– What’s up guys. It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another vlog. We are downstairs from my house today and I got a lot of work to do today so I’m very limited on time. Today we’re gonna be
doing my favorite workout for six pack abs. It’s a highly effective
routine that engages your entire core and abdominals. That’s gonna have you build
real strength in your abs, get them shredded, and have
you burning fat simultaneously with the high intensity that we’re gonna incorporate into this routine. Remember, if you’re really trying to get that ultimate physique, training is only half of it
when it comes to six pack abs. After the workout routine, we’re gonna go upstairs
and I’m gonna show you exactly what I eat to
supplement this type of workout to show you how I train
and eat to stay shredded. Open up the Heria Pro app
and in the workout section, go to my favorite six pack abs workout. We’re gonna start this routine together. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, you can go ahead and download it on Apple Store or Google Play
Store for Android users. One of the best parts
about this routine is one, you can do this routine anywhere because it does not require any
equipment at all, and two, all of these exercises that we’re gonna be doing today are
very basic exercises. It’s not gonna require
a lot of prior knowledge or experience to do these exercises so you’re gonna be able to
go right into this routine. Even if you’re advanced, this workout routine is highly effective and gives fast results
and that’s why it’s my favorite go-to six pack abs workout. Let’s go ahead and get started
on this workout routine. The first exercise we
have for this routine is gonna be leg raises. We’re gonna go for 20 reps. I’m gonna be doing it
right here on the bench. You can do it on the
floor, anywhere you’re at. Let’s straight, engage your core, all the way up, all the way down. Let’s go for 20. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Woman] Heria Music. (upbeat hip hop music) – The first exercise, low impact, perfect to just getting
started, getting warmed up. Let’s go ahead and input how many we did. 20 reps. Now let’s go into leg flutters. If you don’t know how to
do any of these exercises, you can always click on
them, watch the video, and check your form. (upbeat hip hop music) Right now, we’re really
engaging our abdominals, activating our whole entire core, obliques, lower back as well, but these two exercises mainly emphasizing on the front abdominals. Let’s go for 20 leg flutters. Let’s get right into it. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Woman] Heria Music. (upbeat hip hop music) – Let’s keep it moving. Go ahead, lock those in. Next we have boat hold. This is gonna be our
first isometrics exercise. Isometrics are perfect for
building strength and endurance. If you increase your
strength and endurance, then you’re gonna be
increasing your repetitions, making you a whole lot
more ripped and aesthetic, but most importantly,
not just looking strong, actually being strong. Let’s go for this boat
hold for 25 seconds. Legs straight, hands in front, breathe, and engage your entire core. You should feel you obliques
from your lower back to your abdominals. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Woman] Heria Music. (upbeat hip hop music) – Perfect. Let’s go ahead and lock those in. Next up, we have a very similar move. It’s called Russian twists, but you’re gonna be
twisting your abdominals and really engaging your obliques. As I told you before, we’re really targeting
the whole entire core with this workout routine. Twisting your abdominals is one of the best things you can do for six pack abs. Let’s go ahead and go
for 30 Russian twists. Hold that boat hold, we’re
gonna touch one side, touch the other side. Really get that twist. Keep your legs as straight as you can. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Woman] Heria Music. (upbeat hip hop music) – Perfect. Let’s go ahead and put how many we did. Next we have plank side to side. This is a killer exercise. This one’s really gonna have us burning all the way from our abdominals, obliques, all the way around to our lower back. This exercise is a real core killer. Let’s get right into it. We’re gonna go ahead and
hold a plank position and we’re gonna dip our hips to one side, dip our hips to the other side. Keep that core tight and engaged. Let’s go for 40 reps. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Woman] Heria Music. (upbeat hip hop music) – We’re moving on. We’re doing great on time. Next one we have is plank side hold. This is another isometrics exercise that’s gonna kill your core, but really emphasize on those obliques. If you saw the last
video I posted on THENX, The Main Muscle for Superhuman Strength, you should know how important the obliques and the core is in general when trying to take your training to the next level. 30 seconds each side. (upbeat hip hop music) While you’re holding this position, it’s really important that you’re engaging your core the whole entire time. Your arm that’s down is
supporting your body weight, but your hips are pushing up and you’re engaging with your obliques as well as your core and your lower back to hold this and maintain this position. (upbeat hip hop music) Let’s go ahead and switch sides. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Woman] Heria Music. (upbeat hip hop music) Let’s go ahead and knock those off. Next, we’re go into
side plank up and down. Don’t waste any time. Let’s go right into it. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Woman] Heria Music. (upbeat hip hop music) – Let’s go ahead, switch sides. 15 on both sides. Let’s do this. (upbeat hip hop music) Perfect. Now we have side plank reach through. Let’s go for it. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Woman] Heria Music. (upbeat hip hop music) – We’ve just got two exercises left. If you guys are used to doing
