The Silent HIV Crisis Sweeping the American South

The Silent HIV Crisis Sweeping the American South

[Music] when I walk out the front door I’m scared of before I leave I make sure I pray saying your prayer god bless me to make it to the store and back home safely I feel like people know they don’t pay something positive even if they don’t know some people just don’t really agree with the home almost like everything they will say stuff like you or you bitch or whatever else and I just keep walking as if I don’t hear them I pay them no mind at all I’m not in that comfort zone where I can just walk in given with these people dying they’re gay I just I just think that it would be me like that would be me [Music] hello everybody how y’all doin welcome welcome to a support group we’re gonna start off by introducing ourselves when you found out she was HIV positive I was diagnosed with HIV on Tuesday January 17 2012 um 1e3 been positive for about two years my name is Tommy and I live in Jackson Mississippi um I’ve been positive for about Louis’s 2,000 team I have been positive since 2008 Pluto found out in 2002 you I’ve known how is positive since 2000 however I think disclose to anyone two years later I’m levansky Mays but I know in this row 20 years old I found that I was positive last year of October when I found out I was scared devastated but I’m in a better place now [Music] around March April I started notice my hands hurting my legs hurting my breathing getting short didn’t I came up having a sores on my bottom had to have two surgeries and in the process of those surgeries I was x4 if I want to stick this HIV test and I said yes so got the results back from that of course it was positive and from then everything just went sort of downhill very clear a weight went off me very quickly can’t work wasn’t in school than having money so I couldn’t pay the rent I was homeless and of course I was little my addiction I try toady of pills smoked and drank to had that pain I learned about taking these pills in the hospital it’s like vouchers which is for herpes let’s gabapentin I haven’t wrap you in my hands I’m a feet legs this is Troy you make my actual HIV pill and these are my bathroom and it’s for my immune system to fight off bacteria star : it’s for depression there’s been times where I’ve just I know I had to take them and I just have it I don’t really think a lot of people know how hard it is be game like an agent positive checks and I mean is is just crazy Jackson Mississippi as a state has a very high mortality rate for people who are affected so if you live in Mississippi your chances of dying of HIV or AIDS are much more higher than if you live in any other state in the Union open arms is the only place of its kind in the whole state of Mississippi our mission is to be a medical home for LGBTQ people who live in the city of Jackson and surrounding areas you know the rooms are very small as you can see who is getting HIV as a black man whose men living in Jackson Mississippi is one in two which means that unless you do something the chance that you catch it shall be are very very high the HIV epidemic in Jackson is critical it affects disproportionately some groups especially african-american men versus with men especially young men the combination of factors poverty education the lack of health insurance for access to health services now that means when people get diagnosed they get I know so late that either within 12 months or a diagnosis and they already have the veil of a AIDS we’re in a moment of great urgency in our state you know part of the challenge you know just think about transportation in a city like Jackson where the poly transportation system is really bad you know that can be a challenge for people to you know go to a clinic even though Jackson is the capital Mississippi is not like living in New York or LA or even Atlanta if we didn’t have the service that we have now for transportation I think a lot of these people would miss their appointments because they wouldn’t have ways to get there and what I’m about to do now is go pick up one of our clients well I’m picking up is Demaryius Butler he has became one of my many kids are you okay are you ready okay so over the last year or so we thought that we were gonna lose Jim arias how many times she was in another hospital over ten times I was just tired of fighting at the time I had no support system me and my family are not closed he wasn’t close to being aware real night was now soccer like I was I was fighting a battle by myself I’ve been here in 2005 I was diagnosed with HIV I you know ignored it I went a year without treatment and this is a picture what I look like back in those days and I really think everyone for the support of my family you know my mother and my entire family you know I don’t think I would be here so this support is very helpful for them [Music] in the beginning the grace house was simply the place that people came to die you got any nuclear numbers for me because I’ve got to turn in the report yesterday we became an organization that provides housing and supportive services for men women families however those families define themselves living with HIV where you wanted in Mississippi families