Vertigo Treatment with Simple Exercises (BPPV) – Ask Doctor Jo

Vertigo Treatment with Simple Exercises (BPPV) – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo. Do you ever
have that feeling that the room is spinning and you’re not drunk? You probably have Vertigo,
but the positional vertigo which is benign. So it’s really important to go to your doctor
to get it checked out if something’s going on because it could be a symptom of something
more serious. If you’ve been diagnosed with BPPV, I’m gonna show you some exercises to
get that a little bit better for ya. So first exercise is a Brandt-Daroff exercise. Basically
you’re gonna do this five times, two times a day in each position there’s gonna be a
30 second hold between. The first movement you wanna do is go down to one side and turn
your head at a 45 degree angle so it’s just going to be going down like this, my head’s
at a 45 degree angle, and I’m upholding this for 30 seconds. You might get a little dizzy,
feel a little yucky, but if you hold it for the 30 seconds the dizziness will probably
go away. Then you’re going to come back up into the seated position, wait 30 more seconds. Again you’re probably going to be a little dizzy, that’ spinning’s going on, but it should go away. And then go to the other side again
with your head at a 45 degree angle holding that for 30 seconds. Now the couch that I’m
on is a little bit squishy you probably want something a little bit firmer, but if you
can hold that 45 degree angle of your head while you’re lying down that’s fine. Then
you’re gonna come back up for that final 30 second hold. Doing that five times, two times a day.
The next thing I wanna show you is some gaze stabilization exercises. And this just retrains
your brain to not have that dizziness when you move your head quickly. So there’s some
pretty simple exercises, the first one is actually just moving your eyes back and forth.
So your just gonna look side to side, a nice smooth motion, ten times back and forth. After
you’ve gone back and forth, you’re gonna look up and down still trying to keep your head
in one spot. Now remember this might make you a little dizzy and if it does that’s okay
it’s reproducing those symptoms, but the more you do the less it’ll be. Then looking at
one corner and back down to the other corner, going up and down, and then the opposite corner
up and down. After you done the moving the eyes, now you’re going to actually move your
head. Take a spot that you can focus on you can use your finger you can put something
on the wall like an “X” or an “A” or any letter of the alphabet that you want, but now you’re
actually moving your head so you’re focus on one spot. Keep your eyes on that one spot
moving your head side to side, then moving it up and down, trying to keep your eyes on
that spot the whole time it’s gonna wanna move, but really try to focus on that spot,
then going at an angle, one way and going at an angle the other way. Trying to keep
your eyes focus on that one spot the whole time. If you have any questions leave them
in the comment section. And if you’d like to check out my other videos go to
Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and remember, Be safe. Have fun. And I hope you
feel better soon.

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  1. Hii dr jo..I am 21 years old and i have been experiencing dizziness since 2years now…I have done brain MRI twice and the reports came back normal except it showed sinus tissues…I got treatment for sinuses as well but still I feel dizzy but the fact is I don't get dizzy while riding two wheeler .. sometimes I get nauseous as well I got various tests done everything came back normal I took vitamins supplements as well but still dizziness is there what could be the cause and would it be beneficial for me if I do these exercise to get rid of dizziness?

  2. I like your sciatica videos, but want to share my experience with vertigo.
    When I first experienced vertigo, I could not even stand up, it took a while for me to 'get' the positional aspect. I had to deal with
    BPPV on and off for 3 to 4 years and it was utterly miserable. Docs gave me meclizine which I am convinced only helps because it makes you feel so miserable that you don't move much. A specialist gave me Valium, which was surprisingly helpful. HAS to be Valium because of the way it works. But I really really needed it to go away.
    The specialist (an ENT), told me about the Epley maneuver and tried to perform it using an ENT exam chair. DID NOT help and cost me $400!!
    I finally found an older PT who knew how to perform it correctly.
    Large padded table, she would hold/catch my head and two people had my arms. She had me fall quickly to flat on my back with my head slightly over the edge (remember, people were holding/helping me) and then turn my head in the direction that caused my vertigo. After 20 seconds or so of roller coaster vertigo, I would normalize and then turn my head back up and sit up quickly. Interestingly, they filmed my eyes at one point and they were moving around desperately trying to stabilize me.
    Anyway, they performed the true Epley maneuver about 4 times and the last time I sat up, I instantly knew I was cured!
    I was so happy, I hugged the PT!
    It's been at least 8 years and I haven't had vertigo since.
    Vertigo has something to do with some sort of crystals on hair cells in your inner ear needing to be moved/displaced/whatever – it's very confusing, but I'm just not sure these home remedies would be enough.
    I'd recommend finding a PT to perform the whole procedure. Definitely a nauseating roller coaster ride, but well worth it.

