Weed Is Everywhere, So Why Is It Still a Medical Mystery?

Weed Is Everywhere, So Why Is It Still a Medical Mystery?

A couple hours outside London, thousands of
cannabis plants are growing in this enormous glasshouse. Scientists here are testing different strains,
processing raw plant matter, and converting it into potent medicinal extracts. But this isn’t your typical grow house,
it’s a pharmaceutical research operation in the U.K. — which as it turns out, is
the world’s largest supplier of medical grade cannabis
Here, they’ve developed Epidiolex, a new medicine containing cannabidiol, a compound
derived from cannabis, that’s shown potential to treat severe forms of epilepsy. It’s the first of its kind to be approved
by the US Food and Drug Administration, and is available to patients in the United States
at special pharmacies. But, cannabis is still a Schedule I drug in
the US, meaning it has no medicinal value. If doctors here want to study it further,
they have to walk through a complicated patchwork of regulations. And if they make it through the hurdles, once
the medicine arrives, it has to be stored in a roughly 750lb vault that’s bolted to the floor and
secured with a lock. But outside a doctor’s office, weed seems
more accessible than ever. As it’s gotten easier for the average person
to go buy cannabis at a dispensary, it’s gotten even harder for scientists to be able to study
it. Cannabis is a controversial and complex plant,
with over 100 unique chemicals called cannabinoids. There’s very little that we really understand
about a lot of these chemicals. We understand the effects of two of them,
somewhat. Delta 9 THC which is the chemical that produces
the classic cannabis intoxication. THC in relatively high doses can cause euphoria,
hunger, anti nausea properties, anti-pain properties. Cannabidiol is very different. It doesn’t produce any intoxication whatsoever
yet it has anti inflammatory effects. It is scientifically interesting because there
is a receptor in the brain called the cannabinoid receptor that binds to these chemicals and
produces a whole range of effects. And this network of receptors are found throughout
the brain and body. So it’s really a new frontier in many ways
to understand its role in brain development and regulating mood and food intake and cognition. It’s a complicated plant and just labeling
it a medicine as is isn’t sufficient. Society has jumped ahead and is just moving
on treating it like it’s a medicine in lieu of this data. Everybody’s taking CBD and ointments and massages
and oils and added to their coffee. We don’t know anything about if it’s absorbed
by these routes of administration. I have no idea if it actually gets into your
bloodstream at any level that would be meaningful. So it’s critically important that we were
able to conduct these studies so we can say what it works for at what concentration, which
cannabinoids, and what it doesn’t work for. And right now we’re severely hampered in our
ability to conduct these studies. And that goes back to weed’s status as a
Schedule I drug, a classification that puts it in the same line as heroin, with no recognized
medicinal value in the eyes of the U.S. federal government. Meanwhile, states have moved forward to legalize
cannabis and patients with severe diseases are turning to their doctors for answers. I get patients coming into my clinic asking
me all the time, “What do you think of this?” and “My friend tried it for this and it worked,
and my other friend tried it for that,” and it seems to have these magical properties
where it seems to work for almost everything. And physicians and researchers are stuck. On the one side, we don’t have adequate studies
that establish the safety and efficacy of these drugs, but we don’t have studies that
negate it, either. The National Academy of Science released a major report that found conclusive evidence that cannabis can treat chronic pain, multiple sclerosis,
and improve nausea symptoms during chemotherapy. There’s moderate and limited evidence for
other diseases in the 10,000 abstracts they considered. Still there’s a lot scientists don’t know about weed. But that’s not stopping patients from taking
matters into their own hands. Patients really didn’t need our permission
or our approval to go after these therapies. And given the desperation that parents face
when they have a child with infantile spasms or other similar disorders, it’s understandable
that they would be looking outside the box. There were a few patients who responded to
cannabidiol extracts and we didn’t have a better explanation for why and that’s what
really got us curious. Self-medicating with cannabis may be able
to solve some medical issues, but unknowingly they could be causing others. So doctors responded to their patients by
launching their own investigations. The first step that we started upon was to
systematically survey parents and we asked people to bravely describe what they were