respond in very poor ways when they find out family members are HIV positive because they’re uninformed because they’re fearful they are fearful to to hug or kiss on the cheek they make their their loved one eat off of a special plate or a paper plate and with plastic utensils or utensils that only that person uses unfortunately some of the homeless with HIV are homeless because their families when they found out kick them out because they don’t understand how hard it is to contract the disease this fight as with many others is unique in the state of Mississippi because we’re poor and we don’t have enough resources so that the Health Department has to close clinics the fact that we’re in deep and the Bible bill we have to undo some faith beliefs that suggest that you’re going to hell because you got this disease and unfortunately there’s no avoiding race in Mississippi no matter what the subject matter is but in terms of HIV those in the african-american community who are living with HIV particularly those we serve at Grace House who were homeless impoverished have very traumatic histories so there’s an assault from all sides [Music] it’s harder to be gay in Mississippi there’s no statewide protections for LGBTQ citizens that would protect them or give them legal recourse should someone deny them service or or fire them because of who they are Mississippi Governor phil Bryant joined ranks with North Carolina on Tuesday when he signed into law a religious freedom bill that critics call the most sweeping anti-lgbt legislation in the United States now the law applies to marriage licenses jobs housing even an employers dress code I remember the reporters were asking me as I was walking down the hallway just just after it was passed surely they thought he’s not going to sign that bill just as soon as it gets to my desk now I will tell you and I probably shouldn’t admit to this but there is some joy and letting them know we are not afraid there’s something about Mississippi that there’s still this tendency to cover things up and not talk about things that are that are important and things that might be controversial and certainly the HIV epidemic is the federal funding very often that we receive for prevention and for treatment can be directed towards abstinence only education our sex ed education laws state that teachers instructors should instruct that same-sex intercourse is prohibited by state law because of the stigma because of the homophobia that exists people are reluctant to talk about their sexual orientation with their medical provider these kind of discriminatory laws increase the kind of self-hatred that exists among LGBTQ Mississippians people say to me very often they say well it must be very hard for you to be a gay man and Mississippian and yeah there are challenges for being a gay man but I’m also a gay white man in Mississippi and so there’s some privilege that comes along that we have to acknowledge I tell people imagine what it’s like drag a person of color it can be incredibly challenging I’ve always growing up in the church singing in choir my mom was a Sunday school teacher so she would always own it out there you know that’s wrong you’re going to hell and god forbid and I’m just like you making this harder or not for me I tried to separate as long as I could as far as me being gay and you know and then being a Christian or whatever I would leave that at home the gay at home and just take the Christian with me to church it was a struggle tooth’s who forced myself to like females because I know that that’s the right thing to do but this is who I am I can’t change it you know I repent I pray I have one-on-one conversations with him I feel like what he does is for a reason [Music] [Music] [Music] sometimes HIV is the public indication of what I have been doing privately some of the other things that would fall into the umbrella of sexual immorality would be homosexuality lesbianism transgender any sexuality that is not consistent with the historical biblical interpretation of Christianity [Applause] [Music] my eggs actually nobody knew that he was gay he pretend around his friends around his mom brothers and sisters like he was straight homosexuals catch Hill in the city we cannot date guys openly and Mississippi I’ve been counting the egg there’s a child and I’ve got beaten I’m time I built switches I don’t want to you know put my life in jeopardy you know people know that I’m gay there are more guys to get onto the air then we believe here Mississippi there on these apps these debut sites they go to these clubs they will try to you know make a pay is no hint hint you know I’m on the air you know was you know what you’re gonna do like you read it or you know people don’t take the HIV thing here seriously they don’t think it’s gonna happen to them you know they think they’re safe [Music] the people in our community that really just expect me to grow up and be a man get married have kids it’s really all that I want to be but you know being gay it will be nice to you know be able to freely enjoy that we a guy but because of the people around it’s a lot of pressure I feel like every guy has some girl like their family you know it might take away to finance you know just