MOS Word 2016 Exam Practice Test

MOS Word 2016 Exam Practice Test

>>Mike: Hi everyone, it’s Mike here. And in this video I will take
you through seven projects that will help you become more
proficient in Microsoft Word, prepare you for any Word test or exam, and more specifically this
video will also help you crush any gmetrics or
Microsoft specialists exam or Microsoft Word 2016. So let’s learn. Well, first thing we’re
gonna do in this document is find the table with a division column, and then sort it in ascending,
or alphabetical order. So you can click anywhere
inside of a table, or select the table to
highlight this table tools tab. And in the layout tab, within that tab, we’ll click on the sort button. And this column already comes up for us. And we want to sort the
information in ascending not descending order, that’s great. So, we just press okay. And now it’s in alphabetical
order in the division column, and that’s how we sorted our table. So that’s it for task one. Task two we have to make the
headings of the division table carry on to the second
page ’cause there’s a bit of a break here. And you can do that by
highlighting the header row. So I just click twice to
highlight the header row. And then click repeat header rows. And now you can see that
the header row repeated onto the second page. So that’s it for task two. Task three we’ll go to
page two and create a table from the text Ontario to Oshawa, and create the table
that is separated by tabs and spreads across the
width of the window. So, we’re going to create
a table out of text. So, starting from Ontario to Oshawa, so we’re gonna highlight that
text from Ontario to Oshawa, and then go to the insert tab. And in the table drop
arrow we’re gonna choose convert text to table. And make sure that we change the options the auto fit behavior
to auto fit to window. And make sure that we
separate text at tabs. And then we press okay, we’ve got our table. And it spreads across
the width of the window. So that’s it for task three. On task four it says go
to page two to the right of the places to play
heading, insert a footnote, and the footnote will say, we will be adding more locations soon. So, to add a footnote we’ll
go to the references tab and then click insert footnote. So, it inserts a little mark here, and then let’s you type
this sentence here. So, I’m just gonna, I could copy and paste that, but I’ll just type it out anyway. So, just make sure if
you’re tying something on an exam like this it’s what’s in between
the quotation marks. Don’t include the quotation
marks when you’re typing. So, I’ll just type out, we will be adding more locations soon. And then, just like that,
just type whatever’s in between the quotation marks. And then that’s it for task four. Task five asks you to, under these heading “Our Motto” add a chevron process diagram. And then add in from left to right, make friends, play safe, and have fun. So, I’ll click anywhere under
this our motto sections, or header here. And insert, I’ll click on the insert tab, and then go to smart art. So, the chevron process,
it gives us a clue here. It’s in the process type of Smart Art. And close chevron processes here. Click okay. And then I like to open
this little side pane here that’ll allow us to add our shapes. And we type in the first
bullet, make friends. Again, just type in whatever’s in between the quotation marks. Don’t add the quotation marks in. And, type it up exactly
as it says in between the quotation marks, including capitals. You don’t wanna lose marks for putting capitals in the wrong place,
or having a lower case letter where it should be upper case. So, and then have fun with
capital H, and a lower case f for have fun. And no exclamation mark. So, all right, so that’s
it for our task five. So we have out Smart Art graphic there. Task six asks us to add the test hockey to the subject property of this document. So if you’re asked to
so something like this and it says property in it, to the document property
is in the file tab. And it’s under the info tab here. And then some properties are right here, like the title tags and comments. But sometimes you’re gonna
have to click the show all properties to allow
some more properties like status or substance,
something like that. And this is looking for the subject. So we’re gonna type hockey. And then be careful not to put a space, ’cause you can lose marks for that. So, don’t put a space, just click outside of that box. And now our subject for
this document is hockey, and we can go back. And that’s it for task six. And our last task for this project asks us to display the
tab formatting symbols in a document. Now this is ought ’cause you’re thinking, you might be thinking go to show, hide the show tab in a document. But if you look closely it says display. So, where would we have display options? That would be in the file backstage view. And under options we have a few here. And the word display is right here. And the questions asking me to show my tab formatting symbols. So, always show these
formatting marks on the screen. I’m gonna click tab. I’m gonna take off object anchors, and then make sure just tab characters. And if you’re doing an exam like this you should probably kind of
