The Ketogenic Diet Explained in Under 5 Minutes. Low Carb = Best Weight Loss Diet?

The Ketogenic Diet Explained in Under 5 Minutes. Low Carb = Best Weight Loss Diet?

The keto diet, another typical fad diet? Actually,
it’s been around for a while now, and people are getting some pretty good results from
it. So what exactly is so different? Well, most of these fad diets you find simply tells
you to eat this certain type of food and avoid those certain type of food and voila, you’re
on your way to losing a hundred pounds! Of course, a lot of them don’t really work and
makes very little sense. What’s special about the keto diet, short for ketogenic, is that
it changes how your body feels, and most importantly, how your body uses energy by placing you into
a state known as ketosis. And this is where all the magic happens.
In ketosis, your body starts utilizing substances known as ketone bodies, which are produced
by the breakdown of your body fat triglycerides. Quick science, first understand that your
body loves glucose. If it has glucose on hand, it’s going to use that first for energy. Ina
keto diet, the amount of carbohydrates you consume goes down, therefore, the amount of
glucose goes down, too. In order to combat this, your body uses stored glucose in the
form of glycogen, but then that’s going to run out as well. The next step is to convert
a substance known as oxaloacetate in the liver into glucose. At the same time this is happening,
your body is breaking down your fat into free fatty acids and sending it to your liver to
metabolize another important substance known as acetyl CoA. Acetyl CoA is then placed into
the Krebs cycle in the liver cells to produce energy. But it can’t do that right now. Remember
that oxaloacetate that was being broken down into glucose? Well, oxaloacetate is also needed
for the Krebs cycle to function. Now your liver has all of these acetyl CoA lying around
so it decides to break it down into two substances called acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate,
which are known as ketone bodies. It sends them into the bloodstream where other body
cells pick them up, convert the ketone bodies back into acetyl-CoA, into Krebs cycle, and
energy is produced! This is also really good news for your brain, since even though your
brain loves glucose, too, it can function on ketone bodies as well. In fact, ketone
bodies provide more energy per gram for the brain versus glucose, so win-win for your
mental capacity! Now so far, everything sounds good. Your body
no longer relies heavily on carbohydrates, it burns a lot of fat, and your brain functions
pretty well. But of course, there’s always a catch, a number of catches in this case.
Studies show that power output decreases in cases where maximum intensity is required.
This makes sense because the breakdown of glucose via glycolysis, plays a crucial role
in providing immediate energy for your body. With no glucose and glycogen in your body,
intense workouts become a lot harder. And the lack of glycogen also affects muscle growth,
since there is a strong positive connection between glycogen availability and protein
synthesis. Take the glycogen away, and the process slows down.
Oh, and there’s the keto flu, something that happens when your body starts transitioning
off of carbs and rely more heavily on ketone bodies. The “keto flu,” which isn’t an actual
flu, contains symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, coughing, nausea, and even upset
stomach. The positive note, though, is that it passes quite quickly and won’t come back
again unless you come out of ketosis. The keto diet is also very food restrictive.
A conventional diet has you eating roughly 20% fat, 30% protein, and 60% carbs. The keto
diet, on the other hand, shifts you all the way to 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs,
or below 30 grams. That’s a huge change that some people just cannot do. Cutting out so
many carbs is easier said than done. This is a huge battle itself, and a lot of times,
a losing battle. But even with the drawbacks, people still
advocate for it. And the reason that’s the case can be summed up from this study in 2004
from the Annals of Internal Medicine: “a low-carbohydrate diet (such as a keto diet), had better participant
retention” compared to a low-fat diet. That is saying, even with all the drawbacks, individuals
on a keto diet find it much easier to stick to the diet more so than a conventional diet.
This is because, with so much more fat and protein-dense foods, your satiety, or fullness
level, goes up much faster. A 200 calorie chicken breast or 200 calories worth of green
leafy vegetables, will make you feel more full than say a 200 calorie, carb-heavy pasta.
But even if this is the case, a calorie is still a calorie. Yes, protein and fat calories
will make you feel more full, but it won’t help you lose weight if you’re still eating
more calories than you burn. So is the keto diet worth it? Well, it all
comes down to, “It depends.” If you’re someone that struggles a lot with feeling full whenever
you go on a weight loss diet, then yes, the keto diet might help you battle those feeding
frenzies. Just remember those drawbacks that will occur, and at the end of the day, it
still comes down to calories in versus calories out.
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  1. Please leave all calories in vs calories out argument here. I'm more than happy to respond to people wanting a discussion about it. I know I might have been a bit harsh and negative in the past about approaching the topic, for which I apologize, but I also feel it's only right for me to respond to everyone else fairly and respectfully moving forward.