Chris Heria style workouts, you would already know that
this is a walk in the park. This is super chill, but as you can see, my abs are fired up. This is a highly effective abs workout. If you’re looking for
something for fast results that you could do anywhere, you don’t need any prior
experience or knowledge, this is definitely the
routine to get started. Even if you’re advanced in training or you’re just short on
time like I am today, you can still get a great workout. You don’t have to kill
yourself and train super hard to still receive results. Now I’m gonna go ahead and
finish up this routine. We just have mountain climbers
to go and then bicycles. These two exercises back-to-back should bring up our heart rate
and start burning some fat. Let’s go ahead and knock
out the last two exercises. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Woman] Heria Music. (upbeat hip hop music) – And that’s that. It’s the last exercise right there. I really hope you guys
twisted as hard as you can, brought your knees to your elbows, and engaged that core,
regulated the breathing. Do not hold your breath
while doing these exercises or you’re gonna find it a
lot harder to keep going. I’m gonna go ahead and
finish this routine. We have three more sets to go. That’s gonna complete
this workout routine. Then I’m gonna meet you guys upstairs, show you guys what I’m gonna eat to supplement this workout
and to stay shredded. I’ll see you upstairs. (upbeat hip hop music) We are back upstairs and I just whipped up the post-workout meal. Let me break this down for you guys. We have five eggs with three yolks, onions, black pepper, and Himalayan salt. Then we have a whole grain slice of bread. This is Dave’s Killer Bread. This is one of my favorites. I usually never eat bread, but when I do, it’s Dave’s Killer Bread. Seriously, it has five grams of protein, five grams of fiber, 440
milligrams of Omega-3’s, and 20 grams of whole grains. Basically, it’s just a lot
better than normal bread. This is gonna be the post-meal for today. It’s really simple just like
the workout we did today. Simple, quick, effective
with real results. Personally, eggs for me is one of the best sources of protein. Whenever I eat eggs, I always feel super
swole the very next day. At the end of the day, the most simple rule is
calories in, calories out. If you’re on a caloric surplus, meaning that you’re
taking in more calories than your body is naturally
burning throughout the day, it’s gonna be a lot easier to gain weight. Depending on what you’re eating, you’re gonna be gaining
more fat or more muscle. If you’re on a caloric deficit, meaning that you’re intaking less than the normal amount of calories that you burn throughout the day, that means that you’re
gonna start leaning out, it’s gonna be a lot more
easier to lose weight. Again, depending on what you’re eating, it’s gonna determine that
outcome of your physique as well. You wanna make sure that
you’re eating the proper foods, not just the calorie intake, but the quality of the
calories that you’re eating. If you’re having enough
protein to fuel the muscles, which is about one gram per
pound of your body weight. Some people like to eat a lot of carbs. That’s actually not for me. I like to stay shredded and my body doesn’t react well to a lot of carbs. I’m always for the most part trying to eat as small of a portion of
carbs as possible if not, eating complex carbs as my carb intake. Complex carbs have a lot
more nutrients in them and are a whole lot better for you and will definitely get you
shredded versus simple carbs. Before my food gets cold, I’m gonna go ahead and start eating. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you’re still confused or you want more answers on nutrition, I’ll definitely be coming with
more nutrition videos soon. If you have any questions at all, just leave them down
in the comments below. I’ll try to get to them. If I don’t respond to you right away, I’ll definitely be responding in the next couple videos coming soon. Thanks again for watching. Smash that like button
if you enjoyed this video or if you learned something. The main message from this video is that you don’t need to be doing
all the hardest moves. In fact, you don’t even need to train the hardest you’ve ever
trained in your life every single day. There’s gonna be those days
where you feel fatigued or some days where you
just don’t have the time, but the key to getting in
shape and staying in shape and not just looking strong,
but actually being strong, that’s consistency. As long as you’re training
almost every single day and you have a consistent workout regimen, continuously progressing and
working towards your goals, you will definitely start to see changes and you will definitely
start transforming your body into the physique that
you’ve already dreamed on. On the contrary, I have seen people try to go as hard as they can
for the first month, 30 days, so forth, and then after that, they’ve exerted themselves
and they just stop. When you stop training,
within just a couple days, your muscles are already
starting to deteriorate. If you stay inconsistent
for up to two weeks, you’re already losing all the
progress that you’ve made. Don’t let your hard work
go to waste and remember, slow and steady wins the race. Work on your goals every single day, don’t give up, stay consistent, and eventually you’re
gonna reach your goals. As long as you know what
to eat and what to train, you’re good to go and you know
I always got you for that. Subscribe if you haven’t already. Every Thursday at 2PM, I’m always showing you
guys my workout routines, what I’m eating, and my
experience from all this. Definitely smash that like
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like you just got the bag ♪ ♪ The Benney and that Gucci ♪ (thumping) Smash that like button guys. (thumping)


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