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    Now let's talk about the Indian democracy, hope you will love them:
    Democratic claiming:
    India is indeed a Western style democratic country having the freedom of false claiming:
    As India is so called western style democracy, Indians and Indian government can keep flase claiming and talking nonsense in the world as it is the nature of the democracy.
    India claimed: "India is a democratic country, democratic countries never invade other countries, democratic countries never lie, democratic countries never devalue their currency".
    India has been good at nothing, but false claiming for the past 70 years in the world.
    A: Democratic Toilet Society:
    Democratic toilets (People do not need to look for Toilets, as the democratic Toilets are everywhere in India. the Whole India is a toilet, who says India has no toilet?).
    Democratic shitting in streets , democratic pissing in streets, democratic defecation in public.
    Democratic raping (India is the raping capital of the world, Indians rape their mums, girls, daughters, infants, nuns, visitors, so long there is a hole, Indian male will plug into it).
    Democratic bastard country (almost all Indians are bastards, as Indians have the freedom of raping days and nights in India).
    Democratic crime rights (India rapists rape the victims first, then shot them, set fire on them, threw them into a deep well, it is India democracy to keep those rights in India).
    Democratic Caste system (India society has been deeply rooted with the world largest Caste system. If the world has the similar Caste system, India belongs to the Untouchable group in the world).
    Democratic censorship (for BBC's India's daughter, porns).
    Democratic poverty (9 states is the same as 25 African countries in poverty, the poorest place on the planet, 50% Indians under 18 are living under poverty).
    Democratic dirty (India is the filthiest country in the world. Although the US President ordered Modi to CLEAN INDIA, all Indians are lazy to clean India, spend more time on Quora to block all true comments about India).

    Democratic military weapons (No 1 world military weapons importer in the world. India imports useless weapons, and becomes obsolete when these weapons are fully operational in India).
    Democratic military parade (Indian military parade look just like a poor circus show).
    Democratic language (India's own language is autocratic and inferior to English, so India set English as India's official language. English education in India only be benefits to less than 1% of Indians, which made India with the largest population of illiterate people in the world).
    Democratic pollution (the No1 in pollution and pollution growth in the world).
    Democratic suicide (over 1,000 farmer suicide every year).
    Democratic alcohol ( 2015 over 100 died due to fake Alcohol).
    Democratic tribe ruling society (primitive and uncivilised society).
    Democratic heat wave (over 2,000 people died of heat wave every year).
    Democratic child labour (over millions Child labour underground).
    Democratic fingers (use fingers to eat food and clear rear).
    Democratic religion suppression (Modi killed over 10,000 religions people).
    Democratic sterilisation (over 1,000 Indian women died of sterilisation every year).
    Democratic birth control (kill 1,000 Indian kids every day as Oxford press revealed).
    Democratic Olympic medals (Zero gold with 1.2 billion population).
    Democratic infrastructure (still remain the infrastructure which the UK built).
    Democratic slum (the largest slum in the world).
    Democratic legal system (India crime cases will take 600 years to complete in India legal case based on the present speed of Indian democratic legal system),

    Democratic animals (rats, dogs, elephants, cows etc. have the freedom of jogging in Indian streets, it is very hard to see the difference between the animals and Indians in Indian streets).
    Democratic animal rights (India respect animals more than Indians, all animals are worshiped as Indian Gods such as Rats, Cow etc. However, all Indians Gods are either eaten up or beaten up in streets by people from the world).
    Democratic food (India believes that so long as India is a democratic country, India will naturally become a high standard of living country in the world).
    Democratic GDP calculation method (India believes that when India changed
    GDP calculation method, then India will natural become a superpower).
    Democratic progress (India ranked 103 in terms of GDP/head in 1950, now ranked 145 in 2017. India then claimed that India has made the greatest progress in the world).
    B: Democratic Education:
    Democratic beggars (India believes that democratic beggars enjoy more freedom than people working in autocratic offices, thus beggars are one form of work in India, that's the reason why India has been proud of the freedom).
    Democratic education (none is listed in global top 200 university).
    Democratic PISA score (Indian PISA kids scored bottom in the world with an IQ of 72).
    Democratic illiteracy (India believes that freedom is more important than autocratic schooling, most are illiterates, and the rests are ill-educated. Over 400m Indians can not write or read his or her name, over 450m Indians can not read newspaper, but can write or read their names, the best of remaining 450m scored bottom in PISA contest).
    Democratic IQ (Based on the world IQ ranking, Indians have an average IQ of 82. Based on the best Indians kids PISA score, the best Indians kids have an IQ of 76. Indians IQ are dropping although Indians already have a low IQ in the world).
    C: Democratic Corruption:
    Democratic corruption (asking for money by Indian officials openly).
    Democratic demonetisation (All Indians officials are clean from corruption, Indian currency notes are corrupted. That's why Modi implemented the demonetization in India).
    Democratic bribe (biggest payday for poor Indian people, Indian poor people expect voting everyday. As a result, there are large numbers of Indians live on voting, they sit there, doing nothing, but expect food and money and then cast their votes in accordance whom they are told to vote).
    Everything is justified/legalised by putting a word "democratic" in front of everything in India.
    Can you guess what was the last word for those who were dying from the heat wave? "Is there any voting today?". (They were hoping free food, money and clean water from the election candidates).
    One example:
    The democratic farmers in democratic India enforced democratic laws on democratic rapists to cut off the democratic penis from the democratic rapists and then put the democratic penis into the democratic mouth of the dead democratic rapists. Those democratic farmers are then democratically elected as the democratic leaders of India to rule the democratic India.
    The above is the so called the largest democratic India.

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