explore these word options, or before you write your exam. Just kind of explore, look around, see what kind of options
you could be asked, whether it’s general or proofing options. All of those could be
asked of you for your exam. So this one was under display. And the word display was
sort of like a keyword to let us know that that’s
in the display options. Okay, so we press okay, and that’s it for task seven. So, we’ll get started with task one, which asks us to apply a
box border to the document with the width of three points, and the color of blue accent five. So, in here I’m gonna go to the home tab. And then I’m gonna go
to this paragraph group and click the drop arrow
for this border icon. And then go down to borders and shading, and then just make sure
I’m on the page border, ’cause that’s what it asks for, a page border, a box page border. And one with a color of blue accent five, which is right here. And then a width of three points. And then when I press okay I can make sure it’s
gone onto the second page ’cause it has to be applied
to the whole document. So that’s it for task one. Task two asks us to
arrange the text beneath moaning Monday’s headings
so that it wraps around to the left of the photo. So, if we click on the
document and then go down to this photo you can see it’s
a little bit hard to move. So first we’ll go to the
picture tools format tab. And then we’ll click on
the wrap text drop arrow. And then we’ll go to more layered options. Now there’s three options you can choose that the instructions
didn’t say, but that’s okay. So, notice this section here, this wrap text section. If I click in line with text
this left only goes away. This left only only
activates if you choose a square type of through text wrap. Well, you can choose
either one of those three. Let’s choose tight for our purposes. And then we’re gonna click left only and press okay. And then we’ll just move this to the right so all the text is on
the left of the picture, just like the instructions asked us to. It doesn’t matter where
you put the picture, as long as the text is
all on the left side. So that’s it for tasks two. Task three we will bookmark the heading, Moaning about Monday’s, and
name the bookmark Monday’s. So, in the same heading here I’m gonna highlight it. And just be careful your
instructions say to the left of the heading, to the
right of the heading. These instructions that I created asked me to highlight the whole heading, and then bookmark it. So, we go to the insert tab. Click on the bookmark icon. And we’ll rename, so there’s a bookmark that already exists. We’re gonna add another
one called Monday’s, and then click add. Now, if I clicked away
and went somewhere else I could test this bookmark by going click on bookmark
again, Monday’s go to. And it would take me back to the heading so it works. Now, so that’s it for task three. Task four asks to on the
first page in the photo hyperlink the web address. And there already is a hyperlink. So I’m gonna have to remove that first, even though that’s not
part of the instructions. Remove hyperlink, but
just in case you ever have to remove one, that’s how you do it. And then highlight it again, right click. And then click on link. And that’s pretty much all we have to do ’cause it’s just a webpage
and it’s already there. And it doesn’t ask us to
do much more than that. Just make sure it’s any extra
stuff like this is removed, and press okay. And now that becomes a
hyperlink, press control, and actually go to that website. So, now I’m gonna click on task five. And to the right of the heading from the book Facts About Days of the Week we’re gonna insert a copyright symbol. So that is on the insert tab. And then just go to the symbol drop arrow and click in the copyright sign. And there’s our copyright
sign that pops up. So that’s task five. And our last task will ask us to remove formatting Facts About
Saturday and Sunday. So, to remove formatting
we would just highlight the area that it wants
us to, the heading here. In the home tab there is a
lot eraser in the font group. And it’s called clear all formatting. And that’s exactly what the
instructions want us to do. So I’m gonna click on that and see that the heading format was removed. So that is it for task six. So the first task asks us
to change the page margins to narrow on this word document. So, we will go over to the layout tab. And then under the margins
drop arrow we will click that. And here are some options
to change your margins. We’re gonna choose narrow,
but you might have moderate, wide, or mirrored. So, ours is narrow. We gonna click narrow. And it changed the
margins of our document. Test two asks us to
insert a Banded quote in the bottom center of the cover page, and insert the text,
Claudia Kwok at OAGN 119. So, first thing we need
to do is on the first page I’ll zoom in so we go
right to the first page. And then go to the insert tab. And then click the text box drop arrow. And we want the banding quote one, and we want to put them here. Before I start moving
this around I’ll delete the text and put in the text of Claudia, and make sure it’s spelled the same way, same amount of spacing, and there’s a comma in between,
so I’m typing whatever’s in between the quotations and
