Priest With ‘Bendy’ Bones Is A Medical Mystery | TRULY

Priest With ‘Bendy’ Bones Is A Medical Mystery | TRULY

COMM: 53-year-old Bharat, known locally as the ‘Bendy Priest’, lives in Madhya Pradesh in India. COMM: Despite his disability, Bharat believes he is a reincarnation of a legendary priest known in Hindu culture. COMM: Bharat thinks that his unusual physique was caused by God and not as a result of a medical condition. COMM: But a local doctor is looking into what might have caused such extreme changes to his bones. COMM: Although the doctor is unsure of what has caused Bharat’s deformities, it could be a condition called Skeletal Fluorosis, which is caused by an accumulation of excessive Fluoride in the bones; often caused by too much fluoride in local drinking water. COMM: Despite his disabilities, Bharat lives a fulfilled and happy life within his community.

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  1. Priest wife: hey honey can you come and help me with dinner please.

    Priest: not right now honey, I'm all tied up.

  2. The yogi or legendary priest in Hindu culture referred to in the video was known as Astavakra. He wrote a great book called Astavakra Geeta. A must read dear friends!

  3. what’s very interesting is that his legs position is smiling to how Hindu gods/priests or when people sit and meditate 💕

  4. If he lived in the U.S., it would be so much more difficult. He’d have a harder time getting around, caring for himself, making ends meet, being treated humanely. It’s very lucky he lives where he does.

  5. правильное отношение общества к нему… интересно а как он защищен социально (как заботиться о нем государство)???

  6. Dear Westerners, When he says that his disability is given by god, it doesn't mean that we take it as a blessing. It means that it's the results of his doings in the past life. Ever heard of KARMA? And people don't respect him for his disability but for he is a priest.

  7. To respect and to love the disability is a good thing and something great reward but to worship is absolutely wrong

  8. What i see and feel for him that his smile is not fake and pretentious. He embrace his disability positively.

  9. I think many people in India have these "problems" because the government might be making nuclear bombs and polluted the rivers using radiation

  10. I'm confused so a wall fell on him when he was young and hes been like this ever since but he was growing normally up until that point?

  11. Funny that they see him as a blessing but in that same country woman with kids that have disabilities get looked down upon and their kids are considered a curse. These people's beliefs crack me up! They have no common sense of reality.

  12. I Think there is reason behind this that we should learn and worship God his kindness allmight God ❤ not stones they make by their own hands with many arms or lik elephant. God forgive me if sometimes I'm not grateful🙇‍♂️

  13. Only in India!! India repent and turn to God only one God who rules heaven and earth!! All knees shall bow that Jesus is Lord when they see such!!

  14. Cobras prolly think he's part cobra and slither away from him, which is a good thing, trust me. He seems like a nice friend to talk with from time to time.. Bless his amazing spirit 👍👍😇😎

  15. مسكين هذاالهندي اعرف قصته عندولادته امه نسيته تحت الفرش وضلت ادورعله 25 سنه لحدمالكته بس للأسف بهذاه الصوره

  16. It's amazing that he seems very positive and happy with his life. We could learn from people like him because there are people who don't have any medical issues or physical disabilities, but they are among the most miserable. As Sadhguru says, "the only way out is in."

  17. The foolish Indian culture worship deformed people as gods.There are many deformities in their lineage because of idolatry. Nearly everything is a god. HOW FOOLISH CAN YOU BE?


  19. Bharat, is talking about – The Ashtavakra Gita!!! A dialogue between – Ashravakra and King Janaka!!! A truly Amazing Story!!!

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