The Work: Tristar Gym

The Work: Tristar Gym

animals like beef cattle graze on this grass my days are numbered there's no doubt about it most cheap to depend on grasp there's no line when it comes to a to fighting you know you can say this and you can say that but when it's time to scrap you're going to see who's for real and who is not some of the best fighters and the best strikers in the world are in this place these guys in here they are high level and they train all day every day and and when it's time to fight these guys fight so somebody walks a life in them United and everyone's gonna store it Alex the animal Garcia member and then he changed it to the Dominican nightmare oh isn't that the chicken mark it's just nightmare Freddy Krueger that black version of Freddy Krueger I live in a gym ring you want to see well you come with me it's a bit embarrassing living in a gym I mean some people would really like it but they don't understand that it's not privacy here like I'm not allowed to bring girls back here I live like a monk so my day's been longer there's no better I was in this place called 13 coins and Bangkok it's coming to the point where I was fighting so much uh my body was breaking down I was thinking to myself man sports killing me you know I just came from fighting four times a month to come in here and just training and not fight him at all for as really helped me he was like look it's going to take you at least two years if you just give me two years of your time yeah I'm going to turn you into a superstar you know but Ferraz man what a what a philosopher what a man like such knowledge and such a good person with such a great character and such a big heart I was truly blessed that I met that guy at 13 coins that day and he got me over here it was a huge blessing my master would team saw pull anybody along to him the brainwashing process is very tedious that's uh that's master Peter crazy motor coach definitely the one and only yeah I'm the truth how you sold more time in Thailand they made a pact never to teach the white man muy Thai he came to Canada has sold more tied to the white man he sold out I was one of the first effective he trained following borders now suppose trade border turn the border his specialty is striking yes or turning people into absolute insane stretches started doing jujitsu and I met my master Peter system who started training me in Muay Thai and I started competing in multi became Canadian champ I did a lot of super fight sintra to I was doing MMA without really knowing it too much do you teach the white man the real secret of Muay Thai are just so so he won't show them the real technique for us was was a fighter terrific fighter you ever see it just started and it was still very segregated he was still like I remember even when they did add sport it was like you know I'm just like a Taekwondo guy again stuff sumo wrestle a guy by the name of Justin hair walking into the gym over the years he asked me to start training him and then the gym just kept growing and good luck your hands together not bridge on it we've done that and I've already for us has a great ability to sort of be the general and kind of to put a system in place that produces really good fighters the mecca of MMA in Canada tristar is a gem amongst gyms that's for sure UFC when it first started it was only like martial art masters and kind of like people in their forties and stuff but there was no young guys when I first saw it I thought it was the coolest thing in the world but I was afraid to do it because I was like 70 I was still in high school and as I started to train it just a fun you know I decided to give it a try and Here I am I'm here every day you know I said I consider it to be one of the best in the world you get to watch what some better scraps appear that you see on the use of UFC you know it's just scrapping it's just wicked it can be an ordinary job low you coming to the ceiling you can train with them before you're not there doing a fight quest and then a few years later next month they're pros that's how it works around here when I was in Vancouver sometimes there would be nobody showing up for training people got jobs or they're not professional but over here you get a lot of guys who are hungry you know they want that glory they want that that gold Rory plate first and last round I'm gonna put right on top of you and you're just gonna do guard and we're gonna fix any problems am i running because he knows we disap ask him very very well I keep on student but you can't hurt him though don't put your glove on him they can fake it like fake it fake it but don't put you're going you'll hurt him he's very smart Rory's like I think he's just turned 23 but it's like he's so skilled like well rounded everywhere it's insane like kicks and punches and takedown like coming all over the place like new breed of fighter it's like embedded in my brain muscles you know to be the full package fighter not go it's always the best way to win submissions are cool but you know it's not the same feeling you get when you can't really put it into work you have to experience yeah he's a stud I hate you meet like some really weird people that you wish you never met and then you make friends with people that you're probably going to talk to for us your life you know but you go to leave somewhere and everyone's like where you going are you doing it's just like I just want to leave I just want to go for a walk or whatever he's like oh cool I come soak up that knowledge see that's what I'm saying these boys left they're just chilling in the dorms and and then next minute they just walk into a gym and they're getting a world-class knowledge ran off like high-level jujitsu dudes and they're putting it into their MMA game you know and that's the that's the difference about this place is that like I can just go I can come over here and just have something to eat chill for like an hour and then think to myself stuff that let's put in some work you know and grab a few of the boys and we just get we just get up and we just roll for hours you know all we do like stand up you know burnt body on body you know just mess around and stuff so it's just just a different level man just wolde it's a really good thing Matt the dorms like being able to live in an environment like this it's got its downsides but like just being immersed immersed here it just furthers your game so much somebody's watching fights you know what I mean somebody's talking about fighting it can get to be a little much at times just showing moves and counters to that move in a no-no I have the counter to that we die hey I want my first fight I would love to go out like 24 seconds I was scared as and the right hand landed and he just dropped and I was just like oh my god hooked line and sinker you're done nothing else matters anymore my mom was a gymnast and a dancer my dad was a dancer I'm very gifted with with movement you know I mean I can skateboard I can breakdance I can do