87 thoughts on “Mogul B. Smith to speak about Alzheimer’s disease at Miami Book Fair International”

  1. Heartbreaking to witness…Barbara IS still gorgeous, and Dan DOES still sees that! Beautiful love and commitment, my Sistah and Brotha. May God keep you in His Loving Hands. 🙏

  2. Is it too late to give her coconut capsules and black seed oil, high quality omega fish oil and tumeric powder? People are using this and its overturning it

  3. Yeah he loves so so and he has another woman that he's declaring publicly he can't wait until she dies thank the Lord she has Alzheimer so she don't know because a man is something else he could have did it quietly but I guess the other woman was pressuring him we understand his need but give your wife some respect man

  4. I feel like this was the works of the powers that be to steal all her riches that she worked hard for. And he’s a scum bag.

  5. Do a report on her husband Dan Gasby _ Ms. "B" went MISSING riding public transportation …. first off WHY was Ms. B Smith riding a city bus ALONE in her condition. Was he was trying to get her lost hoping she would not return or could not be found or worst 🤨 😡 …. FOUL.  He has his girlfriend living in Ms. B's house. I pray Dan is reported to elder care services for mental abuse …. please report that!

  6. This is so hard for anyone of is to understand he has to watch his loving Wife turn into a depend child be4 his very eyes that he now has to care for but who and how does he get care??? Its a no win situation….

  7. What aheartless cruel man who will answer to God for such dishonor if his wife. Okd dusty joker should be reported to elder affairs for abuse having your trashy mistress living in your wife's house?..or maybe investigate them ..maybe it's one thing HIM and his WHITE girlfriend living n her house, did! He I a JOKE! AND KARMA HAS HIM ON HIS LIST!

  8. Dan is despicable. I know violence is not the answer however I would love to smack his face for B. Smith. Low down dirty scum of the earth along with his side piece. Both will pay for this. The hole they dig for B Smith, they will fall in.

  9. I dont see how this lady loss her mind without shooting her up with something. She young still and it’s like she can’t remember messing with that entertainment industry no telling what they did to her! Her husband ain’t right

  10. He isn't a bishop or a deacon so he can have more than one wife … I think that's what the western world needs to legalize and not legalizing full term abortions …

  11. such a beautiful couple🙏may God bless them always and forever…B just looks stunning he's talking great care of her🙏

  12. I understand his wife is sick and isn't going to get any better but to engage in a relationship and move another woman in while she is still alive is disrespectful as it gets….. He took a vow for better or worst and in sickness and in health the thing I see is he is worried more about his own needs and desires. This woman he is dating feels that she is helping and supportive not all people do not respect or take marriage vows serious anymore, I do not understand this arrangement…..

  13. He, HIS mistress and HIS daughter are just looking forward to the day that B.Smith dies. He should have placed her in a nursing facility and allowed her to live her final days with her dignity intact. There's no telling how awful they are treating her off camera.

  14. This is why people need to have kids… because if B had some kids they would kick his a$& n take care of her like she deserves. . . How dare he and his "lady friend" live off of B's fortune and hard work… disrespectful!

  15. This is such a sad story. I just read about B Smith. I remember her from years back, when she had her own cooking show that she was hosting.

  16. People are quick to judge something they may not themselves have the patience, endurance and selflessness to endure for years with no end in sight. "Judge not."

    Furthermore, so many say that putting her in a home would have been better. For whom? Patients get mistreated even in expensive care facilities…where she would be sitting up by herself for hours, day after day, until they come to feed her etc. No one can truly say that that would be better for her "dignity". And no one can say how they would hold up as the caregiver mate after years of this experience. Also, it speaks volumes that there is no other close family support… Most people's families are much smaller these days, with hardly no one to help out. Plus, "the calvary" of support/family/friends just don't show up and stick and stay. (For all the people talking, whom are they helping?…cause there is no shortage of help needed in every family and community. Whom do they even consistently visit and volunteer with?) So for all the people talking judgment, are you willing and can you endure caring for someone day in and day out in this situation?…and also not crack? Then if you end up meeting a companion, in your own humanity, then people insist that you should leave and put your mate in a home? That's our mentality… to preserve a concept that no longer fits the reality…just so people (who aren't contributing anything to the situation but judgment) won't have much trash to talk about a sitiation thay THEY don't live with. (What "village" are you selflessly helping with consistently. I've been there and know the limits of most people's capacity, even when they're paid.) The only reality is what the people actually here involved are actually doing, and what they actually feel about it. The dignity concept is relative. We care more about the surface appearance than their actual life. If Ms. B Smith is being sincerely well taken care of, then that is her reality. Anything else is our judgment and projecting our limited perspective onto a reality that you clearly can't imagine.
    (And I understand that all parties involved already had their own money. So we can take that juicy judgment chip off the table in this analysis as well.)
    Sounds like many people would have felt better if the caregiver mate had ended up drinking, or did something else damning to cope and hold up a front that people would accept, become useless himself, and Ms. B. ended up in a home with no real family to care for her. Or just divorce her and she still end up in a home. That would have appeared to be a more dignified existence for our beloved whom we say we're concerned about…as we pristine, perfect, infinitely selfless people judge from our peanut gallery stands.


