Pokemon Normal Elemental Division GBA Rom Hack Part 12 STOLEN GYM BADGE Gameplay Walkthrough

Pokemon Normal Elemental Division GBA Rom Hack Part 12 STOLEN GYM BADGE Gameplay Walkthrough

welcome back heroes to some more Pokemon normal version last bestowed we made our way into the frozen fire lake and we had to solve a bunch of ice puzzles were not fun at all we defeated inferno and we defeated frozen and then we managed to defeat the shiny Gyarados which was called the skull Kraken we found Lance we didn't kill Lance like we were going to to know why came back to poo poo City had to go the long way around and oh also a super rockin member just jumped on us week he rode him around like a pony which was kind of funny but yeah we went from the frozen fire lake all the way to Gravesend then we went to aqua light which is here to pick up some nutrients 13 which will make the beasts easy to catch which is nice and then I didn't know what to do so I went like all the way around so much and turns out you to go from Gravesend up this way to poke we had to come in from the west entrance to trigger a cutscene so the gym leaders well legend with the police will move so we can now take on the sixth gym leader which is just up here which finally is gonna be ah simply happenin oh why creep a lot ladies engage oh okay ain't no creep apparently Alber is very sexy that's what everyone's been saying you know I haven't seen it yet but you know yeah we are gonna go for a nice he punch nice I should probably not use my magma because it's just my magma SOP right now has been destroy everyone I'm gonna go and get you to 30 and then once I think this gravel is level 30 I'm gonna go ahead and evolve into Gollum so like a link stone or some back and I think it works to evolve gravel ax but anyway Clefairy let's go smash we like nothing frost magnitude stop being in love I dude for love is like the worst thing in Pokemon I really hate it I think it's so like just overpowered like it you get infatuated by love more than you do get paralyzed or trying to wake up or trying to defrost it's just I don't think it's so broken that's just me though it was up to me it would go we love to me a lot of things in Poe poem would go but a lot of new things would come first order of business remove the ability study it's got to go man or at least nothing like that I always do this like you had a critical hit and approach let's go study cancels out study crit Hunger percent but this porygon is gonna be annoying with recover raped do you won't get the defense drop we've yet I so smash in this game that we'd die anyways that sucks like a rage alright let's not lead off with magma make my skin to Opie battle me while I drop on the base with my dubstep homies okay aqua jet doing like blue damage just landing hypnosis please call when he walks I need to switch in a pedal leech seed there you go final end it and stun spore and then razor leaf and razor leaf a confusion yes you can confuse your enough we can swap blue versus switch into Jyoti on one day my George girl Milania electric move ah dude you put me to sleep don't appreciate that one bit how did we die I cannot be losing to a little swablu okay oh my goodness now Jimmy's gonna be easy so called magma magma can just destroy everything you did you mean I think you are sure there is such a never wants to practice what got a ban on me look for my battling how could you come back tomorrow I'm lady I've waited so long for this gym battle could you get my six batch and get out of here your friends don't even like me there's a dubstep girl besides even that hook Oh what oh you will pay for this ugly teenager oh no even that hot ouch alright bring it on I realized this second is that what am i yeah I know something right here right so let's go for hypnosis nice and then we're gonna go for a nice awkward yet oh and you woke up first turn of course of course game good dragon reach dragon rage dragon rage everything we're still enough to point in the game wet dragon rages semi-decent oh my god dude can't put to sleep just no cool man I know you know sludge critical hit never sludge mad magma is too good don't even mess with my magma well they make more to this game surely it must be able to ring are we gonna make water your weight just protect okay and you've got poisoned Oh sucks to be you dude you can attract me all you want a little good thank you this bad now let's not get fired good hope you do get fired get away from the gym that law is evolving yeah boy I think after this episode I'm gonna do some grinding though for the first time in a while I think everyone's get a little bit left behind I can get a Waterstone to get a polygraph wait I might even have a Waterstone actually I should check I don't know what I have anymore right all I've been doing is running back and forth so much I don't even know what I am so I picked up but you're a beach Oh guys I know I see what you do in there I'm sexy and I know it get you a sandy behind out of here