Lab Tests Saved Anthony’s Life in Treating Chronic Kidney Disease

Lab Tests Saved Anthony’s Life in Treating Chronic Kidney Disease

(soft instrumental music) – My name is Anthony
Reed, I was 22-years-old, and when I was diagnosed
with end stage renal disease, and in 2017, I had the
opportunity to receive a kidney transplant. What I have is a hereditary disease, I have what’s called a horseshoe kidney. During the pregnancy, the
two kidneys don’t separate, they fuse together. (soft instrumental music) I had started having
vision problems beforehand, I couldn’t see, I was basically
blind in one of my eyes. The worst thing that really got me, was I was having a buzzing
in the back of my head, and that was what prompted
me to go in to the ED. The ED doctor came in, and he said, you know, we’re in ESRD,
end stage renal disease. – The stages of kidney
disease have to do with the level of kidney function, they’re so called G
stages from one to five. And, as the kidney function
decreases, the stage increases. (soft instrumental music) – If you have a GFR above 60, or greater, you’re very good, being at three to five, I was in pretty bad shape, and it was a wonder I
was still even livin’. Kidneys have basically stopped working, it’s not able to take
the toxins off your body. (soft instrumental music) – [Joseph] When kidneys fail,
the patients have a whole variety of symptoms, the risk
increases for heart disease, and kidney outcomes like progressive loss of kidney function. – Of course there’s a lot
going through my mind, I think I was kinda numb. You’ve overloaded, and so, it takes you a little bit to process that. And, then you realize,
this isn’t going away, this is where I’m at. There was really only one option for me, and that was to go ahead
and put a chest catheter in, which goes kind of
directly into the heart. So, that’s how they had to
give me emergency dialysis, to get me started. I started to feel the
effects right away, you know, I wasn’t as washed out as
I was originally, yeah. Once dialysis started, then
I realized I was very sick. They have what’s called a dialyser, it takes the old blood
out, goes into a filter, brings the clean blood back in. So, that way, it gets
the toxins off your body. It really was the lifesaving for me. They said I’d probably went
to sleep one night that week, and probably woulda never woke up. – It’s very important to know when to prepare the patient for dialysis, or kidney transplant, and when dialysis or kidney transplant is needed. – They pretty much, initially, addressed that issue right away. And, you might wanna look at a transplant, you’re young, you have
generally good health other than your kidneys don’t work, so you’re a very good
candidate for this process. – It would be time to start to say, does Anthony have a family
member, or a friend, who’s willing to donate a kidney? So, a living donor kidney transplant, or if he doesn’t have a living donor, then we can start with a deceased donor. The laboratories are extremely important for finding a match, so the blood type, usually is matched, then there are other, more complex types of matching. There’s HLA matching, and
there are cross matching. All of this is dependent on
the laboratory professional, to determine if the
kidneys are compatible. The challenge that we have, is that we have more
patients on the wait list, than we have available kidneys. – They were expecting five to
nine years was my wait time. During the time I did not realize that somebody was thinkin’ about
donating a kidney to me. Actually, I had a birthday party, not sure what was gonna happen, not sure if I was gonna
be here, living or not. I did not want to get my hopes up, but the donor came to my birthday party, and that’s when she offered
to donate the kidney. I was in a state of shock, did
not really know what to say. What a birthday present! (laughs) – For the recipient,
or the person that has received the kidney, the
care in the beginning is usually very intense. So, they’re in the hospital
for a number of days, hopefully ’til the kidneys have recovered, to a normal level. – The transplant went well,
I was very happy with that. A lot of things were goin’
through my mind at the time. But, being that it’s a hereditary disease, it’s somethin’ that could be
passed down to my children. So, when my son was born,
well before he was born, we made sure we had
ultrasounds done on him. They checked out his
kidneys, they’re fine, so I’m very happy. There were some changes
that I had to make, they wanted me to go labs
for two times a week. So, I went to the lab two times a week to get my blood drawn, to
see where my levels where at. – Without the numbers,
from the laboratory, we really would be shooting in the dark. We really wouldn’t know
how to make our decisions, or wouldn’t have evidence
to make our decisions. – Without the pathologist,
or lab professionals, my life would be very different today. They may not see patients
face to face all the time, but they are makin’ a difference. Without that lab work,
I would more than likely be just a memory. I wouldn’t be married, I
wouldn’t have had my kids, so I’m very grateful for the labs.

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  1. Hello I am Mark Maculada 24 from the Philippines, I was diagnosed with kidney disease. That my kidneys doesn't function and I'll be on dialysis one month from now…I'm hoping that someone could help to have kidney transplant. Thank u so much 🙏🙏🙏

  2. here's several ideas you can try

    drink plenty of water.

    eat watermelon – this helps reduce kidney disease .

    try taking pomegranate seeds and drink organge juice – these help reduce kidney disease .

    avoid tomato, cucumber, radish and fizzy drinks.

    (I read these and why they work from Jaylands Kidney Kit site )

  3. here's a few tips you can try

    drink plenty of water.

    eat watermelon – this can prevent kidney disease .

    try taking pomegranate seeds and drink coconut water – these help cure kidney disease naturally.

    cut down on tomato, asparagus, spinach and alcohol.

    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Jaylands Kidney Kit website )

  4. I have spent months studying the best natural treatment for kidney disease and found a great resource at Jaylands Kidney Kit (google it if you're interested)

  5. here's a few tips you can try
    drink plenty of water.
    eat watermelon – that helps prevent kidney disease .
    try taking pomegranate seeds and drink organge juice – these can reduce kidney disease naturally.
    avoid meat, cucumber, radish and alcohol.
    (I learned these and the reasons they work from Jaylands Kidney Kit site )

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