The Fundamentals Of Eating To LIVE (2) - PROPER SUPPLEMENTATION

The Fundamentals Of Eating To LIVE (2) – PROPER SUPPLEMENTATION

greetings brothers and sisters family and friends I am the minister of wellness Nathanael Jordan and we're moving on to part two in the fundamentals of eating to live I'm teaching you the principles of the greatest diet style in world history the nutrit Aryan diet style and the reason why I believe is the greatest is because it's backed by Scripture and as Genesis 1:29 I understand everyone listening does not believe in Scripture I do I believe in the authority of the scriptures in Genesis 1:29 lays out a nutrient-dense plant rich diet and to me is no coincidence that thousands and thousands of years later that diet style has been found to be bulletproof and verified as being the best at reversing all the diseases preventing and reversing all every single disease and that was the diet style that the prophet Daniel ate that's popularly now is known as the fast because people are such food addicts they can't eat like Daniel 365 days out of a year if you did you will be a nutri terian but people are so addicted they took in his lifestyle and they've turned it into a fast and then carted the Daniel fast but he ain't like that I believe permanently because of the situation and the times he was living in and we were living in perilous times we're living in it's a it's a it's an it's a time of insanity where people are willing to kill themselves and kill their own children over the taste of some slop so the first part go back for those of you all who have the greatness within you go ahead and watch that first part and all the other videos I did a 24 free health seminar for you all organizations and churches across the nation they pay me as a professional speaker to give seminars and health lectures to their audiences and I took that information straight from my signature programs and I delivered I worked my butt off to string off that 24 part series for you all and on my facebook page all toil parts of the components of food addiction are up in transcribe form so just wanted to always put that out there because knowledge is power so the second principle of eating to live the second principle of the new trataron diet is micronutrient adequacy and is something that some people might disagree with me on a lot of people in the holistic movement they don't believe in this principle and that's micronutrient adequacy micro nutrient density micro nutrient adequacy is very important so I ask you to hear me out to hear me out it's and so micronutrient adequacy once we master the first principle of eating to live you're now eating a micronutrient dense diet you have careful you're very careful with what you're consuming you're eating AG bomb based diet you understand that it's not about getting a lot of protein it's the quality of the protein and you know that plants especially green vegetables beans nuts and seeds give you all the protein you need without sacrificing same with fats cars you understand that now you're doing that now we're in 2019 approaching quickly 2020 we're fighting against air pollution we're fighting against water pollution the clothes we wear the water we drink everything our earth is not the same unfortunately we live unnaturally yes we do I am this is unnatural what you all are doing right now you're learning about your health in an unnatural manner you're listening to me over the Internet that's not natural it is not natural and it is harmful to our health all health all of our health most of my day is spent in front of a computer putting out content for you all that's not healthy that's why it's very important to work out like a monster because toxins and pollutants can't they don't store well in muscle that's why so that's why you got it is very important to be as lean as you can you know get out of this I gotta be thick mindset sisters you gotta let that foolishness go okay this is about survival we have to just our life's livelihood we have to just everything to fit now go after just everything to fit now now speaking of that I have to tell this story blessed is sister I know if she listening man I was laughing for about ten minutes because my video on salt not consuming salt and a sister she asked me she said yeah but don't the Bible say we are the salt of the earth so we did so the scriptures say we assaulted her so that justifies that's justify salt in your food and developing high blood pressure and strokes and heart attack and how oblivious so no no that that doesn't that isn't giving justification for us to eat ourselves to death there is no scriptural authority to eat yourself to death that's just the the brainwashing that we've been under combined with our food addiction so micronutrient did so micronutrient adequacy that's that's the underlying theory of this principle so with that said yes as I stated in my salad video I believe in supplementation I do I do it just has to be high quality and it's only after many years of taking them I decided to sell them I'm on I decided to sell them on my own so I offer and the reason why I sell the new to terian supplements created manufactured by dr. joel Fuhrman is because I've been taking them since 2013 I'm not gonna put anything up on my site that I don't trust and that I take so like I told you I take the men's multivitamin multi-mineral why I'm indoors all the time I'm indoors most of the day I'm not getting the Sun I need vitamin D comes from the Sun if you're vitamin D deficient you're on your way to an aggressive form of cancer and the darker the skin the more vitamin D you need because melanin is meant to be outdoors but even white people you all are meant to be outdoors all people were meant to be outdoors we're meant to be outdoors within nature that's what we're meant to be but we're not we're not we're indoors all day all day long all year long we're indoors most of the day you need vitamin d3 you need vitamin d3 vitamin d3 deficiency is a large contributor to the disparities when it comes to cancer deaths between blacks and other races it's very important overall all Americans are deficient in vitamin D so I so the supplement the multivitamin ourselves the vitamin D we need vitamin b12 because even going back to the Genesis 1:29 diet they didn't have the ability to triple the high power watch the fruits and vegetables so the fruits and vegetables they