something's mad oh shut up Beach what I'm a bad at beach then huh she's that r-rated feels like my super effective type all right what do we even have anything good no one's gonna do this now let's get that golem and we don't have anything really okay so next we want to probably I don't actually know oh we don't normally is been up to kind of Missa hey it's go find out shall we and there's a few places I haven't visited yet that I need strength for so I if I get lost I I have an inkling of where I might be able to go let's read the map navigation cuz it always says you know take on alba now I've done that what does it say check and signal okay there you go since I saw what has a crush on normally you go pay a visit heyy a gift for me oh I do like gifts free stuff is best stuff man instead if he is never go wrong with free gifts wait nope what she live think it's all the way around come on man let me get that quick my free stuff yes this house here oh oh wait you're that guy she's been talking about a non-stop go get them man go get that my man no thanks okay normally where you at normally when you had girl yeah where is she don't miss a room yeah dink upstairs yo oh my it's you handsome as always didn't tell me that you came by I want you so bad who's this if I stay single for now I kind of like you too that's sweet but I I can't sorry I'll give you a present instead oh I know I kind of present is a breeze pass you can ride the train that's gonna make life easy okay thanks you a nice smile ah enough dude let me walk your way like last time cutie okay I just I'm so confusing this game like a character like at one point we're evil and now we're like kind of seem nice and I don't know what's going on right so we've got this train pass I'm guessing we use it and the only train I know of is I think just outside here I poke would say there's a train station just up north yo Oh exit passengers okay this way okay cool we're gonna uh call it again I'll assume that you Tyrion thirteen now Pope was I supposed to get that right away I mean you can get like a dead but I'm assuming you probably get it once you go back to I quite didn't have to run by like I did wanna train so no the chairs will make the right seem faster okay yo how the downstairs is known as the battle Subway's they're very powerful trainers or okay okay so let's shower impatiently yo just more like an any trouble to say to on the weekends and we've got guys busy trade in is he trade in oh how is it to battle on a train and seem right for the very safe come on more confusion oh wow which is lived yes cuz in rural outlets which into Joe Tehan keeps like stop confusing me no it's just someone new in ah dude alright let's go face pull and write rage oh okay I thought might be over like one mover okay good yo what's up down sir section of the train is closed off for the moment okay so I'm not going that way got PC Oh healbot so I guess I'll just sit down or try and leave that's the thing I've missed in all right busy training pretty trade-in I'm gonna go up this place I can just like oh not anymore but the last one first one nope so maybe one of these like Oh see tool get to the next stop but hey don't think so hey just take some time to our board but okay we are now a polite station so what are we doing here Oh righty-o hawk-like station what are we doing I don't know something must happen around here now surely so the Team Rocket do is still there was it like a strap from kind of you would get pushed know what are we doing here then if we even do anything that is alright I'm gonna sit looking at a Power Stone city kind of route 63 maybe because we need that tissue this works I'm not entirely sure this two-ply way even but I have to just try all right so we go down this way before we another before so we're down here now oh dude I'm glad I found the right way though and I need to just do some grinding bad cuz he's over 29 now come I can beat this yeah boy just about oh okay want to catch a shiny dub fish so bad love the music man sludge he's done fish is actually pretty tough though so you gotta be very careful and luckily all water pokemon this game more weak to poison so we're good are you so good I guess we go in nope not in there up here grass family okay time to switch that's funny dragon rages shall we oh you're old are they dragon rage everything then just die play I don't want to use magma but Mac but just magma is just so good in this game like everyone battling just magma has a great time against even water poke which is like magnets like you always take you out with the sludge I don't care it's all good why is this dude like Stan okay by himself it's got transformed to a Super Saiyan this is to go far beyond ah if it was earlier in the day I would have screamed a little louder but it's currently like midnight I don't wanna I don't make people up well you found me first I did who are you Oliver Twist's okay I guess I'll have first face the twist go peddle for a nice Razor Leaf and we missed