The Evolution Of Health & Fitness With Eric Edmeades - Mindvalley Masterclass Trailer

The Evolution Of Health & Fitness With Eric Edmeades – Mindvalley Masterclass Trailer

food companies commit one of the biggest sins in the world today see this this is marketed as a health drink but you want to know something read the ingredient this is 40 percent pure sugar so we live in this lie first food companies are lying to us by getting us hooked on substances filled with sugar and other things that actually cause a body to age and put on weight and we are told that this is healthy second late night infomercials lie to us by saying the solution to getting in shape is to exercise exercise exercise yet studies showed that ninety five percent of your body shape has to do with what you eat and not how you workout this is where while fit comes in while fit is a way to completely reshape your body by reconditioning your mind to understand the brainwashing that we go through to reverse that to understand hunger and to be able to make conscious decisions on what you eat so that it becomes effortless to stay in shape join us in this master classes I bring you the creator of Waffen Eric ed needs now one wild fit I have to actually make that additional hole you can see it's it's not even properly centered then I had to make this hole because I continued losing weight then I had to make this all we put hundreds of people in a company true while fit and the results have been amazing we have never seen a program that has caused such an incredible change in its students lives our current society our current version of the human lifestyle is contrary to our instincts and our physiology and if we can begin to correct some of those things we can create massive health turnaround

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  2. Stop your guerilla ad campaign you stupid cunt. You can learn how to be healthy for free and no one considers milo a health drink. Did you build this business just to get sued by milo for clout? Answer honestly.

  3. I'm here because of a misleading add by this company. Mindvalley is full of shit when it says diet is all you need for good health. Without the breakdown and repair of tissues systems do not adapt and get stronger. Strong bodies protect people against the ravages of ageing. If you have any sense, don't listen to these charlatans. MAKE SURE TO EXERCISE AND DO IT REGULARLY. Do that with a healthy diet and you will live a longer life with better quality years.

  4. What happened to the video prior to this.. the one about on a diet to have a diet was it just an advert or is there a link to that with the guy who featuring in this one

  5. Some people are struggling to put food on their table…choosing is not an option for them. They eat what is available and sometimes they lack something to eat.

  6. But you do realise the majority of people wont buy the classes because they cost over 1400$ right? You need to know whats the client mentel state is too, i know this comment wont be red by anyone but now days people tend to go away from uncomfortable stuff and expensive one, the idea of wild fit sound perfect , but with such price i think not alot of people will buy the classes

  7. Dude, your class, your ads, your personality, YOU are a fucking dipshit clickbaiter. I'd love to slap shit out of you for spreading this shitty missinformation, that exercises are bad for you. Yeah with your technique anyone will become 1% of the healthiest amongst the whole population. Damn I wish you were in Uk you fucking dipshit rat. Don't listen to this cunt, training is one of the best activities you can do to feel better.

  8. if that belt is leather, i prefer to be a loser than lose weight. I would leave the animals to be who they are than make money subscribing to animal abuse.

  9. Could you share the research to support the statement that "95% of your body shape has to do with what you eat"

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