Speedlines vinterprojekt – Jog R – afsnit 2

Speedlines vinterprojekt – Jog R – afsnit 2

We’re at it again and now with merchandise! Woop! What are we doing today, Kenneth? Today we’re going to put rims from a VGA Mover on our project – – so we’ll be able to have disc brakes on the rear wheel. But why not use a rim for an Aerox? Because the Aerox rim is 13″ and we want it to be 12″. Why? Kasper, stop asking silly questions. We want 12″ rims because it’s difficult to find proper 13″ racing tires. But first Kasper has to go pick up the hub from the blacksmith. You drive, I’m busy filming. Get the car keys. Are you ready? I’m so ready. We’re just waiting for you. It’s exciting to see how far the blacksmith has come with all the things. Yes! We could prank him and say we’re coming to pick up the fork. Kasper, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a car like this? You mean like you already kind of do? Jesper says he wants to drive it sometimes as well. What’s up with that? He needs to stop acting like he owns everything. Yeah, it’s kind of annoying. Hi. We’re ready to take the fork back home. Are you ready? No! We’re actually here to see if we can borrow the hub? Sure. He didn’t expect this. Thanks. I’ll bring it back on Monday. And we’re looking forward to seeing the rest as well. It’s going to be great. And the fork will be awesome? Totally awesome. I’m actually considering becoming left-handed to be able to look at you every time I have a sip. I wonder who decided who was placed where. It’s pure coincidence, it’s the picture from the previous Derbi project. Our logo would have been inverted, if we had flipped it. Hello! I could have put your head onto my body but I’m sure you would’ve disapproved even more. Yeah, that sounds like a really bad idea. We’re going to put on rims from a VGA Mover. This is the original hub from the Mover – – and it doesn’t fit directly onto the Jog R. Instead we’ve taken a hub from an Aerox – – it fits and can be tightened onto the rim. The reason for using these particular rims – – it to be able to have disc brakes on the rear wheel without having to change the entire engine block. And to be able to put on 12″ instead of 13″ tires. How will you put on the caliper? That’s the next step. Voca Racing makes this caliper adapter. Nice. And we’ll put that on down here. The caliper will be placed here. We just need to figure out how to drill some holes through the original engine block. Can you show how it fits? It’s so cool the way it’s made. There’s a milling in the adapter to make it fit with this notch where the brake arm usually is. This part here – – the adapter has been made to glide on and fit around it. It’s awesome. So that’s what we’re going to do. And I can quickly explain why the blacksmith had the hub. The hub is wider on a Mover – – so to be able to have the rim in the middle at the end – – right now it’s not centered. No, you can see that clearly from this angle. A 12 mm spacer has to be made – – and that’s why he had the hub. And he hasn’t gotten around to it yet – – so we had to borrow the hub in order to be able to mount the brake disc – – and we can make sure the caliper fits. Would you go get the caliper? Sure. If I can interrupt you for a minute. Yes? We talked a bit about the fork, can you reveal just a little bit about what we’re planning? In the first episode we talked about how we needed to figure out what to do about the fork. The problem is that they don’t really make forks for a Jog R. We could have done what almost all other people would do – – which is have it painted but that’s not a very exciting solution. Crappy solution. So instead we’ve bought an incredibly expensive fork. Pretty much the most expensive fork we could find. So we’ve bought that and now the blacksmith will chop it up and put in another head tube. What exactly will he be doing? I think we’ll get into all that once we have the fork back here. Sure, perfect. Right now he has it and it will be awesome. It’ll be totally crazy. Can you find the brake caliper? I’m on it. Red in stock and the black is in stock as well. Should I go get two? We’ll need one on front as well. Yes. I’ll go get them. Great, I’ll have some coffee then. Here we go. The caliper’s here. So Kenneth, what are you doing? It’s a homemade solution. The product is awesome. The product is fine – – but we need to make some alterations to make it fit perfectly. The instructions aren’t quite as thorough as one might wish. One could dream of a little guidance. A template or something. Yeah. What you have done is that you’ve taken a second adapter to use a guide – – but to do what you are doing people would have to buy an extra. Or you could make a template like Kasper’s done here. The point is we need to holes to be able to secure the adapter from the other side – – and it’s impossible to drill from the other side. So we need something to help us determine where to drill the holes. And we also need to grind this off – – there will be bolts here from this side here out into the adapter. So let’s remove this and we’ll be ready. And then we’ve put two adapters together – – and hopefully we’ll be able to determine where to place the holes for the bolts. It’s OK if they end up a little