The Gym: Where Leftists Dare Not Tread!!!

The Gym: Where Leftists Dare Not Tread!!!

our lieutenants an economist the most volatile evil disgusting things on the planet humans if you have a request you can only go to asshole yeah I am gonna charge you kids and that is the importance of not fucking you are such an ass I hate kids doing it's a glorious day at the new Northern Command let's get to it you got questions Kathy's got answers over asshole Consulting where I America's older brother would take a shot of coffee and solve the problems that your parents yourself along and gold but modern-day parents suck and we can't be as president he'll drag him on the street and shoot up no cuz then I won't have a job if parents actually parented I hate jeez I'd have to go back to banking hey white boy we started the day off right anyway boy I think he's Latino I was wondering if he can make a video for not only my friends of mine but humanity in general about how the gym is the last vestige of meritocracy left in the world can you talk about how it can be the world's richest man or the world's poorest Joe and still get the exact same results furthermore can you delve into the leftist mind and how even their tactics won't work on the gym you can't tax reps and any amount of welfare cannot make if 100 pound blue haired feminists do an extra rep run an extra mile you buy a fine good sir assume a blue haired feminists can even run the first mile let alone an extra one in addition outputting a fee on gym memberships on people who are already fit in taxing their healthy statuses won't help the fat 45 year old spinster on the squat rag you you assume the 45 year old spinster is in the squat rack I never understood squats I never understood there were you my day it was bench pressing what was your bench what was your military press what could you curl and now everything is squats and I'm like well what is that doing they said we'll help you lay before I go hiking all the time I don't need squat rec you have not done any videos really on the gym I feel this request is one of the most important since I believe and I'm sure as you do as well that the gym is truly the last vestige of Merit in the entire world given moral institutions a traditional centers of virtue are corrupt social as Pope marriages baby boom divorces Osler's even just moral values such as parenting as well thanks Minnesota refugee and we'll keep him anonymous um okay you are 100% right and it's it's like a disease making a jump across species I think they they speculated theorized that AIDS there's a simian ant anti immunity immunity deficiency virus and that jump from ape simians to humans that's what they speculate and I think there's some other like you know dogs sometimes you get a herpes the human skin thought it's it's scary way and think about it but socialism which is a deist communism which is the disease cannot jump into certain realms and let's let's understand what communism socialism is it is lazy people being envious of superior people that's it that's all it is because we could talk about money and that's usually what they focus on but there really doesn't capture what communists at social psychologists and socialists are lazy people who are parasites who want to live off the rest of society that's basically okay and the reason they can tax money and transfer money is because it's it's manifested in the real world it's a tangible thing or it's certainly back in the olden days of was where I would go work I would get money and now a socialist per se hey that's why you benefited unfair like Cassio Cortez who came from more wealth than IO ever will oh that's mine you land and they'll come up with a panoply of reasons but the the ultimate incentive is that J just want your money they just want to live off for you now there's ways to avoid that you could borrow you never convert your labor and the money you become a minimalist you don't make that much money in the first place but his since time immemorial history has been part of human nature human history and those who have it are usually envy of those who have not and it's nice really isn't half nice didn't work it out not that's really what it is so you could transfer money well other people's time enslaving other people to your benefit because of the existence of money but that's about the only thing you can really do all you take property – I guess property is a physical version of money the way it is a physical version when you can take that – you can transfer that but then other forms of superiority you can't it's very interesting watching the left come up with the most insane and fantastic not good fantastic like fantasy unrealistic delusional ways to get it and I would say how what could we say for kid for example being intelligent well I have a college degree yeah and what I mean the only never ask some what they they're they all want to be smart we're so intelligent we're so smart and especially the left the Intelligencia they want to be popular smart they don't actually want to be smart smart or correct smart or right smart you know talk to someone who predicted the housing bubble talk to somebody who predicted the education bubble you could even say talk to people who are smart it's a pretty Trump winning of that I wasn't in that category I thought like well there's my fault but good luck um they they try to redefine what is smart and it's merely having a college degree not actually being intelligent or independent minded now they can work at that they can make it kind of co-op then say by Awards that's another way they co-opted and gain the in transfer non-financial value