parkour like if I see it I can pretty much do it so I decided to move out here first day of training camp I eat this overhand right like bow but I just feel like this electric jolt through my face and I've hit the mat I can just feel the jolt still just going this so I'm like yeah that's broken totally I get up and like everything's double I pretty much broke the whole bottom of my eyes I look it off they put a plate in there to probably like straight in my head out it actually seems abnormal to me it seems like like it makes everything double so I go like this all the time so I'm always looking at people all cockeyed it makes me angry when I see it on video actually I'm gonna fight regardless I'm I've learned too much and I've come too far to stop without reaching my goal or at least continuing to try to reach my goal until I'm no longer able to do so I promised myself when it happened I get the best head gear I could find it's like four hundred and sixty bucks man nick is a bro I've always been like really like pretty really slick hard to hit and I've dropped a lot of guys but they don't sleep this guy like my goal is to just put you to sleep that's the only goal put many men to sleep minutes because I just want to cave their face in make him feel that they'd known that they've never been hit like that before that's how I want them to feel he's easily pound for pound the hardest hitters in the gym as they gift man so I use it to my advantage you know I'll use that gift just can hit ya you one hook inside to the far leg yes and we step across dropping right over you taking rent over you really have to know at least four different disciplines in MMA boxing wrestling Muay Thai jiu-jitsu you have to know a lot about all four of those disciplines and most coaches are going to know a whole bunch about one or a little bit about everything Faraz is just I don't know how his brain is just incredible to me because he knows so much about all of them and the second he goes to open his elbow you have to crush it with your hip go let him get to this if he gets to this it's over you know he's gonna escape see he doesn't have you you have him it's addictive because for me everyone's got their individual reasons some people's from fans rush adrenaline whatever it may be for me it's like and use my technique from so for me it's exploring also not understand problems we solve them with anything to hit a lot of guys they want to fight after a month of training and I scream them you know I won't let this guy fight this is carrying my name's carrying the name of the germinal and if he wants to fight in a field he's ready to fight I won't let him fight when I first got here I didn't listen that much because I came from a stand-up background so um I ended up making a huge mistake in having now my first pro MMA fighting and losing to a wrestler Thai fighting there's such a difference the tools that you have a very dangerous but most of them are useless for him alone I had arguments with Ferraz I had arguments with my manager I put myself in a fight that just wasn't good for me I I was being impatient I've been fighting since I was a kid so if you want to stand up and scrap we can do that I don't fear no one it's just I wasn't prepared what happened that night what didn't happen that night what didn't that prettyboy Jordan Parsons do to me I mean it was a Division one all-american wrestler he pretty much beat me up for a fourteen minutes and the rest of the time that I did have a chance to get on my feet I was frozen in time it was one of the worst feelings ever so I took my beating like a man I got punched in the head 307 times and the whole time I was thinking to myself this is never gonna happen again so I learnt my lessons and I think I thanked jordan parsons a lot I thanked him a lot for what he done I wouldn't be sitting down reading books like this ha ha ha if I didn't go for that part I think you have to be at par on every art you know you can't have zero wrestling you got to be at par and maybe we move pummel this guy to death but if you have zero wrestling he'll take you down at the end of the round you know but you have to use your your martial arts together if you have one of your aspects is at zero I mean it's just too much of again it has to be at far I do see it as like a martial arts competition between two martial artists but it's still combat and that is still a scrap which doesn't really say that that martial arts odd like you do I don't know why but I just don't because look I come from what growing up on the streets and stuff with you know you got these karate kids and all they're out on Friday night so they're not drinking in the park and stuff you know they're looking for scraps they're supposed to be martial artists he ended up smashing out with one of these kids you know and you ruined him because he's not from where you're from for sure he's uh not used to fighting for real you know but mixed martial arts has got some dangerous sports in it man it's really about Mark ability that's gonna get you where you want to get to you know but as long as you can smash to look at some of the fighters now a child something like a you know he gets what but people just want to hear him talk cuz he's got a mouth on him he knows how do you not tickle people's ears though she's not doing that because you fight Tyler yeah yeah I'm thank Jesus planar failure is not an option oh yeah I became very good friends with David the wiser which was like I've never told him this but uh it was like a huge thing for me because they still watch this guy fought on DVDs in he was a it was just a wicked scrapper to me you know and I never knew that one day I was gonna be sitting down eating lunch with him and talking with him we just talk so much crap to each other is ridiculous I trained you ha once we it's hard once we bow Tuesday real hot hey man I gotta go a word I didn't hear is your subconscious so I face real I got to go yeah it's the girl again hey this lease you're kicking it right now I'm out hi kid these guys these guys if I won the lottery I wouldn't just quit fighting I wouldn't be traveling around the world I would be doing the exact same y'all so you might not hear to sit on the hall on my mom just live off the lamp why you prefer that than the city and all this violence and fighting you know for sure it's the more healthy lifestyle and we go back don't have to gather their society that would be the best-case scenario for all involved but unfortunately it's not really possible to lay the system so well so weird most definitely I'm gonna be honest I don't care what people think of what they say this is the fight sport wearing that I hurt each other I'm trying to hurt you and I want you to try and hurt me I mean this is what we're there to do we're entertainers we're there to entertain so let's not be nice to each other let's try and entertain by killing each other I think that's the best the best thing to do see who can kill who first that's the honest truth you