this leech see eat it free the leaf nice 29 bubble beam yes please get our wish my codes bit terrible sweet – Pokemon slow boats and stay in a keep raising Ethan will be fine probably you'll be good for this kick this like our team XP share actually showed me so nice out almost lash there we go Oh alright so let's go for hit this thing off the Power Stone city it does so the way that was bought before you need I mean eight badges the guy sent at least but this way we didn't a super Safari Sonya all though train that runs in this city so why attracts because these are power lines that run to the power plant how lines are also on right now someone can you put all the breakers to do will come across the traction that'd be nice well fair enough oh hi this is the power plant lab it's possible to cross over the track if you can flip the switch off okay I'm guessing a protein you to do that fun nothing up here all people see we're having like fun and suicune room down the region so may be difficult to encounter they're also two of a legendary dogs that are wearing around teacher but the method of their roaming have not been discovered yet okay I've got it there's nothing to do with the legendary rainbow creature it'll make sense gonna move to see Ridge island and do some more research I'll see you again fold see see ya so you've moving somewhere oh hi you lion won't be easy hey partner actually I kind of did I was expecting just to walk up and get it but I guess not Oh what okay you open like that yeah how's it feel boy no nice losing or taking a poke one out or listen to a woman that's weak against you girl then the customer badges because just looks like her anyway what are you doing to drive / fences up on the other side of town and then again there's an invisible wall that won't let players go through thanks frozen photos ZX gets to create the game hello nothing here okay let's get healed up and they'll go check out the two houses and then we'll go to the the power plant Oh storm is coming I can feel it I must hide young trainer these kids may be in their final meal before they head out to another region don't make music in there but it is who will put my attacker yeah free bag on no nothing except my own luck oh but I am Israeli us now sedate I don't need a dragon I'm good right so let's go to the power plant and they go turn the switch off shall we oh hey teenager janitor Sparta's is currently on route 60 for us so he left me in charge to take care of the power plant moving having a lot of trouble get to the switch because these Pokemon from the Kanto region okay I can take him out let's go with rock man cuz program along better types in here their accent on the Teja pokedex I guess they got wanting a banger than one up in the Galapagos X as well oh snap got him but I don't care like I said I don't mind why don't is a haunters man should be electric pokemon here what's this nothing there oh okay so it's let me run away dude lets me spawn Voltorb then go down here and help team 24 nice ah suck so if I do this I can go down here again yeah okay do list and all that does but can I not get further I think this one dude lets me get rid of those old horse I should now be able to make it help I hope dude why some people not let me run away so annoying I do how are you ready you to go be one of these switches right when I find a Pokemon man I get some money we are buying some repels I say repels I mean on a lot of repels alright so this one might less nope it was the first one we didn't ever do which is just up here does that one lawyer and to get rid of that one it's this one so maybe this has done it do these Pokemon so annoying hey there you go Oh okay so we get after giving a frozen photos Hicks oh man oh okay good job for a second then will you beat you but you know what magnitude you did oh you are the worst kind of Pokemon direct anyone put them like come attack me right now again magnitude it I don't care I don't care off from you because you levitate right yo thanks teenager now people will be able to cross over the truck with ease should go check out safari zone if you're interested so I guess that's what we should head next and I heal up thank you very much so let's go explore this talent over it and see what we can find well the K over there what's up here a level ball visible walk okay how that treaters keeps respawning funny present working as men I haven't the biggest come from the teachers new hit news history oh okay and our dad will be there as well so is there here oh is I can send a news to tell you the economy has been getting worse kg losses major trading partner in Euro and the value of things are just this is really bad my son the power stones sailors have even gone out business trying to make a trim the groom or sage oh but this is where you come in son oh hi nice to meet you I'm folksy how's it going men we have a solution for tea can go to Star City and say Joe using the breeze train punku the WUSA jpas okay cool oh the storm is coming