Tick bites, tick-borne diseases on the rise

Tick bites, tick-borne diseases on the rise

– A warning tonight about ticks. We’re seeing more and
more of them already. 27 First News reporter
Brittany Bissell today talked with an expert about tick season
and how to protect yourself and protect your kids. Brittany joins us live in the studio with what she found out. – Good evening. Tick season is here,
and don’t be surprised if you see a lot of them this year. Today, I found out what
you should be looking out for during the warmer months. Sunshine and green grass. Spring is finally here. But the warm weather brings out ticks. I talked with a local
expert who says they aren’t just in highly wooded areas. – It seems to be recently
that the tick population, because we’ve had warmer winters, is even going into
front yards, back yards. – Because ticks are found closer to home, the number of bites are going up. The CDC shows a record number, nearly 60,000 cases of
tick-borne disease in 2017. – At this point because
we’ve had consecutive years of a thriving tick population,
and even mosquitoes, for that matter, just to be more cautious, even if your children are
playing out in the front yard, when they’re coming in
checking in their clothes, checking their hair. – One of the most common disease spread by ticks is Lyme disease. There were over 200 confirmed
cases in Ohio in 2017. Pennsylvania leads the country
with over 11,000 cases. – They carry so much of the
bacteria in their saliva, and if they’re on there for too
long it has a greater chance of that infectious saliva being passed through the bloodstream. – One of the first signs
of Lyme disease is an area of redness spreading on the
skin where the bite happened. – If you suspect that your
child has been bitten by a tick, or if you’ve removed a tick, getting them to their
pediatrician as quickly as you can just to make sure that you
got the infected area clean. – Now, McMahon also suggests
keeping the grass cut in your yards and checking
your pets for ticks as well, especially if they are kept inside. Live in the studio tonight, Brittany Bissell WKBN 27 First News.

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  1. I caught a tick on my school trip I didn't got tick on my arm or my body and I want to give the tick to teacher to end school

  2. Oh my God I'm glad I barely go out in the yard😂 also I have never seen one in my life though I have seen head lice and fleas

  3. I got bit about 27 years ago and there is a scar. I never took the entire head out. I think I’m hosting a tick colony

  4. I pulled a tick off the back of my head not knowing what it was when I was about to go to sleep… I was 10 that time. Yikes 😬 😭

  5. So I was at camp on the last day and I was hiking with ma homies and I sat down and we made a fire we were all sitting by it this little prick jumps on my leg and starts shaking his head in my skin I grab it pull it then yeet it

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