to themselves the award world is a perfect example the the Oscars the of the Nobel Peace Prize all these awards they come up with are absolutely worthless they no longer mean anything but then they're like can work make an important I'm a good person it's like it's made up it doesn't have any value anymore it doesn't mean anything we will eliminate GPAs SATs they won now they're gonna try and introduce diversity into an SAT score I have no idea how that's gonna work no more poorly but there's one realm they're just never going to succeed and that is human looks and beauty or in the case of men handsomest female beauty male have just good looks in general that's a good physique and as our client here indicates this is the last venue because like intelligence like Oh what truly independent thought like charming personality and good morals and character liberals leftist socialist communist parasites cannot transfer beauty when I go to the gym which is unfortunately way too few although I've been unloading tons of stuff okay happy on my exercise when I go to the gym what was it for the gfs the 32nd birthday I I got not rip but I got the Russell Crowe when I work out I look like Russell Crowe in Gladiator I just get bigger I don't think you really get the definition don't-don't-don't tell me how you think I don't need you no you got any twigs and figs and that's it I don't need to hear um all those games were not 100% of the can every calorie of energy I spent lifting went directly to my benefit ah more cardio I'm more of a hiker runner than I am a weightlifter obviously my heart rate is now down to like 53 beats a minute 100% of that benefit of running goes to me and my health and for women all three of you in the United States and aren't morbidly obese for those of you that are Saints angels enough to go to the gym to stay in shape you not only get 100 percent of the value but you also have some other benefits conferred upon you as do men men who work out with the good-looking people the people who go to the gym the people who aren't you they have a they have two huge benefits that are inferred upon them going beyond I can lift more weight one we have have our health is improved and the Socialists in the communist Democrats can't take it the amazing atheist I love I love it because because he's just wrong that's so many is like a creature it's like wow it's a train wreck um he cannot take my running and lose his weight that he needs to lose he can't do that the the angry feminists with the purple hair and all that they cannot take who's a jillian michaels is that the gal who works out the GF works out too some workout lady I think it's Jillian Michaels she obviously but the fat souee semanas the feminist fat soy semanas fat Sally feminists cannot transfer Jillian Michaels abs to themselves they can't take the health benefits that can't take the beauty well they have some benefits they will remain physically ugly and unappealing people just lazy the other thing they can't get to the other benefit that's conferred upon you is that you tend to do better with the opposite sex if you are a good the world is your oyster I wrote an article everybody should look it up because I might put behind a paywall it's called seeking arrangement will burst the college bubble and it talks about how women and this is empirical you see very clearly very clearly what the recognizer said yeah I am a talking dating right well look at that tall good-looking guy with with the good-looking gal well he worked out and so he gets the type there certainly is that what I'm talking about is financial for women you will make way more money as a webcam girl or a porn actress or even up an Instagram model you don't have to do porn or it could serve a thought or just hey guys you know some some thought on the internet if you're a good-looking me you played video games you got a camp here art can't nice to KN or Iraq of chance you will make more money than anyone and any fugly getting her master's degree in social work or public administration or women's studies or lesbian Guatemalan poetry Hispanic sculpture stuck you will make way more because well unfortunately men produce most of the wealth in the world we make most of the money well we don't make we were just make it we earn it there's a different work there ladies and we want more than anything else female youth and beauty and not going way more detail under this article you can even learn about that is seeking arrangement burst the college bubble look that up you guys will like and women will be a benefit to you just probably won't like the conclusion because it's like oh maybe I should hit the gym people want hit the gym anyway point is being other socio-sexual benefits are conferred upon you if you're somebody that hits the gym the worst Ellen stays in shape men tend to do better with women and women certainly do better with men they have their try and and nowadays and as an added bonus if you call in now you your women can make a hundred thousand dollars a year just showing you titties on the internet running your own damn website talk to Chad Eliquis he's quickly becoming the webcam model CPAs he's got a clientele and good for them for contacting Chad because not only save money they put it into an IRA and and they're good to go so already right off the bat the Socialists the left is the parasites of society are jealous that you have more than them because you typically worker I can understand if you're jealous and envious of a Mark Dayton or a Nancy Pelosi or a Barack Obama you know rich Republicans oh wait they're Democrats who lived off of their parents or trust fund babies