What I Eat In A Day || HEALTHY & EASY

What I Eat In A Day || HEALTHY & EASY

good morning this new training thing is still really weird it's only being like it'll be longer bout time you see this video but it has been right now literally a week in a day since I got my back if that shows you how much I like going to the gym because it's just I don't know it's weird and I wish I could exercise but I thought today I would share what I am eating and because I can't train at the moment I have adjusted my nutrition just a tiny bit I used to worry about filling what I eat in a day videos so by all means take inspiration from the food I am having but my portion sizes may be too big or too small for you this morning I'm having my beloved protein arts the thing with the texture of protein Eretz to get the texture right you want to go for a good protein so you almost want something that is too thick when you have it with water which I know seems annoying but that's how we have two different kinds of protein powders and we've always had two different kinds of protein powders I had some plants turn up in the mail just then I got a bunch of Hoyo so I'm gonna report those I'll show you guys some little bits of what I'm up to today between the meals but this video will mostly be about the meals and you know preface this and say yes they are boring much my meals today I'm boring most of my meals most of the time I feel like a lot of people would consider boring hello everybody we did pull this off why I've just been giving my office a little bit of a mini makeover with the help of bitch but I'll keep that for a separate video which I'll upload maybe next we'll see some actually Serta just from helping move a few things around like I didn't even do most of the lifting I just kind of like helped out but right sir I had to go so slow I'm due for another meal now but I'm not even hungry like I was meant to eat this a little bit a guard I just find like I have more of an appetite on those days where I train and on the days where I don't train it takes me a lot longer to get hungry but under how much food I need sir I'm just gonna eat the meal anyway I hate the idea of bloody updates but here we are because I'm always in very quickly my warriors it's like 5:20 and I'll probably have dinner at like 7:00 or 7:30 so this Smurf is just these are fruits I'm just gonna have an apple and for some fats and you have some macadamia nuts I just finished off some nutrition sheets for clients and then I just uploaded well I uploaded to set lab tomorrow morning a YouTube video right you wanted me potatoes yes we bought I'm just gonna start some salmon now so the potatoes have been cooking for about 30 minutes and I'm gonna throw on a fill out of salmon which when you weigh it it's usually about a hundred and forty eight hundred and forty grams so I'm just gonna cut a bit of one so I've got 100 grams of salmon and I'm also gonna heat up some veggies to have with this one as well mitch is gonna take mine well I cut up like four potatoes and taking out my portion now and then what he does is he covers the rest is it any good I love it yeah I don't have a lot of time to like once a week is long and he takes the leftover potatoes and covers them two cans of tuna cheese low-fat mozzarella cheese low-calorie mayonnaise casing they want to have this version yeah your version is probably a bit better than mine see this is the thing like that's it this is why I wanted to film of what I eat in a day because it sure is like as often as I do like recipes where I like they're a dessert so whatever like this is a typical day of eating and I think you need a good baseline before you start experimenting out with other stuff manual spread that out it's I'm not as much it's like it's like mayonnaise put like a little bit on here and possibly systems everybody loves seasonings that says fancy so there is another side of bitch so traitors that keeps us firebug and then my hundred grams of sin thanks for hanging out again guys I don't know if you enjoyed our ambitions the title be very realistic of like the boring ass who's gonna eat meat a lot of dry meal I do not eat dry oatmeal that is exclusively him I feel like I should someone on a day where maybe would like dirt out for me I'm not too sure like what that's a really good deal like so I'm like hey we're gonna order the barista night which we do here and there or like yeah the restaurant so I'm like that's not a sharp knife well like I got a restaurant like I'll show what we're doing water food that's like you still make this work and make it fine it's just yeah and make it work for what you're doing all right but I'll leave you guys that and I'll catch you in my next video if you're not already hit the subscribe button so then you don't release the next video see you next time good so that's week

27 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day || HEALTHY & EASY”

  1. If you put some dry stock and water in that gorgeous pan and deglace it or more like let it bubble up another 1 or 2 you have some perfect sauce/gravy to go over your meat an veggies!!

  2. Love the style of the video!! & the meals of course! i also have a small YouTube channel, if anyone is interested in checking it out or supporting each other? ๐Ÿ’–

  3. I love a tuna rice bowl! I usually have salsa on mine – yum! I love the simple meals you have in your eat-in-a-day videos. They are obtainable for a simple cook like me!

  4. Thought that I was the only one who cuts EVERYTHING with scissors โœ‚๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  5. NOO, these meals are not boring at all!!!! I loved them, these kinda meals my favorites so thanks for the food inspo !!๐Ÿ’• and you are cute with your bf๐Ÿ˜

  6. Uhhh Iโ€™m glad you put the body update in there, your hard work and discipline pays off ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ your physique is amazing!

  7. i think you have some kind of mental health problems, weighing everything you eat and obsessing over your body and all these health conditions does not seem healthy

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