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  1. Hey, I started jogging last year, I was 20kg overweight. First, I hate running, I hadn't any condition, everything was in pain. Now I am 10 kg yet, and I start new season, and… I love jogging. I've bought professional shoes, I can run far more, and your youtube makes me love jogging more, so thank You very much. Sorry for eng (Poland)

  2. thanks for the feedback:) I'm really glad to be of some inspiration! Keep up the great results! 🙂

  3. You should always eat something within an hour of waking up, if you do not eat anything, your body will store fat because it thinks it is being starved, that is why they say that breakfast is "the most important meal" of the day.

  4. Do NOT breath with your nose and mouth when running.

    Breath with your mouth, inhale and exhale with your mouth, your mouth can consume more air than your nose, the advise in thise video is wrong.

  5. Mr. Mojay, we aren't talking about running a marathon here 🙂 the video is about a morning jogg of moderate duration that's good after waking up and right BEFORE breakfast – which is indeed of utmost importance and should never be skipped!
    Of course, u can eat first and have a run in the afternoon, but good luck trying to run with a full stomach (an hour is hardly enough – unless you prefer to starve yourself with a tiny serving). At least two or three hours should pass after a meal 😉

  6. Now this is absolute nonsense! In fact you should breathe ONLY with your NOSE. Breathing with your mouth is wrong and unnatural! I personally breathe mostly through my nose when I jogg, but for beginners and those likely to get cramps it helps to exhale through the mouth.
    Just google up any professional running tips and u'll see that you are mistaken 🙂

  7. I seriously advise you to google up and read some jogging tips (especially on the breathing part) if mine are to your dislike – that is indeed your opinion and you are perfectly entitled to it 😉
    But you have clearly either never been jogging in your life, or you are hurting yourself by doing it the way you described 🙁

  8. I hardly think a good night sleep will make your body go into starvation mode. It takes days to a week to get to that level. I run & weight train on an empty stomach all the time.

  9. Good vid, thankyou for sharing.

    Jogging Companion Music

  10. Thank you for the video. It was simple and to the point. No excess talking. You mentioned some points as a first for me in any other video I watched, that no ones else ever mentioned. Like making sure u take the time to slow down and not just end it, even down to your breathing tips. Tips like that make all the difference, yet the majority of the videos I've seen don't bother to talk about it.

  11. @ Elisabeth i used to jog for long distances,today i just did 16 km , is that more than what the body needs ?
    what is your advice to me when it comes to the distance ?!
    thank you , and btw you look gorgeous…

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  13. i disagree that you're supposed to have breakfast after your jog. i would say its better to eat something a half hour before you begin your jog. it helps give more energy.

  14. How much Jogging should one do to do loose 13-14 kilograms . I do jogging at a normal speed not high .I have small parks around my locality . Will jogging help reducing belly fat and if I combine jogging with Push-ups will it help ?

    Diet is Important I agree . I eat eggs ,Om late , multi grain bread , tea in morning . I am taking black coffee also . Green tea in the day also .

    I am addicted to breads , meat , butter ,cheese slice ,ham , eggs , curry . I eat biscuits also and chips at times . I love Mughali food ,Medeterian food ,breads , curry ,lamp , spices , cottage cheese also.

  15. This is a good video. You have some good tips. I'm not too keen on running with music. I like to be more aware of my environment. After running for 47 1/2 years, there are some strange people that want to try and ruin my day so I like to be aware of anyone near my or any autos either.

  16. Lisa's not explaining why to do these things.
    I'd add having: empty bowels, 7 hours sleep and omit the water.
    Short shoe laces, keep off: ice, wet glass, metal and slow down on wet declining slopes.
    Never take a sharp turn and maybe postpone jogging if you've a lot on your mind.

  17. Good shoes and running before breakfast, quite right.

    In the UK we have Parkrun. Its an organised run on a Saturday morning up and down the country. You can pound round or just walk. Everyone is really supportive and it springboarded me to good runs in the week.

    Here is a website.

    Thanks for your cool video.

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