Just 1 Spoon And Only 1 Minute - Do a Simple Health Check Test At Home !

Just 1 Spoon And Only 1 Minute – Do a Simple Health Check Test At Home !

home remedies presents just one spoon and only one minute do a simple health check test at home hi guys good morning good afternoon and good evening to all my viewers hope you all are in good health I am Rabia and in today's video I will tell you how to perform a simple spoon test that you can do at your home this test reveals hidden conditions you could be suffering from so I recommend you to watch the video till the end to get full information and without any more weight let's start busy schedules and over run clinics are often some of the off-putting reasons why people do not have regular checkups in addition a regular checkup can be quite costly especially if you go to a private clinic or hospital however there is now a simple health test that you can do from the comfort of your own home and it only takes a minute and a spoon how to perform the health check test with just one spoon this test should be done on empty stomach the first thing in the morning avoid drinking water before you perform this spoon test take a spoon and rub its base over the entire surface of your tongue make it wet with your saliva put the spoon in a plastic bag and keep it under the Sun or any bright light after a minute take the spoon out of the bag avoid touching the base now that we are done with the test it is time to observe the results now here we go clean spoon with no orders means good health in case of an order strong means lung or stomach issues sweet means diabetes ammonia means kidney issues in case of stains yellow white thick kote thyroid problems these stains will have a thick coating the conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A depends on the tyroid hormone a deficiency can manifest a yellowish build-up of carotene purple poor blood flow bronchitis cholesterol bronchitis reduces air waves that bring oxygen to the bloodstream which can cause a purple stain white respiratory problems this white build-up is caused by several infections and viruses present in the body orange kidney diseases chronic kidney disease can cause mouth tissues turn feel due to anemia or orange due to carotene like deposits remember that this spoon test is a replacement for a health check-up with your doctor which you can easily perform at home if you liked the video and found it informative and helpful click the like button and subscribe to my channel for new videos daily don't forget to press the bell icon to be notified whenever I publish a new video share on your social networks to help others benefit from it too thank you for watching goodbye

15 thoughts on “Just 1 Spoon And Only 1 Minute – Do a Simple Health Check Test At Home !”

  1. Hey Guys, this spoon test is a replacement for a health checkup with your doctor, which you can easily perform at home. Try it and share your experience !
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  2. Goodness!! All that!

    What if you have a "furry" tongue, though?! Lots of people get deposits on their tongue: I've even seen tongue brushing recommended to get rid of them!!

    I suppose if you observe any of what you say, you're best off going to see a doctor, though.

  3. Thank you this is very interesting!!!But I think there's a mis quote, This is NOT a substitute for a Doctor's examination.

  4. Hi Rabia information is interesting and helpful but please my request as many too may seek the same. I feel after rubbing the base putting in the plastic the spoon will have varieties of colour indicating the sickness but don't you think it will be better to have some pictures showing on the spoon rather then we listen but no proof to your advice please most of your video NEVER SHOW any proof but only your saying, please take note to make us more impressed

  5. Wow Rabia that’s pretty cool information and great to know , thanks for sharing this with us !!! I will be sharing this info with others as well !!!

  6. Wow, Rabia I wished I'd have seen this 1st thing in the morning. I shall try this tomorrow morning! Thanks!

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