30 thoughts on “Joe Biden Has EPIC FAIL Explaining His GENIUS Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare For Illegals”

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  2. what ever happen to let the people vote on it????  these idiots are coming out of the wood work and don't care if you get 1 cent of the money you earned,,, all about buying votes  ….. who in their right mind would agree with this and want to pay for this ,,,,,to pay and give anyone that's not here or American something that you don't even have ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!                            VOTE FOR ME !!!!!

  3. Where has this clown been?! Living under a rock?! Emergency rooms are required by LAW to assist. Awe…Sleepy-CreepyJoey… time to throw in the towel buddy. You’ve been in DC about 40 years too long!

  4. Joe you sound so stupid drop the man crap, your Policys are stupid enough and if you fought for Americans as hard as you do for illegals you might have already been President.

  5. We have been invaded by third world countries. Only person stopping them right now is Trump. Once this Patriot man leaves we will be at the mercy of the Democrats who cheat and lie what is straight face. If we don't take control right now by force and out these Invaders who are the Democrats. Who are their protectors we will no longer have a country called America anymore we will not be free we will be there slaves for eternity. What next a civil war.

  6. Shouldnt give them a thing if they are illegals.
    Put on a ban list for breaking into the country
    Send them back

  7. If Bleeding Heart Biden cares so much, HE can pay for their "FREE" AMERICAN TAX PAYER FUNDED healthcare!!! It's different when it's your own money supporting lazy, ILLEGAL ALIEN FREELOADERS sneaking across the border!!!! Fuck those freeloaders, and Fuck BIDEN!!!! What a RIDICULOUS ASSHOLE!!! "C'mon, MAN!!!". TRUMP 2020!!! 🇺🇸❤

  8. Does that mean these illeagals get to the front of the line while I’m waiting in the emergency for hrs to be seen ?

  9. That's already a law. All emergencies get dealt with, then billed, whether they pay or not. The hospital had to pass on the cost thru billing. Under Obamacare, the working insured pay their cost, so the hospital is covered. Except insurance tripled and hospital costs did too!

  10. in 2007 I had what the dr explained as the biggest hernia in my left inguinal area the dr ever saw. for years it never felt right. I was working in an attic last November, when I slipped and cought myself from falling through the Sheetrock ceiling to not get in trouble for breaking anything that we were trying to fix after a mold mitigation. I felt something go, but thought I would heal and was afraid of repressions at my job if I reported it. also hooping I would get primary insurance and a dr to see if I had re injured my mesh. since then it has been getting worse radiating to my hip. I know this is a Trump supporter thread but I need to get this out! I need help the drs are notr doing it! I cannot afford this BS

  11. I have been struggling , playing mail and phone tag with NYS dept of health for insurance since October of last year, and I have specifically stated how, and where the pain came from/ but this to a liberally indoctrinated fool such as most new drs , or I should say P.A's are. is like talking to an ego maniacal wall of hell!

  12. how do you say? sorry! you have no insurance, you are a fine looking white man that appears as though there is nothing wrong with you! and after you tell them how and where the injury occurred, they in my view take the easiest and fastes way to get you to exit so they can go and misdiagnose the next poor [email protected]

  13. And because we take care of Anyone in an emergency explains why our hospitals & ER's are soooo expensive. We've got to get to where we ONLY allow in those who are self sufficient and educated, to improve our country, not to make it a 3d world shif-hole.

    I hope ICE has started removing that first million who have already been denied immigration and told to return to their countries.

  14. Joe Jeffery Epstein Sr only knows groping and unconstitutional forced health care that benefits the wealthy but not the rest of America he knows groping and molesting and nothing about America or being a president for 8 yrs heturned America in to a pandering left wing hell we don't need 8 yrs more of liberal undermining of America! Pack it up Joe and go live in your 16 houses you've never lived in and grope your Dem mandated coyote prize illegal immigrants you hide in your basement

  15. Undocumented immigrants need to get deported. Case closed‼️
    You you can get a speeding ticket then in fairness illegals should be billed for services obtained.

  16. I think that is called "Back-door" Socialism. I thought Biden was a moderate demo-rat. I guess I was wrong.

  17. Garry cut thecramp man. If people are here to listen to you say check your subscription then OBVIOUSLY they got the notification. Of they didn't that while speak doesn't matter because they can't friggn hear you. Dumb ass

  18. It’s easy Joe now Repeat after me, “You are NOT an American Citizen. You are NOT entitled to a damned thing. You WILL be deported, IMMEDIATELY! IF, it is an EMERGENCY, you will be stabilized. THEN you will be deported.”

    Emergency would be defined as a loss of life or limb if immediate treatment is not administered.

    American hospitals should send all medical bills incurred by ILLEGAL INVADERS to either the Ambassador of the country of said ILLEGAL INVADER, OR send it to the ILLEGAL’s home country. Hell, send the bills to the bleeding heart ACLU and SPLC. Send the bills ANYWHERE except to the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS!!!

  19. They can pay for their sicknesses with the illegal money they make, doing the jobs
    they took away from our citizens!!! Trump 2020!!!!

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