VLOG - Gym Workout, Bloating & I Tried Plant Based!

VLOG – Gym Workout, Bloating & I Tried Plant Based!

show them your haircut look how handsome you mama oh just kissed your eye I think I got an eye booger oh my god I hate when he does not you jumps from my arm to the floor this is what I look like when I'm having a moody day but the PMDD hits guys I'll just show you her now like how cute is she oh my gosh Brooke is her name like watch yourself make sure you get her name right actually let me put her on top of the counter it's from Brookstone so I named her Brooke like I have to name all of my things it's like a must this is a carry-on luggage I've been looking for one of these like for the longest time and it comes with when I saw this I was like oh my god it comes with two USBs on the inside you have to attach a power bank and of course I love the pattern and how it's all black the wheels are amazing it really like kind of rolls really nice and smoothly and it looks super cute in the airport with those guys whenever my next trip is really want to go to Kelly and then I want to go back to New York because there's just still so much to see but all my Cali babes I really want to come there and I have to show you guys the inside oh my god wait until you guys see this it also has the TSA lock over here which is my absolute favorite and I set it up it's so easy to set it up guys are y'all ready it already comes with a toiletry bag over here and then over here has a zipper at the top I usually put like I like to put underwears and socks and like little pockets like that then guys there's other pockets here for shoes like I can't I just I can't I get so excited about stuff like this Senate unzips and opens over there and it's this one a Brookstone Herbert collection if I can't find it I will link a very similar one that you guys can use as a carry-on amazon has a ton so I'll link some for you but yeah so it comes with a toiletry bag and really if you're using this luggage that means you're only going somewhere for like two or three days max for like my skincare I can put inside of here mama you like it come inside okay you took you to go inside mama you too cute you like my luggage mama oh my gosh you were just so handsome so cool and then you close it up do you put your little power bank in there that's what it's called this is the look we're doing like an all black and white it's too nice outside today guys so I told my friend well let's go out with girl let's live this life okay let's just live this life I'm wearing a forever 21 black jeans I have my little slip-on shoes these are from Aldo every time I wear these I get a ton of questions and I think I found the exact link if I found them I will leave them down below these are perfect for someone like me that doesn't like to wear super casual like boy looking shoes like I hate wooden shoes just look too boyish and I'm just doing a fresh white top with a little gold necklace geez see Fiona Fiona good morning girl how's it going Fiona one of these days you have to talk back girl you have to say something I mean Fiona's kinda like me she doesn't really have any friends she's kind of anti-social she thinks that she's cool on her own as you guys can see like she doesn't even move she's super confident girl like you are honestly goal is your true inspiration to all women out there you just stance on her own literally just like girl I am sexy in my pot I am sexy every day I don't need to change outfits like watch so guys if I keep talking to my plants I think I'm gonna go insane like no I actually don't even feel insane when I like talk to my plants I really don't guys I love this bag that cat got for me for my birthday we found it at winners and just like I'll guess your birthday girl and like watch yourself like I love it so much and it carries every single thing that you need honestly so thanks girl I love it I just love it we're about to go Oh tell line to think we're gonna go to Panera something healthy something fresh and then maybe we'll walk around the Cartland I love Heartland like it's like one of my like favorite go-to spots it's like one of my favorite places to shop but before I go I'm gonna show you guys this that I got I got a couple of things here from San Cloud they produce a bunch of products to protect marine life it does matter when you start making a little tiny differences when I take my grocery bags and I'm not using those plastic bags when I have my produce bag that I take no plastic water bottles like stuff like dive they sent me there glass bottle it's so cute guys bpa-free and packaging made from recycled material as well I wish everyone also did their job like recycling things I definitely do my part with that too look how cute it is you guys it has this little bamboo top and it says save the fishes that is their hashtag the sand cloud their little logo in the blue and then they sent me their three pack straws and it also comes with a cleaning tool so if you make your smoothie you can use this cup it's so adorable I love especially clear bottles as well because I love seeing the smoothie through the copy I also have a pair of guys how cute I was dying for this and I was like please don't sell out and it has their logo over here like honestly I can't this one I have in an extra-small I believe this one is unisex the sand cloud with the little tail they're so cute I love this even wearing something like this when you guys are walking around it also kind of helps to spread some awareness I'll leave all the links to down below so you guys can shop them and I also have a coupon codes that you guys can check out their stuff and if you want to purchase anything you'll save a little bit of money Ben doesn't even use any plastic whatsoever so if you guys want to check out sand clouds items make sure you guys shopping below so I just filled out my water bottle guys this is another thing I do I always carry water bowl with me and if I'm at Starbucks I can always also use my bottle and ask them to refill it instead of using their cup but let's go to pull the turkey avocado man that's right and then Creek's dollar pot got the same sandwich since she got a poppy seed salad bacon spinach policy oh my goodness I'm horrible day guys you already know it's not a day with cat and stuff with those in satara but what guys me and cat are about to go plan base look how cute she loads by the way today like watch yourself all white space that's right girl yeah we're eating at copper branch we've never I've never eaten plant-based before have you no I don't think so okay so we're gonna try this out I don't know what the heck of an order and let's see by the way it's at Heartland if you guys don't know guys you wanna die this is my little plane and then we got a spoon a blueberry and a camera board else is in here it is an electric house in this look I just cut my circle uh check check Powerball is very like Mexican they come to the chips and then this is them and it's a sauce because that's the guacamole right yes it must be like another sauce sauce guys we just came from the plant-based place I'm not a builder and pace life it will get it was okay I kept looking at cats bowling I'm like is she enjoying