John Meadows Best Gyms In America | Quads Gym Chicago

John Meadows Best Gyms In America | Quads Gym Chicago

[Applause] [Applause] so here we are welcome to my new series the best gyms in America stop number one the world famous quads gym and we timed this we actually didn't plan this this is the owner Dave I call him super Dave how you doing this guy's a legend guys you're welcome so here we come I want everybody to come here with the mindset of having a really good workout when people when people walk out the door and I'll say how did it go today you know they'll always say and a really great workout and I'll say good that makes me feel good if you had a good workout yeah yeah and that's been my mindset for 45 years I've been doing that my whole life you know I just want people to come in and just put you all into the workout have a great workout yeah well I think like when I think about you know I'm 47 now and I think about some of the best times of my life you've got all your family stuff that you love but when you come into a gym and you kind of leave it on the floor you leave there's the there's a sense of accomplishment there's a there's a awesome feeling that you have when you walk out the door and sometimes almost feel bad like people don't feel that and I think when you have a gym like this it promotes that it's not just like a plan to fitness you come and eat your pizza do whatever leave but you come in and you walk out of here and you feel like and you're giving people the tools all the equipment you're giving them the atmosphere it's just phenomenal I mean people coming in like non-stop but I always I always consider the people that come in here like kind of my extended family yeah you know you know when I was in the suburbs and I had a gym in the suburbs you for Tom dieter you know I always you know we I had an extended family out there but I've never really get to see all he like no I do see him time to time or call in Oklahoma they're all still my friends you know it's like Eddie I don't see any very much anymore because he's so busy what is he's doing with marquel and everybody like you know these people roll my extended family are people that I you dear like shirt or not they're not like what to you but they're really close you see them on a daily basis every day makes if I saw you every day out and you'd be sitting there talking on this bench every day probably in this every people time where I'll be blind cuz you was going on what you got to do is you got a true squad you guys may have seen me talk about these old true squad is one of my favorite leg machines right here we will be on this tomorrow you know you're back home yeah so you got egg cone and a lot of pictures now that's okay it's alright you had a lot of like famous people come in here I mean to you they were just friends but I'm walking around I'm looking at the walls and I see pictures of like Michael Jordan and sure you had a lot of talk about some of them talk about some of the well-known people and that's come in well I mean over the years I mean we've always had eather sure we always have strength athletes come in you know like you know like I said it calling guys like the IG train train hit our gyms for years since she was like young kid but uh you know some of the people have come in here Henry Rollins came in here oh yeah very good you know he's been here a lot Michael Jordan's been here like five times Lou Ferrigno's been in here you know I mean there's all the pictures that you see all over the walls are people at 99% of them have been here you know you know but over the years we've had a lot of Chicago bear players come in here you know a lot of pro basketball players come in here and you know Anthony Davis from the pelicans now who's with the Lakers he came in here you so tall he couldn't get through the doors he's like seven foot tall and you know you just you know there's all kinds all walks of life you know besides like strongmen guys you know mark Philippi I told you he's been there before a lot of times yeah don't you see him he works he's in Vegas yeah but you know I mean 40 years we've always had no really really like yourself well-known people that people know and you know like yesterday when you first came in people were coming downstairs and said is that John Meadows up there I go yeah can I go how do you know John Meadows well I I follow him and this and that and I said yeah I'm sure if you go up tell me he would take a picture which I said right now he's doing a little filming up there you can't bother to film it but I'm sure when he said when it's all said and done he would take a picture with you you know I mean so oh you got a pendulum squad nah I got a pencil and squad upstairs but yet the pendulum squad is made by Gibson okay third Michigan and then these are this is a lateral raise you know counsel Gracie juniors in your appointment you know with the gym you go first you guys are neighbors am I gonna get a picture for my wall I like you sir it was though some of them like when I think of this gym – I always think of Eddie Tolan I think he's like attached to this gym who's some of the hardest workers they've trained here through the years like like when I asked you that like who are two people just pop in your mind like man this guy works hard well I mean in the old days you know I always said I hate we were talking about this earlier today you know and when we were in dark milla noise we had we had skylights in a row so it was a really really good thing to take where to take pictures right and the mirrors were good and everything wouldn't meet what it was is we had a series like 20 guys that were there and you know and it was like a leg day and so when they got done they're all like you know you know it's showing her legs we need guys like Larry Bernstein and China ruined and my condo and Tim Bella these guys are all you know into mr. America's I mean they really didn't really go further probably the only not now but I mean in the past and South Side gym the only guy that really became a pro is Mikey Mike winters but he but he never really went far as far as body mind but I mean there's a lot of pros that come in here now because you know a lot of you were getting pro cards now it's not like it was before they're anywhere it's very yeah so but I mean those guys were all very hard workers they came in to do their job they were like you they were guys that came in and they wanted to get after it you don't I mean guys that come in here now I'm trying to think of some of the people that there's a lot of guys that come in here that may not be bodybuilders what there's you know their power of jism that that come in here and then they like Cameron this is his office right here he's a trainer here and you know he gets after you know and even he competed many times in his life and he's a really good trainer so you know he's he comes to he pops up in my mind and he's just really strong kid and I call him a kid because I'm old and he's young he's 50 so I'm 67 so you know I call I call it you guys communicate to them Oh like it is amazing would never know looking at the clock how big this place is holy cow calves it goes on forever I'm always happy to walk in and see calves equipment weights right over the top of your chest what we're spotting in yeah you know people want to do like heavier dumbbell work these are all nebula dumbbells here dumbbells over here you know you know here's pro-style dumbbells over here ice road you seen right here that's a nice piece right there nice upside-down lake first over there got a vertical yeah there's