STOP sounding NASAL when SINGING | Try this Vocal Exercise | #DrDan 🎤

STOP sounding NASAL when SINGING | Try this Vocal Exercise | #DrDan 🎤

59 thoughts on “STOP sounding NASAL when SINGING | Try this Vocal Exercise | #DrDan 🎤”

  1. Thank you very much for the video.
    As of the end of the video, when asked to do 'Kaya and Gaya' with our nose pinched.
    Is the motive to not feel ANY ABSOLUTE vibration from the nose or is the subtle vibration when pinched natural?

  2. so, if i sing nasal, is that because of my damaged soft palate? lately, i feel my voice changing drastically. my voice has deepen on low notes and i cant really hit high notes like i used to. if i push myself to high notes, they gonna sound nasal, not as beautiful as it used to be. im not a singer but i enjoy singing in a app called Smule. my friend said i might have been overusing my voice too much due to singing for hours

  3. So… I used to sing, I would join Competitions and always get a place, I've been singing for 4 years since I started singing and joining competitions when I was in kindergarten last grade 4, I joined a competition and won so I moved to the higher competition but suddenly I had a cough so when I sang on stage, my voice was the worst and I stopped singing. It's been 2 years now that I didn't sing or practice and I want my voice back, What kind of practice should I do? Please answer 😔

  4. Even my speaking voice is nasal; I have allergies, a deviated septum, narrow/high arched palate etc. I can't even breathe when I eat, let alone sing without sounding underwater…

  5. But then you are saying nasal resonance produces nasality? Justin Stoney explains in one of his videos how nasality can be achieved without any nasal resonance and says we shouldn't aim for a risen soft palate because it limits resonance. I don't know if there's some detail I hadn't grasp but I find both informations to be contradictory and I apreciate both of you as singing teachers.

  6. I have been singing for years and I was told when I was a kid I sung through my nose. I'm 52 so I may need lots of practice. Thanks Dan

  7. Meh i dont think its good video cause you have to try a LOT harder to get rid of nasal singin than this shit.

    Like super persistantly, in a meditative trance sing with your nose plugged and figure out whats causing the nasal sounds. For weeks to months, LOL. Talking like that.

  8. I live in india my age is 16 I have tonsills and adenoids…nd I talk through my nasal voice nd my operation of tonsill and adenoids is in few days will their be any change in my voice after this surgery????nd I love to sing I so depressed worried about thinking that can I become a great singer if I start taking classes from age 16????
    pls help me

  9. I have pure nasally voice and my former teacher loved it. I do have a weak soft pallet, I don't know if that attributes to it.

  10. Omg… I think I can finally improve more drastically. I narrowed down my biggest issues being pronunciation and nasal. I didn’t realize I even sounded nasally. Not nasally enough anyway. It was like half way nasally. My voice sounds so much more like I want it to now now that my airflow is going in the right If I can pick up the habit of not sounding nasally, I can now at least sing in public without shame haha.

  11. Dr Dan my soft palate moves down when I'm singing and my tounge moves up anyway. How do I stop this?

  12. I recently started recording myself and have realised so much imperfections, one being a lot of nasality that I didn't really notice before.

  13. Dan, great video! But what if you suffer from the opposite? Not enough nasal resonance despite doing an NG almost underwater sounding.

    And whats up with the congestion only in the nose after singing?

  14. One thing I haven't been able to find information on is how to properly balance nasality. Specifically, if n's and m's are nasal sounds by nature, how should I think about transitioning the soft palette between moments when I'm hitting vowels and need to move to m's and n's or visa-versa? Any direction here would be greatly appreciated!

  15. I have a bifid uvula sickness, it this technique can really help to stop the really bad nasal voice when singing? Like I have been liking to singing kind of wanted to be a singer because of it and when I recorded myself and listen it I can't even listen 4 to 5 second because of the very bad nasal that when you listen to it you can't even understand anything…
    And as I consulted to the doctor, 1 say that I may not need to get operation on my uvula since there is someone who can speak clearly when she has the same sickness as me, while the another one is a consultant say that it need to operate or need to practice more, and I don't know what practice are better for me without nasal, so may I have any idea or suggestions for me to improve my vocalisation?

  16. Hello Dan, I think you are very good at what you do but may I direct you to look at Newyork Vocal Coach Tristans video on the soft palate and the reasoning why we shouldn't focus on it and why nasal resonance is necessary. All the best Curtis

  17. Hey man, I have a very deep voice, and if you were to watch some of my videos, my voice is more of a cold kind of nasality, tried plugging my nose, and it is the same…

  18. If you really want to develop your voice check out my comprehensive singing course for beginners –

  19. My vocal tracher always tells me to lift the soft palate as i move to higher notes…
    But doesn't lifting the soft palate actually block the nasal/head resonance which we want for signing higher?
    Thanks Dr. Dan!

  20. I can sing good comfortably for about 20 mins. Long sessions, my left nostril-soft palate idk, swells up. Sucks because i sound really good, i can get very light and high lol. Then it sounds retarded because of a literal block in my nose.

  21. I feel like this is definitely my biggest singing flaw! I suffer from allergic rhinitis so it's really hard not to sing from my nose 🙁

  22. Hello sir how to sing clearly as I have nasal voice during singing only.specially during singing.when I talk it's nt I have sinus problems usually

  23. I speak even as if I have a plugged nose. I sing the same I don't know what to do. It's hard because I have talked like this forever. I realised it isn't supposed to be like that a while back. You are amazing. Helped me a lot
    I'm working on it. Thank goodness. Love ur videos. Thank u!!

  24. I have a REALLY bad problem with post nasal drip. It randomly came up as an adult and it has seriously affected my voice. Not only does it effect the sound but it makes it very hard to sing without stopping every five second to clear my throat. Are there any cheaper nasal sprays that might help. (Btw this is a constant thing and it has been going on for a couple years now) if anyone has some advice it would be largely appreciated

  25. I guess I don't really get the idea of "nasality". I've been practicing singing through my nose and it helps a lot. Better tone, more freedom. What confuses people, I think, is that the type of "nasality" being described in a lot of videos is actually just singing into the "mask" with a lowered soft palate.

  26. This blew my mind a bit haha. Years ago I got a sinus infection and had to stop my opera training for several months, ever since then my voice always sounded very nasal to me and I thought it was just permanently stuffy and I got discouraged and pursued other careers. but I think now it's just that I let my soft palate get very out of shape while on break and I never knew to exercise it! Now when I focus really hard on keeping it lifted I sound almost like my old self again! Though my range has shrunk tremendously xD

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