herself cause like I could not a girl I could not do your bowl I'm sorry the tofu was so dry I thought I was the sweet potato and I was like why is it so dry yeah it would just I don't know it just it's not for us guys but we tried it it's okay the smoothie was okay but I had like a not for taste tasted like it was like cinnamon I don't know what that was think we need some more fruity I personally don't think I would go back do you think he would go back at well coming cool right look at her look up cutie Hey okay five out of ten but I would try something else like a zucchini gather me yeah yeah it was primary ten I agree yeah I think we're being nice I think I want to delay I was telling you god this is the best green tea latte ever like Starbucks I'm sorry and katakana coffee and sometimes she has her coffee black girl I don't know how to do it I just don't know and she packed up her bowl she's gonna give it to her mom and what did you say you say you were gonna I'd chicken leg guys yeah buddies ides guys I carried around my skin cloud water ball with me all day and we kept refilling it they also had like a cute little town in like same kind of area act that plant base place and we got to fill up a water balls like twice so that's great so I kind of kept up with my water all day which normally when I go out it's a little bit difficult not a lie and I try to drink before I go out because you're constantly trying to look for a washroom because you're drinking so much but and then I came home I took a bubble bath guys I'm like obsessed ball bat I love them so much they're just very good for my mental health they just calm me down and I feel like when you've had such a crazy day those are just my moments to like myself or it's just quiet I'm just gonna watch my show I am on season 11 of Grey's Anatomy y'all proud of me cuz I gave up at like season three I think last time before I found it so boring and now I don't I feel like I go through stages alright guys we are it's legit and I don't want to be here I am exhausted am I too bright on this camera I don't think so it's just been so cloudy and rainy and it just makes me feel so tired so I really barely have any energy right now but we are gonna go to the gym and we're gonna do this kind of film for you guys just a little bit little clips and show you guys what I like to do when I'm here I like to kind of go hard and start off with those ropes because my god you guys they are so intense but they're so good for your arms the first time you do it the next day you are going to seriously feel it but after the second third time your body will kind of adjust but just kind of my advice is like giving your all sometimes I'm like I fight myself I'm like no if you're too tired don't go there are certain days where it's you know if it's – if I'm really super exhausted and I'm not gonna give myself at the gym it's like there's no point in going but if I'm just like I know my body is just a little bit tired and it's the weather making me do this sometimes you have to push yourself and you're only gonna benefit from pushing yourself because that's what the gym and a weight-loss journey and working out is all about if you are not pushing yourself you're not changing yourself you'll notice that with your body if you're not really doing much or changing your routine your body's not going to change either and that's just how it goes so yeah like I don't really feel like being here but it's Friday and I want to kind of get it in so that I can enjoy Saturday tomorrow and I'm also actually gonna be really bad weather so I think I want to like get rid of some of my clothes I like to clean out every sort of season and right now you guys I have a ton of clothes I did so many different hauls for you guys and so many pieces and I just I have more to come in my closet is a disaster and some of you are like where do you put your clothes my guys sometimes I'm being honest with you I don't even know where they go so I like to kind of put in the new get out with the old and I give it away to charity I give it to people that you know need it I don't like selling my clothes or anything like that I like to give it to someone that's going to use it that is not you know does not have that available to them I would rather that what I like to do is I still work out for an hour if I can push myself into a more and you go over that great because then next time you can work out a little bit less or you can just work out more for that week the more the better but I also don't like pushing myself like three four times a week right now is just a bit too much for me and it just is a lot for my schedule and then I kind of get unbalanced with everything else and everything just kind of goes out of whack so I try to go like twice a week that's what I'm trying to stick to on a bad week I go like once a week so I'm gonna show you guys a couple of little clips of what I kind of do at the gym and then you guys can kind of get an idea I'll probably do like a voiceover because there's probably to be like music playing so I'll see you guys after we did it y'all we did it guys I had such a good workout I'm so whitening did you guys feel that with me late did you feel my pain if you don't look a little bit crazy after the gym you ain't doing something like you're just not doing something right let's just be real hey guys there's a reward that comes when you push yourself when you don't push yourself you end up either at home being lazy or doing something else and kind of prolonging going to the gym because it's the other day you know you have to make it there so the more you sometimes push it and I'm so aware of that and you have to also know yourself if you know that you're super lazy everyone's different so if you know like oh if I don't go today I know I'm not gonna go for the next two months then just push yourself just push yourself to go I don't regret one single percent of going and pushing myself it feels so good now I'm ready to go home shower now I can go out and enjoy the rest of my day it just takes one hour out of your day I mean we do so many other things that we waste so much time on not to say it's not worth it but you know this is for your health and for your image and how you want to look and how you want to feel on the inside and it's just so worth it so it's 11 god I I'm horrible at the time today it's like almost 12:00 it's 11:55 so I started working out at about like ten fifty something so it's basically an hour now I didn't really stretch today some days like most of the time I do but it is good to stretch before and after but I'm glad I got to show you guys of a workout because I haven't shown you guys in the longest time of course because you guys know from my weight loss update that I've been taking a long break from the gym but there comes a time where you have to it's totally fine to take a break but you have to also be aware of when you're gonna get back to things and where your line is that if you guys haven't watched my weight loss should try to do with you guys it's like a weight loss update what's been happening since the beginning of the year what kind of happened with my weights I did end up gaining weight so if you guys didn't