The Four Years of Medical School

The Four Years of Medical School

[Applause] your responsibilities is professional they begin the day as you begin your life as a medical student learning to become a physician at Loma Linda [Applause] health care runs deep in my family my dad is a dentist my mother is a nurse both of my grandma's are nurses my grandpa is a doctor one of my aunts is a nurse my sister is a nurse and one of my cousins is a nurse so there's there's quite a long line in the family I mean it's shown me the impact that health care has on people's lives and you know how much of a difference you can make by being a health care professional and so I think that's what really pushed me in that direction from a young age position versus coolness before god these things I do pass [Applause] first year is all about getting the basic knowledge of how the body is supposed to work and it's laying the foundation for learning about all of the pathology which is all like the disease states that the body can be in the second year okay what I want to do first of all orient you just generally orient you to the posterior abdominal wall and we're going to be looking at two things the posterior abdominal wall classically in them also the kidney and the urinary structures we talked about so just to orient I think you all know that this is the kidney that we see right here you can see a little bit you can actually feel it because the asymptotic to access a little crunching but there's your order that you have in that area there for orientation how's it coming over there so she still had a face at that point and then they're like okay you know dissect the superficial face and then I think was the hardest day section just because you're literally cutting another person space and that didn't go with me very well but this is definitely like wow this is a human this is what I look like inside and sometimes it's easy to forget that like you come to life you're like okay this is you know let's find the structure let's get out here when you actually stop to think like that would be right here on me or that would be right here on me you know then it can get kind of cool to realize that and the question I'm going to ask for question number three is what are the situations in which miliary TB occurs miliary TV talk that over with your group first year is basically how a human body is before sin and said it's supposed to be and second ear is mainly what happened after sin group 21 its Sylvester okay well miliary TB happens in immunocompromised people all right is that right music give me some examples second year teaches you how to think like a doctor first year tells you what's normal and second it tells you what's abnormal and what to do body puts a layer on top of each other if you're doing it like perfectly which apparently looks like that's what I'm doing it's an absolute perfect stitch she's so humble you know that was one of the reasons why I married him because this humility third year is about going through different specialties of Medicine whether you like it or not seven days a week 24 hours a day because even if you're not in clinic or at the hospital then you should be studying and if you're not studying then you need to be sleeping it's really great that we're doing it together we understand each other but it can sometimes cause us to be competitive with ourselves a lot of my friends who are married but who their wife or husband is not in medical school I mean when they decide to stop studying their wife is waiting for them to for them to spend time with each other but for us if I saw studying and then you know and she's still studying like I can't necessarily tell her to stop studying – we have to work really hard to spend free time with each other in one way it's been difficult to transition from second year to third year every new rotation every new attending brings its different challenges you don't always know what to expect what do you like to do hi Lonny hi my name is Lindsey batiste I'm one of the fourth year medical students working in the ER today how's she doing today she looks very active fourth years medical schools way of saying no hard feelings like and several people have said this will be the best year of your life so I'm looking forward to that and I've felt that some the stress is not the same I mean we stress for interviews and and that is stressful I'm not gonna lie but it's a different kind of stress I get so nervous that I forgot something fourth you're supposed to be downtime but we haven't had any so I don't know I don't know what we're gonna do next year with three kids I would say we come here pretty much every day and we walk in the neighborhood usually after dark when I get home all right you ready yeah sure let's do it I feel like I've made decisions through Medical School and then choosing a specialty that have given me the best chance in medicine to have a successful family life it's a feel that they were there's a lot of burnout a lot of stress a lot of wandering whoops where did my life go where did my kids go what was 18 and I've just been doing surgery and so I'm trying to hopefully make decisions that no that will not sacrifice the family and not sacrifice myself as a person you know I want to be an effective person who can engage with patients we're having to apply more places to interview more places and there's always that fear like what if I've worked this hard and I don't get to be what I want to be that's scary you go through Medical School you do as as well as you can but depending on how you do that sort of determines what kind of what kind of doctoring that can become the passing is a 65% two of our classes passing is a 68% it's not uncommon to fail a test pretty much every third or fourth year that I've talked to say that you failed tests it's just the way that medical school works so all of these are different parts of the brain stem that we have to know we have 21 questions in 30 minutes so what help do is so have a little arrow and help point to like here say okay Buda lesion at this location what would be the symptoms so you have to know what it is and what it does it's amazing you learn new stuff about the body every day that