  3. I have been to the er several times after getting up from bed and proceeding to Fall into my bedroom wall lol I was diagnosed with positional vertigo and after several er visits one dr finally told me about these exercises I could do at home. I woke up with it this morning and watched your video and its really helped thank u for posting this!

  4. Is it normal i feel like im having an anxiety attack especially in public places when i start to feel my vertigo is kicking in?ive been suffering this issue for 4 months now..would appreciate your reply..thank you

  5. Hello Mam
    I have cervical spondylosis and getting dizziness and vertigo along with heaviness in eye will these exercise help me.

  6. Hi doctor i am suffering from vertigo since 2 yr but didn't work any kind of exercise i have taken so many kinds of medicine but it didn't effective i can not understand is it caused by cervical spondylosis or ENT problem my problem is only body off balance during walk.. now what should i do kindly suggest me.. thank you

  7. Dr. Jo,
    Can you please tell me if benign vertigo would cause high blood pressure, or would high blood pressure cause the vertigo?
    Thank you and God bless.

  8. For someone that has had serious vertigo and usually agrees with your vids, not this one. Doing that much movement may make one puke. Plus any fluid in the ear isn’t going to be fixed so easily.

  9. Hey Doctor, something is not happening right with my mom as when she waken up today in the morning she starts feeling the symptoms of BPPV but i was not sure about why or what is this happening to her, but now after a little research i have come to know that she may be having BPPV. But i just wanna ask that does she need any kinda medical attention or not?

  10. My mom feel dizziness after taking medicine she is not ok . She is vomit and when she turned she felt dizzy she is not able to get up also I am so worried. But she not feel anything in the ear . What is it pls tell me.

  11. Thank you for the eye exercises – I have been doing the side to side and up and down ones for a short time but the diagonal ones are new to me so I'll add those to my routine as well. I'm also doing the gaze stabilization side/side and up/down exercises whilst walking to hopefully progress things and get rid of this horrible feeling of nausea as soon as I can.

  12. I went to the dentist in Thursday and she told me I had a infection in the gum which is being treated than on Friday afternoon I got Verdigo really bad could it because of the infection maybe?

  13. I don't feel like the room is spinning. It feels as though my head is going to fall off of my body when I turn my head. Also, my ears are ringing

  14. I did that eye exercises and it makes me feel paining in the inside of my head . What should I do? Keep doing ?

  15. Thank U very much. Just today the Dr had told me U may have a vertigo problem he asked me Take a tablet for it . I wanted to have a home remedy for my problems. I will try yours .again Thank u. I will come back if I am better with it.

  16. Hello I just had the scariest episode with it never before but it sent me to the ER so I'm scared my conference is shaken please help this has never happened before thanx

  17. dr i diagnosed bppv i am surring 3 months .. i just want to know are symptoms completely go away or i manage with them

  18. I never heard anything like before!! When I was walking on street then I fall down then my brother and cousin took me to emergency hospital doctor gave me some pills I fall asleep completely gone deep sleep then I woke up doctor said I’m fine nothing wrong with me !!! But I’m still having vertigo and it’s like hell on earth, I’m doing some Exercises, but it still not gone away completely!!! Is there anyone out to help? Please

  19. Hi doctor Jo,I'm from Philippines,and last April 3rd week,we experienced magnitude 5.1 earthquake in here,and my trauma during 1990 7.2 magnitude earthquake came back,and after that,dizziness never left me alone,and I heard that trauma is one of the major cause of BPPV…my question is,do I really have a BPPV cause of it?thank you doctor

  20. While doing these exercises should I be fighting the spinning by trying to focus on something or should I just let it be?

