44 thoughts on “Joe Rogan – How Tyson Fury Bounced Back From Depression & Addiction”

  1. I've realized I've been battling mental illness for years and it's taken a huge toll on my life. I've never told a soul and do t know if I ever could. It's brutal and I don't wish this on my worst enemy.

  2. My uncertainty about Tyson Being an enjoyable pod on Joe was swept aside, I know Joe rates him as a fighter but he showed great integrity and honesty speaking about his depression /addiction issues and you can see he is winning the Self deception struggle. Hope he allows himself some credit where it’s due.

  3. After three years absent from boxing, this man comes back to face Wilder, who knocked out his opponents left and right, and not only outboxed Wilder but beaten him hands down. What a warrior. It’s no question that Fury got robbed from that fight. You can see it from Wilder face when the referee declared it was a draw. It’s a shame.

  4. Tyson a pure legend in more ways than one , the guy makes me want try sort shit out with my head gives me the motivation to try , I just hope I wake up in morning thinking this way and not a rope round a tree again ✌

  5. Furys passion and honesty is to be admired and applauded,…he's turned alot of his own experienced negatives into positives,….a real role model to those who suffer in mind, spirit and soul,…you can turn the darkest place into an illuminated haven of wellbeing and peace of mind

  6. The problems he has gone though, the heights he has reached,  he is in my opinion a massively decent man. To people who have suffered and to  people who are suffering problems with depression…you are, Tyson Fury, an inspiration to us all. More power to you my friend!

  7. I love Tyson. I hate how the boxing press are such whores for his story though. They’re leeching on him when just 2 or 3 years ago they were bashing his state.

  8. tyson fury is a drug cheat, clown, liar,coke head and a bipolar lunatic, he got depressed because he got caught taking performance enhancing drugs. he was on drugs when he fought klitschko

  9. I know what he's talking about. I've been in hell, too. Being depressed and thinking about ending my life, drinking, partying heavily 2-3 times a week, blowing money fast, taking drugs, gambling addiction, 6000 Euros in debt, living in a shithole apartment. The lowest point in my life was when I already was 3000 euros in debt, winning 13000 euro and blowing it all in 1 night. It all went downhill from that point on. I was 19/20 years old. But I somehow managed to get back to light. I still have to hide my demons and I still got some issues with my gambling addiction. It took me 3 years to battle my demons. To fight mental health problems is the hardest thing a man could do, but it's worth it. I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, so it's gonna be a lifelong fight, which is scary.. but I'm willing to fight it.

  10. He started feeling like the sweaty guy by the keg (a term for that middle aged guy by the keg who hangs at highschool parties that just looks sad and desperate)

  11. Tyosn does fear wilder , that much is True , as soon as somebody mentions part two , he wants to change the subject… anyone who wants to rewrite wrongs Calls it out , tyson doesn't touch that stuff , them knock downs hurt tyosn ego big time (in reality) , and another thing is Flicking/pawing out a victory (against all odds) cat like wilder Has to be backed up to a potential k.o ,,, tyson has to bring that arsenal back, to these big hitter

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