16 thoughts on “Spring Festival at Abbottabad International Medical College May 2012, hazara.com.pk”

  1. Girls ko dikhana Kon c activity ha lanat ha TM logo pe yahoudi culture ha ya TM Muslim ho Kia begartoon ke tarh dance Kar rahy ho lanat ha TM.sub pe

  2. Seems to me that i know couple of the characters in that video if you think you had any association with Siran School then get back to me I miss you allLove and respect from a stranger.

  3. Atique, What the Fucken mentality you have? You had seen Maria in a very short Interview and you are just offering her Love and demanding her to provide you her Phone number. Sham on your fucken thinking. You are a person of broken mentality and degraded thinking….. Think about your sister….fuck man…

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