  2. I love how you say other diets don’t make sense and then you quickly explain the science of Ketosis 😂 The simplest diet advice anyone needs: Eat less caloric energy than your body spends! Focus on eating whole plant-based foods and you will lose weight and your health will improve.

  3. Why can Acetyl-CoA to turn into energy through the Krebs Cycle in 1:39 if it was mentioned earlier at 1:12 that Oxaloacetate is needed to produce energy?

  4. actually… the keto diet would be the best for me, since i actually TRY to eat more carbs, since i mostly eat fat :/ damn

  5. So with the intensive workout drawback you could do a keto diet then lose the majority of the fat then after that do more intensive workout and scale your glucose up

  6. How does our body produce energy in non-liver cells after the ketone bodies reform into acetyl-coA? You said it goes through the Krebs cycle but you need oxaloacetate in that cycle which our body no longer has right?

  7. Your body uses glucose first, as it is toxic above certain levels (5g in the blood for a 75kg male) and must be removed/used.

  8. Am I a nerd for understanding everything the narrator said?
    You've got a new subscriber, this is wonderful and explained brilliantly.

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  10. I didn't buy into the Atkins diet, either. Because carbs are needed. Without them, your brain and liver suffer. You're thin, but have some kinda dementia and liver damage.

  11. There is a plan that I have been told that really works, anyone has used any of Ms_Pancho's affordable meal plans, if your are interesting see here:

  12. The keto diet is great if you live a sedentary lifestyle and have allowed yourself to get 50-100 pounds overweight.

  13. Pro's: No more being hungry or hangry after adaptation. Steady energy. No more fatigue. No more mood swings. Loosing fat pretty "easily". Con's: Being a sugar addict i dream of chocolate and coke. If i do eat carbs i need to get back to ketosis which takes a few days and feels pretty bad (hunger/cravings). One slip up and you're down again. I dont find it to be sustaineble in the long run, but some people really do. You have to réally commit to the diet.

  14. The “Keto Flu” is pretty much your body just taking a detox. Your body is getting rid of all the ‘unhealthy’ stuff in your guy primarily along with all over your body. If you start detoxing you are on your way!!

  15. So basically heat healthy and stay away from processed foods, high sugary drinks, salty snacks, ease up on breads, dairy foods, and meats and get more exercise

  16. As i understood it from all the articles i have read, carbs are good for high intensity workouts and greater muscle growth, while keto/high fat diets are good for heightened endurance and focus. To put it simply.

  17. I love keto diet, it's really fantastic for me, I really love Sapien Body Keto Diet Supplement Orange Mango Flavor Drink Powder! It tastes well and mixes well. It actually helps in reducing more fat loss.

  18. Are some people particularly sensitive to Carbs? I have eaten carbs all my life and have actually become somewhat underweight or about average, despite eating plenty of carbs each day.

  19. Keto is for fat lazy fucks who are prone to gluttony. And bitches. Also vain,lazy and entitled. I rest my case

  20. There's a reason some bodybuilders dont use this diet depending on your genetics. sometimes it actually makes you fat

  21. Holy shit and here I thought I was the only one zoning out from all these scientific terms and explanation…

  22. Acidification of the blood, liver and kidney damage, LDL concentration, and almost a 100% post diet weight gain. No thanks.

  23. This might get you as confused as I was, until I found a good cooking book that showed me how to do the keto diet but still eat what I love!

  24. Sooo confused
    Can someone give me an example what is 50grm of carbs?
    How much of salad, or fruits or pasta?
    Actuall grams?

  25. You said that oxyloacetate is needed for the krebs cycle, but in your explanation of acetyl CoA breakdown into ketone bodies it just ends up back into acetyl CoA?? Im confused as to why it had to go though that entire process and no oxaloacetate was created??

  26. So then the Keto Diet works so long as I consume 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs while being on a caloric deficit?

