What Healthy Asian Meals I Eat (NO SALADS) To Lose Weight & Get Back On Track

What Healthy Asian Meals I Eat (NO SALADS) To Lose Weight & Get Back On Track

I don’t count anything. I don’t count calories. I don’t count macros. So A lot of you have been requesting more healthy food flocks Especially you want healthy food ie coming from a Chinese family You guys are also interested how to get back on track with your diet plan after going on some vacations like this girl That’s we go to Taipei for one. We use all the food without me. Thank you. Sweats bags. Oh, we wanna Thank you Squarespace for sponsoring This video and we’ll give you guys a bit more info at the end of the video this whole week I’m eating healthier and getting back on track with like my workouts and just Try to eat less keep you and this is because in one week time, we are going on a beach holiday to Fiji So gotta get that bikini body ready and then obviously in Fiji is vacation. I’ll be just You know, I don’t know I sure it don’t open it, but I heard something Right this moment This whole week I’m doing healthy eating so I thought it’s a perfect chance for me to block what I eat in a day I eat healthy in my day as well. I’ve started my new routine of only eating fruit in the morning Yes too much food. There’s a lot of sugar Morning guys, so I’m always starting with a glass of water You guys don’t that don’t drink coffee. I don’t drink tea this morning for breakfast Kiwi Cucumbers cherry tomatoes and purple sweet potato and I’m also going to make myself a bowl of muesli I’m super boring I always use the same ingredients so up milk because I’m lactose intolerant and out of all the vegan milk choices I think it tastes the best and this muesli is just want my dad card from the supermarket hmmm seeds And also what chair seats this is my whole breakfast actually quite filling Almost so good sometimes as a dinner if I feel like this suit and I don’t want to go for the unhealthy options I would actually go get myself a glass of oatmeal. I know that there some of you who are new here So I’ll just quickly explain again the way I eat. I don’t count anything. I know calories. I don’t count macros I try to eat relatively healthy home-cooked food from Monday to Friday on the weekend. I let myself eat whatever cheat meals I like on Sunday my body would already naturally crave healthy home-cooked food again So intuitive eating is a lot about listening to your body and not to restrict yourself so much like how I used to doing my bulimia eating disorder phase which was not healthy at all and not Sustainable in a long term as well, but somewhat even this week I’m eating healthier, but the other day after ooh, but the other day after lunch, I felt like a yummy pineapple cake from Taiwan So I had it It really doesn’t matter if you allow yourself to have a cheat meal here and there and just let yourself enjoy food Enjoy life the key is everything in moderation Do you sleep well you keep well cheating Hmm, there’s time for lunch I always eat the same thing from last night dinner when I used to work in an office I was used these containers to pack my lunch to work Now that I might whose have youtuber I would just use the same plate the ideas for breakfast lunch And so a lot of you as it was for portion control Actually, just because I creamed this plate as mine at home But now that I take photos to show you guys what I eat every day on Instagram story I do realize it does help with me knowing around how much food I’m eating every day It’s like my lunch box one before I would have cops here meat and protein here and then test for vegetables So with this plate normally close to half of it is vegetables and then the rest is a lot of protein for example today I’m having tempeh red kidney beans and lemongrass pork chop some cucumber and normally a small corner here I also have carbs or example, right? but today I’m having noodles and tomato and XO but if the dishes are especially yummy that day for example I really like beef ribs, then even after I finish what I have on the plate I’ll normally get extra which you guys don’t really see it is a ghost story. You can teach it Yankee anyway, hey, I should let you see a Witch I’m toe up with Jay Bujji, yeah Everything tastes so good. For example, even this tomato egg, so it’s so yummy My dad made it himself. A lot of you also always asked about my food combo So for example, why am I eating pork chop together with veggies and noodles? Is it healthier to eat like this? Honestly, we don’t really think that much I my parents just see what’s good in my kids They buy it home and every day from the fridge. They see what they want to make smell so Guys Okay, so now it’s time for afternoon snack before my workout my favorite beet root soap It is So good the first time my dad made it was I think last year and the first time I tried it, I thought it was Unbelievable that the roots up can taste so sweet and so good. Sometimes they also add tomatoes Hmm. A lot of you have actually asked for a recipe my Instagram story So I’m actually planning to film it together with my dad, maybe next month. So stay tuned on that. It’s actually quite filling it Really good for midday when you’re hungry and for me, it’s like two hours away from my workout. Later I don’t want to be feeling really hungry when I do my workout so perfect Last time of the day After shower master, it’s time Haley. Yeah tonight This is hey, how are you? Hey, yeah So tonight for dinner We’re having beans with minced pork fish with red bell peppers egg with tomato and rice with a bit of quinoa Come at ya. I’m at Genki But apart from this vlog you guys can actually see what I eat every day every single meal on my Instagram story upload everything And Thank you. Once again to Squarespace for sponsoring this video basically It gives people a powerful and beautiful online platform to create your website Whether you’re starting a new business changing careers or launching a new project It’s an all-in-one platform for you to create a website or even online store with award-winning templates And there is nothing to install patch or upgrade ever plus The best thing is that there is 24/7 customer support so you can get all the help you need. You can go to a squarespace.com /m. You want to get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase. So stay tuned for our Fiji blog. See you guys soon And

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  2. i love this because it's literally just what chinese families eat LOL and it's already quite healthy it's not about trying so hard

  3. Hey Emi do they sell the ingredients on taobao? I live in mainland China because I'm studying abroad but I am lactose and tolerant and cannot find any subs for milk at all:(

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  16. I really like how realistic and relatable this is. I like that you were so honest about still eating maybe another beef short rib other than what you have on your plate. There’s a lot of pressure over eating like insta-models that you feel like a failure if you end up eating a little more on the side. Being Asian and trying to kick all the foods I grew up eating makes dieting or at least eating healthier seem impossible but you’ve got the best advice about enjoying your life, eating things in moderation, and listening to your body. I feel like a lightbulb went off in my head or something

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  24. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

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