21 thoughts on “Should We Pay For Health Care For Illegal Aliens?”

  1. Good! I am French and this video convinced me to come to the USA to benefit from the "free healthcare for all (except for American citizens)" policy. I have a couple of medical issues that need to be taken care. I am joking !!! More seriously, be ready for an increase of healthcare tourism when the demons regain power.

  2. Let’s play LETS MAKE A DEAL.
    We close the borders today and not one more family or person comes in. Nada!
    Okay then- we allow all here a path to health care and if they pass a language test and history test in 2 years they can apply for citizenship. If they pass congrats. If you fail.
    Hasta la vista, baby.
    Stop the bleeding! Now! Then, care for all your non American bffs plus the Americans who are already here- LEGALLY.

  3. I have given this thought, why are we privileged Americans waiting for immigrants to come to us? Why not send our best airlines to airlift these people to our country, first-class. We should just go overseas and grab as many people as we can get and bring them to America. I like manicures, that should be a human right for a manicure twice a week, with a free pedicure, lash extensions, beard straightening (if you have one).

  4. Yes we need immediate FREE healthcare for any people we are going to let into the country. REASON: HIV, AIDS, Wet Leprosy, Bubonic Plague, Ebola, Syphilis, Avian Flu, Measles, Etc. It kind of goes without saying if we are being honest and practical that people from the 3rd world crossing our borders need immediate medical attention. The question I have is where are these Liberals when it comes to pay the tab societal redistribution of wealth. I mean the goal is to provide FREE medical for everyone on the planet isn't it?!

    I suppose only Trump supporters are to be taxed and provide the American largesse. American citizens have the right to get up early everyday and be thankful for the opportunity to work for the privilege to be taxed 100% for the free healthcare of impatient aliens to get their free food, housing, education, and pensions.

    The thing about slavery was the owners were on the hook to provide meager shelter and survival rations. This arrangement the Liberals are arranging leaves citizens merely enough freedom to dig our own graves and jump in to appease the entitlemens of millions of people coming to the land of the "FREE".

  5. I care about this country. And I don't want it to go bankrupt. So I would only be for illegals to get emergency care only. Then send them back.

  6. Fluffy idealism from people without a brain. It's so very dangerous. 🤦‍♂️
    The question shouldn't be what these idiots feel. The question should be how do these people pay for their fantasies now?

  7. I don’t think I can afford it.? lol
    Lady you look 70 years old and you don’t know your co-pay….?? Bullshit…
    These people are fools. And that one guy. We should give health care for everyone all over the world… lol it’s not a Right or a responsibility…
    Do what your parents did get a job…..

  8. What these retards domt understand is that everyone can go and be treated for an emergency. Most cant comprehend that we would have to give dental exam/check up/denture to a million people plus all the other expenses accrued through undeserved hospital visits for a tummy ache. That's all while vets starve on the street. Bravo leftist filth

  9. I have to pay for my health care so I have to denounce my citizenship and then I can get free healthcare

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