keep on trying cuz it’s what I really want I really want I have your fame I my wife and kids you know so I have no problem we face Nick let it go or whatever have to do because like I said I know what I want out of life and there might be when I’m doing for the time being but he’s not there’s my my like there’s not my life boss man [Music] it’s a blind dog sometimes she gets along better than me I was diagnosed with HIV I was living the life of God knows whatever and I was at that point where because of my situation I have this virus I don’t want to live it wasn’t just talked about killing myself I actually try to do it you know I felt hopeless and through prayer I was led to this particular place right here grace house it’s made me a better person being around people and understanding their struggle is that you yeah recovery is really doing good for you baby now with the generation where is it right now we’re just in a time period where it’s not talked about anymore so the level goes up you know and now people who are in a higher level who can do some about it they don’t care point blank [Music] I can tell you from the experiences that many of my patients have told you know very often you know people go to a physician and with a lot of embarrassment know they are able to tell the doctor you know doctor have sex with me or I’m gay I’m very often that you nishan either ignores that or is not very well informed about what to do next we can estimate that probably half if not a bit higher of the people that we know are HIV infected and not receiving care when I first find out I was positive I wanted to just tell my entire family but then I thought about it I imagined how long it took me to tell them I was okay and it’s like a whole different level you got to be comfortable with yourself once you get active you know you don’t want to take care of yourself you can’t go out there and lie to people try to tell people how to take care of themselves when you’re not taking care of yourself it feels good when you tell somebody it’s like you possibly have saved a life I had four chests done my test results came back positive the initial reaction was okay who do I supposed to talk to about this because my dad really didn’t approve of my lifestyle he really doesn’t know so I’m still battling with Davis wheel I didn’t have a support system at first it was all right all right I can honestly say last year was probably the worst year for me because I was in that hospital plus today like the thing with HIV was after a while I started to be like really really tired and like it got to the point where I don’t wanna get out of the bead like I would go anywhere when I found out just like everybody else I was pretty in shock and devastated turned to a little drinking my name is LaVon 19 I’ve been cleaning of everything throughout these months he’s protecting his self to protect me so what was it like for you when you guys first met in there I told you that he was HIV positive when he told me and you’re like well I’m HIV positive I said okay what else he’s human I’m human at first I kind of didn’t really deal with the diagnosis just pretended that everything was normal until it just hit me one day and I had my breakdown I literally say to my car crying I’m starting to tilt now but um make sure you can take care of yourself make sure you have a support network and just carry on thank you all again stand up real quick and close with a prayer father god I just want to thank you for allowing us to see another year in time I suppose to continue to get these blessings father guy father got a asking for knowledge wisdom and understanding to get through the rest of our days of our lives he was name of Jesus I pray amen okay you’re gonna be the honorary prayer [Music] after the people were dying right here a grace house they didn’t have any family who care didn’t have any family with finances they would suck upon themselves and do them I’m amor you and place their ashes here this angel has been here for like two years and nobody has decided to bring it out here it symbolizes the memory of someone from here right here in this spot there’s a guy who was cremated and buried here I thought that it would be nice to give him something you know like a prison I mean I would won’t try to do it for me so I thought to do that I feel more so now that I am ready to get my life started growing up my stepfather used to tell me you are not handsome you’ll never be he would installed it in my head so he’s growing up I would always think that even when I look in the mirror I will look at myself and say you’re not you’re never gonna be now when I look in the mirror I say you are the so yeah look at my pictures from me being seeking out on my maid’s it’s now I feel a lot more confident in myself I feel like if I can overcome it I can overcome anything I’ll let the virus control who I was and once I came to the realization that I am the virus the virus is not meeting once I kept installing into my hair once I saw other people who’s had this disease for twenty thirty years here and who look damn good it made me feel okay well well I can I can be fifty years old as well and still look healthy and do the things that they do [Music] you [Music]

