Morning Conversations with Jim Self and Roxane Burnett – Disease & Fear

Morning Conversations with Jim Self and Roxane Burnett – Disease & Fear

Jim, last week at the Free Webinar someone posted a question but I didn’t get to ask it then. So I’m going to ask it now. This person wanted to know what is physical illness? Well it’s not only what is it? How does it happen? How does physical illness come about? There’s this progression of illness how it comes about. So you’re naturally healthy as a little kid, you grow up. But one of the things that happens is it starts not in the physical body. It starts in how you think. It starts in how you hold emotions. Let’s say you’re walking down the street and you’re in a great space, healthy person. I’m in my spiritual space… we’ll call it. I’m happy, I’m focused, things are working, motion is fluid in my body comfortably and somebody says to me you have a funny nose and what happens is I get knocked out of that space. My first thing that happens… it’s an insult of some nature. And I have a thought that doesn’t… that doesn’t… that’s not right, something’s wrong with this. It immediately drops from the mental body into the emotional body and you say this isn’t good and a feeling comes along with that… this isn’t good. And then what happens is you start thinking about it…this isn’t good, why did they say that? Are they gonna like me? Am I going to be accepted? We start to wind this whole set thoughts. But how it works is… thoughts our electrical and emotions are magnetic. You have this thought, this isn’t good and then you immediately have this feeling. It’s as if you create this electromagnetic field. You start wrapping the wire, if you would, this isn’t good, this is good, why did they say that? And the more you start to build that tightness, that magnetic, electromagnetic tightness, the more the body goes into attention. Well I’m afraid, this isn’t good, what does it mean, am I going to succeed, are they going to like me? And you start winding that, but if you think about the body when it’s in that spiritual balance, it’s in a flow, it’s balance, it’s comfortable, everything’s working, no resistance. But as soon as you go into uh-oh somethings wrong the body starts to tighten up and there becomes a resistance and then there becomes a restriction, and then there becomes an irritation, and then an inflammation, and then things start to get out of balance. So if you hold I’m not okay long enough… they never liked me, I did it wrong. That becomes this irritation in the body and that electromagnetic field starts to pull things out of balance and that tension is something where the muscles don’t work, the fluidness of the body doesn’t work and eventually things drop from that spiritual… I’m happy, every things wonderful to uh-oh this doesn’t feel good and I’m never going to be capable, I’m never going to be successful, never going to be liked. We all do that. But it’s that tension in the body around ‘I’m not okay’ that when it really drops into the body it becomes a state of dis-ease. But when it’s in a mental emotional space it’s a state of dis ‘big hyphen’ ease, I’m off-balance, I’m unsure. When it drops in the physical the hyphen goes away and it become disease, which is simply an out of balance. Can this be an unconscious process? Oh, absolutely! Think about how many times in your life you’ve just unconsciously had this thought ‘I’m not okay’, ‘They don’t like me’, ‘I’m not going fit in’, ‘I’m not doing this right’, ‘I don’t think they’re going to accept this’. Unconsciously you sit and you have this uncomfortable off-balance feeling. And it.. it can come from the past, so say high school, college, being beat up, bullied, all of that dense ‘I’m not okay’ energy and then you clean it out or you move on… it’s not a conscious thing anymore so the person gets to be 50 and they get cancer. So is that related to this? Absolutely! We had a session once before about fear and basically that fear is an off-balance and this internal guidance system really is saying… it’s not screaming run. It simply saying ‘be aware’ and when you amplify it into ‘Run, oh my God the end of the world is coming’, that’s an awful lot of stress in the body. What we do is we have the event, they told me they didn’t like me, I was not going to succeed, I got a bad grade on a test and everybody laughed at me. There it is and that’s really uncomfortable to hang onto for a length of time… but there it is… so what we do is we go into denial and we kind of store it away over here and we’re not going to look at this. It didn’t go away. It’s sitting in that… tension electromagnetic space that says this is out-of-balance, something’s wrong. You can be 50 years old but finally that tension cracks, it breaks, So the key is even if a person… even if i don’t know what this tension is in my rational mind to use the tools do the work to clear out any stuck energy whether I know what it is or not so that stuck energy doesn’t bite me in the butt when I’m 50? Exactly. At a really fundamental level this is hard for people even to comprehend let alone understand, you can’t be ‘not okay’ at fundamental level you are absolutely fine. People then start arguing, yes but, yes but, yes but, while the yes but is… what they’re really saying is you don’t understand ‘I was embarrassed when I was seven years old and I’ve never gotten over that, and so I’m not okay’. They’re arguing for this position of being not okay. When you start to play in Mastering Alchemy and the tools and begin to recognize you can’t be not okay, I’m fine and I have stuff going on in my life… when you can begin to distinguish between you and your stuff, then you begin to start to recognize oh I was embarrassed at seven years old but I’m not seven years old anymore and when I look back at that kids do those things and I’m okay and you start to realize I don’t have to carry this anymore. And that loosens up all of the resistance and you get ‘well-being’. Yeah, you see in this space of I’m okay everything automatically comes into an alignment. But when you hold that I’m not okay, they told me that I wasn’t okay… you see the other part of that… you can never solve that… you’re not okay, you’re not smart, well that’s just somebody else’s opinion and then we hold onto it and we start asking ourselves the same question, what did I do wrong, what’s wrong with me, why didn’t they like me? The interesting part of that is you never get an answer because it was never your problem. You’re fine. But that’s were this disease and off-balance in illness in the body really comes from. It’s a very interesting process, but for the most part people are looking externally for how do i fix this problem that was an external problem in the first place.

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  1. Thank you for this information. How I can help myself when I have a irritable bowel syndrome? Please, help me. What kind of techniques I can use?

  2. thank you to all the light workers stepping up during our challenges – everybody is feeling it now – the confusion – conflict – disappointment and despair of these days. if we don't feel it directly we feel it in the air – in our interactions.

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