enter vertically will be eating microorganisms and a little bit of dirt and so forth and so they were getting vitamin b12 from the micro organize unless you eating a boatload of meat you're not getting the vitamin b12 you need so it's very important to supplement with that now we have some hard-headed vegans out there man and they they oh they'll do the vitamin b12 but they don't want to admit that we need vitamin d3 that's dangerous especially to tell a black person not to take vitamin d3 very dangerous advice micronutrient adequacy we cannot get everything from food anymore that's just the facts that's the times we're living in we have to just for our time that's the theory behind this now you could take it or leave it you can try to go to cheap route and go to Walmart and get centrum in one a day which is made by the DEF cash system big form of the sorcery industry you can go that route but I highly recommend you make your health your number-one investment because we need it we can't eat fish anymore that's why I take the DHA EPA because we can not eat fish the waters are polluted the waters are polluted it's not safe to fish in any waters I don't care if you have a pond or a lake in your backyard it's still contaminated the waters are contaminated all the way to the north and south polar brothers and sisters polar bears are dropping dead from mercury pollution we cannot eat fish any more fish has always been a staple in a healthy diet not anymore you can't turn a blind eye to that it doesn't matter how it I'm just giving you the facts I understand all of you all we all have different financial obligations that you know the wicked government they're not gonna you know let you use your insurance card so you can go to my website and get all the supplements you need I understand that it is an out-of-pocket expense make no mistake about it my supplements don't come Clive a supplement for lowering your blood sugar for my diabetics out there they don't come close to that junk you taking for that you don't even come close there's only $35 a month these prescription poisons are thousands of dollars but the government wants you sick what you dumbed down so they cover the expense up front that is but it adds up still to the point where the death care system is still the leading cause of bankruptcy in America and gogo bankrupt from investing in those supplements so we can't eat fish anymore so the fish would eat the sea algae get the DHA docosahexaenoic acid i Casso pentanoic acid very important fatty acids for brain here we're talking about depression anxiety bouts of sadness mood swings learning in your children i religiously give DHA epa to my son's very important for brain health to prevent dementia and alzheimer's cannot eat fish any more so we grow the algae and extract the fatty acids we need from the algae to avoid eating the fish that's the theory behind why I take DHA EPA so I'm just breaking this down to you because I believe me I don't want to just be spending money for nothing should I wish I could get everything just from that 3 pound salad I showed y'all but I can't I take the immune system strengthening supplement is made of an extraction of 10 different exotic mushrooms a lot of these mushrooms they don't sell in the stores there's thousands of different varieties of all of these superfoods that we're not exposed to anymore why wouldn't I want to boost my immune system it's needed I want I need all the boosting I can get so I take that also I take the aunt I take the anti-cancer supplement not a that that's optional that is optional unless you have cancer and autoimmune disease so these are things that turmeric grape seed extract grape seed extract very powerful at fighting cancer look it up turmeric curcumin green tea look up those four ingredients they're very powerful fighting cancer then the anti cancer supplement has all of them wrapped into one okay micronutrient adequacy making sure that we're not deficient in anything because it's the one nutrient you're deficient in that can kill you that can kill you all of them are needed the full cornucopia we need two for carnico be the for synergistic effect comprehensive micronutrient adequacy the full synergy the full symphony of the medicines we need we don't want to we don't want to leave anything up to chance I just live cuz the ancient chinese didn't we've been saying ancient china this ain't ancient israel this ain't ancient nothing this is the United snakes of America 2019 black waters whales that dead suffocating they own in the own home in the water so they got it so they commit suicide by coming up on the shore to die that's the time we live in here so get your head out of the sand then stop acting like we can go back to the Garden of Eden and it's just getting worse as time go let's let me tell you something the dog going underwear we wearing is poisoning us are you home making your own clothes were you poisoning yourself right now including myself so we have to be as perfect as we can with what we can control and that's the point of the second profit that makes sense well I tried to break it down as much as I could I don't know how much more I can say that's the theory behind this that's the theory behind the nutrit Aryan diet that's the theory behind it you know I love dr. John McDougall I love dr. John Mead I've learned from many doctors I'm a new to Tyrion I'm a looter Tyrion but I've learned from many different holistic doctors and I love dr. John McDougall word you don't take no mess from nobody and I like that I like that obviously but I don't agree with having the diet based off of starch I don't agree with that and his logic is that well that's the diet that the longest-lived populations in world history have survived on but we're not living in those societies anymore so wouldn't it make sense that we need to make some adjustments some critical adjustments for our times now and that's what the new trataron die says it says we need to make that adjustment so when I read the arguments of dr. John McDougall versus dr. joel Fuhrman dr. joel Fuhrman the new trataron diet makes more sense to me this isn't the 1500s Native American fear this is an add as text from 500 years ago where they could live off of mostly potatoes or this is an ancient China where they could live off of mostly rice we're not living in those and we're not living in that time anymore other places where they live