oh I thought it was only Republican I can understand if you are jealous of people who inherited it or did not nothing to earn it I understand that but it for people who just worked harder which is the majority of people who work more than you because you're a lazy bum yeah you could get their money but if you're lazy and work ethic you know what you're also lazy in working out does that work oh do I hate working off all right I like running I love hiking but I hate that you man oh I did you but just oh I hate it but you are also high actually pushed through it and I go through it anyway you guys are also too lazy to hit the gym and you're also too lazy to be beautiful let's give a hat to the ladies here because I know some boys you you don't appreciate this so I'll give a shout-out to the women it takes a while for women to do their hair and their makeup you know what a pain in the ears to just have long hair you said earlier if they'll move it up when you sleep it gets in the way and but I didn't it was just Randy all hair women got do a lot more with maintenance do be beautiful is to suffer awesome person say my girlfriend costly quotes that one you know to be beautiful is to suffer like keeps Osram is suffering baby but a women put a lot of effort in the morning to dressing up when you're getting ready and all that a lot of the other ones they won't even they'll cut their hair short like an Eevee Venus there's the selfishness degree the laziness then will do their face and will do their makeup I don't get tattoos and and then you see there they're fantastic not healthy fantastic delusional attempts to co-op beauty and youth big is beautiful that that land well they took a picture of that Sports Illustrated target making the fat models women constantly lying to themselves because deep down and said they all know they all know that they're repulsive and disgusting man just don't like fat chicks but they lie about I don't think it's beautiful beauties on the inside and going so far as to say we don't need no man I don't think I mean you take away the in cells in the MiG tales but most of the guys in the red pill world say women want a good-looking guy who's tall well we can't do anything about being tall but by god man you're gonna hit the gym you've got a diet there's no feminist slash communist counterpart to that if you see that happening kind of using the battle of the sexes as a microcosm of this incremental answer in the real world and the Communists in the form of feminists will try to change the real world the soy boys bringing men into this as well they think that their liberal politics and saying they're a male feminist will get women to go to bed with them and won't don't want because you're going against human nature still that doesn't prevent these leftist Marxist socialist Democrats and parasites from trying to change the actual definition of beauty from now what you want see they're taking away choice from you you don't get to decide what's beautiful I get to we get to decide what's beautiful my god that fat cell with the purple hair and the bull ring through her nose and tattoos all over her face she's beautiful [Laughter] and what's so sad is it's all to avoid it in the gym it's all to avoid eating uh eating a vegetable you know it's all to avoid a run or a good walk and and sadly what it also does is it condemns you to a miserable life because you know what you can successfully get other people's money transfer to you just ask all the Democrats ask everyone who's on government check you can do that ask everyone in Soviet ask people in Venezuela about how much other people's money they got and what a great you talk your own life their living and how their daughter's totally aren't being prostitute oh it's so bad they came across the two in Venezuela cos no guys have money but what does it uh they can get the money but they can't get your looks they can't and so the gym is one of the rare places that for every dollar of effort you put in your in a dollar back o benefit probably more no more because you'd live longer and you should workout and lift weights and you should do cardio on it I got I wish I trade with you guys oh you guys are doing a kids doing could you I love the gym I'm like wanna trade I just you want to trade yeah it's worth it for for your own personal being there is argument there like these gals run into you're running to the woman who's really good-looking she's in shape it's nice to work out all the time okay but there is health benefits for the individual you should do it for yourself and you should especially the cardio guys I know you don't like it but you should get out there and walk a little bit get your heart rate down that's heart disease no one killer lifting weights it's gonna make your life a lot easier you should spend more time lifting weights and you go to a bar or nightclub you should spend more time at the gym that you do want to injure that much is easy or online dating women because men don't have it where women make all the money in the world and they want to buy our looks we don't have that if you do if you're a smart young woman you'll bust your ass off and say it's better I'm not joking not joking ladies it's better that you go to the gym and your diet right than it is you go to college unless again you're going to college for a worthwhile degree like engineering accounting or other such thing if you're wondering what a good degree is to you there's a book called worthless that'll teach you what a good degree is but yeah and then and the socialist that Democrats can take their sanity is the future of wealth is another article I wrote about