another leg pressing over there's two more like buses so all that uh that looks like the one hold on Rogers did one of those that's like a well the pencil arms flat so we're sort of a dish for music for hip thrust but we have a hip cross machine look at all the tea bars here I got one cleaner people we have to reverse ciphers we got the old-style one and then we got the new one there's a belt squad over there it's a power slot yeah there it is Roger power strike what is some like what are you most proud of with this gym like for you to do this this long number one you have to enjoy it and you obviously do what it like what do you feel most proud of this what is it about this well I just probably wouldn't feel most proud of is like I said before is that that every day I am the police and make this place better in some way or another you know and I want people I want people to come in here and in this just unbelievable workouts and that's what I'm proud of him proud of it I that I also carried it on every time died Tom died 16 years ago and we were partners together and he passed away and you know and he was my best friend you know for a long long time I kind of like people were saying to me are you going to go out of business or or whatever because I never made shirts to Stella I didn't every week drinks no coolers you know and I and I kind of lost a little bounce in my step you know I was kind of you know it's kind of to myself you know it's kind of quiet because you know I have two sisters and you know tom was like my brother you know and so when you lose that a guy who was only 49 years old when he passes away he kind of lose your ear drives you know what you're here for but I've got that back now and you know and I it's really weird when it's like on one shoulder I feel times over here and over here and my mom dad or I passed away over here and you know they're telling me to keep going yeah what I mean yeah and so you know I mean it's like I'm always looking again right now I got my eyes on like five pieces of equipment that I'm really looking into that darah got extreme pieces that I want to get you know and you know it might be something you know that William strength bills or Lewis Invisibles or whatever but I mean you know like I said do we really need to have more than twelve hamstringing machines that we have it yes no we don't but but I say yes yeah but you know I I'm a junkie you know for equipment you know and but I want things that that does not only look pretty yeah things that work you know on it it hits a muscle on the right wait wait wait you know I'm all about the variance I'm all about you know grips on our handles you know people say how many when I tell them what we have like 150 handles you know growing dominant tricep handles because they're all different you know shapes and sizes you know and you can hit them hit the muscle in different fashions in different ways in other means so we were on some of the machines yesterday and I was talking about the grip here here oh yes sure like that I I get bored easy so for me like to have different options and it's exciting to me yeah and I walk in here and I tell these options and I'm just like my mind's blow and I'm like this is awesome this is that's what I lived through favor oh I love stride peace check this out no no this is a rotator cuff machine oh I was wondering like say for instance if you wanted to say you got you all have a really good no no absolutely not just showing that's all we got about nine or ten back pieces in here in another nine or ten chest pieces here's a rear delt machine last time I saw these it was a Venice bowl hammers like if you don't for wine when you know oh yeah you want you know okay here you can do upright rows it's not like a jam it's like a rose cool oh this is an old-school press here – now you know what we have another we have another hammer went down over but it's just for triceps and then there's one over there that I've built that's for triceps too – no circus attachment here – upstairs nobody actually right – right I remember I remember one day I picked Chris Cormier up from he was staying a hotel downtown Chicago he was here for something I don't know maybe it was a club industry or whatever so he called me a phony he said he'd give me a lift that's ensure and he was at Santa Four Seasons Hotel downtown and he came down here and when he walked in his tour he said this is a place I'd like to Train for your life yeah where nobody would bother and many of people have said that even like flex flex Louis said to me he said if I had this place to train and nobody would bother me I'd love it when he was foaming in it with Richard yes very much you know I mean it makes you feel good because you know maybe you're doing your part you're doing making the right moves and getting the right equipment and treat people treat people with respect you know absolute law about respect and I you know I came from a very father so I mean you know it's all about being respectful of others and treat people with the best weight that's where you can cool stuff here okay no weirdo you know like there's a one-armed role it's a real cool black hold on you can't put a lot of weight on it but it really is really good and there's like four doing French girls no preacher rents this is the newest ab machine but we all are add stuff is downstairs you know like inet platform there's you know giant roll of stretching equipment you know pre-chorus ladies well he's a good friend of mine yeah yeah he's in a severe Fairfield mouth Fairfield yeah he wasn't suspended I know his wife real good to dominate she's real she's super nice person yeah I took three into one chest and in this is a three in one here is a three in one shoulder nice yes opposed you know you want to be like no you want to do a seated that lateral right here well that can make for a heck of a superset yeah whatever you want see at one time we didn't have a downstairs so if you notice all the outlets are a pot so we had an L counter in here to run like this when Michael Jordan used to come in here this is where I said okay there was no beers in here and Connor went around that was all coolers there but then then it got the golf shop on our business so we took the downstairs oh okay downstairs for about this gym is 30 years old I've been in business 45 years but we went downstairs about 20 years ago put the counter downstairs man put more quicken up here this gym like you can just tell there's some awesome people but I tell you I think a lot about the legacy me personally I want to leave a legacy and I'm working hard on that I'm trying to do the right things and you are leaving but I'm the legacy everything you're done the impact you're making people is what I want to do that's what I do I look and you are doing that yeah we got we got we got a heart disorder to be here my name goes I'm the eldest a warhead oh is that right yeah it'll be they'll be up in home sorry about that right you got it but you're on the legacy that you're leaving is is phenomenal and I appreciate the opportunity to come in here you're always welcome to come here this is this makes my weekend no and you gotta keep on touching me because we love your products and and I think that we all hang a banner up in here and we'll start you know those three really excited about me the protein also and you get that going yeah and you know when you stay in touch with me and if we could do some good for you when we're all about that too I appreciate that thank I deploy thank you sad aplenty ss-sure enhance then you got a point alright you got

