Top 9 Advantages Of Jogging Daily – Benefits Of Jogging Everyday – (By – Passionate Ideas )

Top 9 Advantages Of Jogging Daily – Benefits Of Jogging Everyday – (By – Passionate Ideas )

good evening friends in today’s video we
are going to discuss the advantages of jogging or running everyday. 1. The first
advantage is that you don’t need any special equipment to do jogging or
running the only thing that you need is a pair
of running shoes and you can also wear any T-Shirt and Track pants, which you
might be having to do anyways. You just need to start. You can just get up and get
going. That’s it. It’s very simple. 2. The second advantage is that you can do
jogging or running any time as is convenient for you, according to your
schedule. Just remember that, as with other form of exercises, don’t do jogging
immediately before or after meals. try to keep a gap of at least three to four
hours between having meals and doing any form of exercise. Also, do remember to do some warming up
exercises or stretching exercises, before starting to jog or to run 3. The third benefit is that, place is not
an issue. You can do jogging anywhere – On the road, in the park, in the gym ( on the treadmill), any place where you feel comfortable to jog, is a good place. 4. the fourth benefit is that, even if you are alone, then also you can go for jogging.
although having a partner makes it more exciting and fun, but in case you
are alone also, then don’t let that stop you from getting some good exercise 5. The fifth benefit is that it helps to burn fat very easily. Jogging or running
increases the metabolic rate and hence more calories are burned and you lose
weight and tummy fat very fast, if you schedule it, as a daily activity. 6. The Sixth benefit is that, since fat
from all over the body is reduced, So underlying muscles become more easily
visible, be it calves, biceps or stomach muscles. In fact, jogging or running has a
positive effect on the entire muscles of the body 7. – The seventh benefit is that
during jogging your heart rate increases and your lungs take in more air, So
jogging gives a good workout to your heart and lungs. Thus, it prevents any
heart related problems in the long term 8. – The Eight benefit is that – Since the heart and
lungs get a good workout, so jogging improves the overall stamina
and fitness levels. 9. Friends, the ninth benefit is that –
jogging helps to reduce stress. Lowering of stress ultimately benefits your mind and
body. So whenever you’re feeling stressed out, why not plan to go for a jog for
some time. So friends, I hope that you have enjoyed watching a small video on
how we can have benefits by doing jogging or running every day. Thank you so much for watching this video. I would be uploading a new video soon. friends, this
video is for entertainment and general educational purposes only. Please consult
your doctor before starting any exercise or any diet plan. thank you. Friends, in
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  1. The meal one is important. I remember eating a nice big meal and started a mile run 20 mins after. I got home and threw up everything in my stomach.

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