it's here Oh who said that what son what's going on oh it's coming back what's coming back bolt see ha ha ha Roger good guess oh I'm gonna stop you reg I see you're too weak wait do I say that my son oh okay Hey that evil us it's finally here Ted you'll meet euros faith soon I'm restored your evil management manifested itself into its own a permanent body you evil side a knife used are embodiments together to create a lip a life life whole being and now I'm you there's nothing you can do the five high five beast is finally awoken it's written everywhere in Jeju people are running fleeing dying angst hate so what we need oh god I left your body your mental state goes from good to bad to good again I can't take it okay we're gonna stop the free Whitacre's of teacher right now they're trying to count a flutter hive storm we're starting of regice we don't need you anymore you're not cutting you in near us go away oh okay so back in Palestine City [Applause] what's this you know if outlook may be curious if professor working out dad's back nothing they're not in there anymore what's in the cave do we know anything in the cave at the moment I got some holes oh okay that's gobby Regirock regice I'm pretty sure can't go through this as I can buy calm I guess I'll like unlock later on okay what else we want to do Oh frizz inferno are coming after me and say Joe I mean in this storm which to week okay so lovely music man let's keep an eye out on the days of the week mister never know what can happen on a certain day oh hi hey kiddo I'm in a painting right now the artist paints a good picture of me make you something nice cool so Jim here both obviously Jim Lee does not hear you right now this lockers currently everything before doing something so we got the W pass and guessing we probably take the train out all right so we have to go back and get the train so anything I can think of right now just double check the navigation might tell us what we need to go throw it in the air past the city and for a circus in the middle of a conference so we've done that right and I just need to find the train station love music though Oh [Applause] okay so look at that way which there's a transition here is that ah there we go so I had it at the battle lodge and once you to the battle lodge towards the past and said while we're gonna close down there close down and once the bow just close down you come here there you go mice are you okay I'm fine I think guys look at this come I never I for are you going on journeys at this age reads the normal version of the e free sleepers combined the true awakened of its separate beings requires the impending polar opposites tones of ingenuine frost ascends okay please from the please work in the frosty or you have a surf yet I haven't do I get surf somewhere forgets after that like opens up so many new paths for us so now we've done this we're gonna oak maybe something will happen now and we get stuff all right something must have changed someone wait have you finished the pain yet if the storm hits us but this will allow you to fight back the storm ah okay so we've got surf now let you teach yourself to plenty well I think there's a few ways I might better go so let's see if we can can't go that way still so the only way I know we can surf then without Ed saying old frozen and phone or after me is if we go up here nope up here up this bit around down here and then we can surf a some grand escape here everybody loved this would be me right where to go if you let me run away dude come on hey these hunters so much right let's lead off with so else can read that Oh I think was back there no I forgot background ah that's annoying okay so let's go back do not jump down there cuz I just takes you all the way around not good let me run a e that's why let us run right away that's why everyone's been so let's go oh ritual dance is a technique that can be performed by a person of good heart okay what is the ritual dance I was there like different bits would you must replace upon placing on the pile of stones of destruction they're supposed to rest secret stones will also limit their own page of power root of a thousand technique that can be performed by a person of good heart account with the scriptures they unstable can cause I'm particular events to happen h mo six rests upon the secrecy of the sour ruins most powerful hm yet only behind the power of the legendary hitchmo eight people destroying land formations oh okay a storm will spread intimated Maga first entire region it's like a yellow was the ritual dances perform the hata mystics will be bestowed upon the person capable of stopping this okay there are free is still tombs around the region so there may be challenging okay the free forces of rock steel and I skins stop the normal version less person locations create l-shaped line on the region map unknowing whether their powers or a stall upon usage so there's many different L shapes you can find as it doesn't like a normal l like that