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  1. This; LGBTQ; way is not the way; of BLACK PEOPLE, foreparents; we've taken up the lifestyle of the people who ENSLAVED us; being in POVERTY, shouldn't be a pass to take up this ABOMINABLE, lifestyle!!!!!!

  2. JACKSON MISSISSIPPI, was a SLAVE COLONY; the SLAVE MASTERS, use to RAPE the BOYS; this ABOMINABLE, act was passed down through GENERATIONS;
    MOST HIGH; CURSE, the "WHITE MAN AND WOMAN ", man!!!!!!!

  3. Eugenics at it's finest. I haven't even watched the video. Just saw the statistical data, and i already knew what the deal was. It's called being consciously aware of the world you live in. If you want to control a population of people. You disable it's ability to reproduce ie. homosexuality, abortion, gender confusion, HIV, incarceration, murdering each other, murder by cop, disfunctional interactions between its men & women etc. The list can go on and on. The moral of the story is that this is all by design people. There is a systematic agenda to oppress and eradicate the blk species from the planet. This is nothing new!! I wish WE would wake the hell up!! We are playing right into the snares of the ones that have orchestrated this genocide. As much as i would love to see us wake up and do better. The damage is already done. We have surpassed the threshold of NO RETURN. A travesty.

  4. God be the Glory🙏💯. I DEFINITELY have to take this Seriously than I Ever Know. I've been having Sexual relations with someone who's Positive. I'm a Black Female who Needs to WAKE da Phfuck up🎯💣💥. I CAN'T be thinking we got a LOVE thang?!!! I'm weak, but not Absent. MERCY and Grace to Us All 💯🙏💎🌍

  5. DL men enjoy bringing horror to women, straight unsuspecting women.
    I personally believe the biblical law in Leviticus to put DL men down!

  6. 2019
    1.How did Jackson Mississippi get so many Black male homosexuals?
    2. What health services are in place for the Black women in Jackson MS?
    The law goes beyond the Bible belt mentality when you restrict access to medical care.

  7. Our black people need healing…while we settle for alternative life styles… realize it's like living in a pig pen you were not created to live in…Read 2 Chronicles 7:14…He promises to heal us if we turn from our wicked ways and seek His face…

  8. Well shit. I can't feel sorry for anyone of them. You decided to conduct yourself in this detestable lifestyle, knowing the risks. Deal with them. You had every opportunity like us all (no matter what vice we are in) to quit. Hiv/aids is a choice.


  10. Well, the only one they can blame is themselves. They were warned. Quit trying to blame everyone. It is your own fault.

  11. Ok, I heard about 25 years ago a conspiracy theory that says AIDS was invented in a laboratory for the express purpose of getting rid of Gays, Blacks, Prostitutes and IV Drug users. It does seem to affect those people more than others. Has anyone heard about this? Does anyone know anything about this? Since I first heard this, that theory went quiet and I haven't heard it mentioned from roughly that time on. I am interested in your comments. I'M NOT HATING, I just want to know if others have heard this theory also.

  12. This epidemic is doing just what it's supposed to. They try t ok get in a blackmans head making him think its okay to be gay…. All actions of white supremacist

  13. Being Gay is a sin in the eyes of God. If people disagree with the Bible. How come sodom and Gomorrah is not a city today?

  14. It's one thing to be on the dl, I understand the reason. But to be on the dl and then mess with women is really fukd up. There is no excuse for it, as many damn rainbows and parades as I see on TV you really shouldn't have to hide what you do. But if you choose to go that route don't take some unsuspecting sister along for the ride!! That's selfish, irresponsible, and nasty and if you do it you need your ass beat real good. I mean dog walk style, real talk.

  15. I have never seen a virus that causes everything, I seeing prescription drugs causing everything but not a virus. I would never take no pills for anything, I do nutrition exercise and herbal remedies. By the way in 20 years in USA never being to the doctor.

  16. Damn shame all these emasculated black men living a life of pure perversion and abominable sin. This is God’s judgement upon their unnatural demonic lifestyle ! Repent and seek salvation in Jesus Christ !

  17. These men seem to be bragging about being HIV positive. A lot like men bragging about going to prison. 🤔 Maybe it's a false pride black thing ??
    If they don't know that it's a death sentence, maybe it's ignorance.
    If they do. . . Then it's selfish stupidity

  18. I'm sooo sick of seeing these Yelling, Shouting, UselesS, Ignorant Bulbous head Embarrassing BLK Preacher's & Pastors.

    With the Equally Ignorant, DumbasS CoonasS Congregation in the background going " Yes Lawd" "Yes Lawd"

    And TO THIS DAY, STILL haven't "Yes LAWDED" their way, into some "Promised Land"!😎
    There way, into the "P

  19. STOP judging and men will not be DL. STOP call the act – act an against god. Worry about YOUR personal self development. And the disease will fade away.

  20. people are stupid everywhere on earth. they are scared and crazy stupid and have no heart but yet everybody says different. Keep talking you hypocrite.

  21. Why! .. Oh why must black folks lead in just about every fucked up statistic? 🙁,.. Can we do anything else positive besides do hair and play sports? Its like the only thing we know how to do is kill each other and entertain white folks.

  22. This is a consequence of SIN! We cannot violate the very Word of God, and not reap what we sow! These men have reaped the just penalty for their abominable lifestyle choices! May the Lord Himself have mercy on them!!!

    Romans 1:18-28 King James Version (KJV)

    18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
    19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
    20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
    21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
    22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
    23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
    24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
    25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
    26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
    27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
    28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    King James Version (KJV)

  23. Maaan, I cant feel empathy towards dudes who sleep with other dudes. Its always been and always will be unnatural. These are one of the many repercussions for choosing to live a lifestyle as such. We all are procreation of ((Man & Woman)) and only reason we all exist today, Scientifical Facts!!…With that said, I'm against the confused millions who are the opposite and are of these rhetorical ideologies, beliefs and agendas in promoting homosexuality calling it a normality. It's an immoral dysfunctionality and clear abomination. I don't hate the people living that lifestyle, I simply don't agree with the lifestyle Period. Same goes for those heterosexuals who are sexually irresponsible having multiple partners with no use of condoms possibly spreading diseases…These lifestyles may feel sensational in the moment but will reap havoc on you for the rest of your life if it's too late.

