Micah’s Story of Healing From Autoimmune Disease

Micah’s Story of Healing From Autoimmune Disease

So in 2013 I came down with what we thought was just the flu. Kind of started getting stomach sick. And so this became a daily thing where I was nauseous, in a lot of pain, vomiting, passing a lot of blood, vomiting blood. There was a period of time where I would have to wake up two hours before my alarm to take medication just so that I could actually get out of bed. At the roughest point of the disease I had lost 40 pounds. [Music] So I work in health care, I’m a PA Physicians Assistant I work in emergency medicine I’ve been doing that for eight years. And it was difficult as the years went on realizing that I could help my patients but I couldn’t help my husband. I don’t know I think that was the hard part just watching him kind of go through something that I couldn’t fix. We’d spent so much time getting so many different opinions and diagnosis almost from different people that at at some point I just felt like maybe it was just all in my head and I even asked a doctor that question I said I can handle it just tell me am I making this up is this in my head. And that’s kind of when we started seeing a new doctor here in town an environmentalist and he diagnosed me with a rare form of MS that resides in the gut. I think the darkest moment came when Amanda and I were thinking about other people that we’ve prayed for that we had seen healing and restoration for and it wasn’t coming for us and just going God what is the purpose of this why would you want somebody who’s serving you to suffer this much. Brandon Lake one of the worship leaders at at the church and a dear friend of mine kind of pulled me aside and said hey man I know you’re struggling but I just feel like I gotta tell you the Lord is gonna use your story and it’s he’s gonna use it soon so just hang in there if that gives you any hope. So this was the 25th of March I was playing that weekend at church. Lance Gatch was playing that weekend with me and he said he has a friend in Nashville named Joshua Silverberg. So Micah came home and was like Lance told me about this guy that has some healing prayer something we should talk about it and I remember both of us kind of sarcastically chuckling like I guess you could get healed over the phone what else we have to lose at this point like sure let’s try. so Tuesday March 27th I see they have a call from Josh. So I answer the phone and I had obviously never met him this is my first time ever speaking to him I don’t really know anything about him. So we start talking and he finally gets kind of a place where he starts praying for me and the only way I can describe the feeling is just like there was this like electricity that was kind of pumping through my body I felt like as he started to pray for me. He said Jesus give Micah back everything that Satan has taken from him. And in that moment it was like a lightning bolt it just broke. His countenance changed like his shoulders were heavy his eyes were heavy and I remember instantly seeing that come off. I jumped into the air with this energy sitting right here and he said what are you feeling and I was like the only thing I could say was I feel the opposite of fatigue whatever that is that is what I feel right now. So he says well test it out go run around or something so I get up and I’m running around my yard on the phone with this guy that I just you know don’t know it all screaming like a crazy person and he’s doing the same he’s in Nashville running around his yard screaming freaking out. And in that moment I was completely healed and completely released. We had been on the phone for about an hour and he says hey I’m really sorry I have to go, he was asked to speak that night at his church on healing. He then he was like well hey if you want you can watch this service online. We log in watch the service and not only do I get healed, but within an hour Josh shared my testimony that night and there were people in the room that were healed through it. It’s crazy to think that something that we had accepted as as normal this sickness just became okay this is part of our story now this is our our burden to bear, the thorn in my side. The Holy Spirit changed it in a second over the phone with a stranger. If he had gotten healed gradually over a couple months I would have been able to chalk it up to some kind of treatment or medicine or whatever that he had been on but because it happened like in an instant before my eyes I knew it had to be Jesus like I didn’t have I didn’t have any way to argue it or to not believe what had happened. You learn how to pray without getting answers for a long time too. Which I think is something really painful that I would never have admitted before but there were many years of no answers to those prayers. But now we got one. [Music] So this year I do have the honor of getting to play with NEEDTOBREATHE again. Love playing with them. But it’s a whole different experience because I actually get to fully enjoy it. Not having to fight through just to get to the show just to to do my job but actually I get to spend time with people and build relationships and really enjoy each moment for what it is which is so different than last year and it’s such a gift. [Music]

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  1. Is there a way I can get in contact with you all? I'm 22 weeks pregnant, have a 2 and 3 year old and a husband with Lyme disease. I've been having extreme flares for 2 years and we have no idea what caused it! I know Jesus is going to take this from me anyway now! It's just a deception and the devil is trying to fool me. I've changed everything about my life! I only eat fresh foods, nothing packaged bc I suffer from food intolerances, sugar sensitivities and chemical intolerance. Sometimes I think "maybe God wants me to have this thorn in my flesh to stay humble! To stay broken so I'm close to him!?" I just want someone with great faith like myself to pray with me! My email is [email protected] I'm so desperate I'm willing to leave my phone number and pray for a phone call but I can't chance that in today's world! God is so so good! He is our salvation and our health! Praise him and all the glory to Jesus Christ our King!

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