doing even though it was illegal. And that’s pretty low quality research when
you ask clinical scientists out there. We wanted to go after formal clinical trials,
but that’s where it got tricky. All three experts we spoke to are at different
stages of their trials, but the hoops they have to jump through are mostly the same. The first step is to go to the FDA. Describe your study. Explain all the risks and benefits. It’s quite a process. There really wasn’t a lot of literature. At the end of the day, we did have to make
some reasonable guesses to design the study. And once you get approval from the FDA. The next step is going to the DEA. So there is a federal DEA and then each state
has its own narcotics control regulatory agency. In order to be granted a Schedule 1 license, the DEA
wants to make sure that you are taking appropriate precautions to protect and safeguard drugs. And it seems strange that we need to lock it in
a vault, while the same patients that we are trying to recruit into our studies have
the opportunity to get a nearly identical product in a dispensary one mile from our
hospital. And this entire process could take years. And I’ll be frank, I’m not sure if my funding
is going to last before all these regulatory agencies approve the study so it’s enormously
frustrating. We tried to work our way through the red tape and
pretty much gave up. It wasn’t until there was a little bit more
pharmaceutical development, and that folks with deeper pockets and more resources were
willing to partner with me to run clinical trials. That seems to be the trend here. Because the red tape is so thick, pharmaceutical
companies can jump in to partner with doctors on cannabis clinical trials. They know how to work the system and have
the resources to develop cannabis therapies in the UK and Canada. It gets more complicated for the public when “some” pharmaceutical companies fight weed legalization, and then receive approval to develop synthetic cannabis. Because another hurdle, can be the weed itself. With the current DEA regulations, the only
way federal researchers can study cannabis is to study it from one source and that’s
a farm in Mississippi that the National Institute of Drug Abuse regulates. The problem is that there’s a huge variety
of products that are available online, in dispensaries, which have had favorable responses
associated with them. There are not reports of kids responding beautifully
to NIDA farm products. If you compare the potency between what doctors
receive from NIDA versus what a recreational user can get at a dispensary, the difference
is pretty striking. And this constant approach where we ignore
the specific product which has been associated with plausible response, and we substitute
it either with a pure pharmaceutical product, or a NIDA farm product doesn’t make sense. We should really study what seems to be working. But I also understand the other side of this argument, that we want to use the best standardized products. And when you depend on those products which
are available in dispensaries they are known and notorious for not being adequately
consistent. For any kind of clinical trial, doctors need
to control the variables. It’s not to say that what may be purchased
through a dispensary is necessarily less pure. We don’t know if it has the exact percentages
that are listed on the label or what the purity is and whether it’s been run through screenings
for pesticides or things like heavy metals. The farm can’t keep up with all the federal
researchers so if the DEA allowed other sources of cannabis
that are well vetted. That’s an important next step. Recently hemp was made legal and that is very
exciting for us because hemp could be a source for cannabidiol because right now as researchers
we don’t have a good source. There’s a huge interest in the medical field
to better understand efficacies, side effects, tolerability, what sort of best ways to deliver
it. The chief mission at this point is to have
rational, scientifically-based, medically-based regulation of research. And that really requires action from Congress. Epidiolex, is now Schedule 5, meaning the
DEA says that it has accepted medical use and limited abuse potential. So it’s hard for me to understand how the
DEA can say that one product is Schedule 1, and one product is Schedule 5. And that is the chief quandary, I think. I don’t know how we can reconcile that without simply changing the designation of all marijuana products. We have to recognize that marijuana in general
does have therapeutic potential, and that at the very least it should be scheduled as
a Schedule 2 drug, meaning it’s a drug that has some acceptable use but still has potential
for abuse. That would be scientifically rational. We have a tough challenge before us. We need to balance our desire to do things
that are most scientifically rigorous with the need to make real forward progress with
these diseases that are so severe and for which the need for new therapies is so desperate.