  21. Dear Doctor Jo . Thank you for this video. One month ago I’ve been to my country of origin Mauritius as I live in China it’s took me around 15 hours with two flights. I’ve spend 3 weeks in Mauritius two days before coming back to China I started to feel a bit dizzy. I was thinking it’s just because of the plane and as it was too hot in Mauritius I didn’t sleep well. But I do have headaches , pain in the back of my neck, some weird sound in my left ear and dizziness for two weeks even taking some headaches pills. So I decided to go see a doctor. After some movements his cabinets. He told me I have ear disorder that’s why I feel dizzy all time. Then he suggested to to take Merislon 6mg 3 times per day after meal and to the see the result. But still feeling dizzy with no pain in the back of the neck and no pain in the ear. Hope I can get some advices from your side for the time I will practice the exercises you advised. Best regards John

  22. I had a vertigo but now i feel i am laying on a water bed …my whole body is just drizzy.. no matter i sit ,lay or standing i feel that my body is floating there is a sensation coming from my mind to whole body…what possibly it can be

  23. Its been a month that I am having this dizziness episodes and continuous bells in my both ears, also I feel numbness at the back of my head between the ears region, Is it also because of Vertigo?

  24. I'm leaving the store and will definitely try once I get in.
    I would wake up and be stuck with this dizziness for days.
    I would even start vomiting and going through day 2 opiate Withdrawal symptoms. Absolutely creeped me out 1st time which triggered my anxiety but now that I have more information it's all about combat and not fear.

  25. this video is a blessing. Two nights ago I woke up in full spinning mode and it scared me so because I've also vomited and had diarrhea. I thought I was going to die! Now it's been two days without BPPV, but still I don't feel "myself" completely.

  26. The exercises are working. I woke up today, stood right up and absolutely no vertigo. I will keep up the exercises. But thank you for you demonstration and your caring.

  27. I have been diagnosed with bppv. I experience the vertigo if I look up to high, try to lay flat or tilt my head back. Will these left and right exercises help me?

  28. I haven't been diagnosed with vertigo or any thing else but I have been feeling dizzy when laying down or sudden head movements so I tried the frist exercise I felt so dizzy I couldn't do it for long it scared me I think I'm goi g to make a dr. Appt to make sure its nothing more serious

  29. Thank you for the video. One question which isn't adressed anywhere: What prevents the crystals from moving again inside the "tube". Do they dissolve over time?

  30. Hello ma’am. My husband used to experience dizziness while driving/walking rarely but it seems to have increased significantly now. On a long drive back home yesterday he experienced recurring dizziness (but not nausea). Is this BPPV? Will the exercise routine you’ve recommended work for this situation? Thank you!

  31. Could having a bad back/ bad posture cause bppv too? Can having eczema on the ear also cause it? Have people been cured from bppv? I'm 25 and get discouraged sometimes…

  32. hmm I think this you tube algo knows I like your hair short lol .. that's it im disconnecting from the internet lol

  33. I brought this issue to my new doctor today. I only experience this when laying in bed and turn from back to side, side to side or side to back. I don’t experience it when walking, standing up, driving or any other head movements. When I mentioned that to my doctor today he just replied I will get it with most head movements, which isn’t the case. I am not sure if he misunderstood me or what, but does it mean anything when I only experience the symptoms when lying down?

  34. Thank you so much… I I went to 4 doctors with different spchlist.. Non of them helped me with this problem!!
    Is it new thing?!!

  35. Hello doctor. My mom is having severe dizziness when she gets up from bed and she is not able to sleep flat on the bed. Also turning her head right/left or looking up/down brings her more dizziness & severe neck pain. Due to this,she s sleeping on a chair everyday. Will this exercise be helpful?are these symptoms vertigo related?

