Mental Health DAY IN MY LIFE | therapy breakthroughs, mental check, yoga, cleaning

Mental Health DAY IN MY LIFE | therapy breakthroughs, mental check, yoga, cleaning

hey everyone welcome back to my channel my name is rene if you guys are new hi welcome to our channel today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys a day in my life but today's day in my life I wanted to do something a little bit different I decided to do a self-care kind of mental health style vlog I have a therapist appointment at noon today I have a yoga class like we're just gonna like chill for the day and kind of refresh our mental health excuse me phone so this morning I just woke up and I worked a little bit I got ready did my makeup put on an outfit just the usual I'm really excited to blog this with you guys I think it's something that is really important to focus on I think everybody should have like a mental health check once in a while just to kind of refresh our emotions and all that fun stuff so I will kind of discuss a little bit more about what I do when I'm focusing on my mental health and it just like is a mental check-in so yeah welcome to the vlog so something that I really like to do is to kind of give myself a mental check-in I did this when I took a break from YouTube and it honestly it just like totally helped me clear my mind and get everything that was in my mind on paper and organized and you guys know I'm like a super organized clean person that's when I thrive if I'm not clean in my environment I go crazy the same goes for my mental health so what I like to do is just kind of pour out everything that's on my mind and like reprioritize my life and I want to share with you guys what I ended up coming up with on my break what I did was I ended up taking just like a blank sheet of paper and like rain dumping everything that was on my mind things that I felt like I wanted to put more emphasis on in my life things I was slacking in things that I was thriving in and I really loved and I've talked about the 7 dimensions of wellness before on this channel it's just like kind of putting your life and almost like brackets if that makes sense just like you have your family life you have your relationship you have your environmental like like all that stuff I'll pop them on the screen right now real quick if you guys want to jot them down I watched the housewives in New York and believe it or not again Ramona Singer taught me something like a long time that I talked about in a video I completely forgot it was but um she also said something Alice in a in an episode and I was like oh my god that totally makes sense she was like talking to one of her friends about not putting all of your eggs in one basket because if you put all of your energy and time into something in your life the minute that goes away or something happens that you don't have control over in that situation your your whole life is going to be crumbling because that's how much energy and time you've put into that particular area of your life and that's not healthy at all it's important to kind of put a little bit into this part of your life a little bit into this part a little bit into this part that way if God forbid something happens with one of those areas in your life you're not in complete shock and feeling like you want to not live anymore you know so I think it's really important to kind of prioritize your life but also put a little bit of yourself into each one and never ever put yourself into one completely otherwise I feel like like mentally that's not healthy so I wrote down don't put all your eggs in one basket I don't know why that just like clicked to me I was like that's a really smart way of looking at it so I wrote down one two three four five six seven parts of my life that I feel are like little sections of my life that are important so I did like my relationship which is like Noah my family me time growth and improvement my career and finances my social life as well as my creative life after that I kind of just like jotted down everything that I can do that I can work on those specific areas of my life so for example the relationship date-night and noah and stuff for my family i wrote down everything and everyone that was important to me my family that I kind of wanted priority has my time with me time which is like my health and wellness so for me that's mental as well as physical growth and improvement like reading and learning new things every day challenging myself my career and finances so that's like YouTube my podcast any new endeavors I'm social for me is like meeting and exploring new people I feel like I have a hard time with that and so that's something I wanted to improve on and my creativity I wanted to improve on like I'm really getting into like clothes and fashion and stuff and I don't I've never really been like someone to go shopping all the time but I feel like I really want to you know explore that little area in my life and maybe try out new things fashion wise just to kind of spark my creativity music I've been like loving music lately I've always loved music but I am very particular with my music so like when I listen to one song like I'll listen to that song like 20 times like I don't know you know venture out much music wise but I ended up like sitting down one day and just making all these Spotify playlists I'll have them linked down below if you guys want to check them out and I've been loving my own little mixtapes you know like little playlists I have one called vintage dream that I oh my god I listen to every single day though that was what I was listening to when I was dancing in this blog earlier and then also creativity is like traveling because I feel like that's super creative and the sense of like exploring and understanding and learning new things and cultures mixing together and meeting new people like so those are all of my little priorities in my life and you guys can do the same thing just write down everything in your life that like I said you want to put more emphasis into or kind of fix and improve on when I haven't written this down I just leave it on my desk and I see it every day and it kind of just helps me reprioritize my life and then I also wrote down things that I want to focus on like little to do's and that was like for work health and anything additional and then I also wrote down some daily reminders for myself that I feel like I need to remind myself on a daily basis in terms of my mentality so something I want to improve on never apologizing for who you are I want to post more and worry less like don't really focus so much on the views I feel like with everything going on on YouTube right now and the canceled culture and stuff I honestly got scared to kind of like just be myself and I was like constantly fretting of like if I don't get as many views on a video like do they not like me anymore like am I being cancelled like I know it's crazy to think like that but it really does kind of play a part in to social media expecially if you work in social media and it's so unhealthy I just said you know I'm gonna pose what I want to pose and if people don't watch it people don't watch it but it's fun for me and I need to stop worrying about stupid things that aren't even happening I never apologize for Who I am and never be afraid to show Who I am so the next one was live your life so like take opportunities live in the moment I feel like a lot of the times when things happen in my life especially because of my job I feel like I almost not don't deserve it but I feel like I don't know I have it really really good and I feel like some people bash that and it's not fair because I deserve it I literally put myself in the situation I worked really hard to do what I want so I shouldn't feel guilty for living the lifestyle that I want no matter how many people sit there and judge me for it and tell me I'm lazy or I don't have a real job or anything like that like I'm just gonna live my life and just own it like dessert I deserve this lifestyle so you know I used to feel guilty and I'm trying my best not to you anymore and then it's a social thing so I get a little bit uncomfortable in social situations and I kind of just like wanted to remember my mindset like just remember it's a social thing like stepping outside of my comfort zone talking to people and kind of like re-emphasizing how fun it is to meet people instead of thinking about how like uncomfortable I am like to focus more on like it's so fun and it's like a social thing you know the other one is be an adult like rubbing off like don't they take things so seriously sometimes I get a little bit triggered by things or I have like certain opinions and I'm like I honestly I mean I'm not like judgmental but like I'll judge some people for doing certain things or I kind of compare myself to other people and it's just like you're an adult like you