Melissa and Tyler’s Healthy Diets | Beyond Diet Reviews

Melissa and Tyler’s Healthy Diets | Beyond Diet Reviews

[music] Well, I mean you can notice that his clothes are
big on him and his face is slimmer, but one night I actually woke up in the middle of
the night because I put my arm around him and I felt a hip bone and it scared me. My husband has a hip bone. I’m Tyler, and I’ve lost 50 pounds. I’m Melissa Pruitt, and I’ve lost 18. I had been the heaviest that I had been since
I had my second child. And I had lost all the weight from her pregnancy, but
then after I hit 25, I started gaining weight over the years. And I was almost 150
pounds and I decided that’s it, I needed to do something. My sister and I got a gym membership and we
hired a personal trainer who gave us meal plans and wanted us to do calorie counting
and sent us to a couple different sites to keep track of our meals. It was just all a blur to me and I started
googling other things. Beyond Diet popped up and I watched the presentation. The “ask questions” part of Beyond Diet –
that answered a lot for me. “Can I use brown sugar instead of real sugar?” So then you learn all about these different
things. That’s the other thing – I made him get on
the scale. I made him take off his clothes and get on
the scale so I could see because I’m like “you look sick, you’ve lost so much weight
and I’m jealous.” My mom was concerned about me at one point. I went over and she asked her “is there something
wrong with him, is he doing okay, is he stressed out?” He’s just eating good. He has had to put four new notches in his
belt. He’s swimming in his clothes, so we need to
go shopping. Yeah, I have to buy new clothes. Other than the notch in my belt, I didn’t
notice it until she did the comparison picture and it was like “oh!” Who’s that fat guy? I thought the program was easy to use after
a while. It was kinda confusing at first. We just started changing small things – ya
know, cutting out sugar and processed foods. First we just started with dinners and still
ate whatever we wanted throughout the day. But then just at dinner time had a nice meal,
a healthy meal. And then implemented lunches and breakfasts,
and it’s been good. And the kids are on board too. We started with something that they would
eat, and then we just started them slow into it. I’d give them both. I’d give them something healthy and then something
that they wanted… What they were for sure going to eat on the
side and then our healthy food to mix with it. They were unsure about what certain things were, like when I brought home zucchini they were like
“what is that?” Or the spaghetti squash, I was like
well this is where spaghetti comes from. [laughter] My 10-year-old, you can’t fool him, but my
daughter, she wasn’t really into it until she
started helping me cook. And then she was very proud that “I made dinner
tonight” and “eat what I made.” Now that’s all they eat, they eat whatever
I make. They like spaghetti squash, and they like
cauliflower, and they like zucchini. Those are all things that I hated when I was
a kid, so it’s nice that they’ll eat it. And my daughter knows what proteins are and
what carbs are, and she’ll tell you if it’s healthy or not, so that’s neat. When I go grocery shopping, I can walk out
of there pretty much with the same receipt number, total, as I used to, but with healthier
foods and organics even – even though people think they’re really expensive, if you cut
out the boxed foods and the canned foods and the frozen treats and burritos – things you
would normally go up and down the frozen food aisle for and just visit your veggies, your
fruits, your dairy and meat and eggs aisles. There’s so many meals you can make with just
real food and one-ingredient item foods. In our experience too, it’s been saving money
as well. What I also like about it is I can plan out
my meals for the week. I can pick what I want to make for the week
and then make my grocery list from there and then just go buy those ingredients. That way you’re not just throwing things in
your cart… Have an overabundance to throw in the trash
can. Right. Well, and I have to do just four to seven
meals a week because if you grocery shop for any longer than that, it goes bad. When you eat good,
the food that you eat goes bad. When you eat bad, the food doesn’t go bad. My advice for newcomers is to take it small
and implement one thing at a time. Whether you’re cutting out sugars or just
stop buying boxed, processed foods… No Hamburger Helper. My advice would be just… it gets easier. It is overwhelming at first, all the different things. But if you just take one thing at a time and
add that in… it gets easier, it becomes like second nature. You just know. Just give it time. Give it a chance. That would be the biggest advice. You’re basically learning how to eat all over again. I mean, it’s basically what you’re doing. [music]

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  1. I just started BD last week and in the Share area of the online community the ladies were talking about your success, you have just given me even more motivation 🙂 And the part about your kiddos, that makes me feel better, I have been struggling a bit with mine, but they are still young (5 and 8) so they will adapt eventually and hopefully continue eating healthy for the rest of their lives.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Kudos to you and your family. Hopefully my husband and my son will be as receptive to this way of life as your family did. Congrats!

  3. You are both doing great! Don't listen to the negative comments. I am proud of you two of you for making such healthy food changes for you and your family. You are inspirational. Thanks for sharing your testimony!

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