Trimming of Super Thick Fungal Nails: FULL TREATMENT

Trimming of Super Thick Fungal Nails: FULL TREATMENT

TB: We use the nail file afterwards, okay? Daughter: Okay. TB: But you have to do one thing. You know what that is? You have to sit there and look pretty. (laughter) TB: I’m sure you can do that, right? Okay, so let’s trim these nails. Poor you! These don’t hurt you walking around? Daughter: Yeah, they do. TB: They do? I’m sure. D: That’s why I said they need to come and… See, I’m off work so I can I can take her. TB: Oh, that’s nice. D: If I am working, there is no way I can do it because of the timeframe. And you’re are you open on Saturdays? TB: Open on Saturdays. D: Really! TB: Monday to Saturday. D: Oh my goodness! I never knew that, but I bet you’re always booked on Saturdays. TB: Its a pretty busy day. D: I’m sure because for most people, that’s the available time they have. TB: Yeah, so we work 9:00 a.m. 9:30 till around 6:30 to 7:30 at night. D: Really? I never knew that! TB: Yeah. So now we’re working on a big; one a little bit little. You okay? P: Yeah. TB: You’re too cool for words aren’t you? D: Look at that. Whoah! Almost looks like it is going to fall out, ay? TB: But it’s not going anywhere if we don’t trim it. P: Do you mean that’s all my toenails I’m gonna get? TB: Yeah. P: Oh my goodness! Why, because they’re hard? TB: Because it looks like they’ve been damaged as well. So as you get older, and if you leave the nail to grow too long, and that’s what happens. D: Okay. Wow. It’s like they’re brittle like it’s just… TB: Coming right off. D: Yeah. TB: So the rest we’re gonna file nice. D: My goodness, TB: So now, we’re gonna make you into a house cat so no more street fights, okay? You gotta stay inside look and look pretty. (laughter) D: Now she can wear her closed shoes. She wasn’t able to wear the closed one. Because they were paining her when she does it. TB: Yeah, it’s a little too thick for closed toed shoes. So I know you’re gonna go home and put on the heels right away, right? D: You’re so funny! Oh my goodness! TB: I finally got something out of you today. Look at you; now you’re laughing! Oh, I thought you weren’t listening to me? I thought you weren’t listening to me but you were. D: Just kind of scared to see what’s gonna happen you know. TB: Any pain? P: No. TB: No. D: Good, good. TB: You want me to save these nails? We can put it on a necklace for you as a memory. (laughter) You laughing still? That’s good. D: I wouldn’t want to see that! TB: Forget pearls, this is the new pearls! See I know I can joke with you Caribbean girls. I guess you guys can handle it. Mama can handle it right? D: You make me scared to look at it. TB: No, I’m scared too. I’m not gonna look! Just keep my eyes closed. Any pain? P: No. TB: No. D: It’s okay. TB: We’re going nice and slow nice and gentle. D: Which foot normally pains you, Mom?
Which foot is it on, this one? Is that foot the one that always pains you? P: Both of them. D: Both of them. Okay. TB: But now no excuse. Now when the dance come, now you get a bump and wind. You’re gonna dance and move you’re gonna be moving now. Nothing can stop you! D: Nothing can hold her back! TB: No excuses now! So when the dance floor opens, that’s where you’re gonna be. TB: Okay, we’re getting quite a lot off even without using the file yet. So see this part? You see all that? That’s all dead skin, fungus, D: Really? TB: That’s living underneath the nail. How much better is that though? D: It’s so much better! TB: Okay, we got one more foot. One more foot so that means one more one more camera angle. I say we got to make you super-famous. Okay. You okay? P: Yes, yes. TB: So you don’t be shy in the future to tell somebody that your nails are too long, okay? You gotta let them know; you’re too sweet. I just had an idea what you can do next time If they’re getting long but you don’t want to tell anyone just just touch them with your nails, just scratch them a little bit. They’ll know give them a little paw. D: Well now that I found you, I’ll take her more often. So maybe I can book an appointment two much from the now? TB: Yeah. D: On a Saturday though. TB: Yeah, that’s no problem. So we’ll start with two months, see how much the nail grows back. Sometimes these thicker ones don’t grow too fast. You, okay? Was that a little sore? P: Please (say again)? TB: Was that sore or no? P: No. D: It’s not hurting? TB: Are you lying or you just being sweet? D: Does it hurt you when he’s cutting it? TB: A little bit? Was it a little sensitive? D: Did it hurt? P: A little bit. TB: A little bit. Okay, so next time, throw something at her so I know. (laughter) See the problem with this one, the nail was so curled, it was growing into the skin. D: Wow! TB: If you want to look it right over here. D: That would have been hard, ay? Are you able to cut it out? TB: Yeah, I got out and luckily, it didn’t pierce the skin.. It was just right into it. D: Wow! TB: That was the only sort piece; it was deep! This one right here. That’s why I was a little bit sensitive for you. P: Okay. TB: But you made it through. D: Thank God, yeah. D: That clipper works wonders, ay, with your arms? TB: The both of them. You okay? D: Is it at all a bit painful there? P: Uh humm. TB: Yeah, this one was right in the