  18. DO SOME GOOD….Dan. How is moving in a side chick into your marital home to live along side you and B…as a threesome…doing her any freaking good. You married her for piggyback fame and fortune and photoopps to make your life relevant. She is a good person who never really saw the narcissistic demon in you….like the one staring back at us on the book cover. Crodile tears and demonic eyes….AND ACTIONS…dont lie…

  19. if this was a black woman doing this to a black man all hell would break loose ppl would be dragging her on social media

  20. When I first heard about this I thought it was fake news but apparently not. Dan Gasby has done a horrible thing along with his girlfriend. Adultery is adultery (regardless if it's permitted or not) and he took a vow in front of God 'for better or worse in sickness and health.' This entire situation wreaks. He's a selfish man because he's not the one suffering from Alzheimer's.

  21. At that point she knew what she was thinking and saying but he doesn't seem to have patience to allow her to the words out.

  22. Dan had another woman at this time…..he said very recently that he and Alex ( the other woman not the wife) have been together for a year and a half; This was done in 2018 November so that means he was in a 6 month relationship with Alex then….wow he must have been hiding the relationship from her (Bea his wife) then because she is more cognizant here, there is no way she would have agreed to this.

  23. Unfortunately it's not one strong marriage. He's given up on her. He's brought a female into their home in which it's his sidechick.

  24. I guarantee you all, if Dan got sick, that female wouldn't be around any longer. It's ALL about Ms. B's Empire that she worked so hard for.

  25. How can we be sure that they didn't discuss this when she was fjrst diagnosed…how do we know that she did not give her husband the okay to have a friend when she gets to a certain level of the disease…I just cant understand how the world can be so outraged by someone else's life…someones marriage…that none of us know anything about…

  26. one big happy family right Dan you wait to karma comes and grabs you and rains on you and that Mistress of yours it is on its way.

  27. Where was the girlfriend he knows she wouldn't go for that thats y he waited until she didn't know. Hes a foolish i cant stand him for what he's doing to B

  28. Before I Forget…….." Where did you put your will leaving the all of your money to me." Says her husband.

  29. What her husband need to stop doing is to quit bringing women in her face. knowing that she don't know any better. t they are doing her a disservice having another woman in her face hugging and kissing and she's sitting right there. that is so disrespectful and showing the world what he's doing in her face. And where is all these nice clothes but yet you have her looking like Paperboy.

  30. She didn't have a clue that he will be moving his mistress in their house to help with her. This is a set up.
    I'm not buying this.

  31. This guy is a dusty attention seeking Gold Digger…did some research as I know people (2) who know Alex ( about her past). She was very independently wealthy before she married her billionaire white husband she had kids with and divorced ( got a massive half a billion settlement) in the divorce nevermind HUGE Alimony and a massive amount in child support. She was a model for a while ( many years back)… but not for $ as she was VERY wealthy via inheritance before she married the white Billionaire. Not something many people are aware of as if they knew they would know he ( DUSTY DAN) is a bigger piece of crap! He is a swindler getting in his 15 minutes….wants FAME/ infamous…lol. Deperate attention seeker with a " poor me" personality. Can't stand people with a Victimhood mentality ….kinda my " pet peeve"

  32. Dusty Dan really revealed his true self when he started dating while he was still married Queen B. Smith. He didn't truly love her. There was no excuse for his actions.

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