end up watching that make sure you guys do I'll leave a link down below and also right over here and if you guys don't watch my two new summer hauls make sure you guys do there's a Bubo one and a pretty little thing one and there's many many more to come I am so excited for summer and that's another thing with summer it motivates me to want the summer body can't wait to organize my clothes tomorrow because I have more clothes coming so I have to like get prepared for that I'm ready to go start my day it has to do some editing for you guys I have to edit this and I have another video that I need to edit as well and my website is coming very very soon guys and I also have the new edition guys a new edition that I'm gonna announce it very very soon I'm super excited about it and of course I'll let you guys know on Instagram but yeah I'm super excited about it and I can't I can't really say too much I want to tell you guys but yeah it's coming guys like it is just I need to reorganize everything inside of here some stuff I actually took out but I need to just put in this new stuff and get rid of some of the old stuff and this is just one of my closet guys there's also another kind of wardrobe in my own bedroom so I have to go through that as well so I'm gonna do that now so I'm gonna get started with this disaster I feel super lazy today because it's like so cloudy and rainy but I'm gonna feel good kind of clearing this up because I hate when this closet is a disaster you guys this is creating season and these are my new favorite from Starbucks right now like these are so good they're vanilla petite little scones and I decided to order this one to try it out there blueberry and buttermilk I'm not gonna have all time we're gonna save them we're gonna let them stretch out but they're so good the close it so it's so much more organized now I mean my shoes don't know exactly how I want it but I really just want to kind of like clean all of this up I put this chair over here because I really did not like it in that corner it was taking up too much room I cleared out a bunch of clothes and then the bottom there as well I have a lot more hangers now and then I put my boots all the way up there cuz I obviously not gonna be using that right now we're all about spring and summer shoes right now so that is what the closet looks like oh yeah and then my running shoes are over there in the corner guys let's have a real moment right now so every month I get this couch in the front over here like literally if you touch it it is so firm I get this like too I'd say two weeks before my cycle starts and it just like it's a little to the size of my blood like and I hate it so much I just think it's important for me to show you guys that I'm not always you know this flat stomach I'm showing I do have my bloated days I have bloated days all the time by the way but yeah that's what it looks like every two weeks before my cycle I get huge and I feel it in my face I hate when I get this but I get bloated of very very easily I wanted to look a bloating video for you guys if you guys are interested in that let me know down below I have a serious like bloating problem everything makes me bloat in kind of learning and recognizing now what makes me bloated and I'm you know every time I eat something because it has a lot to do with your diet – I honestly don't mind the cycle but I hate everything that happens to me a protein and I literally have a few days off like I literally have one week where I am myself and for three weeks I'm not myself I'm bloated I'm craving things I'm moody I'm irritated I have my PMDD and then my period comes and I'm like hallelujah praise the Lord like seriously I wanted to come so bad like look how cute this is this is how long it goes on me I'm just wearing like regular pitching in my pants right now so I wanted to show you guys how it fits on me this is the extra small and it gives me like a lot of room so again if you guys want to check it out I'll leave a link down below in my description box it's so cute I love this logo over here on this side I love it I don't have anything like tie-dye so I just think that this is so cute it made me realize that even just having these products and realizing what sand cloud does it made me think and really made me realize like hmm like am I really doing what I can do I actually research power plastic even lands in water like I I kind of thought to myself how does that even happen and as I was researching it I'm just like wow it's really important for us to really recycle as much as we can because that's how it kind of avoid that as well it avoided a lot to be honest and I didn't know this but when we throw out our waste obviously lands in the land but because plastic is so light it ends up going into the ocean and I was like like if you think about it you're just like how does that happen but then when you read about it you're like it's actually pretty simple how that happens instead of being recycled and I'm gonna be doing by the way a QA on my channel cuz I feel like I haven't done it in a while where we'll just kind of chitchat answer questions that you guys have I'm so excited to do it I'm always excited to see what you guys have like kind of you know in mind where you guys want to ask so Q&A chitchat coming to the channel guys don't y'all worry like watch yourself Fiona's sleeping right now like I think she's given up you know I kind of like disowned her for the whole day she's a little bit upset with me but she'll be fine tomorrow morning when I water her – should we find not gonna water her tonight she doesn't want to speak have many more halls that are coming up in the shadow of summer halls because I'm waiting for this summer to just come today it was bummer but like I'm just waiting for more of it to come guys I'm gonna do a bikini haul watch yeah I'm gonna do a full-on bikini haul but I'm gonna do a full-blown try and line a bunch of bikinis and show you guys the quality and everything already know I'm super detailed you guys so it looks super cute when you guys go swimming or on vacation to the beach but if you guys have not watched my other summer halls that are ready on my channel at booboo one and my PLT one make sure you guys check it out on the channel they're so super cute and PLT was hiding 40% off and boo I have an extra 10% off so even if they're having a sale you guys can use my code to get 10% off gonna be doing another one guys watch yourself I'm still working on my website but that's definitely coming guys which I'm super excited for and I will definitely let you guys know once I launch it it's like a whole makeover and I'm just so excited for it so much better than what I have right now but yeah guys that's basically it for this vlog and don't forget to give it a big thumbs up and don't forget to follow me on IG it is access G Macedo if you guys just stop by my channel Oh welcome if you want to subscribe make sure you click that subscribe button become a part of the notification squad and click that little bell right next to subscribe and you guys will get notified for all of my brand new videos thank you guys so much for watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next video