not adding the quotations. And I’m typing exactly what’s in between the quotations, okay. So that’s a little hard to
see, but we’re gonna change where this text box is located
by clicking on the text box, let me make sure I got,
oh no I don’t have the. Okay, so I just gotta make
sure I got the text box, not the picture. So, I’ve got the text box now, and under the drawing tools format tab I can go to position. And although this sounds
positioned in bottom center was squared text wrapping,
and that is the bottom. However, this is the bottom center of the, I’m a little weary of doing
that because this is the bottom center of the margins. It’s not exactly the
bottom center of the page. So, if we go into
position and we go to more layout options it’s bottom
centered to the margin, not the page. So, it does say in the question, this is a little bit of a trap question because it says in the bottom center of the cover page, not the margin. So that’s if you’re
thinking about the page in where that is located
it’s at the bottom center of the page and not just the margin now. So that’s what makes
task two a little tricky. Task three asks us to update
the table of contents. So we can click on the table of contents. And you can click here, or you
can go to the references tab and just say update table, and then update entire table. (Mike scrolling) that should work. Or, again, you could just do,
double click update table, and then you get update entire table. Press okay. And then you’ve updated
the table of contents. So task four now asks us
to in the introduction, I’m sorry, add the introduction under this heading right here. So, we’re gonna do is go to
the insert tab to do that. And go to the object drop arrow. And it’s a text from file, so we’ll click that. And just double click introduction. And there’s our introduction
that we’ve added from the introduction
document of our Word document. And our last task here, task five, asks us to inspect the document and remove any headers, footers, or
watermarks that are found. So the way you do that is go to file, and check for issues. And we’re gonna go inspect
document, so click on that. Say yes. Going to inspect. So, it inspects a bunch of things, but we only wanna remove
headers, footers, and watermarks. So we’re gonna click remove all there. Press close, and that’s
the end of task five in project three. Number test one will
change the line spacing for the entire document to double space. And if you quickly want to
select everything in the document you can just click over in the home tab and in the editing group here
click the select drop arrow. And just click select all. And that’s an easy way to select
everything in the document. And then we can go to the
paragraph group in the home tab. And click the dialog box opener. And underline spacing
we’re gonna choose double. So now everything’s double
spaced once we click okay. And you can see everything’s
now double spaced. So that’s it for task one. Task two will change
the format of the text environment school project I
the first paragraph to strong. And if you don’t know
what strong is it’s okay. That ones sort of tricky. We’re gonna highlight now. We’ll just click whatever’s
in between the quotations, even though there’s quotations in here. And then, so click the
environmental school project. And then strong is a
style in the home tab. You might also have
the option to choose it to emphasis, intense
emphasis, things like that. So you might want to
explore this styles area just in case you’re asked
to do this on your exam. This question’s asking
us to make it strong. It just adds a format to the text environmental school project. So that’s it for task two. Task three we will insert a
header, the banded header. And we’ll try not to, we won’t display on the first page. So we have to go to the
insert tab by going header, and we’ll look for the banded header, just normal banded header. And what they mean by, what this means, I don’t do this, but
displayed on the first page click different first page. And now it’s not on the first page, but it’s on the, oh, we want to take a different
odd and even pages, okay. So make sure, if you’ve
had it on like I did I shouldn’t have had it on
different odd and even pages, and sometimes the default won’t have that. But if it was on like mine is, make sure you take that
off and make sure you just have different first page. And let’s see. Okay, so the header that we put there is on every single page
except the first page, and that’s what we want. So now I can just click
close header and footer. And that’s it for task three. Task four asks us to, for
the headings challenge, you could use this to
find, I know where this is. I did create this. So, the challenge is good you can see it. So, under that heading I
see numbered bullets here. And we want to continue
these number bullets on this bolded line here,
and this bolded line here. So, the way you can do that is
just click on the first one, and just click numbered,
and that’s pretty much it. That’s as easy as it gets. So, if you had this option right here, if it restarted at one you
could also restart at one, or continue numbering. Okay, but it automatically
continued the numbering, same thing if we do this here and just click on number formatting. Or in the paragraph group,