    Challenge accepted 😎

  27. I did the keto diet for four years strict. I had lost 50lbs and my fasting blood sugar improved. However, my cholesterol went up because of the fat content and this had caused my first heart attack according to my doctor.

    Moral of the story: it's probably good when you are young, but don't do it if you care about heart health.

  28. The "flu" ONLY occurs when person who hasn't updated their electrolyte consumption. Salt, Potassium, Magnesium. GET THOSE AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE FLU

  29. The Keto Diet is really good for people with diabetes, much overweight and body fat, why with this diet can break insulin resistance without feeling bad and regain quality of life.

  30. Works fine for me. Course I'm single so I have only to account to myself. Faat is I combine Keto and IF. This is only until I reach my goal and then start adding things back in. Make it alright in your mind first and the body will follow. What's a few months to correct years of bad eating?

  31. Soo.. let me get this straight, Keto is a great strategy to loose excessive fat, normalize blood levels, fighting cancer, and other regulations and benefits over the body. But, I got some questions: the adaptation process to give us alternate source of fuel is "okay" for the body in a long term? Wouldnt that put the liver under stress all the time? Wouldnt that mess with the metabolisis of construction (muscle growth for ie)? When I need to run like hell from a cougar, where does my body find instant fuel? The restriction and demonization of carbs and sugars wouldnt cause psychological issues, like compulsive behaviors with conventional and social related foods? I mean, IN A LIFETIME AND CONTEXTUAL PERSPECTIVE, that lifestyle is really possible?

  32. I like the presentation with the exception of 2 things. the first is that on keto diet your performance on exercise will not drop at all. please refer to Dr. Tim Noakes father of the sports nutrition and now a keto follower. the second thing is the calories in and calories out, that will not make you fat or loose weight, one must understand that 2000 cal of carbs will become body fat while 2000 cal of fat will not. Refer to Dr. jason fung. The rest of the presentation is very nice. Thank you!

  33. I love the keto diet and am on my second round of it, but I’m a T1 diabetic , so I’m at such a disadvantage. Sure I can handle the high blood sugars, but when my body stops using glucose and goes to fat, my blood sugars drops like crazy when working out, resulting in a low blood glucose. Only remedy to this is to eat carbs which is the no no.

  34. i fucking hate this kind of videos, they are fucking lame, they care more about the drawings than the use of good transitions to expose the data, the fucking music makes me feel stoopid, the "nice" voice its just unbearable like "im explaining this shit in a very good manner so you should understand all this shit" STOP FUCKING AROUND

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  36. Hi all. Been doing HIIT + keto diet + OMAD dry fasting 5-6 days/week. At first I steadily got leaner + growing muscle. But not sure I ever got the keto meal right. So now I'm fearing my body's gone stale. Worse, days ago at work I slipped and hurt/inflamed my middle back. It keeps coming back, specially if I sit or stand for long, or after workout. So had to stop HIIT and pushups, might keep trying ab exercises. Don't cook much, except a frozen simple piece of meat or fish, but I also buy avocados, eggs, brazil nuts, green vegs, blueberries, hard cheese, olives, green tea, black coffee. Any suggestions what quantities of these things should make a keto OMAD? Any suggestions of chest/arms workouts safe for your back? (don't have any equipment at home I'm afraid) Thankyou!

  37. Just to keep the keto motivation alive (and for self pride purposes)

    I never realised how big I actually got until a random day where I realised I was buying XL shirts and breathing in on all my photos (didn't really work lol).

    2 holidays 7 months apart, 58 lbs lost since March and moving from embarrassed to proud is just immense.

    So what if I used an online coach, far too many people don’t accept it’s hard and say it’s easy but when you travel for work and just don't have the time to make those mistakes the internet brings… I made loads lol!

    I hit my goal well before flying out and whether people agree with it or not I just had to put it out and there as it worked for me so well and I loved every second…. Well I still do lol.

    XL to a S,
    36 waist to 30,
    42 chest to 36/38

    Hopefully you can tell the before and after pics! helped me so much

    I love you Keto X

  38. For all the confused people, he’s basically saying your body usually uses carbs as energy and eating low carbs for awhile makes it so they use fat as energy, hence the amazing fat brining effects of Keto.

  39. Awesome video, very informative thank you! Though funny how many people do not actually know anything about the depth of KETO diet, where it came from, and the real mystery behind Dr. KETO (the diet's originator), as THIS video actually explains:

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