how technology is advancing to the point that even to today by today's standards more or less everybody's food clothing and shelters take care of our basic necessities are taken care of and so the Democrats and socialists of parasites could take all the money as long as you know you maintain some semblance of a free market and the machines keep producing everyone can kind of have food clogging oh and by the way as long as we don't over populate and overbreed we should be all right and then what do you focus then on in terms of competition or envy and the the conclusion was that since you cannot transfer things like beauty health intellect friends personality that it will drive left insane as they try to redefine those things it's a it's my best post ever that's why I spawned a paywall slash Eric Larry and I think that's the world we're going to now because you cannot underestimate the laziness of the left that is what drives a more than anything else is their laziness and so I you can expect to see a lot more of this I speculate that and that article seeking arrangement will burst the college bubble is that the money being paid to women right now just to take a picture at home is so much higher paying for a fraction I mean you're not even gonna spend the money or the calories of energy setting up a website and taking pictures on Instagram if only a dad bought you you'll make more money with assets you already got than what you will have to invest driving down one day to the college campus to take a class and then come back you make way more money and I think that the money is going to be so good or is so good today that it's gonna drive them and say why I could go to school for six to eight years and make you know thirty thousand dollars and beg and plead and claw for some government grant money and I gotta defend it and then lie to myself and people thought on this strong independent woman and I live off the government but I don't need no man and this is a charity money or a government jobs program yeah all that versus hey hey guys click and then the money just fucking coasting and I think that will drive more I think we're actually going to see that turn around I think women are going to actually go to the gym more but that's because the financial incentives but for those of us who live in the real world those of us who have work ethics and those of us who want to achieve excellence not to mention we get pissed off with inferior parasites constantly wanting to take our money constantly trying to get constantly trying to give us a disadvantage here's and let's not fool ourselves why do y'all work men you know why you work so you could you could get girls it's basically no reason well this is a huge shortcut around it because still to this day an old forever be this this way the person who comes out on top is the guy who's getting done girls all right that's the main it's who's having sex with the hottest chick the women or the end it's the same thing in women world it's the guy who makes the most money and has the highest prestige and status it is excellence that still wins in the day so people can live in themselves and could vote a certain way and egged on I mean here's a funny thing why this was a great question I love her to answer it why does Acacio Cortes even bother working out I don't like her face I'm just gonna I know you Millennials have very low standards for women but it would glow juice hot no she's not hot good fucking Bevers be like damn look at those teeth all in their eyes is she just her face is that but don't tell me that girl doesn't know that that looks count she works out she and bless her for doing so I don't know why she works at all I don't know why she's a socialist she's a parasite she admits it at least you make she's intellectually honest in that regard why does she work out what what why does she even bother but it shows you even even confess socialist no deep down inside there's a reality and that reality is yeah we could talk about money that's usually how we would figure out who is king king of the pile but if you just work out and you're in good shape both men and women you that is a display of excellence and it is in the most sought out market in the world as the sexual marketplace and so an element of meritocracy will always exist it will always exist in the world no matter what no matter what and yeah you can work hard not staking sure work hard not saying you major in engineering you don't want to be a parasite don't wanna be a socialist you need to stimulate your mind you need to have a career both men and women but in a battlefield that is just as important I'd say perhaps even more important than making money is who you bangin who do you got that says I want to spend my time with you and mix naughty bits with one another and that is a war the left will never win they will never win that they will never win you'll have your feminists you'll have your virgin cows you have your in cells you'll have your women's studies you'll have your fat acceptance people you will have the ugly people all yelling at us that we have advantage and further data but you know what in the end they go home with their toy and their cats these guys go home with their porn and their mothers basements they jerk off to the bits and bytes and we actually bang hot people so hit the gym all right questions answers and so consultant comm I'd recommend this bachelor pad economics that's for everybody how does good assume most people watching this video are gonna be men and check out those articles I told you about links to everything of my stuff down below see you guys there tools you