it’ll turn into four if it knows that. So, by default it did this thing where you right click the number and then continued numbering. But another option might be
to restart at one, depends. Or, you could even go further and set the number value, whatever you wanted it to start at. So you can go even further with those number bullet formatting. So for this project the first
thing that it asked us to do, or the first task is to add the contents from the file about us under the title Himalayan Coffee House on page two. So, not this title page,
but we’re gonna scroll down to page two. And what it’s asking us is to insert text, which you’ll have to do on
your MOS test at some point. It’s pretty often you’ll
have to insert text from a different file. So that’s what it’s asking us to do here. And the way you do that is
click on the insertion point, or wherever in the document that you need to insert the text from. And then click on the insert tab. And go over to the object drop arrow. Sometimes you have to insert
a picture that’s different. This is inserting text again. So, text from file. And then we’re gonna look up
that file called About Us. And I’ve got it. So then you just, they way Certaport works it’ll just pop up. In 2013 and earlier versions
you had this whole file path that was hard to navigate. But now it’s much easier. It’ll just pop up. The folder will just pop up, and you’ll have the file that you need. So, ours is in project five, and the about us word
document is right here, and we’re just gonna click that. And you can see part one
is added to the document, and we’ve completes task one. So, for task two it asks
us to apply the context double picture effect to
the image on page two. So we have to click the image on page two. There’s only one image, so it’s this one. And you see this picture
tools format tab pop up, so we’ll go there. And the question can be a
little bit confusing because I think that some styles
are very similar to picture effects, and picture layouts, and that kind of thing. So, be careful with the
wording on this one. If it’s a style that’s
in this menu right here, but it’s asking us for a picture effect. So you have to be careful that
you don’t confuse the two. So, we’re gonna look for picture effect. It says bevel, so we’re gonna
go to the bevel tab here. And then we’re gonna look for the convex bevel picture effect. So the convex one is right here. You might not be asked for
other ones like soft ground bevel picture effect, but we’re gonna choose the convex one. And then there’s a little picture effect added to this picture. So again, be careful to read carefully and especially when it
comes to picture styles versus picture effects. So this project is based on a real place called Himalayan Java House. And they come up with all these
cool latte arts like this. And they were gracious enough
to use my cartoon face. So, if you’re in Toronto
go check them out. So task three will ask us to
insert a picture on page two under the Smart Art graphic. So, we’re just gonna click
our insertion point here. And then go to the insert tab, and then picture, so it’s
not an online picture. It’s a picture that we have saved already. It’s a jpeg file. And again, if you’re
doing a Certaport exam the document should come up. If you’re doing the 2016 version
it’s very good like that. So, don’t worry about
having a huge file path that used to have in 2013. It’ll just kind of pop up in
the folder that you need it in. And you’ll get a picture like this. And yes, this is my face as a cartoon. So that is it for task three, just inserting a picture. And like the instructions say, the picture will be placed on page three. It doesn’t ask us to change the dimensions or the position on the page, so that’s all we have
to do for task three. So, task four asks us to
remove the background. And we’re gonna try to make
sure that we don’t cut off any part of the picture, and part of the cup here with the latte. And, this is from task three. So, we inserted the picture, now we’re going to remove the background. So in the picture tools format tab there’s an option just at the
left here in the adjust group to remove background. I do this a lot in PowerPoint. And so anything that’s gonna be removed is in purple. So, it’s got, it’s actually
done a really good job because there’s a
difference between the wood and the white of the cup. So, hopefully, sometimes
you just have to stretch the dimensions a little bit. Sometimes you also have to, like, it’s gonna cut off
this part of the cup. So, we’re gonna mark areas to keep. We get a little blot, there we go. So that’s pretty simple. So now the cup, everything is kept. We don’t need that,
like, little silverware in the background, just the cup only. And then we’re gonna say, keep changes. And now it only the, oh look, it cut out this part. So, we have to go back
to the remove background and we’re gonna say mark areas to keep, cut out the mouth part, and just keep clicking
until it puts it back. And keep changes. And there we go, so we’ve cut out the background now. And that’s how you would do that if you had to remove the
background of a picture. So now we’re on the last
