Teens’ obsession with healthy eating may turn into disease (WOIO)

Teens’ obsession with healthy eating may turn into disease (WOIO)

– Doctors at Akron Children’s Hospital say they are seeing a disturbing trend among some young people. – Teenagers and young adults
who are taking healthy eating too far and to what could
become a dangerous disorder. Brittany Bivens talked to doctors about how they’re working to change that. – [Brittany] Today it’s easy
to find lots of advice on diets but that doesn’t mean it’s good advice. – There’s so much poor information on the internet, on social media, and just because they look thin
like you might want to look, doesn’t mean their way of
getting there was healthy. – [Brittany] Dr. Jessica
Castonguay is part of a team of specialists at Akron
Children’s Hospital combating disordered eating
for kids as young as 12. – One of the things that
we’re seeing most often is young people who want to
be more healthy in their diet and in their meals and
so they start to cut out maybe junk food first, and
then maybe fried foods, and then they start to
cut out more and more. – [Brittany] She says they see teenagers coming into the clinic who eat nothing but small amounts of vegetables. And at an age when it’s critical for kids to get vital nutrients, that can lead to a serious health issue or a more serious eating disorder. – When young people decide not
to go out with their friends because they don’t want
to have the ice cream, they don’t want to have
that slice of pizza. When it takes them hours before
going out with their friends on the internet looking up
the nutritional information at the particular restaurant
that they’re going to, then that’s a sign that
there might be a problem. – [Brittany] And the sooner you get help for that problem, the better. In Akron, Brittany
Bivins, Cleveland 19 News.

76 thoughts on “Teens’ obsession with healthy eating may turn into disease (WOIO)”

  1. Ok
    1. Pencil thin skinny isnt healthy like some think
    2. Lets stop discuraging kids, teens and youth to stop trying to eat healthy and make good healthy choices
    3. Lets help them get the missing nutrients they need when becoming healthy and not saying that its an eating disorder autimatically

  2. This happened to me.
    Started eating healthy then I obsessed about it, and I ended up with an eating disorder

  3. We should be educated more on balanced diets instead of discouraging “healthy eating” it’s a great habit, kids just aren’t doing it correctly and need to be taught the correct ways to eat healthy and still get vital nutrients

  4. They have a good point, but explain it pourly. I think that what they might wanted to say is that is very good to eat vegetables, but when you only eat very little and you don't get your protein or calcium, it becomes a problem.

  5. Well i did lose 30lbs when i cut out soda and only drank water with low sugar juice packets with my normal meals for 3 months.

  6. "Takes hours before going out with friends to look up the nutritional value of the foods of the restaurant " oh no! People actually want to know what they're putting into their bodies! Someone call the police!
    Smh, they always say to eat better, but when you do it's a problem. Huge example on how you can't please everyone.
    I understand how some can obsess over this stuff and it becomes a problem, but they're making it seem like young kids/teens can't eat healthier bc it can be a problem. ANYTHING can become a problem, you just need to know how to do things the RIGHT WAY to avoid that.
    Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

  7. This is me… I’m a 14 year old boy and I’m obsessed with eating healthy to prevent weight gain… I know I’m at a stage of growth spurt and need to eat more but I restrict myself so much from junk food and fatty foods like pizza, cake, etc. I refuse to eat my moms dinner because I think it’s not “healthy enough”. And if I feel like I already ate too much but I’m still hungry, I would wait till the next day, because I don’t want to go over my calories needs… I even make my own healthy meals and my parents look at me weird because I chose to eat healthy and not the pizza they bought… my parents had told me to stop restricting myself so much because I’m still young and I don’t need to worry about that right now, but I just can’t seem to listen to them… if I eat an Oreo… I would feel bad about myself and not eat for the next 5 hours to make it up.

