100 thoughts on ““Thirteen Healthy Habits” – practice English with Spotlight”

  1. very beautiful program , I have learned many new things that I can put in practice, Thankyou , God bless you( I like the Spotlight' song , I had not heard completely)

  2. I like too much this program ,because it is usefull for all the people in the world.In generally Spotlight is a good idea.Congratulations.

  3. I am very happy to know about your thirteen healthy habit thank you so much I am an Indian I can't speak English properly I want to learn from you I am Christian the believer of Jesus Christ Jesus Love's you

  4. Thank you for accepting my invitation ,please feel free to correct me in case I write or speak wrong words or phrases ,because I´m a beginner in English if there interest in learning If you want to learn Portuguese, which is my mother language" that is Portuguese I will be happy to help.God bless you and your family,have a nice day.
    [email protected]

  5. How wonderful such a practice may be for everybody person when we can watch and read with the voices as well as!

  6. Thank you for all those precious advices, I enjoyed listening to those beautiful voices male and female at once reading so quietly. That audio brought me peace and made me more awake of some crucial points in my daily life.

  7. All these recommandations are very intersting I already follow some of them
    But with others I have more difficulties
    Nobody is perfect
    I still have to do

  8. Healthy habits:
    Thanks to Good by new day
    Work eight hours by day
    Sleep six at eight by day
    Make exercises one hour by day
    Thanks Spootlight

  9. Thanks to all of yours, really I felt great to think that I have get a tools to hear & understand English language the way which will be useful for me so I great full to yours.

  10. My Healthy Habits
    1. Eat Healthy
    2. Drink plenty of water
    3. Exercise Regularly
    4. Use less social media
    5. Get enough sleep
    6. Learn new knowledge and skills through Reading and Practical
    7. Be Positive
    8. Help Others
    9. Relax by doing hobbies and interests
    10. Be grateful that you are still alive so that you can start following your dreams

    Thank you for reading

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