skin too on that side? Wooh! Almost had a wound. Take a look at this one. This is good for you to see. It’s really deep really deep in the corner. Luckily, there’s no cut. D: That’s good. Maybe that’s why that one was stinging there. TB: Both of them. This one and this one. That’s why it was sore when I trimmed them. You didn’t feel anything on all the other ones, right? P: No. TB: Just these two because those ones were the most growing into the skin. But it wasn’t too painful was it? P: No, no. TB: No just a little touch just to let you know you’re alive. See if there’s no pain, there’s no fun in that. Okay. What we’re gonna do is put the feet down. And I’m gonna file the toenails flat. D: So you’re finished? That was fast. TB: Yeah. Perfect okay, so this doesn’t hurt. What we’re doing is using the file with a little bit of water. To make everything nice and smooth. Okay. P: Yes. TB: Let’s see if we can go nice and close. So, what will happen in the future, will be nice, it won’t be so much work in the future because we’re gonna get them extremely thin. It won’t focus on your on your foot. There we go. Okay, so there’s a little bit of water that keeps the toe nice and cool. If you feel any heat, you let me know. Look at her, you’re not a chicken. You’re a tough girl. Or you like the heat. In the Caribbean we like the heat. We’re gonna keep it cool. So you just relax. There’s a little bit of water, okay? Here we go. Any pain? P: No. TB: Today is like a little spa day for you. D: How long have you been doing this? TB: :I’ve been sitting in that chair since a little baby in this room watching pops do this. D: Oh really? So where is Pops? TB: Pops retired now. D: Okay. TB: He’s taking it easy D: That’s good. You really liked it? TB:As a kid I hated it. My job was to take off the shoes and socks for everybody. But if I grew old, all right, I learned to enjoy it. D: That’s good. It’s good you enjoy what you’re doing. TB: Yeah, I like what I do. It’s a lot of fun. D: You do it well. EB: Thank you. I have a lot of fun doing this. It’s like sculpting. D: You like sculpting? TB: I didn’t before but now I do. So we’re gonna make this as thin as we can, okay? D: Does it bother you. TB: You okay? Is it the vibration? We’re almost done. Does it hurt or it’s just sensitive? Is there heat? What did you feel? D: Was it hurting your toe? TB: You felt a little heat, uh? D: Was it heat? She felt a little heat. TB: You felt a little bit of heat? We’re almost done. But look at that now! Yeah, it’s just this one side that’s a little sensitive. But the more I remove, the more you don’t have to see this bald head no more. So yeah, we’re gonna keep you good for a while, okay Look at that. P: Looks good. They’re getting excited now D: Oh wow! It looks good! TB: Can you imagined that she said it looks good? If you said it looks good, then it really must look good. See, look at that. We have too much fun here; It’s nice. And now the feet are looking good, too. D: I wonder why when you go to the esthetician, when they’re doing your, Like see when I have this hard part on my toe… TB: Yeah. D: I asked them to file it down but they were afraid to file it down. Why is it they are afraid? And you can file it down? TB: Because I’m not afraid. No because you know I went to school. You learn about all this. I watched my dad do this a long time. You know how much to take, when to stop. D: Right, right. You’re more like an expert in what you doing and that’s good. TB: I try to be. D: You’ve been practicing, right? TB: Yeah. Look at that. D: Wow, Mom! You have new feet now. TB: You better protect him. I think she wants them now. TB: Well, you’re gonna be looking at your feet like this soon. In a couple of years. D: In a couple of years? Don’t say that! TB: You gotta take good care of them. I know you’re a young girl still. D: I know. D: So now that we found you, we can stop worrying about it. You’re a person who does a good job, you know. Because not very many people do a good job anyway. But I’m glad I can choose to come more often to get it done. But not everybody is supposed to do that, if they’re a terrible diabetic. They don’t have the kind of tools that you use. (conversation between mother and daughter) TB: Okay. P: Thank you very much. It looks nice. TB: How’s that looking? D: It looks better. P: It looks good! TB: You better watch it! The boys will be chasing at now they see this young girl with nice feet now. They’re gonna be wanting more! TB: You’re laughing mom. That’s good! You come and get your feet done, you laugh a little, you walk out looking good. Look at that now. D: It’s so much better. P: It looks good. TB: You sure? P: Oh, yes! TB: Okay, so we come back in two months, see how much is grown back, and that will give us a good idea how often you need to come. Okay? If they haven’t grown too much, next time you come in, we’ll file the nails again. But then we book the next appointment a little bit longer. I want you just to come in just enough; you don’t have to come in too soon. I don’t want you to come in too long.

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  30. Your demeanor is amazing. I wish out was something that could be taught but that's your innate gift. God Bless 👣👣👣

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