37 thoughts on “The Gym: Where Leftists Dare Not Tread!!!”

  1. How about combine strength training, flexibility training, AND cardio….make it fun and purposeful? How? MMA. Jiu Jitsu. Mui Thai. Judo. Wrestling. That is all you need in life.

  2. Cappy, squats build STRENGTH! Not just legs but overall body strength. You have a heavy load on your back as you squat down and explode back up. It's a great compound exercise. Leftist hate it because its hard.

  3. Gyms used to be sacred ground with no bullshit. I remember when it was. Now they are full of female attention whores doing ass exercises and other nonsense, and a few solid men, but most being millennial soy boys. It's really sad.

  4. In the 90s, my buddy, a financial planner and strip club aficionado decided to build his clientele on strippers, many who made north of $150,000 back then. It usually turned out these women were stupid and would eventually blow their wads on stupid stuff or else need the money to support drug addictions. In short there never were any millionaire strippers he knew of. His biz model was a total bust.

  5. Aaron fucked my ass as hard as he could, but he has a micro; so I ended up going back to the bar. He did suck my balls, and that was nice!

  6. You dont see leftists in boxingclass. the best decision i ever made was joining a boxing gym when i was 15 year loser.

  7. I can't stand gyms – full of preening idiots looking at themselves in mirrors. I'd rather run a 10k instead.

  8. Cappy is DEAD WRONG here. Ironically, it's because he is too optimistic. Yes, leftists won't be able to redistribute beauty, but they CAN destroy it out of spite. They CAN and WILL force everyone to be ugly just so they don't get triggered. They're not human like you and me, they're monsters. And that is why we must get off our ass and become soldiers and martyrs for the cause of removing feminism and leftist thought from the surface of the planet before it is too late.

  9. Haha good subject. I see plenty of leftist undesirable thots at my gym. But almost never see soy boys

  10. It’s true. The only men I see at the gym are employed, real men. Even the kids that are skinny that go there aren’t libtards. It’s no wonder liberal men are so fragile and weak, I never see them at the gym.

  11. I just had a revelation. Can it be the ugliness and lack of health is nature's way of weeding out these people through natural selection? In other worlds, if you value degeneracy, pink and green hair, being overweight, poor hygiene, etc, your flawed genes become less likely of going on due to the inability to reproduce with a partner.

  12. Well, technically speaking, commies could hit the gym; and they instruct the Gym owner to force 2 ripped dudes to push the commie up while he pulls up, and those pullups count as the same so they can feel good about themselves and leave with pride thinking they did better than the ripped dudes 😀

  13. I agree with the health benefits of the gym, however I have NOT seen the increases in value with my SMV. Why?

    #1. I'm 48, thus too old for all women below the age of 50.
    #2. Women HATE me, thanks to Feminism.

    However, I still keep on lifting, as I'm preparing for the "great societal reset" when SHTF.

  14. There is indeed an ongoing struggle between the producers(The workers) and the parasites ( The capital owners). You are spot on.

  15. "Condemns you to a miserable life." 16 minutes in. You make everyone else miserable as well because they are lazy millennials snowflake entitled libtards who got worthless degrees to match there parents teachings or lack thereof.

  16. Running and cardio builds a different type of muscle fiber in the leg. You'll be stringy and susceptible to injury if you don't do leg day.

    Compound exercises also stimulate testosterone production. More muscle mass will burn calories around the clock.

    Bottom line, get 45 mins of leg lifting a week

  17. As for sexual market value: if you have an unfortunate face, that's why God invented doggy style. Hit the gym then doggy style FTW! And that goes for men and women!

  18. The Iron Mistress will never betray you! And always exercise in public, gents. Sudden cardiac arrest is rare but it happens to even professional athletes. Think Reggie Lewis of the Boston Celtics and Jiri Fischer of the Detroit Red Wings. I often think of what my body would look like if I could still do cardio safely, but weight training has never killed me like cardio work has.

  19. I work at a semi-private gym where few people workout. If I'm alone and a women enters I leave immediately, for obvious reasons.

    Women do mostly squats/lunges for those Instagram phat ass photos. Women usually only workout when large amounts of attention and money are involved.

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