  8. Hello to anyone reading this, I just wanted to clear something up. There seems to be a lot of confusion in the comment section so I hopefully can help. The disorder they are talking about in this video is called Orthorexia and they didn’t do a great job at explaining what this means. Orthorexia is an obsession with eating foods deemed healthy by an individual. This disorder isn’t commonly recognized like anorexia, bulimia, etc. since it is quite new, so it is understandable that people don’t know what it means. While healthy eating is great and all, and we should be encouraging people (especially teenagers) to eat healthier, people with Orthorexia take it too far. They cut out junk foods, which is great! But then, slowly, they cut out more food groups such as protein, carbs, fat, whatever it may be. After awhile, they are only eating a small variety of foods which causes a deficient in many nutrients. Again, this video really didn’t explain it well, but for the people complaining how ridiculous this is, know that there are real people suffering from this eating disorder. Healthy eating can be something great, but if it is taken to far, it can lead to something not so healthy.

  9. It’s unhealthy when you start to literally starve yourself but it’s super HEALTHY when you do cut out junk food or it’s also super healthy when you eat a mix of mostly healthy food and maybe some more unhealthy food when you need it. The definition of “healthy” or “skinny” doesn’t mean starving yourself. I think the majority of teens know that isn’t good for your body. We have common sense.

  10. why is it a problem that they want to look up the nutritional value in different foods that they eat? making sure you find food that is good for you is important, and google is a good way to find that out. also, what is wrong with cutting out junk food and fried food? that stuff destroys your body, and cutting it out is a good thing. it causes acne, obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. these people seem to think that teens only want to be skinny, and don’t understand that they want to fuel their bodies and stay healthy. and yes, i understand that this can develop into orthorexia or anorexia, but they seem to be overlooking that some trend just want to be healthy, and it’s not a trend, we just want to know what we put into our bodies.

  11. I think some of y’all who are saying that this is promoting unhealthy eating doesn’t understand it from a person who’s had an ED perspective…cause its soso easy to get trapped in that obsessive mindset and once you’re stuck it’s hard to get out.

  12. Dude just eat fruits and veggies, less meat, calculate the amount of water you want to drink each day and then drink it. Exercise for 1 hour a day. How is that unhealthy. If any thing these kids are smart.

  13. Sho any way to boost my metabolism that’s how Most of these ppl so skinny. They eat what they want and stay skinny shoo I wish

  14. for everyone getting upset, they are talking about orthorexia, an obsession with eating healthy and a fear of unhealthy foods. they are trying to prevent eating disorders. they aren't saying its bad to be healthy and eat well, they are saying it can spiral out of control and become obsessive

  15. So they don’t want us to be healthy when they say it’s a bad thing to eat too much junk.like make your mind already

  16. Tried this , i don't think it's made for me.
    6'1 235 (Mostly fat)
    Trying to lose weight and build muscle..
    Ended up binge eating on sushi .
    I only eat fruits and fish and veggies nothing fried or unhealthy.
    Is there another way?

  17. 🤦🏽‍♂️ if my kid wanted to eat healthier i would monitor what they’re eating to make sure they’re eating safe i would also teach them about a nutritional diet

  18. I’m trying to eat healthy. Like seriously!
    I’m 21, really trying to live the best and longest life possible.

  19. I get what they're saying but, there's moderation, as well as a plethora of other fruits and veggies kids could be consuming. Telling me that I should start eating bad foods again isnt helpful. If I want to start eating really healthy and cutting out junk food for a while, I sure as hell can. Dont tell me to stop, teach how to handle it, so I'm eating in a safe way.

  20. This is bs 😂

    If you think being healthy is unhealthy, maybe their diet is just unhealthy to whatever extent gives you any excuse of a reason to mention so.

    For example they don’t have enough fat or sugar because they have hardly any (maybe could be bad for oneself)

    But this is probably quite rare right? Idek what to say at this point…

  21. guys, I think you understood the video wrong. What they meant to say is some teenagers doesn't know how to eat properly and healthy, so they go on strict diets cutting of more and more "bad foods" turning it into a obsession and cutting of good foods that social media saying are bad. They can't stop thinking about it, they can't stop it which leans to orthorexia. Eating healthy is really smart decision when you're teenager as your body is growing and you're giving it the right things, exercise wich is really healthy and important for you, but If you're buying plenty of gluten free, expensive named bio, organic, vegan foods, going on a strict diets, counting calories constantly, exercising a lot is not healthy! Don't get obsessed bc it's not about being obsessed it's about being healthy and happy. Just cut olf the junk food get at least 45 mins of activity daily (what teens should do) and that's it. If you live like that than that's amazing, but if you live like the first one please stop. I am very sorry for any spelling mistakes, english is not my first language.