task of this project and what it’s asking us to do is take this Smart Art graphic, and then
rearrange the bullet points so that accessibility is the first one. So, to do that we have to
click on the Smart Art graphic. And remember to click
on the outside border so that you select the whole graphic. If you ever have to change
the height and the width of the whole graphic
or something like that, if you wanted to add a
shape we could just go into the text pane here and
press enter to add a shape. And I’ll just press backspace
to delete that shape. To rearrange the shape however though, or change the position you have to go to the
Smart Art tools design tab. And then we’re going to
click move up until that accessibility point is
the number one point. So, we’re just going to
click move up a few times. You see accessibility moving up. An we’re gonna make it the first point. And that’s pretty much it for that step. So that’s how you would
rearrange the shapes in a Smart Art graphic. So for project six, task one, the question asks us to
highlight the text in the row, starting with Bellour in bright green. So, if you can’t find the name Belfour we can use out find command here and editing group in home tab. So I’m gonna click the
drop arrow and click find. This is gonna open up our navigation pane on the left here. And I’m just gonna type in Belfour. And this’ll help us locate
where that Belfour row is. And then I can highlight the
row by double clicking on it. And then on the home tab I’m
gonna click the drop arrow for the highlight button here. And then go to the color
green, or bright green, sorry. Bright green is what they’re asking for. And it’s right here. And that’s task one. The second tasks us to format the title Athletic Scholarships
as a WordArt text box using the style gold fill
accent color four, soft bevel. So, don’t be confused with this one. WordArt comes with it’s own text box. You don’t have to insert a text book on top of that, or sorry,
a text box on top of that. And they way you would do
that is in the insert tab just go to WordArt and choose
the style that they want. So this is the fill gold
accent color four, soft bevel. And that’s the one asked for. Just make sure you’ve
got the title highlighted and you’re not putting new
WordArt on top of that. So there. And you can see it comes
with it’s own text box. The question didn’t ask
me to position the WordArt text box in the center,
but I do that anyway. But you wouldn’t lose marks
if you didn’t do that. But yeah, just in case you’re wondering is text box and WordArt
separate, it’s not. WordArt comes with it’s own text box here, just the way that is worded seems tricky. Task three will ask us
to find and replace any words that say football with soccer. Sometimes, depending on where you live, soccer is called football,
of soccer, what we call in North America. So, we’re going to find
instances of football and then replace it with soccer. So the way you would do
that is go to the find drop arrow and click find. Actually you could also do replace, and that would give you both. So, find what? That would be, we’ll type in football. And then we wanna replace any instances of football with soccer. So just type in soccer. Remember, don’t just press replace on the first one, replace all. And there are four replacements. So now we’ll see soccer
instead of football. And that’s it for task three. So the last task here on project six asks us to insert a wave
shape and insert the text, or type in all matches begin in October over the shape. And then the last part
here is a little tricky because it asks us to align
it to the bottom center of the page, which might seem simple, but it’s a little more
challenging than you think. So I’m gonna click just past this table. Doesn’t matter wherever
you put it for now, we’re going to change the position later. So, I’m gonna go to the insert tab. I’m gonna look up my shapes here. And then, if you are doing
any type of exam with Word it would be good to know all
the different kinds of shapes in case you’re asked to insert them and you can find them quickly. If you practice just kind of, just have your mouse over
some of the options here. And the one that we’re
looking for is the wave shape, so it’s sort of like a ribbon here. Okay, there’s the wave
under stars and banners. And then we can just draw it by clicking and holding your mouse, and just dragging. It doesn’t give us a specific size though, so just big enough so you can type in it. And then we’re gonna type
all matches begin in October. Now remember, if you are doing an MOS test whatever in between the
quotation marks you put in, but you don’t actually type
in the quotation marks. So, type in the exclamation mark here because it’s inside of
the quotation marks. But if something like that wasn’t, if like it’s a period
or comma that’s outside of the quotation marks you
don’t put that punctuation in the shape here. So, everything inside
of the quotation marks, and don’t include the quotation marks. It’s just telling me what to type. So, all matches begin in October. And then we’re not done yet because we have to change the position. So, clicking on that shape and then going to the drawing tools format tab. I’ll go to position and
then I’m gonna choose more layered option because we’re gonna get