  36. Hi Dr Jo ,Dr i dont get balance while i walk ,moreover when i turn my head i feel nauseous .Though i dont feel any kind of dizziness but when i walk i dont have balance. I even did mri of brain and spine.Reports are absolutely normal.Dr told me it is BPPV . I am taking vertin medicine but i am going through this for around 1month. Is it really BPPV ??? If so why is medicines not working fast?Only 2 percent improvement is observed.

  37. Buy a printable worksheet with the Vertigo Treatments in this video here:

  38. Just got diagnosed with BPPV and I never knew how difficult it was.

    Will be saving this video for when I have another episode.

    Thank you for this!

  39. Doctor thank you very much, these exercises are helping a lot, but along with dizziness my eyeballs are also paining when I move them.
    Please help.

  40. Dear Doctor Jo , I am Dimitris from Greece, I was told by my health practitioner to do video's exercises as per yr suggestion. But he has forgotten to advise me for how long. Should I perform them till symptoms' disappearance? Or let's say for 1-2 weeks? Thank you in advance!

  41. Well i realize this is a few years back, but i did them both, took a 2 hour nap as i was groggy from spinning, and i am a whole tone better after a 2 day case of the puke style vertigo!!!! Thanks 🙂

  42. Hello DR Jo, I could really use some help. I had a massive fireworks explosion accident to my forehead over a year ago. My docs told me I’m a miracle to even be alive as my frontal skull was fractured in there places and pushed in. They told me that my dizziness may last short term or can be permanent. I really don’t believe in this not being fixable or treatable. Every time I start working out and go to lie down or even go from sitting to standing position I get extremely dizzy. It lasts like 5 to 15 seconds every time I move. I am trying to get just back to normal again. I tried the first exercise you did here and I can’t take it longer than 5 seconds before I get so dizzy I lose all sense of placement. My wife saw my eyes the last time I tried it and they shook extremelyfast side to side. Do I just need to push through this to get some break through on this? My fear is that I will make me permanently dizzy in the normal position and that scares the bejesus out of me. Any ideas? Thank you so much! God bless!

  43. I always keep a small bottle of water on my night stand as I get thirsty while I’m sleeping.
    This time I woke up and while leaning on my right elbow with my head tilted to the right I took a big gulp of water and swallowed as soon as water went down my throat I instantly got the vertigo effect.
    Terrible, I threw up within a minute and it lasted for an hour or two.
    I’m assuming water must have somehow back flowed into inner ear and caused problem as I have never had vertigo before.

    I will not be doing that again lol.

  44. Thankyou for the video. I had been suffering from BPPV for 23 years . I was on medication for these years. But after performing this i feel relieved now . Thanks.

  45. Hi Dr Joe,
    I had BPPV a few months back. The anxiety was left behind following that. I am 37 and very active. I love Surfing and hit the gym frequently. I did the maneuver a few times and it worked. My question. Do I have to worry about this coming back while I’m in the water, driving or at the gym? Everything I read on the web suggests that this is some permanent diagnosis and the Eply maneuvers are some temporary relief until the day it reoccurs.

  46. Hi doctor! Do you think that this exercice can help with dizziness caused by POTS ? I feel dizzy 24h/24. I take ivabradine to slow my BP. But dizzyness are always here. Thanking you

  47. I tried the 45 degree angle thing and made it through that ok but when I did the exercise moving my head up and down I actually had to stop run to the bathroom I got so sick so my question is can I cure this with just the 45 degree angle movement I have had this for several years I went to see a ent and he said I had vertigo in my left ear and said do the head turn starting with the left ear than right than straight ahead It seems nothing works so how long does it take to go away

  48. Thank you so much for kindly sharing these exercises. I've started doing them today and will let you know how I feel in a few days. I'm from Chennai, India

  49. is brandt daroff for canolith repositioning?also does bppv go away on its own?I've had it only for two weeks now but its my first attack and im really anxious all the time

  50. Thank you Dr Jo, it's works GREAT. Started a few days ago and I feel an improvement already. You have a great day.
    Thanks again.
    Joe Misciagna

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