walk I mean I can he'll go like this there's this the L terminus edge maybe there's so many Brunel was this seedy stone I can't pick that you achieved anything nope so we have to go search the region then is there can I leave yet which we suppress work for us if he solved it okay you done okay Angie it's my place in the okay let's do this okay so maybe now I can leave the region I mean I don't know why I'm scared that frozen in the photo after me like I'd be like many times know so I'm still 2 weeks there's something I've missed oh hey okay don't know why this happened this time but came here in this one the scripture states that is not you this hip cable into the raft of Beast is not you your high is not pure however the emotion love you displayed towards others shows that you have a caring spirit think about the people you share connections with but she is the one with the heart purity or normally it could be her alright so I know how this game likes to do stuff right so this try and speak to how we go down here brainstorm is gonna way for now but does not mean it's the end of it it's all goes through doing tidal surges never one of the great impacts soon people died loved ones we've lost Teja will struggled to surviving even if it does you're sure that's full of self oh I've seen the goons Sykes good insight express itself your love of a young lady by the name of normally don't like I do not know this I am God you replace the picture of you with her on your trainer card you young man have what it takes before love ritual dance her your future girlfriend wait what did I she do that from this process you fought about the different people you have encountered along your journey tizzle was one to do worry about him and find his way I am now TV you are a TV you are ready for what is to come the nine iron beasts lives in the future oh we did oh it's actually kind of adorable okay ah so oh I see you later guy isn't gonna batch my life to work on something real nice talking to you business to permit businessmen to Jory a trip back home we'll catch up again okay so stall stopped can we now stuff across this way yes we can okay sweet Roux 64 where we headed I assume to find the gym leader who's similar on this route pasca we find this for who seems really big that end okay i flexing my electric-type generator so I'm gonna I only speak to the electric tap use all this is where the storm began we got teleported okay it's Noble and they're all huh dudes evil us having up there dude wait oh this way and then nope I'm a bit more nice okay we're getting free I'm free feel like he'll Jimmy the man with my set up gym badge yo what are you doing here waking the sleeping protectors this is such a manner is disrespectful wake up no ID IC beast wake up Alice I shall shatter that glass cannon of yours with your lowered defense step won't you work on that stat you I see cork dots oh oh the attack was not very effective Roger eyes remain sleeping well that was embarrassing yeah now it's time for me to Zack killing your ass Oh adian cut you see what the hell the same one that got bientôt sick no way looks your left hello how's it going I've got to talk to you myself oh no way I can't look so I'm good and you look pure evil how which is how don't revolt see we're taking care of your self gym badge yeah take a chump hey that's cheating you stole it and call the cops awkward way to reach out the scent of gym badge now because if so that's pretty sick won't trust that song fetch i'm precursor for you you find out soon good boy okay just give it back to him make sure the same gym match that's how you make it to the Power Stone that cops already there you go to jail what come on man Chloe I'm not whipped evil dude wait yeah being arrested alright let's find out shall we didn't know oh god the cops actually here sup boys Tara mister doing that badge fool are you smoking around criminal Hey no please and ain't never scared what the all the storms come in rage flash freeze okay cast the cotton into the underworld Oh do you know what I can control well you know that I can control you too you're poking trends are worthless will you just chill around the region battle and getting pointless badges what's up her the super rock is a funny made they come back those Punk's could keep that behind in Kanto so so some of them went to jail the rest went to TJ I'm gonna show them who's boss enough will i City okay so I guess that's what we head next alkali City well I'm gonna be ending this part here next episode we're gonna occupy City and then we go take on these super rockets whoa all right thing I watch it I'll catch you guys next time have a great day peace

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  1. The ironic thing about this game is the title “Normal element” even though nothing has been normal about it.

  2. Sturdy is cool I guess; for those Pokemon whom are slow and may never have a chance to even get a move off.


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