Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make Water Drops

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make Water Drops

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. For those of you who are first learning Photoshop, I’m going to show you how to quickly
create water drops. This is an updated version of the same tutorial I did in 2011 on an earlier version of
Photoshop. Open a photo you’d like to add water drops to. Click on the new layer icon to make a new layer. Let’s name it “Drop”. Open your Elliptical Marquee Tool and press and hold “Shift” as you drag out
a circular selection. Open your Gradient tool and click on the bar to open the
Gradient Editor. Click on the third thumbnail, which is
the black to white gradient. Then click OK.
Make sure the Linear Gradient box is chosen. Go to the upper left of the circle and press and hold “Shift”
as you drag diagonally down to the lower right. To delete the selection press Ctrl or Cmd + D. Change the blend mode to “Overlay”. Double-click on the thumbnail of the Drop to open its Layer Style window. Click “Inner Shadow”. Change the blend mode to “Linear Burn”… the Opacity to 40%, uncheck “Global Light”… make the “Angle”, minus 30 degrees… the Distance 2 pixels and the Size, 5 pixels. Depending on the size and resolution of
your photo, you may want to change the amounts for
the Distance and Size to get the same results as we have for
this water drop. Click on Drop Shadow. Make the blend mode “Linear Burn… the Opacity, 30%, uncheck “Global Light”…make the “Angle” 127 degrees… the Distance, 10 pixels and the size, 14 pixels. Then, click OK or press Enter or Return. Next, we’ll put a small highlight
reflection on the Drop. Click on the new layer icon to make a
new layer. We’ll name it “Highlight”. Invert the
foreground and background colors by pressing “x” on your keyboard.
Open your Brush tool and choose a small point size. I’ll choose 8 pixels. Depending on the
size of your water drop, you may want to adjust this number.
Make the “Hardness” 90%. Press down once on the upper left
of your water drop. Let’s place both of these layers into a folder. Shift-click on the thumbnail of the
water drop to highlight both layers. Then, press Ctrl or Cmd + G. Make a copy of it by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + J. Drag the copy to another spot. To enlarge it, open your Transform tool by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + T.
Go to a corner and when you see a straight, double-arrow,
press and hold Shift + Alt on a PC or Shift + Opt on a Mac and drag it out. Then, press Enter or Return. Make another copy and this time I’ll make water drops smaller.
If you want to make a water drop with an asymmetrical shape,
choose a water drop, make its folder active and make a copy of it. Drag it to another spot. Open the folder and make the Drop layer active. Go to “Filter” and “Liquify”. Click on the Forward Warp tool and increase or decrease the tool size by
pressing the right or left bracket key. I’ll make it
approximately the same size as the Drop. Now, drag it to a shape you like. Then, click OK. Instantly, the water drop changes to the
shape we made. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.
Thanks for watching!

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  1. tnx fr this awesome tutorial, i applied it in my recent digital painting and its look fantastic..thank u

  2. It is quite helpful. I've added the Traditional Chinese subtitles to this video with a view to helping Photoshop learners in Taiwan to understand it. Thank you very much for sharing.

  3. 👍 Thank you Blue Lightning for producing a very informative and easy tutorial.

    I really liked your calm easy manner and how simple it is to do exactly what you say you can make. Let's me do the same without hunting all over the web for it.

  4. Hello, this tutorial works great for me, until the point where i have to use liquify. I enabled smart filters but still can not use the liquify filter. Except liquify and vanishing point every filter is working. Could someone help me pls?Best greets, Max

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  7. I try it. But grouping the layer could not work in my system. How to group the layer. I will try shift+click and ctrl+click the layer cannot selected. How to do it.

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  10. Awesome. I just love this channel. Helping me alot in learning PS. Precise explanation and super easy to follow methods. Thumbs up !!!! 🙂

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