don't need to do that like grow the F up like if someone does something kind or successful I'd be proud of them and don't be like comparing yourself to them because that's just like a child forgiveness so forgive yourself and move on the more you dwell on things the bigger it gets so like one it doesn't matter and two no one remembers so if you ever get in barrassed or something happens and you just like can't stop thinking about it it's in the past let it go again the longer you hold on to it the bigger that you're making it and no one freaking even cares honestly but you also strength so speak your truth I was watching somebody on Instagram live and she was doing like a makeup routine and somebody like some guy said a creepy comment and she like spoke up for herself and she's like that's disgusting like get off my live or but like she just would totally stood up for herself and I was like I never do that like I honestly always say things to that so that other people are comfortable and I don't like make them uncomfortable but at the same time I'm making myself uncomfortable so that they're not uncomfortable like that's not what I should be doing I should like stand up for myself and like make myself more comfortable and don't put myself in an uncomfortable situation to make other people not hurt if that makes any sense I don't know if that makes any sense but I feel like I kind of like don't speak up a lot of the times and I don't really speak my truth also stop caring what people think they're gonna judge you either way so like anything you do there's always gonna be someone that disagrees so I need to stop trying to please every person and then also this one is similar actually I cannot say this one because this one is really really a secret and you guys will know next year but it's a lifestyle choice and it's about living life to the fullest but yeah you guys will figure that out I kind of left you guys hang in there sorry but yeah that's just something I do like whenever I'm feeling mentally drained or kind of cluttered in my mind is I just like prioritize my life like I did with the seven dimensions of wellness this one isn't the seven dimensions of wellness I kind of just created my own and then also just kind of doing things that I'm like sick of doing and writing them down to kind of focus and shift my priority – so yes I'm gonna chill out for the rest of the day and tell my appointment which is that noon and I'll take you guys along with me not in the therapy session [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I feel so fresh and renewed I feel so good I really just spent time and the day kind of just focused on my mental health and I feel like it is so nice and something that everyone should do like at least once once a month at least I did write down some things on my note section that I want to talk to you guys about some things that I kind of broke through um in therapy today that's another thing that I'm super keen on is like talking to somebody in like it's not a shameful thing to reach out and ask for help I think it's really really important that we keep that message out there because I feel like a lot of the times therapy is just not really talked about or it's kind of just looked down upon but it's not like you're weak or anything like it actually makes you stronger the fact that you're able to ask and reach out for help so yeah uh and with now I know that therapy can be really expensive like I'm speaking to a doctor so I'm paying like a higher price to speak to somebody just because my therapist has like studied this and he is a professional but there is like options now which is really great um like there's apps there's online therapy if you are not in the financial state to get a therapist I definitely think that's something though that we should definitely work on as a country is to make mental health professionals more reachable you know that's like a topic for a different time but yeah we talked about a few things and something that I realized about myself was that like I'm like a huge advocate on like being aware of your thoughts changing your thoughts the power of your thoughts and all that kind of stuff and we kind of dough a little bit deeper because sometimes like I think certain things but then like I like act in a different way and I like feel it in a different ways that makes any sense at all like for example like I don't give a blank uhm what people think about me like if someone like blatantly just told me I don't like your judge me or said something mean or I said something mean to anybody else I would like step up and be like confident enough to like stand up for myself you know but then like deep down like I kind of mold myself to make other people more comfortable but then I'm uncomfortable you know and I kind of well my therapist was explaining to me how I have like certain thoughts but that doesn't mean emotionally I'm not feeling something different so that's why I feel like a disconnect and my everyday life is because like thinking wise thought wise I'm good and you know thinking positively trying to gain control over my thoughts but at the same time while I'm thinking all this like the right way emotionally it's not connecting and my thoughts and my emotions are not aligning because emotionally I feel like vulnerable or whatever and when he was saying is that like we sometimes think about things like direct thoughts like he was giving you an example of spilling milk like I don't know in a grocery store if you spilled milk and I went everywhere like all you're thinking is oh my god everyone's like staring at me oh my god this is so embarrassing but then if you take a step back and realize like that's not really true like there's other people and the grocery store that didn't see you and there might be three people that saw you and some of them could be thinking like what a klutz like that's embarrassing or something like that the way that you're thinking that everyone's looking at you is not true at all and what they're thinking is not true because you don't really know what they're thinking so like why would you say that to yourself and think it um and not only think it but agree with it and I think those were my emotions disconnect because like thought wise I know like I don't really care about people's opinions about me and I can like you know think positively about you know a situation but then emotionally I'm like feeling vulnerable I'm feeling embarrassed I'm feeling like judged and that's not the case at all because what you're thinking is not true does that make any sense at all I don't know he explained it a way better also he was talking about how I when I'm uncomfortable or something I can control it by avoiding it and we're going to talk about that next in my next era P is like how I use avoidance to not allow myself in the situations that make me uncomfortable so and he also talked about a wall that I have built up like apparently I have a wall with people I only let certain people like in a certain degree and we've talked about how that can be aligned with like what I went through in middle school like there was this girl that we I didn't realize how much it had affected me I think because I was in the developmental stages of my life that like what this girl did to me like affected me now like I think about it and I'm like it doesn't seem as big of a deal when I talk about it but then when I see the way that I'm acting now in my life it is exactly the way that I acted with her and how I blocked people and put up this wall to avoid avoidance you know getting judged or um getting made fun of and it's just crazy to me how our childhoods especially during the developmental stages of our lives have shaped us to who we are whether we know it or aware of it or not it's insane sometimes you just like go back into like your past and you're like it doesn't seem like that big of a deal but it literally has shaped you and molded you and almost conditioned your mind into who you are today like it's insane to think about um if you guys want I can like talk a lot about like my therapy sessions obviously like nothing too private but just some conclusions that I've come up with during my therapy because I feel like if I can help you guys and you guys don't have access to a therapist or again like are not financially able to get a therapist like hopefully my therapy I can kind of like help and guide you guys a little bit I am NOT a professional by any means but just like my breakthroughs I feel like are very beneficial and like if I had someone teach me that like I would have loved that so I don't know let me know common symbol if you like that kind of thing but um yeah it's just kind of a rambling vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please give it a thumbs up yeah thanks for watching I love you guys so much and I'll see you guys all in a future video bye guys