  22. okay. so i go to the doctor and they tell me to eat healthier, i go to school and we have a food pyrimad that we need to follow, and when i ACTUALLY take the advice and start to eat healthy i’m advised to hang out with my friends and eat pizza… what the hell do you want us to dO

  23. I can see eating small amounts of vegetables is bad because of the lower calories. With healthy food it’s the opposite eat less junk food more healthy food

  24. I'm 16 and I only eat say what our body needs no bread no dairy just meat and veggies and fruits and sometimes I treat myself to rice I have also fast alot and purge cause I'm so self conscious but lately since November of 2018 I was 285lbs today I am 181lbs and I can say all that cutting back and sacrifice was worth it even tho I'm pretty sure that's called bulimia or some shit but since hitting 180 I stopped fasting and started working on abs and chest to get in shape my point is it's not always bad I have had a better love life and school life and I feel so much more confident lately it's not even funny 😖

  25. I cured my eating disorder and now I try to stay away from crisps and chocolate and high sugary and salty foods bc I just don't like however if I like it then yeah I would eat it again

  26. I’m 13 and about 40-50lbs over weight. I’m losing it because I need to I’m unfit I’ve been having 7 a day instead of 5. I’m getting plenty of protein and good amounts of GOOD fats etc, exercising and cutting down my carbs by a lot (mainly what my diet consisted of before) because I want to be healthy and keep up with my friends. I want to be confident In my body and that’s what I’m doing! I’m doing this for me and before I was eating good I used to have literal mental breakdowns quite often about what I ate and I was regretting every meal. Sometimes I felt sick after eating cause it was unhealthy this is the worst I’ve ever felt about what I ate and I’ve tried to go on diets numerous times but every time I ate something bad I felt like I’d ruined it and binged cause I was sad. It was a viscous cycle and I couldn’t get out I’d be sad about eating bad and eat worse. I’m now doing really well and am proud of myself for putting me first and caring about my life choices.

    If your wondering anything about my background history type thing and how I got to being so unhealthy I have been since I was bout 7 but it only really started piling on at age 10 and when I was 12 I had a growth spurt and kinda ‘stretched out’ a bit so I didn’t look as big as before but I hadn’t lost weight and so yeah👍 my life rn.

    So I think anyone losing weight should be monitored and people should make sure they’re not going overboard especially teens and people who are more prone to mental health disorders such as anorexia, bulimia etc, and I have spoken to my parents make sure they keep an eye on me cause the reality is these things can happen and I would love to hope they don’t happen to me (or anyone) but just incase you know. So I think children and teens should be able to explore healthy foods and ‘dieting’ but like I said closely monitored.

  27. People who worry about what they eat is a good thing. They’re checking nutrition on things because they don’t want to eat garbage. I don’t know what this world is coming to.

  28. so now im supposed to eat junk food instead of healthy vegetables and fruits and healthy proteins?? you want me to go to macy'ds every day?? Your saying this is going to help me in my rugby and other athletics??? U guys are frick'n stupid.

  29. I used to eat very healthy everyday, but my parents got mad at me for it, because I refused to eat hamburgers, pizza, etc, instead I made myself healthy meals. They would look at me weirdly and always say “when are you ever gonna eat something different for once?” They also say I’m gonna get sick, and other stuff. Keep it mind, I don’t starve myself, I do eat a lot, but I just eat healthy. And whenever I had a headache they always put my healthy meals as an excuse for feeling sick. They say crazy stuff like “your head hurts because you always eating avocado toasts” “you never eat right”, “you’re anorexic” it’s not like I only eat salad everyday, I eat other types of healthy foods, I eat 3 meals a day, even sometimes 4. Great parents right 😫

