The Woman Who Is Constantly Aroused | BORN DIFFERENT

The Woman Who Is Constantly Aroused | BORN DIFFERENT

AMANDA MCLAUGHLIN: It’s not fun to be aroused
all the time. Would you want to have a raging boner 24/7? I don’t think so. It’s just
non-stop. AMANDA MCLAUGHLIN: PGAD is a Persistent Genital
Arousal Disorder. Feels like you are about to orgasm and then it never goes away. So,
its sharp pains all the way through your legs, all the way through your pelvic. It’s just
non-stop. COMM: 23-year-old Amanda was diagnosed with
Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder or PGAD in 2013. For years neither she nor her mother,
Victoria, knew what was wrong with her. AMANDA MCLAUGHLIN: When I was like 13-14,
is when I first started noticing there is something wrong. No one ever believed me.
I kept saying, like, ‘I need to have sex. I need to orgasm.’ Like, when I was 15-18
stage, I, like, I masturbated way more than a normal teenager would. VICTORIA ENRIQUEZ: I first noticed that something
was wrong with Amanda when she first became sexually active. She was having sex a lot.
I didn’t know what it was. My whole family thought that she was just a whore. AMANDA MCLAUGHLIN: Everyone thought that it
was just, like, a sex addiction. If I could go the rest of my life without having orgasm,
I would. That’s fine. VICTORIA ENRIQUEZ: Honestly, back then I was
frustrated because I started to think that she was just a hypochondriac. I doubted her
completely. I still feel guilty. Your child is telling you that they are in
pain. And the doctor is telling you that basically it is nothing. And I believed the doctor over
my daughter. AMANDA MCLAUGHLIN: Some days I do okay and
then some days, I don’t want to be around anyone. I don’t want anyone to look at me.
I don’t usually leave my house as it is. But, I mean, I don’t even want to be on
social media. I don’t want to do anything. VICTORIA ENRIQUEZ: It was a huge relief when
we found out that it was PGAD because then there was something. There was validation
that she is not lying, that she is not making all this stuff up, that she is not a whore,
that she is not a sex addict. COMM: At home, Amanda now has the support
of her fiancé JoJo. The pair met a year ago and have been inseparable ever since. AMANDA MCLAUGHLIN: He takes care of me on
days that I can’t move, on days that I am like having full on panic attacks because of how much pain I am in. Relationships are very hard to keep and with this problem. He never
once has judged me. He never made me feel bad about not working or anything like that.
When they say love at first sight, it really was. JOJO FELLER: When she first told me, I didn’t
know how to feel about it. But I liked her. So, I was prepared to, basically, jump in.
The more I could learn, the more I can help her. I will go with her to every appointment,
injections. I will help her so she gets anything she needs. AMANDA MCLAUGHLIN: It affects our sex life
quite tremendously. Actually, you would think that you would just have sex and it would
go away. It doesn’t. And some times I will literally be crying, begging him to just have
sex with me. Just to relieve some of the pressure that I have down there. And, so when you are
begging your man for sex, it’s kind of difficult. Because then it makes you feel like crap,
like, ‘Oh, why don’t you want me?’ Even though you know that’s not what it is. JOJO FELLER: I told her. I was like, ‘I
don’t want sex to feel like a chore. I want it to be something special,’ which is why,
we kind of cut back on it. AMANDA MCLAUGHLIN: I sit on an ice pack. Sometimes
ice doesn’t help though. So then I have to go to the heating pad. And then sometimes
the heating pad doesn’t help. So I have to go back to ice. I have ice inserts that
I can stick inside me to help with swelling. COMM: Dr Gupta at Michigan University is treating
Amanda, who now takes 30 different medications to try and ease her pain. DR PRIYANKA GUPTA: Because it’s such a rare
diagnosis and there’s been so little research, we don’t know exactly what causes it. We
suspect that it’s multi-factorial from you know, several different issues. Amanda and
I have talked some about the fact that I don’t have, kind of a quick cure to this. But that
we are going to be trying a few different therapies. AMANDA MCLAUGHLIN: I just wish the name was
different. Because the arousal disorder part makes it sound, like, you are aroused. Like,
‘Oh, yeah. That’s awesome.’ It’s really not fun at all. DR PRIYANKA GUPTA: I don’t know if we have
a cure yet. But I definitely think that we have not exhausted our treatment options.
I am very hopeful that we can get Amanda better and get her functioning better. AMANDA MCLAUGHLIN: My whole life would be
different if I didn’t have this problem. If I wasn’t in pain all the time: I might
be able to work, I might be able to drive. I want kids in the future. My whole life would
be different. I know I would be happier.