you're like you know wow that that's awesome how that works and like and sometimes you're like I can even believe that I'm alive right now basically the way the medical school works is you put a semester into five weeks and then you take finals for that semester in five weeks that's my little school right there for you I gotta learn this material and then in two years I'm going to be able to actually use it any detail from any one of the three or four hundred pages of notes that you have for each test week is fair game but it's like standing below a skyscraper and someone's looking at what the higher one doesn't say hey I'm gonna toss you something you're gonna catch it like okay so you kind of prepare yourself to catch something and they throw something out and you see it and it gets bigger and bigger and all of a sudden you realize they threw out a cow and you're supposed to catch it yes you just kind of put your head under like their sink faucet and you never turn it off and you know that's the thing I would med school like it's not that it's like terrible like like you can't do it but it just doesn't stop I got a class I got a lab I go home I study and I sleep that's about my life to the first year is I want to be like this is really tough and they're gonna tell you it's harder next year and there is more information but you can definitely do it like you find you have another gear that you didn't even think you had you know sometimes when I pray and I'm really overwhelmed I'll have a piece that comes over me as I'm praying that you know I'm here for a reason and I can do this and you know I really believe that God speaks through other humans to us and I think that a lot of times he speaks through my mother she is certainly reminding me you know that I can do it you know you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a reason and then it may extend out to involve the trigeminal nerve definitely I'm not feeling this soul of today but that's okay it's still a week to the test still have time to learn it so I would definitely compare medical school to a marathon you cannot see the finish line what you still have to keep going you just have to have that vision in your mind when I run long distance races I just focus on the next next mile instead of from the next nine ten miles it's the long ways the third year but that's something that I don't want to think about right now we had a scary practice test on Friday last Friday and half the class failed as far as I know this locked in I get mad at this and no it didn't work out never worried about passing an undergrad but that's cool and then we studied our behind off the whole weekend everybody did super great after that practice he used to be very innocent last year used to look at the second year's who are studying so hard day in and day out and be like hey I don't have to do that and as soon as I came back from Christmas break the reality that you're not too far away from that big test just hit me yeah step one is coming up and about I want to say five months if somebody was writing a board question and somebody thought something was important enough to put in a black box warning maybe you should take a look at it so that's why I provided these for you step one is the first licensing exam out of three and the most important if you ask any medical student because that determines where you are going to go as a resident what special you're gonna pick and as much as MCAT the entrance exam to get into med school as important step one is important for the next phase of a career of the following 5fc is most notable for cause eighty it's three enter your answers in what they will ask anything from the first two years of medical school Coast is a lot I studied this two weeks ago reviewing for step one man I'm going through it again forgot half the drugs pretty much all third years and all fourth years are like you know just get through second year pass your boards and then you know it gets so much better so that's really like what we all look forward to it's just the most studying you could ever possibly imagine and then when you feel like you can't take the studying anymore than they give you more you know second year the only thing that kind of kept me going was that fact I knew that third year should be better and so I kind of use as my goal today's Monday I'm taking my test next Friday so vote less than two weeks get excited last ten days in college you typically didn't take more than three science classes at a time here you're taking six or seven so you're taking over a semesters load or so like 21 hours of peer science classes and you're learning all the material and I'm much more accelerated pace than you would in college I'm really nervous I don't know why you got food water I hope I'm not forgetting anything I'm gonna be done in a few hours that's what I kept telling myself esterday as hard enough it's gonna be I'm gonna be down at the end of the day it's a huge difference between how you study in college and how you study in medical school in college it's all about getting everything and here it's all about getting the main facts and so it takes a complete reversal of your study habits and of your approach to studying to be successful and so you need a book to tell the server where you are in space and for the serums and succeed where you are based so if you can't you are there you're just stuck I expect today's test to be a little harder than the practice test and it's gonna be much longer the longest tests we take in med school is three hours and to take a test for seven hours at some point while you're taking the test the physical and the mental kind of blur because you're mentally stressed and you can physically feel it this time the time has come I truly believe that God wants me here and I think that's a way that I cope with the enormous unknowns that are in my future each day in medical school the knowledge that I learned influences the doors that will be open to me in a few years when I'm trying to get into residences and to even what residency's you know I even have a shot at and so I have to remember each day that God has a plan for me and it's gonna work out for his well [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's over third year now oh I'm assuming it passed I don't feel like I'm done adrenaline this daughter rush I think it'll dig Sabbath than a few more days to calm down and actually start realizing that I'm done it's like any second year taught me that I am more resilient and I thought that I can actually withstand tons of exams and tests and I can actually take that much stress and I hope when I actually face some difficult times in real life I hope I will do what I did in second year that I will go to god I'll go to my friends my family and just be disciplined and what I'm going that's what second year taught me Kelley 1 2 3 4 so you have lots of family and friends out there yeah that's right you should start feeling your legs get real warm you know you have the doctor that's cutting and you have the the resident who's also a doctor that's there you know also cutting and then it's you but you're just there you're not necessarily cutting you know the body open okay so I'm basically going to swim around to see a chicken eyes through mail box to see how I scored on my surgery great one thing I was happy with during my eval where my attending was talking to me is that you know he asked me what I wanted to go into a night one more to pee dicks and usually a lot of general surgeons kind of send tend to not like when students say that because it's so different from general surgery so you know so I said and I hope that you can still look at me after I said that you know he's like no no you use like I mean I know that general surgery is not for everybody you know my what's important is that you you know find what you love to do another attending at at Arrowhead that I said that I wanted to go under Phoenix – he just looked at me and walked away when I initially came into med school I wanted to do peds and when I did o be the chief resident was like alright who wants to go into a c-section I wanted to erase my hand so quickly but I was like okay just calm looked around to the side I was like no one's raising a hand me and so I got to go in and then it was just awesome even starting third year and started my surgery rotation that's really what I want to do I want to be a general surgeon it wasn't so I actually did general surgery that I realized well I don't like all the aspects of what general surgeons do and so I said well I know I want to be a surgeon but I got to figure out what I want to cut on you know that's important and so after doing my one week of orthopedic surgery like man this is amazing I love orthopedics and I like the fact that I can use a hammer and a drill and and people are better after I do it you know like people can actually walk and they're happy you know I loved it honestly like I haven't done anything else so far third year that really I enjoy doing like I wake up every morning say man I'm really glad to put on my white coat and go in like all the other stuff is kind of like I'm just going through the motions but this I really enjoy a lot of people don't don't like the lifestyle that their surgeons have to live but they love the surgeries and I think that's what gets you know people like I don't think I necessarily someone who likes to be away from for my wife and who like you know likes to be you know gone all day but like if I got to think of something that I'm waking up every morning to do as god be operating a lot of the guys who sometimes at the top of their fails in medicine they revered and there you know respected but oftentimes their families are kind of they don't know their families that willing you know I had those ambitions to be that that guy but I also know that like there's no need to get married and you know like told my wife and my kids on the wayside we know what it okay we've got a boy boy right baby you're gonna hold a baby up for mama can't hold the head down show you your baby I had to like take the baby over to the nurses don't like being very careful towing the mom went through so much pain to get this baby into the world and I don't want to be the crazy 30 a medical student that drops a baby she didn't know she was having a boy or girl so it's actually nice to you know stay there when they pull the babies I thought you could see she was crying and I was like trying to hold back my tears it's very rewarding to deliver babies and make women happy I know I would be happy doing it whether it's attainable is a whole nother question because a lot of people like orthopedics the field of orthopedics and there are a lot of smart medical students out there this number pretty happy with my grade but I think I'll only be happy in the end once I see what everyone else got so I can see like whether that means I did better than that or not that's what I like yes sir it's not just your grade but it's a higher compared to your classmates so see how that goes you didn't give me the highest highest rating that you possibly could but I got right under that and so if someone that wants to go into surgery that's important sometimes they won't even look at your application if it's below a certain score and so like it could be kind of stressful but in all that I realized in the end it was a god that got me into Loma Linda and so in the same way I'm doing all that I can but I'm trying not to think that it would be all about what I do that gets me into the residency I need to be I know it's gonna be god but I had to remind myself of that every day fourth year is about getting a job I think it's supposed to be a little bit more stress-free but I'm not really finding that to be the case because of interviews and residency and the closer we get to graduation the more I feel like I'm going to be a doctor I'm going to be responsible for you know important decisions come July hi Ethan how are you shaking shaking do we do knuckles first in the second year is not about what being a doctor is like you know your interaction is with books and not humans and that's hard especially when you dream of being a doctor so long and you get to medical school and it's it's not what you've dreamt about and so having this third and fourth year experiences made up for that and any any drainage that you've noticed thank you thank you this is why we like