The Office 1×3 REACTION | Health Care | Episode 3 Reaction

The Office 1×3 REACTION | Health Care | Episode 3 Reaction

Could you mean vagina because if you do I want that covered Your vagina I still have Whatsup jabroni Stephen Heymann, welcome back to yet another reaction today. We’re hopping into yet another reaction this time We’re hopping into the office episode number tree as always if you like related images like comment subscribe to the channel head over to patreon if you want the for reaction for This and if you want the next episode early, that’s where you go, but we’re hopping in here where I’m enjoying I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes we’ll see if they can keep it going with the comedy and the laughs and although the episode lasts was not as Overall funny it had that one moment that I lost my goddamn mind. So we’ll see Hopefully it’s good. This was called hoof care. So I’m sure is gonna go swimmingly But yeah, hopefully you guys enjoy these reactions and pretty much here Does that make me their doctor, oh my god, you’re so your ego is so big bro. Yes You think you are? Everything like a specialist the world revolves around to you The gold plan, I’m not even on that plan. Well I recommend it’s very good Sometimes a manager Like yourself has to deliver the bad news and the employees I do it all the time good your health insurance is gonna suck now who the hell wants to deliver that? You pick a health care plan and then explain it Any time Michael asks me to do anything. Oh Yeah the way yes, no, no fucking-a. Not the way not the way This company then this would be my career and Well if this were my career I’d have to throw myself upon betray. Okay first let’s go over some parameters What’s wrong, nope, you cannot use it. Okay, I take it back If Dwight fails and that is strike two and good for me for forgiving him a second chance Why would you want this guy in charge of anything? What did I do I did my job I slashed benefits to the bone I saved this company money. Pretty cool out there. Actually, people are really unhappy Dwight sent around this memo and My work, you know what anybody in my office under any conditions today, it’s still no one calling Same thing it’s the same thing Just knock please. Okay respect for your superior you are not much Concentration I can raise and lower my cholesterol it well sure. You can brew why would you want to raise your The whites such a weird, what did you do? And find these people a plan that’ll work for them, okay? Okay. I wonder why under the bus Good We’ll see. We’ll see if we feel good Surprise. Oh, yeah, I’m sure Think about that about top of my down real quick He is a scaredy cat he wants to make her be like him The white is an asshole and he’s totally okay would be an answer That you might want covered and See what I can do, you know, what do I we can’t write our diseases down for you? Because that’s confidential. Okay Well, I didn’t say to write your name down. Did I fill it out? Leave it anonymous? Yeah, that’s you know you might want to do is just call those casinos directly Would you call that I thought you said your diseases that spontaneous dental hydrogen really Someone forged medical information and that is a felony. Okay. Whoa. All right, cuz that’s a pretty intense acting Leprosy flesh-eating bacteria hot dog fingers Nano robot infection I’m gonna have to interview each and every one of you until the perpetrator makes This is a great little Since I have you on the phone I want to know what’s the whites backstory like why is he like the way he is man? That’s the surprise Just ignored it to You all as adults but obviously I am the only adult here number one inverted penis Could you mean vagina because Oh Michael you’re an off it to be the boss here So awkward, oh my god, this can’t be right dude. It’s so awkward He’s just hiding doing Michael time to come up and just be honest have miss price Surprise surprise terrific prizes you guys get From roll fit for time, okay Awkward Ah, this is so awkward It’s so like oh my god Oh Wow, that’s it, really? Okay. That’s it. That’s all Right. There we go. That was episode number three of the office. Um, I Guess it’s hard to judge this show. Um, I said it before it’s like in the last one So it’s just hard to judge this kind of show kids. How many? subjective and this is just super awkward and hard to watch because it’s like it’s like that cringey kind of awkward where you’re like Oh, no, like what are you doing? So Also, we don’t ever seem to resolve anything and I guess that’s the point of the show is that we’re actually never gonna resolve what? The actual issue is we have healthcare. We need to cut the budget we screwed everybody over Nobody’s happy we moved on My paper parts and the hot tire thing was when Jim Locke’s When Jim locked the white in them that like office And then him and Pam had like the covers like the strata conversation at the decide ago um Man, I don’t know. I like this comedy because it’s like so So currently I want you to call me like this and I don’t know there’s a is there comedy like this right now on TV? Like a Parks and Rec or a community kind of comedy is right now this like I’m enjoying this because of the way that everything Is like just the characters are so over-the-top. Um Jim and Pam’s relationship is interesting though as we begin this episode you can tell like they’re so close and there’s some like Super Friends and They even have this cool back and forth and they had this cool banter with one another but I think the best comedy duo though Though I didn’t go I didn’t Jim they are back and forth his greatness. Um, and then Michael just Watch everybody like I’m so freakin bad. Um yeah, I mean I like the episode I was a lot up but I was funny not laugh out loud funny not funny than the Previous one and either one before or even has like those they have like a laugh out loud crazy moment But it was still a solid episode. I think that what the series is gonna be is a lot of just solid decent episodes So I enjoyed it. Hopefully you guys it as well, but I’m gonna get out of here and I’m gonna talk to you guys later

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  1. Oh you're watching the office too! I just started watching it around a week and a half ago. Just got to season 3, it gets much better quickly!

  2. I think that skin-crawling awkwardness is one of the addictive properties of the show. Even when re-watching it, you just feel like you might not be able to survive it! Haha!

  3. I think Brooklyn 99 is a bit similar to the Office.

    It's less cringy and more cheerful than the Office.

    Basically Brooklyn 99 is about the detectives in a police precinct where every single one of them is a very flawed individual.

  4. Haha if you think itโ€™s awkward now, โ€œoh man ooooh my god oh man ooooh my god.โ€ -Kevin talking about the roast

  5. Okay at 2:20, you have me for life

    You got this

    U got it all figured out.!
    And I could tell ,….with your brief moment of honesty

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