  24. You might not have money, but when you have health you are blessed. Health Truly is the new wealth, and even that is hard to come by these days. What a time to live in, no money no health, no career. Help us Yah.

  25. I have been incarcerated with sooo many Dudes that engaged in these types of activities,(especially in the late 80's early 90's)that 4 some reason still did'nt consider themselves gay⁉️🤔💭Go figure🤨!!!

  26. Despite the education in HIV/AIDS and billboards with facts, Africa's population would have been destroyed
    if scientists didn't create those anti-viral drugs. HIV/AIDS patients are mostly on the African continent even now. If all the
    other races really wanted to destroy black people, they could have said there was no cure and all drug testing
    for HIV failed. I wish our people would keep that in mind. I am so grateful that my favorite uncle lived to warn
    other family members in Miss. and Alabama. He is doing great.

  27. An all loving God can not have a reason to make you suffer for who you are.

    Don't let go of who you are, let go of that book that condemns you to eternal suffering for being yourself…

  28. Leviticus 20:13


    “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” 

    Deuteronomy 28:61


    “Also every sickness, and every plague, which is not written in the book of this law, them will the LORD bring upon thee, until thou be destroyed.”

  29. 1 in 4 African American is HIV positive.they have meds to help.but you got to change your lifestyle. Turn to JESUS Christ he can defeat anything.

  30. God ordained marriage in the beginning.what you are seeing is God Judgement for going against his word.So sexual immorality will be consequences.There is deliverance.Stop playing church have a true relationship with the lord.God is not making deals with any abominations or any immorality .Gods word is true and every man be a Liar.His word is unchangeable beloved.So many good looking Brother and sisters are being influenced by this spirit called Perversion.Destroying the seed that from the beginning God said to be fruitful and multiply.But satan and his demons have agenda and some have gotten caught in the trap but there’s a way out repent means a complete turn around don’t do it any more only God can break the power of the enemy.God Bless you and keep you Beloved In these last and wicked evil days.

  31. Please explain why you closeted Black mother fuckers are saying the root of this problem is homophobic Black people when the damn GOVERNOR HIMSELF IS THE REASON! Y’all love blaming Black women the ONLY women who birth, feed and cloth y’all into adulthood because you’re too lazy and weak to fight ACTUAL discrimination from a White man in a suit? Ok.

  32. Your Black mother isn’t the reason you cannot accept yourself, you’re probably still living in her house well over 18. It’s your own ego and toxic Black male masculinity that cannot come fathom that taking dick doesn’t make you less of a man BUT talking shit does. MAN UP AND COME OUT OR SHUT UP! Your problems are YOUR OWN!

  33. The comments are gross under this video but this man is doing great work! Hope all the young men in this video are doing well and learn to love themselves fully.

  34. It's a choice…and it comes with consequences…sexual immorality should be met head on…i will never accept gay and lesbians…"Recovery is really doing well for you baby"…wtf…stop always thinking about sex

  35. Leviticus 20:13 (CJB) If a man goes to bed with a man as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they must be put to death; their blood is on them. I didn’t say that the holy bible did



  38. I think that the spread of AIDs is due to these guys who fuck in the ass think about it shit comes out of your asshole and the asshole is not like a girls vagina the asshole dose not stretch it tears so you have shit coming out of your asshole and shit is your body getting rid of waste and bacteria so now you have tears in your asshole and the shit is going to get in those tears and I think that is a big part of how you get AIDs and I don't understand why don't these dudes don't use condoms

  39. Black peoples especially women are so pervasive. Y’all gon see it soon. Keep fucking because you saw a trend on social media about fuck

  40. A FREE condom is all it takes to save your live and those who you choose to rack. NO COST AT ALL for the protection device, and unfortunate it will COST YOU EVEYTHING for failing to protect.

  41. People identify themselves with their sexual orientation too much just because you are gay or straight don't mean you have to have sex its still better to say no. it's far better to follow the Lord knowing that life on earth is not long period.