to see patients for theatres about taking everything that you've learned and applying it being a little more confident in it and showing what you learn – all these programs that you interview at its selling yourself it's convincing them and I think convincing yourself that you're ready to take the next step to be a doctor how are you getting from the airport and what time does that one depart it it's not as much of an influx of all the knowledge that you've had first year second year third year it's just letting that knowledge simmer its silletti than the gravy thickens it's 12:30 7:00 a.m. I have an interview at Indiana University Children's Hospital tomorrow morning so one of the things that I'm really looking for besides a solid residency training program is that I'm trying to find a place that's very livable for my family so I want Asher and my cat and the new little one on the way to grow up with as much exposure to nature as it possibly can means it's only 1937 in California which means I'm not tired and I can't go to sleep I interviewed at Mayo Clinic at Dartmouth first Kansas City Missouri Salt Lake City Utah Oakland California at Duke then OHSU in Oregon Portland Albuquerque New Mexico Louisville Linda California Seattle Washington in Loma Linda then I interviewed at a family medicine program in Grand Junction Colorado Indianapolis Indiana Aurora Colorado then the University of Colorado in Denver and then I ended at Harvard in Boston and then Ellie children's in Phoenix I think it'd be really hurt if I didn't get a Dylan de I've shown that I can grow a lot and I work well with the residents that are here and I think it has a lot to do with your gut feeling like where you end up and have a really good good gut feeling about Loma Linda I've got some love letters from a couple program directors which is kind of nice you know it's nice to be wanted from University of Colorado May and Duke they had the program directors that maybe it's a nice long email and I said hey look if you want to come here we would love to have you and I spot for you today is a match day I feel confident about next year one because I've matched and I know that I'm going someplace I can get have a really good shot at Loma Linda and if I go someplace else then I'll know it's really because that's what God wanted me to go so to me it's just more of a celebration day but I know a lot of people really nervous so you know we'll see so we find out where we go today hoping there's no big surprises we're expecting to go to Mayo that's kind of what we've been planning for but we'll see okay and I will say the first name is any prize for first name Gillian often Laura Denham Kimberly McMillan the next name is Mark Warren [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and second out [Applause] [Applause] we're gonna mail yeah yeah yes I did and that's the window I feel like medicine in general is a giant socialization process you come into medicine and you're not a doctor and and you're very well aware of that fact and then the subsequent years help you to realize slowly but surely that you are gonna be a physician and then that you can be a physician and then finally that you are a physician by this stage I I do feel comfortable going into a room even though I may not know everything I'm supposed to do I may not know what the diagnosis is I feel comfortable at least plunging in asking the questions I need to ask performing a confident physical exam and so it's just nice to feel the comfort of knowing that you can do a decent job at it and knowing that people will guide you still guide you you know there's still comfort in knowing that there's someone to help you out what's the emergency medical uncontrolled pain you can ride this stretch by yourself for quite a while he was just always on his bike you know so he was on his training wheels but he'd be out on his bike every day so we just kind of loosened him and worked the training wheels up up up Tori had to use more and more of his own balance and then one day Brittany is like hey maybe you can do it without him so he took him off and sure enough and I think that's like medicine you know you have these training wheels you have the structure the support system all these attendings and and people around you building you into a physician and slowly you know through second third or fourth year they're raising them up so that you're having to lean and develop your own balance more and more and eventually the training wheels are going to come off and and it's the hope that we won't crash and burn you're ready to go again for many people in college it was the brains that got them through but in medical school it's the determination that gets you through it is very much a trying in the fire I just talked about I come out gold and don't get burned in the process it is just a great feeling got the step one school or I passed so you're officially a third year and you have something to offer believe it or not I've already had instances where people are just grateful that you listen to them know Adventist institution is perfect this is still God's school and I still believe that God is blessing this institution and if I've to redo med school ten times over I've come I've come come here again because I've really enjoyed my experiences we may through the puddle good job like we're gonna walk across that platform and we're still gonna have the training wheels on Ashley's are off mine aren't yet they're pretty high waning mark Brandon Warren I think it's probably one of the biggest accomplishments that all have in life that I can mark out and say here I'm hoping that they'll be more later where I can look back but I've a feeling that as far as tangible concrete things this is definitely one of the biggest Lindsey Nicole Buffy step [Applause] okay your chest makes your packet okay get your pager and then white clothes that's what makes you feel like a doctor your coat length you can ask any medical student especially the tall ones where their coaches coming up to here and it looks like hold the top for medical school and I hope they can't about here my long white coat that's what I want now longer you you

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