What I Eat in a Day | Easy and Healthy Meal Ideas + Late Night Snacks

What I Eat in a Day | Easy and Healthy Meal Ideas + Late Night Snacks

(upbeat music) – Hey HealthNuts, welcome
back to my channel. Today we are doing another
what I eat in a day video. It's been a few weeks since
I've last done one of these and basically what it
is, it's when I just take you guys along throughout my day and share with you
everything that I'm eating. I eat a lot of food and I love food and I love sharing with you guys. So, I hope you guys enjoy this video. If you like this style of video, I actually have a ton more on my channel. I'll have a full playlist
linked down below and in the top right hand corner here. Also I wanted to give a huge shout out to Four Sigmatic for
sponsoring today's video. They make amazing delicious mushroom teas that don't taste like mushroom and I'm gonna talk to you guys
about them in today's video. Some of my favorites and what Matt has been drinking lately too. So, I have a coupon code too you guys can check out down below
plus they're having a sale going on right
now on a ton of items. So you guys can check out the link down below for more information, but without further ado let's
hop right in to the video. So today we're switching it
up and we're actually starting with Mr. Matt's morning drink. So he's just boiling some
water and he's actually having the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix. This is a dark roast
ground with lion's mane and chaga and honestly like, you guys know I don't drink
coffee but it smells so good. He said it was, both him and Chloe said this coffee was delish
and you can't even tell there's added mushrooms in it. So, I think this was a win. It honestly just smells so
good right out of the bag. Matt made it in the French press but you can also make
it in the coffee maker and you're basically getting your caffeine and your mushroom fix
all at the same time. Now he usually just drinks his
coffee black in the morning but on this particular day he just added a little bit of oat milk
and it was delicious, at least that's what he told me. (upbeat music) So if you've been
following me on Instagram you guys know I'm doing
30 days of celery juice. So I actually already had
some made from the day before. I've been making like
extra batches when I juice and it's been a very
green start to my morning. I just drink this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning
and it's been going good. I'm actually filming a
whole video documenting my experience with it so
stay tuned for that video. I'm just catching up on a couple emails while I sip my celery juice. It was very very strong,
I'm not gonna lie. (upbeat music) (coughs) So strong (laughs). So on this particular morning I was actually heading to the gym. I've been on a really
good roll lately going to the gym in the morning before I get like fully into my work day. So to help fuel me up I was just making a kind of like lighter green
smoothie then I usually do. I've been calling this like
my pre workout protein shake but it's kinda like a
shake slash smoothie. It's just a lightened up version of my regular green smoothie. I have baby spinach,
vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, a little peanut
butter, some plant based milk, some frozen banana and then I like to add in a lot of ice. I really like my protein
shakes really really cold. And then I'm topping it up
with some filtered water and I'm gonna just blend everything up. (upbeat music) Blend, blend, blend. Look at that beautiful green color. I'm obsessed. Also if you guys didn't know I actually have a free guide on how to
make the perfect green smoothie. I will link that down below for you guys. (upbeat music) Perfect measurement. I get excited every time. I popped in a glass straw
from the HealthNut shop and I sipped this before
I went to the gym. All right, so it is lunch time now and I decided just to make a beautiful, colorful salad with a
little bit of salmon on top. I have some arugula, some fresh radishes that I picked up from the farmers market. You woulda seen this in my farmers market haul from last week. (upbeat music) I'm chopping up some
cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Lately for lunch I've
been loving nourish bowls like this just adding in
whatever fresh produce I have in the fridge and then just really getting a nice variety of fruits,
vegetables and of course protein. (upbeat music) I had some alfalfa sprouts in the fridge and then for my protein source this is actually the French side but I just had some wild canned salmon that I'm gonna just put right on top. (upbeat music) So my salad is complete. Honestly, salads like
this make me so happy just like eating the
colors of the rainbow, lots of different textures and flavors and having some good quality canned salmon is such a great hack just for like, when you're working on the go and you need something quick to add to, like a quick protein source to
add to your salads or meals. I just love having this on hand and I like to get the ones with the bones actually still on it. You don't taste them, they
just kinda crumble right up and they have like extra calcium in them. So, for dressing too I