  42. Mississippi has zero sex ed in schools…i believe its highest teen pregnancy state as well. Lawmakers in power are killing people with ignorance. Its just shameful!!

  43. John 9:31 Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth
    For God to hear you prayers and change you must be willing to be change and obey, then change will come.

  44. First and foremost, not to be judgmental but, some kind of education beyond graduating HS has shown a benefit….you can move away from minimum wage, to a better zipcode, and can move you up the socioeconomic ladder.

  45. This is so sad. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!!

  46. My mother takes her new boyfriends to the clinic and they both get tested before…so I started doing the same when I was old enough. I know it doesn't sound romantic, but hey…its not that bad 😉

  47. I live in Memphis. I wonder if I can volunteer to give vulnerable populations rides to their doctors appointments. 🤔💭 not just gay men, methadone patients, AA and NA meetings, therapy, psychiatric appointments, etc.

  48. Man, the guy that said his stepfather used to tell him he was unattractive and wasn't shit is quite attractive esp for having a degenerative disease. He's on top of his self care! That's what I like to see!

  49. People… please stop blaming health care. My bet is the majority of the people blaming the healthcare system are the ones who voted for the guy who implemented it. The guy who wanted to win over the black vote, the guy who said he would save the black community, help the poor, make affordable healthcare for all and then he named the healthcare reform after his goddamn self. It is atrocious to hear people blame the government or the healthcare system. Y'all voted for it. Stop blaming everyone and take responsibility for your own actions.

  50. hiv has never been proven to cause aids, and hiv has never been isolated. hiv/aids drugs are toxic.
    soon there will be a new hiv vaccine being promoted.
    please dont vaccinate you child – choose a natural plant based organic diet – spinach, fruits, seeds and nuts – avoid toxins. stay healthy.

    the truth is that we are being scammed at all stages of reality but a basic truth is a plant based diet, and vaccines are toxic. hiv is a scam.

    "aids" is a low white blood cell count.

  51. These guys seem awfully happy to have the worst disease on Earth. This guy @ 17:50 says the people on the higher lever wont help because they don't care. Are you kidding me? Stop screwing another man raw in the ass and you wont have AAIDS! Then they pray at the end to the very GOD that told them NOT to do the very thing that got them sick in the first place.

  52. Some people here need to stop. Like stop. They are gay and what about it? Indeed theyre the ones that are mostly HIV positive but its not like straight people dont have HIV. Grow up people , ps all of you have say this man was "cringey" for saying he wanted a wife and kids cause its the right thing to do , well fuck thats exactly your fault for creating an image in this world that yells "LGBTG+ IS BAD " in every shape , way and form possible thats why these people think the way they do! You made a world overflowing with hatred. They get HIV mostly cause they dont get protection , people are ashamed to go buy a condom cause "what will they think , what if they think this and that" seriously what kind of world do we live in ? Instead of throwing bullshit like "sex is sick , madturbation will cause blindness , you have sex ONLY to get pregnant" try saying some shit thats actually fucking real. Teen moms , HIV , silent sex abuse , child molesters in families never being caught, its all because WE DONT FUCKING SPEAK ENOUGH. Get yall ass together and put some usefull education on people for fucks sake

  53. I find it very disturbing how this is about people coming together and understand that it’s okay to be gay/hiv positive and open but all the women here are taking this and going “all men have aids, you can’t trust em!” “Protect yourselves ladies!” Uhhh, you’re more likely to get aids from a woman than a man, fact, you’re more likely to get a unknown child from a woman than a man, fact, you’re more likely to be imprisoned by a woman, big ol’ fact, you’re more likely to be discriminated by woman, biggest fact, and woman are the leading causes of death because they believe they’re gods or some type of higher being even though bibles and historical evidence shows their only purpose is to cook and clean and have babies… like you woman swear your gods gift but in reality your only gods gift to men for pleasure, not for being a significant other. You are physically weaker than men, mentally stunted more than men, and emotionally uncontrollable than men. Come on females, know your place. History doesn’t lie, notice how men were of use during wars even as prisoners. Woman, not so much

  54. Who are you guys praying too? The Most High said if you love me you will keep my laws and commandments. Homosexuality is an abomination. Period.

  55. This is very sad, no doubt very sad, however, changing the moral character of humans to be tolerant to the point of approval will not help these people affected. The only truth that can help is that gay sex is dangerous and the focus needs to stay on prevention through protection and serious one on one committed relationships. It’s the promiscuity that is spreading this virus.

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