  30. The Bible tells a great story. It tells of a man who was taken with other young Jewish men to serve in the conquering King Nebuchadnezzar’s palace. Daniel and three of his friends accepted the king’s teaching (as if they had a choice really) and even their new Chaldean names, but they did refuse to eat the royal food and wine. (many reasons why they chose to not eat this food which consisted of meat and everything else we're told we absolutely need) Instead, they said they would only eat a 'vegan' diet. Although the king was reluctant to this choice, the Jews made a deal. They said "if after 10 days of us easting only vegan, we are found malnourished compared to those who are eating the Royal food, then we will submit and also eat the Royal food" However, after the 10 days past, the Jewish men were very well-nourished and even started looking much fairer than those who ate the Royal foods! How's that for evidence. lol Granted, this text is not about diet and more so about their reliance on God and not a foreign Kings chosen foods, but nonetheless, I think there's something about diet to be learned here. After all, Adam and Eve before the fall were also vegans! Lets get back to our roots shall we!

  31. I had anorexia before and you should never try to diet like this I'm healthy now but it took a year (3 weeks in a mental hospital) to fully recover btw if your looking for a great place for teens and kids in Memphis for mental problems try St. Francis!!!

  32. People get this waaaaayyyy wrong. The problem with teens eating “healthy” is that teens only eat small amounts of just vegetables. The video explains that teenage years are the time where people are supposed to eat the most. If teens are eating a few hundred calories a day, they won’t have the nutrients they need to actual grow. Eating healthy is great ONLY if you balance your meals. You must eat vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and grains, not just one type. Teens need to make sure they are eating lots of calories, not cutting back on calories.

  33. Look they clearly aren’t saying you should eat all the junk food you want. But restricting yourself to the point that you’re not socialising with other kids because of the fear of some pizza is the sign of an eating disorder. Just as obsessing over food and calories is.

  34. Back then we ate fruits and vegetables and meat. Our bodies are not really suppose to eat junk food. All these smoking companies changed into junk food companies and food stores because they are still marking you addicted to all these junk food by marketing them. It’s true and now when these kids are eating what we all should be eating you all are like nope that’s not right when it is.

  35. its not eating healthy that is bad for you! eating healthy is great! it is when healthy eating turns into an obsession, takes over their life, turns into an eating disorder, thats when it becomes unhealthy. orthorexia is just as bad as bulimia and anorexia, it is still about obsession and control.

  36. sis, this isnt the problem, the problem is y'all aren't educating these kids enough or providing them with the right foods to be able to make that healthy change in their diet whilst getting the proper nutrients. they aren’t the issue, you are.

  37. Lol what

    Okay yeah guys no eating healthy it’s bad for your health stop obsessing just keep it up with those horrible eating habits that will inevitably follow you into adulthood and be very hard for you to kick.

  38. This video isn’t really doing anyone a favor. This is such an important topic, 2 minutes doesn’t do it justice and paints a completely wrong picture of an illness that is on the rise and very harmful.

    No one is discouraging anyone from eating healthy and working out, but if you research this disorder more intensely, you’ll find that there is a certain line and that a lot of people are promoting a 'healthy' lifestyle that malnourishes them to the point of losing their periods and other serious issues.

  39. People should be obsessed with healthy eating, sugar is everywhere. American food is loaded with bad carbs and sugar. Even salads dressing have sugar. People should do keto and fasting.

  40. Cutting out junk, fried and ultra processed food isn’t bad! Eating healthy doesn’t mean small amounts, not enough calories, etc. And it doesn’t mean u want to be skinnier either. Eating healthy is treating well your body and giving it the nutrients, good fats and energy that needs. Junk food doesn’t even have nutrients, it’s just bad fat that can take u to an illness

  41. Media wants to make everyone feel like they don't know or understand anything for sure. Keep people in perpetual confusion and fear

  42. Wow. I don't know if I should laugh or cry after watching this. Is this really what adults would say when they saw young people just trying to be healthy??

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