed the
waffle waffle was really good and it’s really good in a pinch cuz you literally
just add water you don’t need like egg or any other
weird ingredients you just add water and you go
this is really good like easy mix to have on hand but like I said I will
leave one if you want to make one from scratch the envelope took a basic recipe
so yeah I’m off this whole cycle now that’s why I have like no makeup on but
I’m not gonna put makeup on to the spinning and then I will show you my
lunch when I get back but I have been having a bunch of chlorophyll water and
I just put the drops in I put 18 drops in this thing and I sip it I had a full
one of these two this morning before I did the chlorophyll so I’ve had a lot of
water so far today but it’s important to have water we can have caffeine because
caffeine is dehydrated so I’m back from Sol’s like as you can see I’m like a
sweaty mess time for lunch I am so hungry so I’m taking some cress
watercress it has a higher profile than some other leaves and the greens so I’m
doing half a plate of this it’s like a super simple but it’s so hot it’s
alkaline it’s high in vitamin A vitamin K and then I have some veggie in like a
new sister fry but like meat and veggie leftovers so we have some zucchini
onions red peppers these are lamb and then these are like
lamb niebo the curled kofte there
I think Turkish Lebanese they’re called tested and you’re really really yelling
so I mean to have that I just read I didn’t warm it up but you know we’re
gonna have it not warmed up and that’s okay
sometimes you’re just hungry and you don’t even care
this is the dressing I use it’s from farm boy which is like a Canadian local
one but it just has lemon juice olive oil garlic salt and black pepper so I
just like they’re super simple fast lunch
the key is having things like that on hand and I’ll show you a meal prep area
I shall show you a meal prep video that I did where I made something very
similar to these like stir-fry thing so that you guys can make it and just have
for the week everyone is it’s the afternoon now I look a little bit more
presentable I thought I would make a iced dirty chai which if you haven’t
heard of before I feel like I was in LA and I was just like a dirty chai sounds
really good and then ever since then I’ve kind of been all about the dirty
chai so you need chai tea obviously you need a shot of espresso and then I’m
making it iced sweet I put almond milk and that ice in it so I’m going to show
you how to make it alright so you have your cup of ice you need one espresso
shot I’m going that over or you can use strong coffee if you don’t have it I’m
using decaf cuz it’s later in the afternoon this is my chai concentrate
that I make in order to make this kind of in a jiff I use this one so I could
show you guys this is a pink chai any chai tea will work I might just make it
a big batch of soup er concentrated I’m gonna force in the light in and then
I just want to add in some collagen it’s got like 10 grams of protein so I just
add it in so it can be more of a satisfying chai latte if that makes
sense tonight ecology kind of dissolves and then I
pour in some almond milk this is a new one and that is my dirty chai super
super simple so what I like about this drink is it’s got like the earthiness of
a chalk I like the spicy notes but then it has a bit of coffee flavor which I
love and then the almond milk which is yummy so I think it’s gonna be like my
summer drink so good all right for dinner I’m gonna make my own little pad
thai sauce with the like butternut squash noodles and some cabbage I have
leftover and some leftover chicken so I’m gonna go ahead and get started all
right so you’re gonna need 1/2 a cup of water and I’m gonna put this in the
description box but of hot water so I just boiled some water and then you’re
going to need 6 tablespoons of powdered peanut butter or almond butter we’re
gonna make the sauce in the pan right now and you’re going to need 2
tablespoons of coconut aminos coconut aminos are so good for you that the full
of inositol Sophie if PCOS it’s also really good um and there’s just a good
good Asian style seasoning for basically everything ok and then the last major
component of our sauce is red curry paste or oh yeah yellow curry paste
sorry yellow this one’s really clean oh no my my spoon won’t fit in there okay
I’m adding small spoons you need to find small spoon you find a teaspoon you’re
going to need a tablespoon of this so just put a tablespoon amount this is
what it looks like and I’m just going to whisk that together so as you guys can
see it comes together super super quick so I’m going to take this off the heat
and then cook my veggies so I have the butternut squash noodles and some of
that like cabbage slaw mix which is like super inexpensive in the store and
really easy I’m gonna hook this down until it like wilts a bit
and cooks and then I’m going to add in some leftover chicken I have from a
rotisserie and then the sauce so I’ve also added into a little bit of green
onion for some flavor because I had some in the fridge as well so once everything
is kind of like wilted down and cooked you’ll be able to tell it because the
volume is just a lot smaller we can go back and add our sauce once it’s done
you can go ahead and plate it this is probably a lot like a bit much for me
for one portion um so I hope we have like not a full meal left over but just
like a little bit so this is how it turned out I topped it with a little bit
more green onion but doesn’t it look delicious and it’s so easy to do it’s a
super quick pad thai sauce that you can just toss with some veggies or zoodles
and some protein and it’s delicious great healthy fats and it’s gonna be
super filling as well and then for a little dessert I’m having some of my
favorite chocolate it’s the hue cashew butter with vanilla
I like the hazelnut one honestly the puffed quinoa one I just like to use my
favorite its paleo vegan and it has no bag stuff in it the ingredients are
super clean as you guys can see so it’s super good for you you can get it on a
nutri market if you live in the states you can get it i think i’m drive i’ll
list a couple of places that down below that i know have it but it’s delicious
it’s my favorite chocolate by far

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