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  1. That gym is unreal!!! You really couldn't get bored, its one of thoes gyms you train for 3 hours caus you want to try everything 🀣

  2. While you're in the chicago area, theres a gym in the north suburbs called brickhaus fitness. I've never been there as I'm on the southside and it's almost an hour drive for me, but I'm planning to check it out soon. I follow their social media and the gym looks sick.

  3. when i see john walking around so calmly its like i can see his inside child bouncing up and down, excited about all the equipment πŸ˜€

  4. This will be a great series, the owner is so knowledgable about the equipment. He would need to be as there are some machines there that are quite unique.

  5. Should change the name of this series to gymhub cause I almost came 5 times watching this. What a badass gym

  6. Man i come from Croatia , you dont even have decent barbells here , when i see all those machines i can't even believe how many options you guys have, and its definitely a slight advantage. I hope my eyes get to see a gym like that one day here.

  7. What a great idea!!! In this modern world of shit gyms, its nice to see some old school gyms left

  8. I train here every-time I visit Chicago to see family. I've been 20+ times and I still discover new, amazing equipment every session. Wall to wall old school dungeon style gym. I would kill for a local gym that was 1/4 of what Quads is.

  9. I go to a really good bodybuilding/ powerlifting gym, an this place makes me drool like a kid looking at candy.

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