34 thoughts on “VLOG – Gym Workout, Bloating & I Tried Plant Based!”

  1. Love your videos!
    Have a question though. Been noticing it a lot on YouTube and I’m just curious.. is it y’all doubling up the ads?? Or is it YouTube??

  2. Steph!! I love you! Yes we want a bloating video, i’m always getting bloated. Also where did you get your weight lifting gloves for the gym?

  3. Love your videos! Would be an awesome idea to get a reusable cup for your Starbucks to help reduce plastic cup and straw usage! Just got one myself because I'm a huge matcha girl too!!

  4. Steph, you look pale! It’s time for a tan mama!
    & yes, I’d like a bloating video. I bloat after I workout. I DONT KNOW WHY 😭

  5. PLEASE do a bloating video 🙏🏽it would be so helpful! Bloating is such a big issue for me and my confidence takes a huge knock.

    Thank you for being so raw and honest in this video ❤️ it’s so refreshing!

  6. Cali needs some STEPH!! Girl I will miss work yo see you any where in Cali! Lmao. Bentley Is just doing it for me lol he’s so cute. Love this work out I’m gonna try it myself. And yes please do a bloating video.

  7. Girl you gotta try different plant based restaurants. Try out vegandale brewery or Fresh. They're so amazing. Even A&w's beyond meat burger is amazing.

  8. 🤣🤣🤣 Steph if Fiona only spoke back to you, you know how fast you’re gonna fun out of that house 🤣🤣🤣
    But on a real I have heard talking to your plants help them strive lol …

  9. Steph I recomend you to Buy a metal straw since you go to Starbucks pretty often. Also they have like this plastic venti cup where they can server you the drinks, that way you can reduce your plastic consumption c:

  10. I get bloated too! It's usually a few days before my period and a few days on it. I do feel like some weeks are less bloated than others and it's most likely due to diet🤔 Anyway! You, Ben, & Fiona are all sooo cute😘🥰 Everybody WATCH YASELF!

  11. I get bloated if i have more than one cup of white coffee ☹ in a day. Awesome vlog!! Love the sound of all the content you said is coming! Excited!

  12. You are beautiful ❤❤ yes a video about bloating!! And maybe more workouts ☀️☀️☀️ I used to go gym but after my depression I've stopped… when I try to go gym now… I have so much anxiety that I end up turning back 😣

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