What I Eat in a Day for a Healthy & Happy Gut 😊(Bloating & Digestion)

What I Eat in a Day for a Healthy & Happy Gut 😊(Bloating & Digestion)

good morning everyone I recently got a haircut so I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it I just woke up but today I thought I would share with you what I eat in a day in order to have a healthy gut just read up a lot on why we need to be mindful of our gut in terms of the food that we digest and eating inflammatory and acidic foods really messes up our gut and we just kind of need to be mindful of what we're eating because signs of our body saying hey I am not loving what you're feeding me is when we have a ton of bloating when our skins just break out when we feel fatigued and we have brain fog and we feel like we just hit a plateau those are all signs that your body is saying oh we've kind of really need to nourish our bodies here so here we go [Applause] the first thing I take our probiotics probiotics are basically the good live bacteria that is going to help balance off and fight off the bad bacteria that's in our gut it's usually found in yogurt and kombucha and anything that's fermented those items also contain a lot of sugar so you want to get some a pure probiotic so I try to take my probiotics first thing in the morning especially because you want to have it on an empty stomach next I'm going to make a sunrise smoothie by gravity look by grabbing some orange juice strawberries and some bananas okay I'm going to be real with you guys by no means is this movie super duper healthy because it contains a lot of sugar from the orange juice but it tastes really really good so I try to only have it once in a while and I happen to have orange juice so we're doing it so first I add about half a cup of orange juice but you can also put almond milk if you want to then I add about half a banana that I have split to make it easier then I throw in some strawberries and as you might already know I always like to add things to my smoothies because I feel like you're just kind of putting it all together and putting this vegan collagen booster into my smoothie it's not vegan collagen because collagen comes from animals so basically it just kind of boosts your body to produce more collagen naturally hmmm tastes delicious I'm just gonna grab a giant apple and I go teach summer school and I'll see you for lunch I mean seriously this giant Fuji apple and now it's finally quiet hi everyone so I just finished teaching summer school and I ate my giant apple and I'm still so hungry I'm going to go to Trader Joe's first grab some things and then go home and eat I touched on this a little bit but basically your gut health really affects just kind of how your body functions and I'm going to leave an article down below if you want to read more about gut health and why it's so important basically an imbalance of healthy and unhealthy microbes really affects your cholesterol your blood sugar and your inflammation and so it's really important for us to be mindful of what we are feeding our bodies trying to go to Trader Joe's but there are so many cars it seems like Trader Joe's is busy at any time of the day but I just need to pick up a few things and I'm planning to stick to my grocery list so first I get almond butter do you like crunchy or creamy almond butter I prefer the crunchy one and I try to get naan salted then I grab some organic raspberries last but not least I grabbed my brown rice cakes and then I am done with my Trader Joe's list three things and I left with three things I'm actually going to eat the meal prep that I already prepared because during the week I already have everything ready for me to go my meal prep days are always Sunday so today this is what I'm having so I have a salmon brown rice carrots and then some peas down there while my food prepares the salmon is super easy to make you put salt and pepper on both sides and then I sprinkle on some coconut aminos then I pop it in there for about 20 minutes I bake it at 400 degrees okay so these are the coconut aminos that are used to put all over my salmon there's already some on my salmon I'm just gonna add I need a bit more while I eat I am actually going to also prepare my jam for my snack later so I'm going to need chia seeds and raspberries and that's it okay so I need a pot grab you put all of these in here and just let them kind of break apart and do their thing typically I would watch a show like friends or new girl while I eat but today I decided to just eat so I can watch my raspberries as they start to kind of fall apart you crush it with a wooden spoon turn off the heat and then you add about two tablespoons of chia seeds mix everything up and then you're going to just wait for it to cool in a little jar before you put it away in the fridge so that you have nice cool jam without any crazy sweeteners I really still don't know what to do with my hair but okay so I finished my lunch and then I'm still hungry for a little snack so I'm having some of the leftover raspberries and a sweet potato and it's actually an Asian sweet potatoes it's not like a yam the color is a regular potato but it's full of nutrients and it's really good for you lots of fiber um I don't eat the skin although people say that the skin contains the most fiber but just looks like this actually in Korea there's something called a sweet potato diet I do not recommend it I don't think anyone should only eat sweet potatoes as your meal but it makes a great snack because it's really filling and it is good I could eat like three and I don't think that's how the sweet potato diet works but it's fine okay so I am actually going to go work out but before I go work out I need a snack because the last time I ate was my raspberries and my sweet potato soup right okay now let's check in on my chia seed jelly okay you young so I take my brown rice cracker and I lather on my raspberry chia seed jam I didn't add any sweetener to my jam but if you prefer honey or agave nectar you can do that so after I put it all on I add my almond butter and that is my snack before I go work out and so that just happened hi Pammy Hey hi are you ready for your wha you have to be free hair loss we're gonna go on a little walk it's really hot outside actually it's really hot outside I know I know are you ready for your walk are you ready for your walk yeah so before I go work out I'm going to walk my dog and then go exercise but it's a little too hot right now Pammy not that well oh where you going okay bye see you you're so hyper 100k typically I eat dinner much earlier but since I worked out late I decided to go out with my friends and grab some dinner so this is my plate I forgot to ask for no bread because gluten typically causes inflammation in my body but everybody is different and now I'm finally home so I'm going to take a shower do my quiet time and go to sleep thank you so much for joining me on what I eat in a day to keep my gut health in check so I did not eat the bread because if I eat the bread that actually makes me feel very bloated and I found that I actually am gluten gluten intolerant and so I'm very mindful of how much I eat I know I'm supposed to cut it out completely but sometimes you just want to eat a doughnut I actually haven't had a doughnut in a very long time but sometimes you want it if you like what you see please like and subscribe and let me know in the comments about other videos you want to see bye