just kept it really simple. Little apple cider vinegar and tahini and black pepper and sesame seeds. And it is such a flavorful
delicious summer salad. (upbeat music) Mm, mm, mm. (upbeat music) (lid pops) And then I'm just having a
grapefruit sparkling water. I've been obsessed with like grapefruit or lime sparkling water lately. So I'm just gonna have this with my meal and usually I don't really drink liquids with my meal but I'm just having a little bit 'cause I'm
like super thirsty right now but I usually will try to eat my meal and then drink my water afterwards so I don't get bloated but whatever. (upbeat music) Ah, refreshing. (upbeat music) All right, so for snack
time this was so delicious. I just basically made
banana nice cream which is frozen banana whipped up
so it tastes like ice cream, and for this I added in the Four Sigmatic Golden
Latte Mushroom Mix. This has shiitake and tumeric in it and it's so good for your skin and I just love adding
tumeric into anything I can and I just thought this was such a good combination with the frozen banana. I added in a splash of oat
milk just to get things going and then you basically
are just gonna stop it, scrape it and blend it. You can do this in a blender as well but I just did it in a food processor. And it's really easy to
make ice cream or nice cream on demand like this and
this what it looks like. Super creamy smooth and delicious and you have that added super food benefit from the Golden Milk Latte Mix. Scooping it into my
bowl with some toppings. I have some unsweetened coconut chips here and some mini chocolate chips because it honestly was the best combination. I was just craving something crunchy with the creamy ice cream texture. (upbeat music) So it was a little bit
later in the evening today. Usually we eat dinner pretty late. So I usually have like a pre dinner snack. So today I just sliced up some cucumbers. I've been really enjoying
this snack lately. I basically just take some
pressed cottage cheese which is super high in protein and it's just like a
very light snack to have. And I'm just crumbling it on
top of the cucumber slices with a little bit of
salt and black pepper. It's so simple yet so satisfying and it's the perfect light snack
to have before dinner that's not gonna completely fill you up. By the way, in case you're wondering I'm wearing a different shirt because I was filming some other YouTube videos. Fun fact I usually do multiple
wardrobe changes in a day. (upbeat music) Mm. Come in. (upbeat music) (dog toy squeaking) Good right? (upbeat music) – Good. – Mm, mm, mm, mm. All right, on to dinner. So I had some mushrooms that I just needed to cook up before they
went bad so I just chopped these all up and I was
actually just gonna saute them because I am making burgers. I've been craving burgers now that the warmer weather is here and I thought this would
be the perfect time to make them and share them with you guys. So I thought I'd use up these mushrooms so I can saute them and add
them as a extra loaded topping in our burgers and
honestly, they are so good. Highly recommend this. And of course I have my handy
dandy compost next to me. This thing has been a life saver. I just have it on the counter and it's so easy just to pop in
your like loose ends into. I will link it down below. Heating up some organic butter, adding my mushrooms in there
and I'm just gonna saute these on low while I get
everything else together. (upbeat music) So on the side of our burgers I decided to make some roasted
buffalo cauliflower wings. This is actually a recipe
I've been testing out. So I just had Mr. Matt
chop up the cauliflower just basically removing the
florets away from the big stem. (upbeat music) I'm popping these into a
large silicone freezer bag and then I'm gonna basically do like a Shake 'n Bake method. I can't wait for you guys
to try out this recipe. It's so easy and it just remind me of, do you guys remember Shake
'n Bake when you were a kid? I don't know if that's still around but I'm doing it with cauliflower wings. So we have some oil, I'm
adding in some hot sauce. I just basically held it open while Matt was just pouring in the hot sauce because you kinda need two
people to keep it open. Give it a good shake to evenly
coat all of the cauliflower. By the way, I'm gonna
be testing three recipes for when this video comes out
and it's gonna be delicious. (upbeat music) All right, so we're just adding in our bread crumbs and
some other seasonings. I don't wanna give it all away. All I gotta say is they
were awesome (laughs). Zip it up and then give
it a really good shake to fully coat everything
and then I just toss this onto a cooking sheet lined with a silicone mat and I baked it into the oven until it was nice and crispy. Honestly, this is just such a great option if you don't wanna deep
fry your cauliflower and if you want something healthier instead of just fries all the time this is a great alternative. Okay so for the actual burger I found some Beyond Meat burgers which are plant based burgers
at our local grocery store, they just came to Canada