big bigger because the adapter is in the position where the brake arm would be. Like we showed earlier with the milling in the adapter. Of course we’ll try to make the holes as precise as possible. That’s why we’re using the second adapter instead of cutting out a template. Afterwards we’ll show how you could make the template. So, now we’re ready. You really need to hold this steady so it won’t move. Keep it there. Now I see that the idea I had isn’t possible. There’s not enough room. A smaller drill maybe? There’s not enough room for the drill. I could try and make a dot using the drill. Neverending story. This wasn’t such a bad idea. It might cost us a drill but I think we’ll survive. Now you can take it away. I might have to mill a bit more down here. It was difficult to see exactly where it had to be done. If nothing else now we have two holes. Should I just finish milling so we’ll be able to fit the bolt? Does the bolts come with? Yes, they’re in the package. Yeah. I wonder if this is a problem – – no, I think everything just as it should be. That fits perfectly. What Kenneth did was he put two adapters together to be able to determine where the holes should be drilled. And that’s nice. However, many of you won’t have a spare adapter to use and Kenneth, what should they do then? It’s extremely difficult just to drill two holes by rule of thumb – – so we made this template. It’s not all that easy to use – – but at least you’ll have something to guide you. But it is quite difficult to make the holes from the front. Maybe it would be easier if the template was made of wood or something like that. Sure, but it’s also a matter of how much time you’re willing to spend. But it would be a shame to drill the holes in the place – – because then it would be difficult to keep it in place. It’s much more fun if everything is done right. And we can say that ours is definitely done right. Now it’s time for the brake disc, Kasper. What did we talk about? Did we want one from Polini? Yeah, but the smallest Polini brake disc we have is 190 mm. That must be the rear one then? I’ll go get it and then we’ll see. Is it the right kind? Cool, right? What about the bolts I asked for? F**k, that disc is awesome. Kenneth has left yet again. Isn’t it nice to have a happy helper to make sure everything gets started? That’s nice. I think we need to remove something here. Yeah, we need to cut this part off. Which part? We have to remove this. We need to replace this one here to make sure this hole is closed. Is that the gearing? Yeah, it’s placed inside the gearing. I cut it off when we tried to put on the hub. One part of the brake shoes has been attached up here and this one here is for opening. But we can try to place the caliper to see if it all fits. That disc is so cool. You’re really into that disc, huh? Awesome is what it is. We can’t count on this until we cut that off – – and we’ll need to chop this off here. And maybe we should disassemble the gearing now that we’re at it. Take that one out – – and then put in the gear shaft loosely. Otherwise we might forget it once we move on to the other things. Let’s finish what we’ve started. On a Minarelli long like this one you’ll find a drain plug here. You’ll loosen the plug and the gear oil will run out. When all the oil has run out – – you’ll put the plug back in – – with a new disc – – and ultimately you’ll refill with 110 ml gear oil. Usually you’ll use 80-90 on these. TDL? Yes. Galp TDL. You’ll pull out the plug up here and fill it i – – put the plug back in and you’re ready to go another 5.000 km. 3.000 or 5.000 depending on the service interval of the scooter. OK, you didn’t want to wait for it to run out at the bottom? I’ll just wipe it off. But now the engine block will be filled with gear oil. Nothing that some brake cleaner can’t fix. In a Minarelli gearing you’ll find to discs – – and you can’t just replace them with two random discs you might have lying around. There are two different discs – – you’ll find a link in the description below – – a lot of people end up throwing them away or losing them when doing work like this. The thick one is placed against the gear cover – – and the other one, it’s sort of spring-like, can you tell? Yeah, you can tell it’s a bit conical, it’s bent a bit. The small, pointy part should face the gear wheels. Sort of to push them away from the cover? Yeah, so the disc will be placed like this against the gears – – like this – – and then you have the larger, thick disc out here. out of 10 will have lost those discs. They’re there for a purpose. Some smart people have figured out they need to be there. Are we going to put on a new gear cover? Polini? I think it’ll be Polini. That gasket have seen better days. We need a new one. Are you ready? Yes, I’m ready. I almost said that I was born ready. Yeah, that would be a lie. Kasper, bring the camera over here. Normally this scooter comes with drum brakes – – and they are placed here. If it was made for disc brakes – – these would have been smaller. Or there would only have been some like these here. So our problem is that out brake disc touches them. When the shaft is put in it won’t be able to move. So we have to cut some of this off. But this part here – – we’ll