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  1. Yess I’m excited!! This summer I am ready to get in the kitchen πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³ πŸ˜‚

  2. yayyy i love gut health videos and was actually looking for a gut health full day of eatingggg!!! you motivate me so much~~

  3. Great video, Maya. You've inspired me to get back in the kitchen and eat better. I'm curious to know what brand of probiotic and vegan collagen you use?

  4. Maya: Eats healthy

    Me: Currently eating an ice cream sandwich

    Maya’s dog: Bilingual

    Me: Can barely even speak one language

  5. Thank you so much for making these videos! As someone who is going to be a first-year teacher, I find your videos very relevant for me. Also, I was just talking about my bloating and/or stomach fat to my best friend yesterday.

  6. Your videos are the best i've ever watched, i learn with you every single video. πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

  7. Probiotics and than fruits.. not really a good idea if you suffer from bloating and poor digestion actually.

  8. As always the healthy perfect beloved Maya's videos😍😜 hope you're having a great day! Bye

  9. I didnt know there is healthier option to soy sauce till i watched your video!I read that Nooch yeast is good too😘

  10. I really needed this video my body has been very off tune, severe headaches, bad breakouts, and falling asleep midday Thanks for this video, I'm determined to make a change!! Love your videos!

  11. First off I love your videos, and you’ve become one of my favorite YouTubers! ❀️❀️Also is there any reason why you use almond butter instead of peanut butter or is it just because of the taste?

  12. I really don't get why people want organic veggies and fruits. It's true they weren't genetically modified, but it's a myth that no pesticides were used on them. Actually, because they weren't modified, they are less resistant to threats so MORE pesticides are used on them than conventional foods. Also, they leave a larger carbon footprint because of the greater area they take up on farms. Basically, they suck for the environment and a crap ton of pesticides are on them. Do your research people!

  13. I would recommend NOT cooking or heating fruit for jams because doing this gets rid of the vitamins and all the other good stuff of the fruit. All you're left with is the sugar of the fruit which is not a bad thing but still the heat kills off most of the vitamins of fruits, especially berries. A better way to do this is to just blend frozen berries and to just let the chia seeds sit in a liquid of choice and the seeds will start to gel. This gel provides the essential jam texture.

  14. you need sugar in your diet like you need other foods. getting sugar from fruit is great because it is complex sugar, which means it breaks down into fiber as well and is great for you so don’t worry about getting sugar from fruit! you should not consume just sugar from candy or other things:)

  15. You really motivate me to change my habits and my life… You are such an uplifting and inspiring person😁😊

  16. I love your videos so so so much…they give so much inspiration and always make my day.😁😁😁

  17. Yayyy love love how you film and edit your videos Maya! So calming to watch πŸ˜‡
    need to try the jam & almond butter rice cake combo 🀀

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