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  1. Hi Renee, I have become such a huge fan of yours recently! I don’t have IG, so I am hoping you’ll see this suggestion here 🙂 Can you please do a workout routine video? Meaning, what do you eat before and after your workouts (if you eat any)? How long do you workout for per day? 1 hour per day? Tips to enjoy working out at the gym, workouts at home for those who can’t afford the gym, and anything else you’ve got! Thank you!

  2. Great video, Renee ! Just be you and be authentic, that’s what I really like about you. If you film what you like, you put all your heart and love into a topic. That what it’s all about !

  3. Love how open and honest you are!!💕 Your hard work inspires me so much!! Hope to become as great of a YouTuber as you!🥰

  4. The idea of situations happening at the developmental stage of your life, affecting how we are in adulthood really was a light bulb moment for me. Thankyou for sharing this xx

  5. This was so inspirational. I have been pondering on the idea, of a therpist for couple months. This was confirmation. Ive been thru a lot of truama, in my life. I know, i need to reach out& get mental help. Thank you, for being vunerable& open. YOU will change someones life, for BEING honest. Please, keep sharing your journey.

  6. Thank you for being so open. It takes a lot of guts to be vulnerable. Thank god my mother learned you cannot change anyone but yourself. She had me in therapy at a early age and I needed it, I have a mental illness and had a abusive alcoholic father. She saw the wisdom in seeking therapy and it helped her heal as well. Everyone needs it, hopefully someday there will not be such a social stigma against mental illness- I know your video is not about this but I want to thank you for sticking with Youtube and being your authentic self. Also-love seeing Sparky again!!!

  7. I spent hours listening to Gurus and mystics about dealing with depression, anxiety, and mental awareness. Watching this short video and seeing how you've put wisdom into practice is so helpful. Thank you so much for this. You're inspiring.

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  9. This post really made me reflect❤️ I think I regularly struggle with being a ppl pleaser and speaking my truth. So relatable and appreciated 🥰 Thank you 🙏🏾

  10. You are awesome! Thank you!! I find myself helping people through my therapy too. It just ends up helping me understand myself in a WAY deeper level.

  11. I was wondering how someone who has 200k subscribers on social media like YT, can have problems socialising. You are great at socialising girl!

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