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  1. She needs Cranial Sacral therapy from a physical therapist who specializes in Cranial Sacral therapy. It will give her a better quality of life and relieve the discomfort and help her to get off all those meds. It's seems easy or to good to be true but it's a miracle completely changes the erratic signals in the pelvic regoin. Please seek out someone to help you. Just try it a few times please..

  2. Her fiancé is amazing. So patient and loving. Definitely a great match! I hope they continue to grow together and that he stays with her 🙂 I hope there will be more ways to relieve her of her pain in the future.

  3. doesnt sound easy at all n its gotta b hard to deal. Just know not only 1 with serious issues and alot of ppl suffer in silence too embarassed to be outcast for things beyond their control. In my case n maybe it'll help u gain some perspective….have chrohn disease and it started when i was 20 peak of my prime cut short n lost alot,hear ppl say well u always got ur health if nothin else,my body eats itself alive n keep going cause i dont want ppl to suffer at my expebse,so i work until i get too many sick days n get fired n try to have a normalish life in between massive debt n needing someone on standby to get me to hospital if flare-ups get too bad n i dont have much of a life like my friends do. What im saying is only get 1 life,so do whatever you can to keep going and find ways to cope(healthy ways lol)

  4. Since she’s constantly aroused, even when she’s in the female doctors office, would that make her bisexual also lol?

  5. "Validation that she isn't a white" "Validation that she isn't lying". What? Believe your child. LISTEN to your child. PAIN is not something a child will consistently lie about. I will give my child the benefit of the doubt before I will accuse them of "lying". That whole mind frame is terrible.

  6. This disorder seems psychosomatic, to be honest I masturbated way more than other people during my youth & didn’t deem myself different. This is probably a mental disorder more than a real one because we all know how society likes to label everything & make a cure for it. It’s all about the dollar dollar bill yo

  7. Kids lie yeah but nobody is going to lie about having the same pain in the same area for 3 , 4 ,5 years. And she's not a white if she chooses to sleep with multiple men maybe y'all should thought it was an acting out or screaming for help. But since she's a woman she's a white if she deserves sex just as much as a man given before her diagnosis. And as her Mother never doubt things like that. K see a tryna skip school oh my period is bothering me type stuff but your daughter was telling you this for YEARS. And to think you could ever doubt that she was actually in pain is kind blowing because I know when my child is seriously hurt or he's just faking and he's not 14 years old. That's what's wrong with out generation we are surrounded by people who are so easy to refuse to trust that we actually have something goi mg on and we feel a current way. Because the generation before us refuses to change but they grew up with Prince in the top hits .

  8. I don’t believe in suicide but I would definitely consider it in her situation. What a cruel illness.

  9. I don't judge her mother, but she sort of reminds me of my mother… She judged her own daughter without even trying to understand, very hurtful…

  10. There has got to be a psychosomatic component… there is no reason for all those meds…
    I would guarantee the microbiome is off/inflammatory mediators up/neurotransmitters off… they are missing pieces of the puzzle, guaranteed

  11. I know that doctor knows better but why don't they try those meds which stop releasing the pleasure hormone?
    May God bless you dear.🙂

  12. Wow thank u for sharing ur story. I. Really don't think I experienced. A real one myself and I am 39. But I'm glad her family is their and supporting her. So happy she has a good man in her life.

  13. Does she have a sexual trauma from childhood? I grew up with the same issue and found out through a trauma retrieval meditation (and then the man responsible admitting) that I was raped at the age of 4 by a close family friend and the trauma caused uncontrollable pressure. Just a thought. Healing trauma by expressing the emotions and feelings you were too young to understand takes all that pressure away. You just have to ask your spirit the right questions. I hope that helps.

  14. Umm I was checking all the time on google at what age can pgad start but I don't get any answer can anyone that know about that disorder more , or any doctor answer my question beacouse it's so important for me to know.

  15. Curious how it gives her physical pain? How does a orgasm give you sharp pains in your legs that make you feel like you need to have sex? Confused

  16. what if she had her clitoris (like the whole thing, it actually extends into the vagina) surgically removed..? You would think that could be worth it more than being able to enjoy sex? or like a hormone suppressing thing since this began at puberty?

  17. I’m so thankful that I don’t have this condition or it would have been so weird between me, my family and my whole community. Her mum is absolutely amazing 😭

  18. I think I have it but I’m not sure it all started about a month ago when I first masturbated it was worse the pain was awful to point that it hurt if I sit down or just stand the pain is less from it first started but still there’s pain in Lower back what should I do and who to talk to about this ???!!!

  19. I wonder if high doses of Gabapentin might at least ease some degree of the overactive nerve stimulation/sensation in the pelvic region for this young lady.

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