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    This would be a nice start.
    After that, make every other drug legal.

    I thought we are living in a free society? If this would be true, im allowed to take every substance, because where is here exactly the crime?
    If this is a crime, extreme sport should also be illegal. you can hurt yourself, kill yourself and there is no reason to do extreme sport, beside for youre pleasure which in the end is a chemical pleasure in youre brain. Its just induced by a big risky behaviour.

    So why should anyone be allowed to take away my freedom and punish me, just because im having fun alone or with friends in my livingroom with the drug our choice or the extreme sport of my choice?
    Its so ridiculous!

    We should end this war against normal people who just doing something which is not a crime. Just because some stupid humans dont like the idea of taking drugs. They taking away my freedom to live the life i want to live!

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    These substances widely have the reputation as creativity-enhancers but I think actually they’re empathy-enhancers creating new perspectives, giving artists greater ability to imagine how a wider audience will perceive their work while it’s in progress, making it more creative as a result.

    Legalize, release, expunge and give industry advantages to the minorities most harmed.

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    So we have a "government" "for the people, by the people". that is illegally hogging the patent to research a "schedule 1" substance that the government criminalizes for supposedly having no medical purposes. The government controls growing and research. We the people have legalized it in most states as is our right per our., constition only to have this government refuse to legalize it. Its been legalized recreationally in our nations capitol of Washington, DC. zThis government has made it illegal to sell marijuana in DC even though the citizens have legalized it.. They have to buy "something" to recieve a "marijuana gift". Its illegal to dispense marijuana in a legalized state buuut this government taxes 25% on every stage of production of marijuana in Washington DC..Marijuana producers do not get any tax breaks and ALL business transactions must be made with cash. "taxation without representation, is treason"!

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    And so you don't understand it..!
    Why don't you ask an American Indian what it's for..!
    But the same time you're racing big crops of it there's something you don't understand raising hemp heals the land too..! It can turn a desert into a wheat farm and just several months..! Growing it put a stop to our dust bowl in Oklahoma..!
    It would be narrow sighted just to cite it for its beneficial medicine used for humans it benefits our Farms far more then you would understand..!
    This crop there's no restriction on where it is grown it will grow anywhere and improve the land with nitrogen back in the soil..!

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  34. My personal experience with weed is ; I have gone through life with the lowest joint in my spine broken one cm inwards. The doctors found out of this when I was 40 years old and I went through an 8 hour operation. I got (thank God ) well!
    Weed has help me with my pain since I was 18 years old. It does not make one sick, but the pressure a user is under just might!
    I think the truth is, the drug company's and politicians are more interested in making money, than in the well being of it's people, they do not care, that they are at fault for gang wars, tears and waist of blood & life.
    They (I have no doubt) the government will pay the scientists for false results (as they did with monkeys and lied to the people about their results many years ago) & as then, now they do what ever it takes to protect their greedy interests. This is capitalist politicians at it worst, all that matters to them is profit for the shareholders! They should be forced to respect the evidence coming from us, the people on the ground, who know the truth from own experience.
    Now I suffer from "broken wing" but I may not help put myself out of pain, buy buying or growing weed. I have to be a law breaker, and go out in unpleasant environments and buy hash, that I have no way of knowing what else it might contain, if I want to eas my pain. This is not protecting or caring for the people. I don't know why we elect greedy careless rich people, who know dealing with the populations needs is their job, or so we are told is their job. Now my youngest (23) has gotten cancer and I prey Gods plant may be freed from corruption, so He's gifts may be used wisely for all whom it may help. Hope your funds may last. Good luck!
    Thank you for your research and this possibility for me to tell you my story 😉

  35. .. Seeker! 🤓 thank you for providing this crucial information and update regarding a pertaining to tetrahydrocannabinol! ☘ in my opinion I believe that it does have an active ingredient that can be applied for children and babies who suffer from seizures and other medical ailments but I also do believe that prolong usage up the drug can cause brain damage! 🤓 the problem is THC has a tendency to embed itself in the fatty tissue of the brain long-term usage is harmful and can cause the person or the individual to develop short term memory loss in which the person or the individual forgets very crucial and important domestic everyday life things such as appointments!, schedules!, car keys!, location! and so forth and so on! similar to Alzheimer's! 👵 so therefore I do believe that a synthetic! Pharmaceutical tetrahydrocannabinol pill! an OINTMENT! can be manufactured! through the pharmaceutical industry if patients really do need! the treatment otherwise smoking! tetrahydrocannabinol is not!! advisable! 😕 California health and safety code prohibits anyone from endangering! themselves! or others! 🤓

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    Is that a good reason? Probably not, but the people making up these rules are not scientists, not researchers, nor are they individuals who have bothered to take the time to truly research these substances. The fact that devastating, dangerous, and highly addictive drugs such as Cocaine, Meth, Fentanyl are scheduled below Marijuana, LSD, and Peyote is truly laughable given our current knowledge of what these substances are.

  38. BOTTOM LINE: Marijuana/Cannabis or other alternatives to "drugs" will kill the Pharma industry profits. Why are we still surprised that it is still challenged (?)in a country where "profits" mean everything – even if it means sacrificing environment, animals and humans.

  39. Been smoking weed since I was 12 years old I'm now 24 and I'm perfectly fine so yea idk what y'all mean but I see people die yearly over tobacco but not weed yet I can buy cigs all over the place but I can't with weed explain this logic to me

  40. And if you're really wondering why no one is buying that bud it's because the government shops overcharge and over tax for a bud of a plant that normally should only be 10 a gram hence why people prefer to go to their dispensaries.

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