off of mostly bread there's nothing wrong with whole natural rights nothing wrong with potatoes nothing wrong with bread but we need to get the most medicines out of every calorie that we consume because we're fighting against so much we're in the war and we have to change our strategy to win the war this is what this is what this is about now see we take away all of that other stuff we take away the air pollution the chemtrails the aluminum the mercury the floor I would take all of that away wellness reigns down like waters and healing as a mighty stream ok then maybe we could go back to a diet based off of starch but that time is over that time is over Jacqueline and James so we have to be smart we have to adjust our strategy to fit our situation and that's the purpose of the new to terian diet I don't know what more I can say so those are the supplements I take I take those for the men's multi vitamin there's a women's version I take the DHA EPA I take the ultra cell biotech and I take the immune system support so I'm making the same investment that you all have to make same investment you all have to make but nothing's more important than my health and I strongly believe strongly believe that is necessary I see the difference I see and feel the difference and many of you all who have purchased the supplements you see the high-quality sister Terri who's brought multiple supplements and she's she made a statement and said they're potent they're potent very high quality so that's our second principle micronutrient atticus yeah the minister of wellness calm that's my website with the online store where you can get all your supplement needs if you ask me the basics get the multivitamin that's the bare minimum is to get the multivitamin the means or the women's and then if you have it if you can add a second one get the DHA EPA so that would be optimal if you could afford to do the DHA epa in a two-month supply so if you can afford that and get that and set aside the funds to afford that set aside fifty fifty five dollars a month to be able to have those two that would be perfect that's all you need along with the G bond based diet the other things optional you need a little boost in your immune system you wanna if you're battling cancer or you're concerned about cancer of course diabetics the glucose lowering the LDL now I added three more sinuses allergies so I got a little bit of everything but if you're asking me what can I do now to satisfy the second component of eating the live the second principle of the new trataron diet multi vitamin DHA epa that's where you start January the fourth January the 4th brothers and sisters January the 4th I hope to meet and see you all all of you listen I and I know you all will come I know if it was possible that all of you are listening that you would love to come and fellowship with each other and greet me and I could greet you and talk with you and we could take pictures together and I know I know you wouldn't all so if you want me when you order a book if you want me to autograph it just state it in the notes just put it in the notes so I can be reminded that you would like me to sign your book if you purchase a book or the the weather DVD doesn't have a paper on the inside so it would have to be a book so I love to meet all of you all that's why I've been promoting this on every video for very early on to give you you got six whole months still so hoping and praying that as many of you all as possible wouldn't be able to attend especially for those who have a dramatic disease reversal and again if you have reverse disease or lost a lot of weight under my program my program my teachings I'll say my teachings not my program but my teachings please submit your testimonial you can just contact me through my website and I seeing you a free book a DVD I still enjoy reading all of y'all's testimonies assess I pray for every last one of you all even though I don't know you by name but I pray for you all that the most high will help you all to be delivered from the death train I do I pray for each and every last one of you so I want to see your testimonial successes but as far as a free book or DVD that is reserved for people that lost that that transformed their lives under my teachings and brother Nate Duncan he's still on a tear still on the tears down about 70 pounds now 275 to 207 working his way down he is on a tear his brothers in beastmode and you've encouraged me brother Nate you've encouraged me man because to get back in tip-top state brother cuz you almost gonna catch up with me so that damn man that's a blessing he's in beast mode you all motivate me that motivates me to stay in top shape as your Minister of wellness so that's January 2 for January 4 if you can view all the details and purchase your early bird tickets by going to the Minister of and clicking up coming events and if you can't make it can't make it share my speaker's website event organizers meeting planners conference coordinators Nathaniel Jordan com that's where all of my health signature programs can be found and you can see what type of budget you would need to partner with me so I can bring this life-saving information to your city if you're not able to come to me I can come to you I can't come to you Flo for all of those event organisers out there who are serious organizations churches through a series about transforming the lives of your constituents go to Nathaniel Jordan comm and I can't wait to hear from you soon I hope you all live a long life and excellent health will move on to principle number three in the next video

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  1. Congratulations Nate!Wish I had known I could've gotten your autograph when I ordered my book a couple weeks ago. Thanks for part 2. I will odering more women's multivitamins soon. Im inside most of the time as well having Vitamin D is important. Shalom to you and your family.

  2. Is it possible to follow the nutritarian lifestyle if you don't prefer salads. I normal put my greens and fruits in my NutriBullet or does it have to be a salad?

  3. I prayπŸ™πŸΏ you, and your family will continued to be blessed. πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΏ. Thank you. I'm about to work out now. πŸ˜† Salt???πŸ˜‚πŸ‘€πŸ˜¬πŸ€” yes it's sad. I'm thick. No! Exercise those extra pounds off, and eat well.

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