a specific alignment here to make sure that it’s the centered position on the page. So, it’s not to the margin, it’s the page that they’re asking for. Center and then the alignment
for the vertical alignment is the bottom of the page. So we have the bottom center of the page. And you’re wave will
be right at the bottom and the center of the page just like that. So that’s it for this project six. So, now we’re on our project seven. The first task asks us
to add alternative text with the title Course Textbooks, and the description of
that alternative text, which is listed right here. So again, I’m gonna remember to type in whatever’s between the quotation marks and leave the quotation marks out. But, to when I type in alternative text I’m gonna highlight the table, and then I’m gonna right click. And then I’m gonna go to table properties. It’s just the way, I
know there’s a few ways you can get to the alternative text. But this is the way I like to do it, so right click table properties, and this table properties
dialog box opens. And the alt text tab here
you can just type in your alt text for the table, and this works the same way
with pictures and shapes as well if you’re adding alternative text. So, alternative text, again, if you want to know the
description it’s right here at the bottom of this dialog box, but I’m just gonna type
in what I’m asked to here. Course textbook, and make sure again that I’m typing in only what’s in between the quotation marks and not
the quotation marks themselves. And make sure that my spelling is correct, ’cause you don’t wanna
lose a mark for that. So this is a list of the textbooks and how much they will cost. So this can be tricky because, so there’s no period. Make sure, see here’s an
example of punctuation outside the quotation mark. There’s no period at the end. So, if it doesn’t ask you to type one in don’t put it. You don’t wanna lose a mark
for something like that. And I’m just gonna make
sure this is a list of the textbooks. And okay, so make sure
every word is the same, the capitalization is the
same when it comes to the text in the question. Now that that’s all good
I’m gonna press okay, and we’ve added our alternative text. And that’s it for task one. So task two is asking us
to apply a grid table five dark style two table style to the tables. So we’re gonna add some
color to the table. And I’m gonna highlight
the whole table first, and then under the table tools design tab that pops up, I’ll go to design and you can see table styles right here. I’m gonna open the
gallery by clicking more. And the title kind of
tells you where this is, grid tables, okay, so
it’s in this section here. Dark accent, so it’s dark,
table five dark accent two, and it’s the one we’re looking for. So, you might just have
to search a little bit. And it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to get used to where certain styles of tables are. Here’s the one we’re asked to put in, and that’s it for task two. So, task three asks us to
locate Michael’s Art Shop and put a symbol, the
registered sign at the end of Michael’s Art Shop. So, if you can’t find a sentence, or the instructions don’t tell
you where a certain word is we can use the find command. We’re gonna go to find, click on that. And I’m just gonna type in the sentence, this award, so I can find that sentence and we can see that Michael’s
Art Shop is right here. So, it’s after, so I’m gonna put the
insertion point right after. And then I’m gonna go to the insert tab. I’ll look for the registered symbol. If it’s not here you
can go to more symbols. And then we’re gonna look for
the big R registered symbol. And it’s actually right down here, the registered sign. So that’s the, it says in
the question registered sign, that’s the one that we’re looking for. And then we just insert. And then close. And then you’ll see if we zoom in that little registered mark is there. So that’s it for task three. So this last task asks us
to inspect the document and remove any personal information. So the way you do that is
go to the backstage view in the file tab. So I’m gonna click the
file tab at the top here of the ribbon. And then inside of this
info tab we have this check for issues, and you can tell
this is inspect document. So we’re in the right place. And we’re gonna click
inspect the document, which we’re told to do. Yes, if that comes up just say yes. We’re going to inspect, so you see a lot of that, you
just gotta inspect everything. And then it’s going to
ask if we want to remove all of these document properties
and personal information. So, once you click remove all
you’ve completed this step. And then we just have to close. So that’s how you would
inspect the document and remove any personal information. So, if you made it this
far I hope that was helpful and I hope it helps you prepare
for your next test or exam. Or, maybe you just become more
proficient in Microsoft Word. If you want more videos like this one that I’ve already got, I’ve got the 2013 MOS test practice, so you can see that on the left side here along with other videos. And don’t forget to subscribe as well, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye.

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