Randy Santel’s Nutritious Diet Food Plan While Losing Weight!!

Randy Santel’s Nutritious Diet Food Plan While Losing Weight!!

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! In next week's video for week #6, I will likely expand on some questions that I receive from this video in the comments down below, regarding my food choices and diet plan. If you have a question about what you've watched in this video or during my fitness workout regimen posted last week (link to follow), please let me know. Thanks for all constructive feedback and support!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HUDky9xKKI

  2. This is the first time I noticed u use a green screen….that’s either good or bad lol. Good I didn’t notice before, bad bc I did! But that’s not the reason for the comment…I’m here to say keep it up man you’re killing it!

  3. Hey Randy! Would love if you incorporated plant based proteins like tofu! Maybe some air fryer recipes and places you like to eat out at that have healthy options to stick to a diet to!

  4. Hey Randy,
    If you have a COSTCO or SAM'S CLUB card.. go for the egg whites in cartons… all the protein, very low cholesterol..
    Its not your body that this kind of eating hurts… its the arteries getting clogged.

  5. Hi Randy!! Yup I'm so proud of you! You look amazing and handsome as ever no doubt👍Thanks for sharing your progress and routines.

  6. Hey i drink plenty of vodka and eat. Healthy and i do cardio and i still gain weight i guess its my genetics its over for me?

  7. If you just ate fruit and vegetables and not even exercise you'll lose 10lbs a week. Also, if you pee in a jar and let it sit for 12 hrs it should be cloudy with flakes floating around or mucous strands. If not your diet is clogging your lymphatic systems which is the reason for all diseases, which is mainly due to high protien diets.

  8. How do you handle cravings? I imagine after a long stretch of eating high sugar and salt meals, when you start dieting the cravings would be pretty intense. Do you just will power through them?

  9. I do want to say that I watch a ton of your videos, find them very entertaining. You're a beast. That being said I typically think you're full of shit when you say every challenge is delicious and tastes amazing, but after seeing what you cook for yourself at home I realize that you never eat real flavorful food. Don't take this the wrong way bro, I just fish I could cook for you. Lol

  10. QUESTION: Hey Randy, I've always been curious – when you're on the road, what do you eat when you're not doing challenges? Do you make and pack meals or eat out? And just like in this video if you can give details as far as calories and health stats.

  11. Keep up the good work buddy! I could tell you have already lost some weight as soon as the video started.
    I'm dieting at the moment as well, and just got back into going to the gym. If you want an awesome and super healthy meal, check out the "burrito bowl" video by the protein chef. I have no affiliation with him, but it's easy as hell to make and tastes fantastic!

  12. I did the braggs acv with water 2x everyday for 2 years. I stopped after 2 years because I just couldn’t get over that taste. And I didn’t like that lingering taste of acv. Good stuff and worked wonders for my Gout. But 🤢🤢🤢🙅‍♂️

  13. Ngl I made some some comments on your weight gain. Good on you to shut people like me down and give me some inspiration to get fat ass into gear. Thank you Randy for your commitment to being a boss and responsible content creator. Love from Costa Rica.
    Edit: I'm watching on YouTube, and I'd love to see you talk about what music/bands you like. I know you need to use public domain stuff for your videos but I suspect you're a hard rock/some metal type person.

  14. My kid didn’t clean his plate tonight. He left a helping of very healthy carrots on it. I told him Randy would never let carrots stop him from beating a challenge. He jumped in and scarfed those very healthy vegetables down immediately then hit a double bicep pose. You’re truly an inspiration hoss.

  15. U need to forget about coffee and get rid the sugar… and you want to eat something good before bed… try egg whites!

  16. LOL….I love your outtakes!! Awesome job Hun…you are doing fantastic!! Your foods are not boring…I find them great, and think you are have selected yummy, healthy foods!! Congrats Hun!! xox

  17. kicking ass Randy! The only thing i would say is put a post it over your latest weigh in, then talk about your week training then pull the post it and do a big reveal on how much weight you have lost

  18. Wow Randy, great video! 😁 Thanks for making this.
    Keto diet has been very successful for me, and I've lost 55 pounds in 3 months, so better believe it works! For anyone that's struggling check out this keto diet blog: happyhealthreviews.com. It has a lot of great information about keto science and includes an incredible diet plan that worked wonders for me. Can't recommend it enough! Happy dieting!

  19. Strongly recommend making stovetop eggs instead of microwaved. For the little bit of extra time they taste so much better and are easier to eat imo. I also substitute unflavored greek yogurt for the added protein. Lastly, I prefer whey isolate to regular whey. myprotien.com sells the cheapest out there (besides costco) and is ranked 2nd on labdoor.com (the #1 sweetens with stevia).

  20. if I were Randy I would just be doing one meal a day with a 23-hour fasting period and he would lose weight tremendously.

    High protein to very little carbs if none.

  21. ATLAS!!! Looking good! I didn't realize you were such a CHILI HEAD! Man, but there's no way I could stick to your diet, too much canned food for my taste.

  22. With all the food you have shoved in your face, I bet it all has a different meaning to you. What are some foods you look forward to eating? Probably tired of the junk food and the healthy food.

  23. How is the weather, do it invite to outdoor cycling? It is more fun!

    In my region of Sweden it is a very good winter for cycling.

  24. I think I got excited,when you began to talk about your diet,especially different meals for pre and post workout and snacks.you lost me at snacks lol. Although self confessed boring diet,snacks are difficult to choose appropriately so I understand that…. I thoroughly enjoyed watching ur video.
    P.s- my pain control nurse told me to watch,be careful about apple cider vinegar,I was taking the same as you,but I decided to combine it with my snack choice,which was half a green cabbage parboiled,I’d throw in the raw cider and add pink Himalayan salt and black pepper. Much better for me,lol
    Randy- when you do your first challenge after all this great food,do you find the food salty? Tasteless?
    I am genuinely intruiged !

  25. Looking good Randy!!! One suggestion. Substitute regular Gatorade with Gatorade Zero! Zero sugar but all the electrolytes and other good stuff.

  26. Hey Randy, congrats on the continued progress, how much calories would you say you are consuming throughout the weight loss? Just out of interest 👍

  27. Hi Randy.
    Drinking apple cider vinegar in the morning.
    What is the difference between cider, and apple cider vinegar ?
    One is older.
    I think I prefer to start my day with a glass of cider LOL.

  28. Doesn’t matter what you talk about I’m watching it lol .. but if you want something outta me lol I’d say just talk about the ups and downs .. maybe the struggle mentally the discipline you have to have .. you inspired me to get back into the gym and eat better.. just something that I could use right now.. no beer in over a week haha I was killing a 6 pack every night so that’s felt great!! Anyways love your content keep up the hard work.. you’re killing it!!

  29. Weight loss is about reducing CARBS….THAT IS IT……its not rocket science….Please watch Dr Shawn Baker videos AND Dr Sally K Norton videos. You have a very HIGH OXALATE DIET>

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