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  1. probably never gonna watch another vice sports video out of fear that itll have those annoying fucking screeches this video did

  2. You should definitely go to straight blast gym in ireland and go behind the scenes of coach John Kavanagh

  3. As an amatuer MMA fighter and kickboxer, tristar is my favorite. I've never trained there but desperately want to one day. Firas the genius, George the legend and Rory the pathological mastermind. Ever other gym while high level comes off as braggy and self entitled

  4. Firas zahabi, PLEASE read this!! Or pass this to him if you can.

    Sir, I want to tell you that I believe you to be one of the coolest guys on the planet, and one of the great minds and tacticians in the game, but I truly believe you might be significantly hurting the innate and unique talent of every fighter you get a hold of, and here is why: People think firas is great because his fighters are all doing very well.. But, the true logic is that they'd be in the stratosphere with a less safe style. He ruined gsps early greatness. Then he took a maniac and killer in rory, and killed every last creative and killer instinct in him. Rory would have been the champ a long time ago if it weren't for faras. There's a long LONG list of fighters who had that IT factor for greatness, and he molded them into a fighter who is at much less risk of error, but who also have MUCH less ability to do great things that will be true to their talents. And the sad part is that he get a hold of the handful of the greatest fighters… The ones who have that IT quality and are destined for greatness and he completely sterilized them with way to much point, and run the clock safely tactics. And it's getting his fighters in trouble rather them furthering their success. His use of the jab is being given way to much emphasis, and it holding his fighters back and ge5ing them into trouble with true talented fighters. Ones that would his fighters would win, is they were given more rope. And freedom FROM game plan, and his all present and uniform strategies. It's so sad and painful to watch these kids lose the one quality that made them great to begin with. Firas… If you or anyone at your camp is reading this, know that I think you're probably one of the smartest men in all of MMA. And a super cool guy for sure. But you are making an unwise choice to keep these guys leashed up. Even if they had lost one or Maybe two fights because they got "caught' or something.. They would still have won the rest in a Much greater and more significant fashion that would make them loved AND successful. And YES the odds of their success would be greater as well if you gave them some room to FIGHT using THEIR INSTINCTS that got them on your radar to begin with. They were KILLING everyone when you picked them up. But you've seen their performances slowly change and level out. It's not due to the level of Competition though. They would have dominated their respected divisions because they would improve their NATURAL abilitys with you wisdom and guidance. But you're calculations are wrong about what wins fights firas. These kids you've brought in would have been even greater. That being said, I WOULD agree with your training technique and strategy with fighters who were one tiny level lower. Even lower but tanked fighters. But those guys that are monsters and could be a future goat, you need to trust IN THEM. Because the true TALENTS AND GREATS need to be allowed to be GREAT!! they WILL get the job done THAT way, all the true greats do. They are their OWN men, and need that freedom to use their INSTINCTS To be great. And in the end, if they lose, they lose, but so have ALL the greatests. Tyson wouldn't have been tyson, fedor wouldn't have been fedor, Silva wouldn't have been Silva, jbj, conor, etc… They either have all lost or will lose at one point. But they will forever be remembered for the WAY they fought. And just look at the legacy those guys have left or will leave!! Trust in those guys, firas. The ones who can be on this list. Let them create INSIDE the octagon. They have something YOU DONT. something only a few people in history will ever have. Trust in them more. They got to your gym to get better at what THEY do good NATURALLY already. Please don't kill that in your fighters and future fighters. Cheers, and thanks for all the amazing videos you've uploaded. You're a truly awesome guy.

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