have to take that out before we do anything else. The pin? How will you do that? There is a nut in there that we’ll loosen – – and then we’ll take it out and cut off a part – – and then we’ll put it back in. Because we can’t have a hole here – – or at least we’ll have to drive without gear oil. Or we should go with a steady gear oil supply. Either that or mashed bananas to muffle that irritating sound. We’ll see about that. It’ll probably be easiest if we just take that part out and put in a plug. We’ll put the same back in after we’ve shortened it. That’s what I meant. That’s what I tried to say. You’re such a stickler. No, I’m not. The boss is keeping an eye on us. He has absolutely no idea how crazy this will be. No! There are things going on with this project that he doesn’t know about yet. Something about that fork for instance. He won’t know until it comes back from the blacksmith. What did you just do? It’s because I wanted to knock on this here. And then it comes out on the other side, that looks so nice. Is that the one that’s called reaction arm? It might have been before I cut it to pieces. No, it’s not because that’s just the shaft. Ah, I see – the reaction arm is this one. This one has another name on the website. I’ll see if I can find it and we’ll put a link to it in the description below. In other news and as we’ve talked about earlier – – our new winter project mug. Get yours, it’s available on the website. We’re not about the price but you can find that on the website as well. We better get around to cutting some of that parts over here. What is it exactly that you want to cut off? We need to remove some of this. Ahh, well cut away then. I’ll grab the grinder and get started. That’s turned out nice. Now it works. We forgot to get rid of this thing here. Which one? That part here. Why? Because if we don’t there’s not enough room for the caliper – – and we would have to find a larger disc in order to be able to use our brake caliper adapter. Get you grinding gear on. You do have to make quite a few changes. That’s nothing. It really isn’t, I could’ve done this. Sure, now that I’ve done it all. All you’ve done, I could’ve done as well. That’s why we’re doing this, Kenneth, so that our friends at home will be able to do it as well. I think I’ll remove the adapter just to be sure. That might be a bit too confident. I don’t want to ruin it. This is awesome. It fits perfectly. And where is the rim? It’s in front. it would be nice to get an idea about where we’ll end up – – to be honest I was’t all that into those wheels but I’m starting to change my mind. Without the spacer they don’t fit very well. We could try and put some discs in between. Kasper? I’m listening! You’re not saying anything. OK, you’re making a make-shift solution. I just need something so we’ll be able to put the rim on temporarily – – the blacksmith will have the other one ready for next time. Then it’ll be done right. I think it’s pretty cool, Kasper. It’s nice. If you think it over – – I know we’ve done some minor things along the way as well – – it does take quite a lot of time with a project like this. Sure, but there goes a lot of thought into many of the solutions – – that people can use and benefit from afterwards. I must admit that I kind of like that rim with that design. It turned out really well with that brake disc. If the rim seems to be bouncing a little bit it’s just because of the temporary solution with the discs. Yeah, it’s because we just did a quick fix to be able to put it on. We’ve covered a few things and we also showed how to change the gear oil on a machine like this. Next time I hope we’ll be mounting the fork. Seriously? Jesper, you…. Well, let’s go, Kasper. We’re rolling. We mounted the rim as well as the brake caliper. We also made the holes in the engine block for the brake caliper adapter. That was actually the initial plan for today. That took the entire day. A few hours at least. It was the first time and we had to figure out some things. There’s no need in rushing these things, it’s better to make sure the end result is they way you really want it. What’s cooking?! Boss? Leave! I don’t know what going on, maybe it’s because it’s Friday? Or maybe it’t because I’ve turned the page on your Monster calendar and he’s seen the new girl? Monster calendar? Ahh. This one looks a bit mad. This one! She’s been in front for ages. You need a little change every once in a while. Sure, she’s nice as well. Next time we’ll mount the fork. Yeah, if he’s done. He is. Hopefully the spacer for the rear wheel will also be done. We need to get the fork done so we can move on to the radiator if we’re going to put it behind the front wheel. But we need to have the fork in place first to see if it’ll all fit. So if all goes well – – we’re looking at mounting the fork, front wheel and front tire and perhaps also the radiator. Don’t make too many promises, see how long this took. I’m not making any promises, I’m just saying if all goes well. Well, that’s it then, we’ll try and get those things done next time. Until next time you can go check the new winter project mug out. That’s our boss. Wave, Kenneth! See you next time, guys.

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