and I had to buy them. I've only ordered them at like A&W but I picked some up for us to have with these burgers and they were so good. I highly recommend trying to find them at your grocery store. They were delicious. Matt loved them. They're just like a plant based burger that even if you're not vegetarian you will still honestly really enjoy them. So I toasted up some whole wheat buns, added in some organic
ketchup, organic mustard, all the regular fixings and then topped it with the Beyond Meat burgers. (upbeat music) I made some basically a
really quick avocado mash just with lime, salt and
pepper and some avocado and it just made this nice mash. (upbeat music) Added some sliced
tomatoes, sliced pickles. I mean if you're gonna make a burger you gotta make a burger right? Like, get all the toppings. And of course I couldn't forget about those delicious mushrooms
that were sauteing. I kinda made a mess but we did get them eventually in the burgers and they were a delicious add on. Highly recommend to saute the mushrooms and then because I love my greens I just added on a big
handful of some arugula. I also just needed to use these up. Honesty burgers are just like
salads in between buns, right? So you gotta add in all the veggies. (upbeat music) Added on some Veganaise to the top bun 'cause nobody likes a dry bun. You gotta add on some sauces. (upbeat music) Top those lids on, squish it down and this was ready to enjoy. Look how cute they look. They turned out really good. (upbeat music) So these are our veggie burgers. – Good. – So good. And then I'm testing out a recipe for these cauliflower wings. Hey, already did a bite? These are like epic burgers. – Cauliflower's good. – Yeah? (upbeat music)
(burgers crunching) Mm. (upbeat music) – A tad dramatic but… – So good. – It's very good. Well done. Well done.
– Mm. Mm. (upbeat music)
(straw clinking) That's delicious. – Yeah they're good. These are really good too. (upbeat music) Mm. I think these are better then
when we did 'em last time. – Yeah, they look better. They're not as soft. – Yeah they were really soft before. – Mm. – Yeah they're good. – Way better. – And it's like fries. – Almost.
– Apparently. Apparently. (upbeat music) – All right, you guys are always asking for what our night time snacks are so I'm just popping on here
right now with the vlog camera. This is our family cuddle time. – Yeah. – [Nikole] Hey Cashew? – Yeah Cashew. (Nikole laughs) – We basically just have
like a family cuddle at night and I'm drinking some Veno. This is actually wine
that my step dad made. He makes wine every single year. There's no preservatives, no added sugar. It's delicious. Matt already drank his. (upbeat music) Mm. I love a good cup of Veno and then, we were filming today and I had to buy a watermelon for it so we have, oo, some watermelon that we're
gonna snack on while we watch, what are we watching? – "Jurassic Park II." We watched the first one yesterday and– – So good. Do you love "Jurassic Park?" I love it. – 1997 is when that was made, number two. – Mm, mm. So yeah, that's what I'm snacking on. Wine and watermelon, what a weird combo. There you have it HealthNuts. That was my what I eat in a day video. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. I love doing these style of videos and I really wanna do like a super raw one where I just kind of vlog the whole day and show you like every
little bits that I'm eating. Like a handful of almonds
or just like random stuff 'cause I snack a lot and sometimes I don't get that on camera so I probably do eat more then I share in
these what I eat in a day videos in case you were wondering. So, let me know if you want a very real, raw version of this style of videos. Leave me a comment down below. Also, I just wanna remind you guys to check out Four Sigmatic. I have some of my favorites here that actually are on sale right now. This is the Reishi Mushroom which is like their chill pill and this is one that I love to enjoy in the evening when I'm trying to like wind down and relax and then this is one that Matt has been really enjoying lately. You guys know I don't drink coffee but I know a lot of you guys
do and so does Mr. Matt. He needs his caffeine in
the morning and this one, like it even smells amazing. Even though I don't drink
coffee I still love the smell. It's very nostalgic to me. So this one here has lion's
mane and chaga in it. So, it's basically just coffee infused with awesome super power mushrooms. So if you guys wanna learn more they have more information on their website. I have coupon codes down below that you guys can check out as well as these items are on sale as
well as a ton of other items. So check out their site. They have skincare now that you can put on your face and eat. It, yeah. Crazy right? It's like a skincare mask. Anyways, go check it out. Send them some love and like I said, if you guys wanna see more
what I eat in a day videos I will have a playlist linked down below for you guys to check out
and without further ado, actually no this is the end. That's it guys. Thank you so much for watching. I will see you guys in my next video and be sure to subscribe. Click that red Subscribe
button down below. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday here on this channel. Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video. Bye guys. (upbeat music)

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